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I’ve been quiet. Too quiet. The fact that I haven’t really written anything here for Kick Out at 2! in a very long time is well, depressing. Truth is when Shane and I started this site it was meant to be nothing but a running commentary of our thoughts of the current product of professional wrestling. We started it, we were full of ideas and we had content flowing on the site on a regular basis. Truth is over time, wrestling got stale for me. For two years people like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were going against the grain, forcing change and putting the “Entertainment” back in the company’s name. WWE was on fire, a hotter fire than it had been in a long time. Then it burned out… then I burned out.

While Shane had been keeping the site going with his journey into WCW, I felt like I honestly wasn’t pulling my weight. It was hard for me to write about anything but honestly my heart just wasn’t in wrestling anymore. I had simply become so disenchanted with wrestling and almost totally lost the passion and the love that I’ve always had for it. I knew that WWE didn’t give a damn what I thought or what millions of others fans thought. For the last 3 years, no matter how much we voiced our frustration, flat out told Vince and his powers that be that we didn’t want to eat what was being force feed to us, WWE has been consistently pushing bad ideas as their main roster down our throats.

I haven’t watched an entire episode of RAW in at least 2 years, following the product through PPV’s alone on The Network because it seemed like storylines simply didn’t matter, they were dropped with no explanation, no new characters were being made and WWE was simply refusing to grow as a product in the entertainment field.  It then got to a point where I wasn’t watching PPV’s. I eventually returned and watched The Royal Rumble with my friends on Xbox Party Chat. We loved the fact that AJ Styles made his debut and once we saw Triple H become World Heavyweight Champion we felt for a few weeks that maybe, just maybe WWE was reading the writing on the wall. With all the injuries they are having and Roman Reigns simply not getting over as the cookie cutter baby face Vince wanted him to be, I figured Vince was going to the right thing and force some changes by having Dean Ambrose challenge for the title at Wrestlemania.

Not only was I wrong again but Wrestlemania as a whole was quickly shaping up to be the worst Mania I have ever seen. Not only was it bad but it was worse than I could have possibly imagined. The story of this Wrestlemania wasn’t the Championship, it was The Authority. The fact that WWE made a story out of WWE’s ratings being in the toilet and built an entire angle out of Shane fighting for control to make a change seemed like a perfect setting to change it up. Having Undertaker beat Shane was a complete waste and an incredibly mis-booked storyline. Dean Ambrose not getting a win over the monster that is Brock Lesnar was another waste and in a world where Chris Jericho has been consistently putting over younger talent for two years, was there any reason for AJ Styles “Wrestling’s hottest free agent at the time of his signing” to not get the win and a Wrestlemania moment against the established veteran?

WWE claims that their attendance record was over 100,000 when in reality it was just slightly over 94,000 but regardless, when you have “100,000” people unanimously “booing” someone, you do not put the title on that person! 20 some years ago Vince had the idea that Lex Luger was going to be the superstar to replace Hulk Hogan, wanting to initially over look the likes of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Today he is wanting Roman Reigns to be the next John Cena, overlooking the likes of Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Bray Wyatt even Zack Ryder. The point here is, especially now with the possibility of calling any NXT talent up to the main roster, ANYONE but Roman Reigns deserves to be World Champion. Because of WWE’s inability to tell a compelling story with him, Roman has had the title sling shot back to him so many times that he is now a 3 Time World Champion, 1 away from tying Shawn Michaels’ career record. Shawn Michaels, the man who had the 30 some year wrestling career! Roman has been there 4 years… he hasn’t earned that and he surely does not deserve it.

Speaking of NXT. NXT Dallas Takeover was absolutely wonderful! This promotion is single handedly been the only thing that has kept my interest in wrestling from totally fading away. NXT Dallas hooked me back. Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe was incredible and people are going to really have to step it up if they want to take the “Match of the Year” title away from the Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura match. Triple H knows how to run a wrestling show and from what I’ve seen it seems like WWE will be in good hands once Vince does decide to hang it up, which honestly needs to be sooner rather than later.

I broke down and actually watched RAW this week, meaning that I watched the 90 Min version of it on HULU. Let’s face it, 3hrs is simply too long for a weekly wrestling show. Surprisingly enough I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would. Seeing a lot of the NXT guy’s debut was nice and honestly gives me some hope that WWE could potentially get better. I had heard that Zack Ryder lost his Intercontinental Championship and was pretty pissed about that but honestly seeing the way it unfolded I kind of feel like Zack may be front and center for what could potentially be a good story for him. I really hope he wins it back as I feel he could be a very credible champion and he clearly deserves it. Cesaro returning was absolutely incredible and the Fatal Four way to determine the number one contender was really, really good. All four of those guys that were involved in the match deserve to be champion. I really hope that AJ makes an impact with the WWE audience and he isn’t simply served up to the “all powerful Samoan Overlord”

There are a lot reasons that wrestling fans such as myself have to be upset with the way that WWE is currently handling their own product and rightfully so. However with the amount of pure talent on the roster, the untapped potential and the seeds of improvement that I hope were sown Monday Night I can only hope for the best. I won’t say my relationship with WWE is over but it has clearly taken a beating and it’s going to take some time to make a full recovery, if it ever does…

I really hope it does.

Robbie C.

This was the first WWE Live event to be here in our area since we started Unfortunately neither one of my KickOutat 2 buddies could make this trip so I flew solo on this one. I’m just gonna post a quick recap since most of the “dirt sheets” have already covered it but fear not KickOutat2 Readers.

Dark Match:

* Bo Rotunda defeated Derrick Bateman.

WWE NXT: Maxine defeated. Tamina, JTG defeated Yoshi Tatsu and Percy Watson and Tyson Kidd defeated Johnny Curtis and Michael McGillicutty.

WWE Superstars: Natalya defeated Alicia Fox and Drew McIntyre defeated Ezekiel Jackson.

WWE Smackdown:

* Sheamus and Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio. No Winner, match went into total chaos with Alberto eating a finisher from the other 3. Every ref was out for the pull apart.

* AJ Lee defeated Kaitlyn. Post match Daniel Bryan nd teases AJ. He says he’s looking forward to moving on from her and going to Kaitlyn. The entire time I can be seen in the corner above Byran’s shoulder leading the “Yes!” chant. (KO2@ Represents!)

* Daniel Bryan beat Big Show with help from John Laurinaitis. Big Johnny calls for the bell “Screwjob Style” once Bryan had the yes lock applied.

* Ryback defeated Heath Slater in a squash.

* Teddy Long comes out as the special ring announcer for the next match. Antonio Cesaro defeated Alex Riley. Post Match Aksana talks trash to Teddy. Poor Teddy. 😦

* Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio by DQ. Del Rio had Orton in the armbreaker but wouldn’t break the hold once Randy reached for the ropes.

* R-Truth defeated Jack Swagger.

* Titus O’Neil and Darren Young defeated Santino Marella and Zack Ryder. Crowd was hot for Zack and Santino.

* Matt Striker spoke with Damien Sandow about why he chose not to compete last week against Derrick Bateman. Sandow talked about enlightening everyone and being their savior. We already had a savior in Y2J just put him with Antonio where he should be.

* Brodus Clay squashed Hunico. Brodus is so much fun live.

* Sheamus vs. Chris Jericho in the main event. Alberto Del Rio runs in for the disqualification. Randy Orton comes out and hits Del Rio with a RKO and Jericho escapes. Sheamus and Orton have a staredown to end the show.

Live Main Event for Roanoke, VA: Randy Orton defeated Kane with a RKO in a Hardcore Match. Orton went around and gave high fives and signed autographs to send the crowd home happy.

Go to to see the photos I took at this event.


A few post ago I talked about how we were in “A New Era for Professional Wrestling…” during that article I stated a fact saying that “…we may see traces of past wrestling formulas slip into the current product from time to time…” Ladies and Gentlemen, Monday night we experienced one of those times with the “debut” of Brodus Clay. We had seen for weeks on end John Laurinaitis promising than delaying the debut of Brodus Clay on Monday Night Raw. I was beginning to think it was a running joke and we wouldn’t see Brodus till The Royal Rumble PPV or maybe not even until after Wrestlemania.

Honestly I didn’t care one way or another about this guy. I didn’t like him on NXT and having him as Alberto Del Rio’s bodyguard was a “WTF!?” move if I ever saw one. Monday as I was watching Raw with my good friend Derick and “Big Tim”, I heard Justin Roberts begin to announce him from “Planet Funk” and proceeded to give the TV my version of “The People’s Eyebrow”. I went from total confusion to not being able to control my laughter as I heard the music of “Ernest The Cat Miller” than saw Brodus dancing down the ramp looking like a member of RUN D.M.C.

Now allow me to take a minute here to describe something about my good friend Derick. He has the ability to pick and love funny or bizarre wrestling gimmicks, however he always picks the ones that last. People like Doink The Clown, Goldust, Santino Marella and the “Little Jimmy” version of R-Truth make this list. Brodus hadn’t even made it to the ring yet before Derick was screaming “New Favorite Wrestler! New Favorite Wrestler!” over and over. That my friends was the moment I knew this was going to be a good idea for WWE.

Now 10 to 15 years ago nobody would have even gave this character a second thought with comments like; “This is stupid.” or “This will kill Brodus Clay’s career. What is WWE thinking!?” that I have seen over the internet the last few days. Back than that’s what was different in WWE everyone brought something different to the table. Could WWE have brought back Brodus as a monster heel? Yes and he would have been lost in the shuffle of Kane and Mark Henry, giving us the same stuff we are seeing over and over in the form of giant “man-killers”.

Example- Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase this time last year all six of them were essentially the same. Young performers full of talent who were having great matches but at the core they were essentially the same type of character.  Skip ahead one year and Zack has a huge internet following making himself a baby face to get over and land The United States Championship. Dolph has rose beyond belief both on the mic and in the ring, molding a character that is fitting and unique to his style and attitude. Cody has went from cocky heel to “Dr. Doom” and back again, in the process resorting the prestige to the Intercontinental Championship. The point here is the mold is starting to shift and we are not seeing the same run of the mill stuff from each performer.

Brodus is fresh and something different as far as debuts come in this current setting. Yes from the way it looks, it’s a massive throwback to wrestling from the 80’s with a touch of Attitude but that is not a bad thing at all. I still firmly believe that CM Punk’s Revolution is going strong, but at the same time we have to remember the old saying  “No matter how much things change, some things always stay the same”.


**THE DARK MATCH – (Kick Out at 2! Bonus Feature)**