Kick Out at Nitro! – 10/7/96 – “Stop saying New World Odor, Larry!”

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KoaNitro17Welcome back, everyone, to another exciting edition of Kick Out at Nitro, brought to you by and Last week was light on the nWo action, but we did feel their presence through the paid advertising and cutaways to their hotel room where they were hobnobbing with the Erik Watts of NASCAR, Kyle Petty. With Elizabeth seemingly in cahoots with the nWo and Macho Man throwing an unholy fit about it, this week will hopefully have some answers to last week’s questions as we head into Halloween Havoc.

Hogan is STILL red and yellow in the opening graphics! Get on the ball, WCW! The dude turned his back on you…stop glorifying him in your opening credits.

Tony Schiavone welcomes us to Savannah, GA, as the opening pyro fires and Harlem Heat is already in the ring. We ignore them, however, and talk about Liz. Tony mentions that the situation is confusing and that Liz was clearly distraught, but Larry Zybszko says there’s no confusion, she’s clearly in the “New World Odor.” Please, Larry…just stop!

We cut to clips of Saturday Night, where Col. Parker helped cost Public Enemy the Tag Team Championship. Harlem Heat are the new Tag Team Champions. Guess this is why we saw Public Enemy get attacked by the Faces of Fear last week.

Match #1: Non-Title Match – Harlem Heat (WCW Tag Team Champions) w/ Col. Robert Parker & Sister Sherri VS Public Enemy

Lots of jaw jacking between Rocco Rock and the Harlem Heat before the match. Referee Nick Patrick, still in his neck brace from last week, gets them separated and starts the match. Grunge starts the match with Booker T, poking him in the eye and controlling the match until he tags out to Rock. Booker Tags out to Stevie Ray and the boots get put to Rock hard. Rock slides out of the ring and grabs Sherri by the coat, backing her into the guard rail and apparently shocking the hell out of her, but Stevie Ray comes to the rescue and tosses him back into the ring.

Commercial break and we come back to Elizabeth knocking on the Macho Man’s dressing room. She wants to explain and slowly opens the door, but Randy isn’t in the room.

Back to the match and we get it big side slam from Stevie Ray to Rocco. Tag into Booker and a HUGE Harlem Side Kick but only a one count. Booker tosses Rock out of the ring and goes to distract the referee while Stevie Ray holds Rock for Sherri to slap before sending him into the guardrail hard and tossing him back into the ring for a two count from Booker.

During the match, the crowd starts to boo, and we cut to the crowd where Hall, Nash, Dibiase, Vincent, and Syxx are standing. Hall calls Harlem Heat a couple of hillbillies. Nash says that at Halloween Havoc they’re going to snap into the Tag Team Championships. Hall and Nash are wearing nose strips like Harlem Heat, and Nash says that he knows why they wear them because they can smell the fear from there. They continue to run their mouths during the match, which no one is paying any attention to anymore. As the screen goes back to fullscreen on the match, Booker jumps ¾ of the way across the ring for an elbow drop, which is super impressive.

Tony mentions the Sting car again and Larry calls it a temper tantrum and asks if you would buy a teenager throwing a temper tantrum a car. C’mon, Larry! Get with the program here!

Sherri begins nuzzling up to Nick Patrick, distracting him, as Harlem Heat and Parker do pretty much EVERYTHING to Harlem Heat. Parker pushes Rock off of the top rope and through the table that Public Enemy setup earlier. They then chop block Grunge and start beating him with a chair. Sherri stops distracting Patrick long enough for him to count the pin on Grunge.

Winners: Harlem Heat

Tony gets word that a limo has pulled up in the backstage area. They speculate that it’s Hogan since we’ve already seen the other members of the nWo in the arena. Out of the limo, though, comes J-E-Double F-J-A-Double R-E-Double T. HAHA, that’s Jeff Jarrett! Jarrett is in a full white outfit, but wearing sunglasses at night and a black leather coat. Fashion was NEVER something that this version of Jarrett was into, to say the least. Jarrett says that he’s got something to say as we head to commercial. Tony tells us not to go away, making it seem like Jarrett is going to have ANYTHING that ANYONE wants to hear.


Look…I’m a Jarrett fan, actually. Not of THIS version, though.

We come back from commercial break and we cut to a replay from Saturday Night where Nick Patrick says that he’s asking for a million dollar fine and suspension for Macho Man. Patrick says that there was an announcer that had been making accusations about him, but we don’t see him around anymore, do we? I have NO clue who he’s talking about.

Match #2: Diamond Dallas Page VS Jim Powers w/ Teddy Long

Powers has a great look, but damn…I’m just not seeing anything from him here other than that.

Which headlock takeover from Powers, then to a full nelson from DDP that Powers, ahem, powers out of. DDP keeps trying to get stuff figured out, but Powers keeps getting out of it. We go split screen to a prerecorded promo from DDP to Eddie Guerrero, who he keeps calling Burrito Boy. He tells him to watch the beating that’s going on right now and know that’s what he has coming. Um…so Eddie’s going to get out of EVERYTHING you try to do, Page? He ends it saying that he’s going to put something on Eddie that AJAX won’t take off, before yelling BANG and thrusting his hips. Phrasing, Dallas…

Generic match in the ring with Powers leading until DDP reverses a move into the Diamond Cutter. That move really does come from nowhere!

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page

Back from commercial break and Mike Tenay calls out Macho Man to the entrance ramp. Macho decides not to leave him hanging this week, and walks out with Jason Keller in his Slim Jim racing suit. Keller drives the #57 Slim Jim car. Savage quickly dismisses Tenay and decides to talk to Keller. Savage asks how the nWo car did in that race. Keller says that Kyle Petty hit the wall and never finished the race. Savage asks how Keller did. Did he finish in the top 25? Yup! Top 20? Yup! Top 15? Yes, praise the big Macho Man in the sky! Top 12? Yup! Finished 10th! It’s an interesting little segment, but damn, Keller has NO charisma, haha. Savage says that at Halloween Havoc, Hogan is going to crash and burn just like the nWo car. Liz ambushes Savage and says that they need to talk! Savage says to save it and storms off.

Match #3: High Voltage VS The Faces of Fear w/ Jimmy Hart

As I heard the warning beeps during the entrance…I might have said “Danger! High Voltage!” alongside the announcer on their music. I love High Voltage! They need to be more ring, aware, however, as while they are posing, Meng and the Barbarian jump them from behind and start the match off quickly. Kaos nails Meng with a pair of massive lariats but Meng sells NOTHING. Hell, Kaos sold more than Meng did. Yeah, I love High Voltage…but I love Meng too! And I’m more scared of Meng!

In the entrance way, we see Benoit, Mongo, and Debra doing a bit of scouting on the Faces of Fear.

Big pumphandle slam from Barbarian to Rage but Barbarian pulls Rage up off the mat at the two count. Barbarian slams him into the turnbuckle before tagging out to Meng, who drops Rage with a gigantic sitout powerbomb. Instead of covering, though, he tags out to Barbarian, who gets a jackknife powerbomb of his own. Meng slingshots Rage into a big boot from Barbarian for the three.

Winners: The Faces of Fear

It’s so interesting rewatching this stuff 22 years later. I catch myself rooting for guys that I never did back when I was 14. Meng is a big example. I love watching him, now. He’s so awesome. 14 year old me would have been unhappy about High Voltage losing (well, 36 year old me is still a little hot about it), but seeing Meng and Barbarian destroy these guys was pretty awesome, too.

Commercial break and we’re back for…

Match #4: Mike Wenner VS Glaciar

Mike Wenner just screams “job guy.” Red and black singlet, leather jacket, black mullet. With the blue light during the match, though, he looks like a smaller version of Scotty Steiner…if you squint…and have something in your eyes. That mullet, though…that thing definitely has Steiner aspirations.


Quick takedowns from Glacier. Wenner tries to whip Glacier out of the corner, but Glacier rolls, then rolls over top of Wenner’s back and meets him with a jumping heel kick. That segment was actually pretty cool, but man, this style Glacier wrestles just doesn’t lend itself to very exciting matches from guys who don’t know how to work with him. These matches are slow and super choreographed, in my opinion, instead of quick and snappy like I feel they should be. Quick rolling superkick from Glacier for the win.

Winner: Glacier

Tony calls Glacier “Mr. Excitement!” WHAT?! We clearly watched two different matches!

Glacier ends the match doing his posing and kata in the snow and lights while the hour #2 counter goes down. I swear…he did this for a full minute! Mr. Excitement, indeed!

Pyro goes off as Eric Bischoff welcomes us to the second hour. He says we’ll find out if Jeff Jarrett is a part of the nWo as we go to commercial break.

Match #5: Hugh Morrus VS Jeff Jarrett

Wow, so Jarrett JUST showed up earlier in the night and now he’s getting a match?! Now that’s a quick debut. Bischoff says that he spoke with Jeff Jarrett a few months ago and Jarrett just wanted one shot to prove himself. Bischoff says that from what he understands, Jarrett is taking this opportunity to prove himself to the nWo. Jarrett is wearing his stupid strap outfit with some frills on the legs, which makes it look worse than ever.

Jarrett does his Jackie Fargo strut three times within the first minute of the match. He jumps into the corner and looks at the camera, saying “this is too easy!” He drops Morrus again, walks over his back, and, again, struts. Yeah, it took him less than five minutes to get on my last nerve. According to the commentators, Jarrett is already the newest member of the nWo and they mention it constantly. Morrus clotheslines Jarrett in the corner and Eric goes OFF!

“You hear that? You hear it? You hear it? That’s the fat lady! It’s over, nWo! It’s over!”

From a clothesline in the corner, Eric? C’mon.

Powerslam from Morrus and he goes up top for a big elbow drop, but Jarrett sits up and taps his forehead like he’s a genius for figuring this out. Figure four from Jarrett for the win.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Guess what we get to see YET AGAIN? If you said a strut, you are correct. I hate this version of Jeff Jarrett, so I feel I’m in for a very rough run of Nitros going forward.

We go to Tony at the entrance and Jarrett struts into frame. Dear Lord, Jeff…stop it! Tony mentions that Jeff came in to the arena in the black limo, a trademark of the nWo. Jeff says that he has a few things to talk about. He says that Hogan said he created wrestling. If it wasn’t for him, promoters like Verne Gagne wouldn’t have existed. Promoters like Jarrett’s father, Jerry Jarrett, wouldn’t have existed. Jarrett says that Hogan didn’t put a single meal on his father’s table. He didn’t put a single meal on his own table. Hogan doesn’t respect history, but Jarrett is all about history. He says that he feels Sting put it best a few weeks ago and that Hogan and the nWo can stick it. We go to commercial as Bischoff says that he can rest a bit easier now. Yeah, because Jarrett is THE get in this war here…

As we come back, the announcers comment about the upcoming Arn Anderson and Lex Luger match at Halloween Havoc. Bobby says that Arn Anderson would rather cut his tongue out with a pair of scissors than say “I quit.” Really, Bobby? We need to go with a scissors reference?! With Arn Anderson?!

Match #6: Renegade VS “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson w/ Woman

During the entrances, the announcers beg Sting to forgive them and to step up and be their leader. Glad that Larry isn’t with them!

Decent back and forth to start the match off. Arn tries to go for a piledriver but Renegade powers out of it and clotheslines Arn. Arn rolls to the floor to control the pace, luring Renegade out. Arn beats him back into the ring and puts the bots to Renegade as he enters. Quick knee drop from Arn, followed by some punches to the head. Sunset flip attempt from Renegade, but Arn regains his composure and punches him in the head. Arn grounds him with a headlock, but Renegade is eventually able to power out and get a shoulder block. He goes for a second but Arn nails him with a punch to the gut, switching the offense back to him.

Arn turns the offense to the arm of Renegade. Double A decides to switch it up and go for a Vader Bomb, but Renegade gets the knees up.

Mike Tenay starts talking about how everyone figured that Jarrett was in the nWo, and Bobby immediately chimes in with “I didn’t.” It’s so funny how quickly he gets it in.

Renegade gets Arn in the corner and hits Great Muta’s handspring back elbow. He goes for it again, prompting Eric to say it’s the first time he’s ever seen that. Despite it being used by one of the most famous Japanese talents ever. Anyway, Arn has this one scouted, stops it, and drops Renegade with a DDT.

Winner: Arn Anderson

After the match, Arn puts Renegade in the tree of woe and puts the boots to him. This prompts Lex Luger to run out for the save and Arn to hit the floor as we go to commercial.

Match #7: Squire David Taylor w/ Jeeves VS “Total Package” Lex Luger

Taylor decided that Jeeves didn’t get to the ring in a manner of his liking so he decides to European uppercut Jeeves out of his boots on the entrance ramp. We hear that Bobby Eaton has left the Blue Bloods due to the way that Taylor and Lord Steven Regal treat Jeeves.

Eric mentions the fine that Nick Patrick wants levied against Macho Man and even says that he’s not sure why Patrick thinks that he has the power to fine anyone. We go to a quick split-screen promo from Luger where he has two things to say: He wants his Television Championship back from Regal and he’s going to beat Anderson at Havoc. Eric said that he figured Luger’s two things were going to be his left pec and his right pec and he’s out. Not gonna lie, I’d have LOVED to hear that promo from Lex. No words…just flexing and that’s it.

Quick nothing of a match and Luger racks Dave Taylor for the win.

Winner: Lex Luger

As Luger is making his way to the back, Arn jumps him with a chair. As Lex is laying on the ground, Arn makes the Four Horsemen sign and flexes like Luger does. I liked that. Arn is so damn intense.

Eric: Lex will eat his lunch.

Bobby: Yeah, well he’s eating concrete right now.

Match #8: Rick Steiner w/ Scott Steiner VS “The Canadian Crippler” Chris Benoit w/ Steve & Debra McMichael

The announcers let us know that Scott Steiner is here because of the interference last week by Mongo during the match with Benoit and Rick.

The announcers talk about Kevin Greene and the Carolina Panthers a bit during the entrance. I don’t think that issue ever gets resolved, honestly. Nice to see that they’re trying to keep it running, though.

Benoit jumps Rick from behind while he’s jawing with Mongo. Steiner tosses Benoit across the ring with that haphazard powerslam he does then rattle’s the Crippler’s teeth with a massive Steinerline. Eric tells us that Scott’s lower back is injured and he will be having surgery, so that in NJPW during World Tag League, Rick Steiner will be tagging with Great Muta. Now I want to track that down! Steiner ducks a clothesline and sends Benoit down with a release German suplex for two as we go to commercial.

Power Slam

Back from break and Benoit is in control. Hard chops in the corner, but Rick fights out with punches and kicks. Back elbow from Benoit for a two count. Scott grabs Nick Patrick’s hair and Patrick sells it like he’s been shot before standing up and admonishing Scott. Eric figures that will cost Scott a few bucks.

Bischoff freaks out a bit and we go to the back where we see a limo backing in with NWO painted on the license plate. Hogan and Giant get out. Hogan says he’s got some business to take care of and tells Giant to watch his back.

Back to the ring and we get a slam and a quick elbow from Benoit for two. A chop from Benoit is followed by massive punches from Steiner, but Benoit gets another body slam and follows it with a back suplex for two. Eric tells us that they’ve beefed up security so that the nWo won’t take over the booth tonight. Bobby says he’s heard that before. Eric says that WCW will defend themselves and he won’t be manhandled again. Bobby simply says he won’t be there. Flying forearm from Steiner takes both men down. Benoit slams Rick Steiner out of his headgear (literally) before going up top for the flying headbutt. That only gets a two count, causing Benoit to ask if Patrick is kidding him. Benoit goes up top again, coming down with a double axe handle, but Steiner catches him and overhead belly-to-belly suplexes him across the ring. DDT from Steiner for two. Steiner gets a bodyslam of his own and goes up to the top for the top rope bulldog. Again a two count, which draws the ire of Scotty Steiner, saying that Patrick counts too slow. He’s not wrong!

Double down from the two men in the ring and Debra goes for the distraction, just like last week. Scott distracts Mongo, allowing Rick to steal the briefcase and waffle Mongo with it before nailing Benoit with it. Three count and the win for the Dog Faced Gremlin.

Winner: Rick Steiner

Pretty good match, all things considered. I’m already about as tired of Nick Patrick as I am of Jeff Jarrett. Oh Lord…what’s going to happen when they’re in the same match?! My head might explode!

Commercial break for Halloween Havoc and we go to our main event.

Main Event: WCW United States Championship Match: “Macho Man” Randy Savage VS “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (C)

Before Flair even comes out, we cut to the back where Hogan, Dibiase, and the Nasty Boys are walking down the hallway. Hogan says he’s here to confront the Macho Man and asks the Nasty Boys to watch his back. He says if everything works out, he’s got some nWo paperwork there for them.

We cut back to the entranceway and no Flair. Bischoff tells us to cut backstage and we see Vincent, Hall, Nash, Syxx, and The Giant beating the crap out of Ric Flair. Liz and Woman are back there as well, looking distraught. Giant starts intimidating Liz, backing her away from everyone else and out into the arena. Savage comes in with a chair and confronts The Giant. Hogan jumps Savage from behind, though! Hogan drops Savage throat first across the guardrail then starts choking him with a chair. Liz tries to stop Hogan but Hogan grabs her by the hair and leads her to the ring.


“Who do you think you are? I own you!” Hogan yells at Liz. Hogan leads her to the ring where Giant is trying to get Savage into the ring. He’s got Savage over his shoulder and as he’s trying to go up the steps, he slips and drops Savage straight down. Giant throws the steps away and simply tosses Savage into the ring. He lifts Savage up for the choke slam, but Hogan tells him to put him down. Hogan sucker punches Savage and then starts putting the fists to his head on the ground while Giant holds Liz hostage. Every few moves, Hogan yells at Liz that he owns her and makes her watch as Hogan drops the leg to the back of Randy’s head. Fans start pelting the ring with trash as Hogan drops a second leg on Savage and pulls out a can of spray paint and a Slim Jim. He asks why Savage doesn’t snap into a Slim Jim as he drops a third leg. Hogan uses the spray paint to paint a body outline around the prone body of Savage in the middle of the ring. Giant yells “rest in peace!” as a cup of something smashes against his head. Hogan drops leg 4, spray paints nWo Rules on the mat, drops leg 5, then paints nWo on Savage’s back as the Outsiders come out from the back.

Hogan says that with the power vested in him from Hollywood and the brotherhood of the nWo, he declares this consummation of Randy Savage and Ms. Elizabeth null and void because he owns Liz’s body, her soul, everything. He says they should destroy the announce booth, just like they did the Macho Man. Everyone scatters except for Bischoff, who says he’s not leaving. He changes his mind, though, when an nWo monster truck rides out of the back with Syxx hanging out of it. We end the show with an empty announce booth and the nWo monster truck.


I actually really liked the ending to this one. The nWo destroying everyone and just being terrible people was great heel heat. The nWo often comes across as cool heels, so I like this when it really paints them as terrible people for doing what they’re doing. Hogan is totally despicable right here, and even the cool guys like Hall and Nash look terrible for being complicit everything that happens in the last ten minutes of the show. THIS makes me want to see them get their asses kicked! THIS is what needs to happen with them every time they show up! I shouldn’t cheer them. I should want to see WCW rally and destroy them. Right now, I want nothing more than for Savage to kill Hulk Hogan in the ring at Halloween Havoc…if he waits that long! Great ending!

Thankfully it ended on a good note, because the matches were definitely nothing special. With the exception of the Benoit VS Steiner match, they were all pretty subpar, but that ending…it just left me on a pretty emotional level and I want vengeance! It definitely makes up for having to watch no less than six Jeff Jarrett struts!

With that, I’ll see you next week!


Ratings Breakdown

  • WWF Raw Ratings –2.1
  • WCW Nitro Ratings – 3.5
  • (Raw – 17, Nitro – 32) (Tie Weeks – 2)
  • (Unopposed weeks – 7)
  • WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 6
  • WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 15


WWF Raw results from this week

  • Marc Mero defeated Fake Diesel via disqualification (8:15)
  • The Smoking Gunns (Bart and Billy) defeated The New Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Leif Cassidy)
  • The Sultan defeated Aldo Montoya
  • Psycho Sid defeated Goldust (w/ Marlena)

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