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I’ve been quiet. Too quiet. The fact that I haven’t really written anything here for Kick Out at 2! in a very long time is well, depressing. Truth is when Shane and I started this site it was meant to be nothing but a running commentary of our thoughts of the current product of professional wrestling. We started it, we were full of ideas and we had content flowing on the site on a regular basis. Truth is over time, wrestling got stale for me. For two years people like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were going against the grain, forcing change and putting the “Entertainment” back in the company’s name. WWE was on fire, a hotter fire than it had been in a long time. Then it burned out… then I burned out.

While Shane had been keeping the site going with his journey into WCW, I felt like I honestly wasn’t pulling my weight. It was hard for me to write about anything but honestly my heart just wasn’t in wrestling anymore. I had simply become so disenchanted with wrestling and almost totally lost the passion and the love that I’ve always had for it. I knew that WWE didn’t give a damn what I thought or what millions of others fans thought. For the last 3 years, no matter how much we voiced our frustration, flat out told Vince and his powers that be that we didn’t want to eat what was being force feed to us, WWE has been consistently pushing bad ideas as their main roster down our throats.

I haven’t watched an entire episode of RAW in at least 2 years, following the product through PPV’s alone on The Network because it seemed like storylines simply didn’t matter, they were dropped with no explanation, no new characters were being made and WWE was simply refusing to grow as a product in the entertainment field.  It then got to a point where I wasn’t watching PPV’s. I eventually returned and watched The Royal Rumble with my friends on Xbox Party Chat. We loved the fact that AJ Styles made his debut and once we saw Triple H become World Heavyweight Champion we felt for a few weeks that maybe, just maybe WWE was reading the writing on the wall. With all the injuries they are having and Roman Reigns simply not getting over as the cookie cutter baby face Vince wanted him to be, I figured Vince was going to the right thing and force some changes by having Dean Ambrose challenge for the title at Wrestlemania.

Not only was I wrong again but Wrestlemania as a whole was quickly shaping up to be the worst Mania I have ever seen. Not only was it bad but it was worse than I could have possibly imagined. The story of this Wrestlemania wasn’t the Championship, it was The Authority. The fact that WWE made a story out of WWE’s ratings being in the toilet and built an entire angle out of Shane fighting for control to make a change seemed like a perfect setting to change it up. Having Undertaker beat Shane was a complete waste and an incredibly mis-booked storyline. Dean Ambrose not getting a win over the monster that is Brock Lesnar was another waste and in a world where Chris Jericho has been consistently putting over younger talent for two years, was there any reason for AJ Styles “Wrestling’s hottest free agent at the time of his signing” to not get the win and a Wrestlemania moment against the established veteran?

WWE claims that their attendance record was over 100,000 when in reality it was just slightly over 94,000 but regardless, when you have “100,000” people unanimously “booing” someone, you do not put the title on that person! 20 some years ago Vince had the idea that Lex Luger was going to be the superstar to replace Hulk Hogan, wanting to initially over look the likes of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Today he is wanting Roman Reigns to be the next John Cena, overlooking the likes of Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Bray Wyatt even Zack Ryder. The point here is, especially now with the possibility of calling any NXT talent up to the main roster, ANYONE but Roman Reigns deserves to be World Champion. Because of WWE’s inability to tell a compelling story with him, Roman has had the title sling shot back to him so many times that he is now a 3 Time World Champion, 1 away from tying Shawn Michaels’ career record. Shawn Michaels, the man who had the 30 some year wrestling career! Roman has been there 4 years… he hasn’t earned that and he surely does not deserve it.

Speaking of NXT. NXT Dallas Takeover was absolutely wonderful! This promotion is single handedly been the only thing that has kept my interest in wrestling from totally fading away. NXT Dallas hooked me back. Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe was incredible and people are going to really have to step it up if they want to take the “Match of the Year” title away from the Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura match. Triple H knows how to run a wrestling show and from what I’ve seen it seems like WWE will be in good hands once Vince does decide to hang it up, which honestly needs to be sooner rather than later.

I broke down and actually watched RAW this week, meaning that I watched the 90 Min version of it on HULU. Let’s face it, 3hrs is simply too long for a weekly wrestling show. Surprisingly enough I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would. Seeing a lot of the NXT guy’s debut was nice and honestly gives me some hope that WWE could potentially get better. I had heard that Zack Ryder lost his Intercontinental Championship and was pretty pissed about that but honestly seeing the way it unfolded I kind of feel like Zack may be front and center for what could potentially be a good story for him. I really hope he wins it back as I feel he could be a very credible champion and he clearly deserves it. Cesaro returning was absolutely incredible and the Fatal Four way to determine the number one contender was really, really good. All four of those guys that were involved in the match deserve to be champion. I really hope that AJ makes an impact with the WWE audience and he isn’t simply served up to the “all powerful Samoan Overlord”

There are a lot reasons that wrestling fans such as myself have to be upset with the way that WWE is currently handling their own product and rightfully so. However with the amount of pure talent on the roster, the untapped potential and the seeds of improvement that I hope were sown Monday Night I can only hope for the best. I won’t say my relationship with WWE is over but it has clearly taken a beating and it’s going to take some time to make a full recovery, if it ever does…

I really hope it does.

Robbie C.

WWE Extreme Rules. The Extreme Event set in a world of PG rules. So, yeah this PPV isn’t really going to hardcore or anything but never the less lets see how WWE plans to hold our attention following a good Wrestlemania Event…

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton

Robbie’s Pick: Seth Rollins – The RKO being banned won’t matter. Randy will RKO Seth just for spite and I see Orton losing by a DQ.

Shane’s Pick: Hulk Hogan – As much as I hate to pick Hogan, it’s apparent he’s been running strong recently, tagging with Booty Man and winning matches like crazy.  

Derick’s Pick: Sid Vicious- Sid has the deck stacked up against him. First, he has the Harris Brothers. We’ve seen over the past month what they are capable of. But Sid is Sid. He’ll defeat them and take our Nash to become world champ. Book that!

WWE United States Championship Russian Chain Match: John Cena vs Rusev

Robbie’s Pick: John Cena – I’m actually digging Cena in this role. Let’s leave him here awhile and maybe he will deflect a lot of hate.

Shane’s Pick: Konnan – I see Konnan retaining the US title for this match.  He hasn’t yet really connected with the fans, but still, he’s clearly the guy they’re going with right now.

Derick’s Pick: Shane Douglas- Chain matches are intense. And no other feud is more intense than Shane Douglas and General Rection. This will come down to determination, will and most importantly, experience. I expect The Franchise top pull this out, if not barely.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Daniel Bryan vs Bad News Barrett

Robbie’s Pick: Bad News Barrett – My guess is WWE is going to take Bryan of TV for awhile and have a full medical evaluation. I’m not sure what he’s suffering from but there is no reason for Daniel to keep pushing himself until he ends up like Stone Cold, Edge or so many others. I really fear Daniel’s days as a wrestler are closing in and that’s sad.

Shane’s Pick: The Belfast Bruiser – He debuted great against Regal at Uncensored and had a hell of a match, so I expect that to carry over here.

Derick’s Pick: Glacier to win- With his 400 year old helmet handed down to him by some old dude in Japan, Glacier gets his vengeance tonight after the many beat downs by Wrath and Mortis. Glacier via Cryonic Kick to Wrath.

WWE Diva’s Championship Match: Nikki Bella vs Naomi

Robbie’s Pick: Naomi – Are the Bellas still leaving WWE?

Shane’s Pick: Bull Nakano- Really, she’s the best female wrestler in the company right now…how do you pick against her?

Derick’s Pick: Devil Masami- Now we go Live via satellite to Kanagawa, Japan for the Women’s title bout. Devil wins via Fire Valley to win. Sorry Zero, you knew your days were numbered.

Last Standing Match: Roman Reigns vs The Big Show

Robbie’s Pick: Roman Reigns – Good Lord this match reaks of bleakness but “we gotta make sure Roman looks strong.”

Shane’s Pick: The Giant – He’s been showing a lot of flavor since turning against the Dungeon of Doom a few weeks ago…that being said, Jimmy Hart did pay him off to beat up Sting recently, so we’ll see.

Derick’s Pick:  Ernest Miller- “The Cat” is not to be messed with. Once you get hit by the Feliner, you’ll be down for WAY longer than 10 seconds. Be sure to ask Elix Skipper tonight on the post-show what it’s like to get danced on by The Cat!!!

Chicago Street Fight: Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper

Robbie’s Pick: Dean Ambrose

Shane’s Pick: Sting and Booker T – Lex Luger’s mouth may have gotten Sting into this match, but it will be Sting and Booker T that take out the Road Warriors and show who is dominate in WCW’s tag team division.

Derick’s Pick – Dustin Rhodes – This match is dangerous. Very dangerous. You have 2 competitors on the back of a big rig, trying to ring a bell on the other side of the tractor trailer. This honestly is a toss up, so I’m gonna pick Dustin.

Kiss My Arse Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus

Robbie’s Pick: Sheamus – Good Lord WWE! Stop making Dolph look stupid by putting him in terrible situations and awful matches!

Shane’s Pick: Marcus Alexander Bagwell – This kid has an amazing dropkick and it’s going to lead him to singles glory right now.

Derick’s Pick:  Jericho to retain- Raven is great. He really is. But expect Jericho Security to interfere to allow Chris to retain via Liontamer.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs The New Day

Robbie’s Pick: Cesaro and Kidd – Way to keep Cesaro on the preshow….again…

Shane’s Pick: Public Enemy – They got a good one over on the Nasty Boys the other night, so I see that carrying over to this match as well.

Derick’s Pick:  Minnesota Wrecking crew: I see the MWC going over Flair and Valentine. Gene and Old are on a huge roll as of late. Plus it seems to me that Flair has his eyes on the main title. So MWC to retain.


Here we are at WWE’s biggest PPV of the year. While this hasn’t exactly been the most thrilling ride on the Road to Wrestlemania, there are still a few matches on this card I’m interested in seeing. That and it is Wrestlemania so it’s kinda of tradition. Let’s take a look and see how Kick Out at 2 predicts the outcome of Wrestlemania 31.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

Robbie’s Pick: Brock Lesnar – I’m really glad to hear that Brock resigned with the WWE and that he has effectively retired from the world of MMA. I think Brock is exactly where he should be and I honestly do not see him letting go of the championship any time soon. In fact, if he holds onto the title for roughly 7 more months, he will take away CM Punk’s record of being the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era. With Punk not being one of WWE’s favorite people, I could really see them using Brock to take that achievement away from The Second City Saint. Brock isn’t going anywhere for awhile so they may as well make use of that new 3 year contract.

Shane’s Pick: Brock Lesnar – The moment Brock made his announcement, I feel that solidified him as keeping his belt at Mania.  They may still feel the need to go with their favorite boy in the end and give Reigns the belt, but I just feel that if they push him for another year, let him get better and make him earn it, then this same match at WM32 with Reigns winning will taste a lot better than it would this year.

Derick’s Pick: Brock Lesnar – Because he’s Brock F***ING! Lesnar!

Sting vs Triple H

Robbie’s Pick: Sting – I know this is the match that Shane and Derick are looking forward to the most so I will let the Master of WCW knowledge explain this match.

Shane’s Pick: Sting – Potentially the Stinger’s last match and I don’t believe that they’d bring him all the way in just to lose that one final match since this one isn’t against Taker.  This is the match I’m looking most forward to, just as Robbie said, and just as you can all read about in my Kick Out at Nitro segments!  I am, however, calling some interference by Sting’s longest foe, The Nature Boy, right now.

Derick’s Pick: Sting – I was WCW before I was WWE so I gotta go with what I know. Sorry, Hunter…. but “You’re still the best at Wrestling

WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: Daniel Bryan vs Stardust vs Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Harper vs Dean Ambrose vs R-Truth vs Bad News Barrett

Robbie’s Pick: Daniel Bryan – My guess is WWE uses Daniel to help elevate the Intercontinental division. With Brock keeping the main title, I see them using top tier talent as the Intercontinental and United States Champions.

Shane’s Pick: Dean Ambrose – Honestly, I think it’ll be Bryan, but I’ve now sided with my compatriots twice and I didn’t want the third one in a row to happen.  I do REALLY hope it’s Ambrose, though!

Derick’s Pick: Daniel Bryan – Time to bring the IC title back to some relevancy.

The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt

Robbie’s Pick: The Undertaker – The Streak is over and we haven’t seen The Undertaker in a year. I see him returning with a vengeance, with a purpose and the Dead Man will be there to show he hasn’t missed a step. My only question is will he return as The Dead Man, Big Evil or a new version we haven’t seen yet? At the end of the day, it isn’t Wrestlemania without The Undertaker.

Shane’s Pick: The Undertaker – As much as I would like to see Bray get this win, it doesn’t mean as much as it could have now.  Taker comes back, everyone is happy with a win and it vindicates last year, we all go home.

Derick’s Pick: The UndertakerSurely they won’t have him lose twice at Wrestlemania. I honestly think they realize they made a mistake last year and don’t see them doing that again.

Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins

Robbie’s Pick: Seth Rollins – I really wanted to pick Orton here. I really did. The only reason I’m not is because I know if Rollins lost here he would go on to cash in later in the night after the Main Event and I just don’t see anyone but Brock walking out as Champion. Orton has already gotten his retribution for being put out of action so I’m going with Rollins. This is the only match I don’t feel good about my pick and if Orton wins I will probably literally” kick myself where my appendix used to be!”

Shane’s Pick: Randy Orton – Seth is bulletproof right now, so the loss to Randy makes the fans happy and Rollins still has that briefcase he can use at any time.

Derick’s Pick:  Seth Rollins – If he loses at Mania it makes him look weak. Being Mr. Money in the Bank, I just see him walking out of Mania with a win.

WWE United States Championship Match: Rusev vs John Cena

Robbie’s Pick: John Cena – I’m still surprised Hulk Hogan isn’t in Cena’s corner but then again it may be a last minute addition to the match. I just see Cena winning here and USA getting the best of the “Evil Russian.” With all the America vs Russia stuff in this setup, I can’t see anyone but Hulk Hogan or Sylvester Stallone holding Cena’s hand high in victory.

Shane’s Pick: John Cena – I’m okay with this.  I wasn’t…until I watched Cena on Kimmel the other night.  Why isn’t he like that ALL the time.  Yes, it was jokey Cena, but it wasn’t silly jokey Cena and he actually put over Rusev as a threat…he just made funny comments on how he was going to win.  I liked it.

Derick’s Pick – Rusev – Because F*** Cena that’s why!

Wrestlemania Andre The Giant Battle Royal Match

Robbie’s Pick: Sheamus – Those return videos airing on RAW haven’t been for nothing.

Shane’s Pick: Hideo Itami – ‘Cause, why not?

Derick’s Pick:  Damien Mizdow – Wouldn’t that be the best thing EVER…. OF ALL TIME!?

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs The New Day vs Los Matadores vs The Usos

Robbie’s Pick: Cesaro and Kidd – You don’t put 3 baby face teams against the heels unless you really want them to pull all their hell like shenanigans.

Shane’s Pick: Cesaro and Kidd – What are they going to do…give it to the Uso’s for the eleventieth time?

Derick’s Pick:  Cesaro and Kidd – Cesaro should be the ruler of EVERYTHING!

Diva’s Tag Team Match: AJ Lee and Paige vs The Bella Twins

Robbie’s Pick: AJ and Paige – The Bellas are leaving. I care about that as much as I do this match. Why isn’t this the match that got bumped down to the pre-show?

Shane’s Pick: AJ and Paige – It’s Mania…babyfaces winning makes us feel good.

Derick’s Pick:  AJ and Paige – Because one of The Bellas is dating Cena. Let’s face it, I simply don’t pick anything Cena related….


Every year, the same topic gets brought up: “Who do you think will win/lose at WrestleMania? Is this the year that the streak gets broken?” yada yada yada. And of course I have my predictions (on display later this week, right here at, but my answer is universally the same. “To me, it doesn’t really matter. It’s about the show.”

For a wrestler who has been in the WWE for a couple of months to a couple of years, I think their WM record matters.  For an up-and-comer to put a notch in the win column at the “Showcase of the Immortals” , its a great way to end WrestleMania season. That means that the months of hard work, possible extra matches, bigger promos, the hype etc. has all come to a successful end. They can look back to January with satisfaction before it all resets the following night on Raw.

In the same breath however, losing at “The grandest stage of them all” doesn’t hinder a career as much as people think. Great example: WrestleMania 10. The ladder match between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels. When that match is uttered, everyone remembers Shawn. The remember the ingenuity and introduction of the ladder match. But if you ask who won the match, most will mistakenly say “Oh, it was Shawn. He made the match great.” And obviously they would be incorrect, but not completely. Yes, Shawn did lose that match, but he is also what people remember about it. Technically a loss, but a win in terms of stealing the show.

Take a match from this WrestleMania. Ryback/Mark Henry. Now since this is written before the match takes place, I can only guess who the winner will be. But this is my thinking: Ryback will win. And before the end of the match, he will deliver Shellshocked to Mark Henry. In doing this he gets his own “moment” in a very young career, gets his win at WrestleMania, and sees the success of the massive push he has received so far. But that leaves Mark Henry. Mark has been in the business since 1996. 17 years. What’s his record at WrestleMania you ask? 0-4. Does that define a career that has spanned 17 years? No. So having Mark lose to Ryback hurts no one.

3 other quick records and I’m wrapping this up. First is Shawn Michaels, who I talked about earlier. Shawn is 6-11. In a career that most say is top 3 as the greatest of all time (even more argue as to it being the #1), he hasn’t won half of the matches he was in at WrestleMania. Does that define his legacy? Absolutely not. My view he won most of those matches by either stealing the show, or making his opponent look better than he did before the bell rang.  Not bad considering he IS “Mr. WrestleMania”. Another example is Triple H. Triple H is 7-9 at the “Granddaddy of ’em All”. Still less than .500 at WrestleMania, but, has had moment after moment of spectacle at the event. Which leaves me to Example #3….

The Undertaker. 20-0. What an epic feat. It stands where no measuring stick can reach. It is unrivaled in Professional Wrestling as a streak that will never be matched. Does it define the Undertaker’s career? To me, mostly.  When his name is brought into discussion, the first thought is the streak. Starting in January, talk begins of “Who will be the one to attempt to beat the streak this year?”  20 have shown up, and 20 have fallen. Not all the matches have been great, and Giant Gonzalez knows what I’m talking about. His last 4 matches, in my opinion, have been his best. I’m sure you’ve seen them, so you’re welcome for me pointing that out.

In summary, does the record matter? Yes and no. Fans can only use your last match as a reference to the ability of the performer. The record is only 1 stat. Don’t use it as a reference to someone once their career is over.

And remember, it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s who comes out looking the best.

– Derick B.

Wrestlemania and The Undertaker – The two go so hand in hand that to talk about one without the other is almost impossible. “The Streak” started at Wrestlemania VII and at Wrestlemania 28 last year “The Pheonom” reached a perfect 20-0 record and remains undefeated at WWE’s biggest event of the year. The Streak has almost become a legend in and of itself and wasn’t really focused on as a storyline until Wrestlemania 25. Basically Wrestlemania 25 to Wrestlemania 28 has been one huge story involving three of the most important wrestlers to have ever performed in The WWE.

I can remember The Undertaker saying “The Streak is not something that I talk about…” when Shawn first challenged him at Wrestlemania 25. Up until that point, that was a pretty accurate statement. When The Undertaker defeated Ric Flair at Wrestlemania 18 Taker held up 10 fingers, which was honestly the first time it hit me that The Undertaker had not lost at Wrestlemania. From then on others had made a point to mention it but Taker himself let his actions do the talking for those that challenged his growing accomplishment.

At the close of Wrestlemania 28 The Undertaker achieved his ultimate accomplishment by reaching a perfect 20-0 with his Wrestlemania victories. As The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Triple H helped each other out of the arena they gave us all a look that at the time had me wondering if we were witnessing a silent bow out. The way the three of these guys handled the end of this match reminded me so much of how Stone Cold Steve Austin walked away after Wrestlemania 19, with hardly anyone knowing he had wrestled his last match. After the close of this epic Hell in a Cell Match I truly thought I had witnessed “The End of an Era” as WWE was calling it.

Throughout this outstanding 20-0 record the last 4 matches are beyond a shadow of any doubt the best of The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Streak, probably even the best of his entire career to be honest. To this day I firmly believe that Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25 is the best wrestling match to have ever taken place inside the squared circle. This was a perfect match and I will be surprised if any two performers will ever get that close to perfection as these two did in 2009. With that being said there is only one Superstar currently on the roster that can give The Undertaker the quality match at Wrestlemania that we have come to expect out of The Deadman and that Superstar is none other than CM Punk.

As a Wrestling fan I have always said that “The Streak” would never come to an end. There has been a few times where the streak’s storyline was presented in a feasible way that it could have very well ended. Wrestlemania 21 with Taker’s match against Randy Orton was billed as “Legend vs Legend Killer” if it ever made sense to end the streak this was the first time. At Wrestlemania 24 The Undertaker was challenging for The World Heavyweight Championship against the current champion Edge who was in fact himself still undefeated at Wrestlemania. Then there was Wrestlemania 25 and 26. On a personally selfish level, with all the accolades that Shawn Michaels had acquired throughout his career, this was just simply one more that I wanted added to his list. After all these times that The Streak came so close to ending and with Taker reaching what seemed like a logical closure point in which to retire, I thought for sure we had seen the last of The Deadman at Wrestlemania 28 and the Streak would go down in history as a perfect 20-0 record.

The Undertaker resurfaced on the “Old School” edition of RAW and signified that he would indeed put his Streak on the line one more time at this year’s Wrestlemania. CM Punk later won a Fatal Four Way Match that night earning the right to face The Undertaker. For the first time as a wrestling fan I have a gut feeling and I truly believe this is the year that The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Streak will come to an end and here is why. For the last couple years now we have only seen The Undertaker during Wrestlemania season, only competing in one match a year. These matches are grueling and take a lot out of The Deadman, so much so that we have often wondered if he would be able to come back. It’s no secret that WWE was skeptical if The Undertaker would be medically cleared or physically able to compete this year. At 47 years old now and after as many surgeries that he has went though and injuries that he has sustained over the years, you have to wonder why he came back this year?

Taker has been with the WWE since 1990 and has been one of, if not the most predominate and iconic Superstar during his time working for Vince McMahon. No doubt that during his career he has amassed enough wealth that he doesn’t need to put his body through the pain and punishment just simply for a paycheck. So again I ask why did he return this year? The only logical reason that I can come to is because Taker is a traditionalist. Undertaker comes from a line of wrestlers that hold certain rules and traditions in very high regard. I firmly believe the reason he has returned isn’t going to be popular with a lot of readers but I do believe that he is there to retire this year and put over CM Punk in a major way.

Like I stated, Undertaker is a traditionalist and one of the oldest traditions in professional wrestling is that on your way out you lose in an epic setting and put over your competitor. It’s a form of retirement that we have seen from such greats as Stone Cold, Ric Flair, JBL and Shawn Michaels. To say that The Undertaker belongs in the list of these great veterans is a given so to think that he would follow in their footsteps isn’t too far of a concept to see play out. I do believe that for Undertaker to do this though it would have to be for someone that he believes could truly be the face of the company and one of the major players in the future of the WWE.

On the “CM Punk: Best in The World” documentary Michael Hayes talks about The Undertaker and CM Punk’s feud in 2009. Hayes goes on to discuss that during this program CM punk earned The Undertaker’s respect as a wrestler and that it was respect he never thought he would give the Straight Edge Superstar. The fact that people like Shawn Michaels, Michael Hayes, The Undertaker himself and of course Paul Heyman saw something in CM Punk that eventually led him to be one of the top guys in WWE, could also very well have given him the ultimate opportunity that nobody ever thought was possible.

During the segment on RAW Monday, Punk used somewhat of the same “Dark Knight” type of analogy I compared him to a few months back. CM Punk stated “I’m the one man in the world that can shoulder the burden of snapping your streak…” This was a very true and bold statement because let’s face it, whoever ends the streak, as much as an accomplishment it would be, would inevitably carry some major heat for the remainder of their career from a lot of the fans. It would almost be like HBK constantly being ridiculed with chants of “You Screwed Bret!”

Only one thing is certain when it comes to The Streak. It will end when and only when The Undertaker wants it to. For years the feasibility that the streak could possibly end has always been the fun element that has added to these matches at Wrestlemania. With all the cards being stacked the way they are this year, I very well see this being the year The Streak comes to an end. There is still part of me that wants The Streak to continue, possibly seeing The Undertaker hang around and make it a perfect 25-0 but the realistic side of me says this is the year history is made and one of the best in the business passes on his legacy to the future and current Best in The World.

-Robbie C.