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KoaNitro copyWelcome to another amazing installment of Kick Out at Nitro!  Bischoff welcomes us to a new episode of Nitro, telling us that Ric Flair and the Giant will wrestle Sting and Lex Luger.  All titles are on the line!  Anyone who beats Flair gets the WCW Championship.  Anyone who beats Luger becomes TV Champion.  If Flair and Giant beat Sting and Luger, they’re Tag Team Champs!  This is crazy!  They tell us that the arena is on high alert because Savage is here after being taken out last night in handcuffs.

Match #1: Public Enemy VS American Males

During the intro, Bischoff tells us that they’re not like the “World Whining Federation” where the show has been taped for a while.  He runs down the card for us (which I’ll do later…no reason to do it at this point in my post when I do it as my own segment) while Public Enemy sets up shop.  This is apparently the episode that they show on the Monday Night War DVD when they talk about Bischoff giving away results.  It’s sad I’ve seen some of those documentary DVDs so many times that I know stuff like this.  I remember freaking Robbie and Derick out by doing the “Don’t try this at home” spiel from the early 2000s DVDs.  (Trainers, EMTs, referees down…)

American Males are FINALLY doing the overhand clap!  Nice!

Males starting the match off fast!  These two were a pretty damn good tag team back in the day.  Their high flying and fast style really contrast nicely against the brawling from Public Enemy.

The announcers run down the Lethal Lottery, coming up at Slamboree in May.  32 men will be randomly drawn into 16 tag teams and then face each other in a tournament, until the last 8 are in a battle royal to become Lord of the Ring.

Public Enemy’s brawling eventually gets the best of the Males, hitting Bagwell with a gorilla press slam, then following up with some more punches, kicks and a few slams, before draping Bagwell’s neck over the second rope.  Rocco Rock sends Bagwell into the corner, but he comes out with a splash and a cover but it’s broken up by Grunge.

Tag out to Riggs and the Males are fighting back a bit, but Public Enemy comes into the ring and tosses him over the top rope, which, apparently, is still a DQ in WCW.

Winners: American Males (via over the top rope DQ)

After the match, the PE put Riggs on the table that they setup at the beginning of the match and do an “enemy sandwich” (as coined by Bischoff), where Grunge does a flipping senton into Rock and they fall through the table, taking Riggs with them.

We get a replay of it, then we go to commercial where we find out that next we’re getting Benoit VS Guerrero!  Whooooooo!  This is a good day.  Tampa Bay VS Montreal, game 4 (and hopefully the sweep), what looks like a Hogan-less Nitro, and Benoit VS Guerrero.  Derick’s gonna punch me after the episode that he had to watch last time!

We come back to Mean Gene, Emily and Cherry.  Emily and Cherry are two ladies that are helping Gene draw the random teams for the Lethal Lottery.  First up is Hugh Morrus and Meng VS Barbarian and “Hard Work” Bobby Walker.  We also get Stevie Ray & Big Bubba VS Fire and Ice (Scott Norton and Ice Train).

Fire and Ice!!!!!!

Gene has the ladies shuffle the cards and we get Ric Flair teaming with “Macho Man” Randy Savage!  They’ll be taking on Arn Anderson and Eddie Guerrero.  Wow, that wasn’t staged, haha.  We all know, as wrestling fans, that it’s a show…but you gotta wonder sometimes if there is a fan out there that just wonders how all of these coincidences happen.

Match #2: “The Crippler” Chris Benoit VS Eddie Guerrero

Eddie and Benoit wrestle into the corner, where Benoit gives a clean break after giving some playful slaps to Eddie’s face and flashing the 4H sign.  Eddie wrestles Benoit into the opposite corner and then hits two of the quickest arm drags I have ever seen!  Ricky Steamboat would see these and go “damn!”

We go to commercial as Bischoff says we’re going to hear more about the Cruiserweight Championship after this.

We come back to Benoit with Eddie in a rear chin lock against his knee.  Bischoff says that in Japan, Otani will be the Japanese representative.  Eddie Guerrero, Scott Armstrong and Bobby Eaton are still in the tournament.  Bischoff says that Benoit lost to Otani and is taking the frustration out on Eddie.

Benoit, frustrated or not, German suplexes the crap out of Eddie Guerrero for a two count before backing him into the corner and punching him a few times.  Eddie fires back and the two trade punches for a bit.  Bischoff tells us that we’re going to get an interview with Savage.

Benoit gets Eddie in the corner and Eddie goes for a sunset flip out of a victory roll, but Benoit holds the ropes, comes down and pins Eddie for the win.

Winner: Chris Benoit

We get the Up Next graphic showing us Hacksaw Jim Duggan VS Meng.

We get Mean Gene again who is standing with a very disinterested WCW VP Rob Garner.  Out comes Randy Savage.  Garner says he understands Savage’s feelings but that the actions are out of line.  If Savage doesn’t start toeing the line, there will be ramifications as it pertains to Savage’s career.  Savage says everyone at “city hall and WCW” are getting too comfortable around the Macho Man.  He says he’s going to be the tag team partner from Hell.  Garner says that Savage needs professional help.  Savage says if he needs a psychiatrist, then so does the Garner for standing there and talking to him like that.  Savage asks him if he knows what an open hand slap is before storming off.

We go to commercial and come back to our Saturday Night rundown.  Steven Regal VS the Belfast Bruiser.  Randy Savage.  The Giant.  Benoit VS Alex Wright.  We’ll also see Sting and Luger VS Harlem Heat if they still have the titles after tonight.

Match #3: Meng VS Hacksaw Jim Duggan

We go to commercial the moment Duggan gets in the ring and the match doesn’t start until the show comes on again.  What the hell did they do for three minutes?

Bischoff, for the second time, calls Golddust a “transvestite, Ru Paul impersonation.”

Bischoff takes a moment to say hello to Hulk Hogan.  Apparently he’s traveling and we’ll get an update on when he’ll be back.  Part of me seems to think he’s gone for a while…like, until July…but I’m not so sure about that.

Generic Hoss Fight.  Meng spends a few moments with Duggan in a nerve hold with Duggan looking like an idiot while in the move.  Duggan fires back and starts calling for Sweet Chin Music by stomping on the mat, but he’s taken back out and cut off by some Meng kicks.  Hacksaw staggers to the corner and grabs his 2×4, but the referee takes it.  Meng takes Duggan down and pins him, but only gets a 2.  Duggan rolls to the floor, tapes his fist up and punches Meng for the win.

Winner: Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Man, you gotta love how wrestling logic dictates that a few layers of tape turns your fist into concrete.

Gene and the ladies announce Alex Wright & Disco Inferno VS Dick Slater and Earl Robert Eaton.  Gene asks the ladies if they have any plans after the show and Cherry says that they do, with him!  Gene says he feels like a mix between Bob Barker and Ric Flair.  The ladies draw Lord Steven Regal and…wait for it…The Belfast Bruiser!  They’ll take on VK Wallstreet & Hacksaw Jim Duggan.  Gene says that completes the first round for Battle Bowl…but, that’s only like 16 names.  What about the other 16?

Match #4: All Titles on the Line: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (WCW World Champion) & The Giant w/ Jimmy Hart, Ms. Elizabeth and Woman VS Sting & Lex Luger (WCW TV Champion) (WCW Tag Team Champions)

Ric Flair stops for a moment to talk to Debra McMichael and to kiss her hand.

During the entrance, Randy Savage hits the ring and tries to take out Flair but is quickly handcuffed by the police.  While he’s being handcuffed, Flair starts stomping him in the head, which I’m certain is against some sort of law.    After dispatching Savage, Flair runs back down to pose for Debra.  Mongo says Flair better watch or they’ll be calling out more security for him!

Sting and Giant start the match off.  Giant backs him into the corner and tries to squash him a bit, but Sting retaliates with three dropkicks.  Giant no-sells them, though, as Bischoff tells us that Giant has been invited to try out for the Detroit Lions.  Luger enters and he and Sting punch Giant until he’s against the ropes and then hit a nice double clothesline to take him out of the ring.  Flair takes The Giant’s place but is met with a Sting press slam for his trouble.  Flair poses for Sting, turns around and Luger flexes for him, scaring the crap out of Flair.  Luger press slams Flair for good measure before tagging out to Sting.

Sting hits 7 punches in the corner, a hip toss and then a dropkick, sending Flair to the corner.  Sting whips him into the opposite corner, follows after him but is met with a Flair back elbow.    Flair forgets who he is, goes up top, and is tossed off the top.

Bischoff says that next week Nitro will start at 7 PM due to the NBA Playoffs.  I remember watching that episode.

Sting goes for a Stinger Splash outside but eats guardrail hard.  Woman rakes Sting’s eyes for good measure.

In the ring, Flair hits a good vertical suplex to Sting, who no-sells, fires up, and brings in Luger.  Luger is taking it to Flair when Giant comes into the ring and grabs Luger for the choke slam.  Sting comes off of the top rope and buckles the knee of The Giant.  Luger and Sting eventually break up the choke slam.  Woman hands Flair a cup of coffee, which he inadvertently tosses into the eyes of The Giant.  Flair bails fast as the match is called off.

Winners: Sting and Lex Luger (via DQ)

Flair runs back to the ring with a towel, drying off The Giant.  Mean Gene enters as Flair tries to apologize.  Giant says the coffee burned, but it lit a fire in his soul!  You can hear Flair yelling in the background but you can’t hear him over The Giant.  Flair’s at the announce booth.  He says he tried to apologize and Giant didn’t like it, so now he’s mad.  He didn’t like the way Giant looked at the girls anyway.  Flair says Giant has until the end of the show to apologize or he’ll kick Giant’s big ass!  Giant takes off towards Flair, so Flair gets the hell out of Dodge.  Bischoff says that Rob Garner will get it signed and next week, the World Championship will be on the line.  Heenan gives Flair some advice as we go off the air.


Not a terrible episode.  The Males/PE match was pretty entertaining.  Benoit VS Guerrero is never bad, so that’s awesome.  The Main Event wasn’t bad, with Lex showing way more babyface tenancies as we head into the summer of 1996.  Hacksaw VS Meng was awful and brought the show down a bit, but over all, not too bad.

I like the idea of the Lethal Lottery and am looking forward to Slamboree.

No Hogan!

Well, that’s it for this week. Thanks for bearing with us as we play catch up, but my school year is about to end, so this summer should be a time for banking tons of episodes so we should be running smoothly.  Plus, as we get nearer to the nWo arriving, I want us firing on all cylinders.  Until next time!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 3.3

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.7

(Raw – 13, Nitro – 14) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 4)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 3

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 4


WWF adds another notch to its longest streak column.  Unfortunately, that column is going to get a little longer before WCW really takes over.


WWF Raw results from this week

Goldust (w/ Marlena) defeated Savio Vega to win the vacant WWF Intercontinental Championship

Vader (w/ Jim Cornette) defeated Fatu

Henry Godwinn & Phinneas Godwinn (w/ Hillbilly Jim) defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri & Ken Patterson

Mankind defeated Aldo Montoya


As stated earlier, Bischoff ran down this card twice, letting us know not to switch to Raw.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work, as Nitro lost by almost a full point.  Not a great card, if I do say so.  WTF is Tajiri doing on there?!  Interesting.

KoaNitro copyLadies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Internet’s favorite WCW walk-through, Kick Out at Nitro!  We’re coming to you this week from 2/19/1996, where WCW Monday Nitro was held in Salisbury, MD.  Bischoff tells us that if we love wrestling, there is only one place to be.  Tonight we’ll get a rematch for the WCW Championship when Flair takes on Randy Savage, yet again giving us a free world title match.  We’ll also get a return match in Arn Anderson VS Hulk Hogan.  They make a point of telling us that Hulk Hogan has never been beaten by the same man twice, so let’s see how this goes.

Match #1: “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson w/ Woman VS Hulk Hogan

Bischoff says congratulations to Steve Grissom, who won the Busch Grand National Race in Daytona the previous weekend.

It looks like a camera goes out during Hogan’s intro.  The screen goes black and Bischoff stops talking until we see Hogan again when it cuts to a different shot.  Interesting.  He also says that he hears a lot of whining coming from the North East section of the building…then says “never mind.”  What the hell was that about?  North East being a WWF reference?  Hmmm.

Hogan starts out taking it to Anderson, beating him around the ring and then back into it.  Hogan gets Anderson with a clothesline as Anderson jumps off the second rope, then immediately goes for a blatant choke and then starts biting Anderson’s nose, then starts raking the eyes of Anderson while he’s tied up in the ropes.  I don’t mean to keep beating a “Hogan is the biggest heel in this company” gong, but damn, I want to keep pointing it out because it’s so ridiculous.  Hogan’s a dirtier wrestler than Flair.

On the outside, Hogan furthers my point by raking Arn’s eyes and then getting a Hogan shirt from one of the ringside fans and choking Anderson with it.  See, there’s a time and a place for a babyface to act like this.  In an unsanctioned cage match, like at SuperBrawl, or the Doomsday Cage match coming up at Uncensored…yeah, fight fire with fire.  However, in a normal, sanctioned match with rules, your biggest babyface should act like a damn babyface.

Sadly, Arn has spent this entire match taking an ass kicking.  The crowd starts chanting “Hogan sucks” though, which is nice.

1Bischoff says that The Belfast Bruiser (Fit Finlay) is here to take on Brad Armstrong, which is hoping to get a shot at the Cruiserweight title.  We’re getting very close to the Cruiserweight title being a thing!

Anderson goes for the DDT, but Hogan blocks it and Hulks up.  Irish whip, big boot, and then Hogan spends 30 seconds posing before locking on the Figure 4.  Hogan does the Figure 4 very weird.  He doesn’t do the turn with the leg that everyone else does…he just steps into it.  Out comes Kevin Sullivan, but then out comes Savage, to take out Sullivan.  The referee calls the match and Savage starts celebrating with Hogan, but the referee says that via disqualification, the winner is Arn Anderson because he didn’t see Sullivan but did see Savage.

Winner: Arn Anderson

So, Anderson now holds two wins over Hulk Hogan.  Kevin Sullivan said that Hogan had no problem putting Anderson over, even offered to do it clean in the ring, just because he knew that it would bug Flair since he didn’t get the win.  Oh well, Anderson has two over Hogan, so that’s cool with me.

Match #2: “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright VS Loch Ness w/ Jimmy Hart

I imagine this match will be terrible.  Seriously, there’s nothing to distinguish him as a wrestler…it just looks like a fat dude who just got off from his construction job.

2Yup, it’s bad.  Alex spends most of his time rolling away from Loch Ness who just stands there.  Wright goes up to the top rope and locks on a sleeper hold.  Wright snap mares him over and jumps into Loch Ness’s arms.  Loch Ness locks on a bear hug until Wright slaps him in the ears, losing the hold.  Wright hits those patented Bischoff “back leg round kicks” which were just normal kicks to the gut, then spends his time kicking and splashing Loch Ness who just spends the whole match leaning in the corner.  Wright runs at Loch Ness, who sticks up a leg and kicks Wright in the gut, who sells it beautifully.  Big elbow drop…which looks effective as all hell!…for the win.

Winner: Loch Ness

Yeah, this guy is bad.  Useless and bad.  He’s about fifteen years too late to be really effective in wrestling.  Stick this guy against Hogan in the early 80s, we’ve got something, but in 1996…not so much.

We go to commercial and come back to our Saturday Night rundown.  We’ll have Johnny B Badd VS Chris Benoit.  Konnan VS Scott Armstrong.  The Road Warriors in tag team action.  Sting & Luger VS Public Enemy.

Bischoff tells us that most of what happens on Monday comes from the fallout of Saturday Night.  Honestly, that’s not far from the truth.  I sent a question to Sullivan’s podcast asking him when the major switch over to Nitro being the A show came in, but I that hasn’t been answered yet.

Match #3: The Belfast Bruiser VS Brad Armstrong

Road Dogg’s brothers all over this episode.  Finlay with a mullet and a mustache…weird.  We’re told that Finlay is here for Steven Regal.  Damn, Finlay has gray hair here.  It’s hard to believe that he’s going to be in the WWE ten years from this point!

Finlay wears his knee pads down around the top of his boots.  This is even lower than Flair does.  Kinda useless at that point.

Back and forth action through this match until Finlay’s mean streak kicks in and he starts beating Armstrong into the ring apron.  He starts slamming Armstrong’s knee into the edge of the ring and then around the ring post.  Armstrong crawls into the ring and is met with a Finlay half crab, then an STF and pulling it into a reverse toe hold before going back to the STF.  Armstrong breaks it up with a back elbow.

Bischoff says that Eddie Guerrero is getting a US Title shot against Konnan at Uncensored.  Hopefully Eddie can pull a good match out of Konnan because it hasn’t happened yet.

Armstrong gets a little momentum as he gets fired up, hitting a big bulldog and back suplex but is taken out by a hip toss with a follow through slam by Finlay.

Winner: The Belfast Bruiser

We go to commercial and come right back to:

Match #4: WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match – “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair w/ Woman & Ms. Elizabeth VS “The Macho Man” Randy Savage

Bischoff and Mongo tell us that Savage has a bulletin board in the back with the things he needs for momentum, including pictures of the house he lost, the cars he lost, etc., when Liz left.  I’m pretty sure he lost all that stuff years back, guys.  Granted, a guy like Savage is still probably pissed about all that, so I guess it would work.

Bischoff says this is the shot that Savage “has been waiting for.”  Do you mean the shot that Savage gets every other week?  Randy Savage has had more title shots since Nitro started than any other wrestler.  It’s kind of crazy.

Flair pulls the ladies over to him and starts singing “I’ve got the whole world in my hands.”  Sure, it’s creepy when you do it, Bray Wyatt…but when you’re wearing the gold and have two beautiful ladies on your arm, it just takes on a whole new meaning.

Savage’s arm is still taped up.  He’s nearing DDP’s ribs territory at this point…but we’ll get to that in a few years.  We’re shown the title belt and it still has Randy’s name on it.  This makes sense because it’s a big F-you to Savage by Flair.  I’m just shocked they finally took Hogan’s name off of it long enough to put Savage’s on.  Last I remember seeing the thing it had Hogan’s on it…and he hasn’t had it since October.

3These two men start off in a brawl, starting hard and going outside, where Flair sends Savage into the crowd, then chops him a few times against the guard rail.  Savage starts chasing Woman down the entrance ramp but Flair blindsides him with an elbow before beating him down a few more times.  Nick Patrick sends Flair back into the ring and Woman comes back with a rake to Randy’s eyes while the ref is distracted.

Randy fires back quickly but is cut off by an elbow to the face from Flair, who then flops to the ground.  I love Flair, but I hate the Flair Flop with an unbridled passion.  Flair goes up top, Savage reminds him that he’s Ric Flair and that crap ain’t gonna happen and sends him to the mat hard.  Savage then locks on the Figure 4 to Flair!  Flair almost gets his shoulders counted down twice before finally making it to the ropes.

Heenan says that Savage is going after the legs so Flair can’t apply the Figure 4 to its “maximus.”  When questioned, Heenan says that “maximum” is to the nth degree…and “maximus” is three more.  This has been theoretical mathematics with Professor Bobby Heenan.

The announcers keep saying “the wrath of a woman scorned” when they speak about Liz.  What the hell as Randy done to her to scorn her?!  She turned on him, not the other way around.

Flair gets Savage in a Figure 4 of his own.  The announcers keep talking about how Flair took everything from Savage…in reference to a relationship that ended years ago that Flair had nothing to do with.  Or did he?!  Maybe now, despite them not ever tying them together, maybe we know that Flair’s pictures from around Wrestlemania 8 weren’t doctored and he was really nailing Liz back then.  Hmmmmm.

Savage reverses the Figure 4 and gets out.  Flair cuts him off pretty quickly, though.  Savage always seems to fight from the bottom.  Savage starts no-selling chops, backing Flair into the corner and getting 4 punches in before Flair tries to take him out and give him an atomic drop.  Savage stops it and takes Flair out again.  Savage goes up for the double axe handle, hitting it nicely.  Liz distracts the referee and allows Woman to toss her shoe into the ring.  Savage catches it and nails Flair, covering.  Before Nick Patrick can count, though, out comes Sullivan and Hogan, so the referee starts worrying about them.  While he’s distracted, out comes Arn Anderson, who hits Savage with a DDT and rolls Flair over him.

Winner: Ric Flair (Still WCW World Heavyweight Champion)

The heels all start beating down the babyfaces until out comes Ed Leslie in white and green and starts cleaning house.  The announcers have no idea who the hell he is…the fans know he looks a lot like Brutus Beefcake, who looks a lot like Zodiac…who was a heel…huh?!

4The Mega Powers and Leslie celebrate in the ring as the heels make their way to the announce booth and Flair starts cutting a promo.  The babyfaces storm the arena, scaring the crap out of Bischoff, and Hogan tells us that the man we’re seeing is called The Booty Man.  Savage has the title, Bischoff tries telling him he’s not the champion and Savage says “I’ll knock you out!” and then Hogan starts getting in Bischoff’s face.  Heels!

Hogan mentions The Booty Man about nineteen times, pushing him into Poochie the Dog territory.  Hogan constantly says the word Booty…he says stuff like “Booty Booty Booty Booty Man!”  Gene comes up and puts words into Hogan’s mouth, making the main event for next week; a six man tag match with Hogan, Savage and The Booty Man VS Flair, Anderson and Sullivan.  Bischoff says he’ll make the match happen and then we go off the air.


Can this angle end already?!  This was a pretty lousy episode because of all of the garbage associated with this angle.  Plus, the two matches we got that weren’t this angle weren’t good at all…especially the Loch Ness match, which was outright terrible.  This may be the worst episode I’ve watched thus far.

I’m going to make a confession, though…

1996 me…loved…I mean LOVED…The Booty Man.  I have nothing to say about that.  All I can do is admit it.  I’m sure that I’m going to watch these next few weeks and cringe at how terrible it is and what an idiot 1996 Shane was…but let’s cut him some slack.  This show happened the day after his 14th birthday.  Plus, he eventually ends up with Kimberly, so that’s a selling point.  Booty Man, that is; not 14 year old Shane.  Oh…oh this would be a completely different blog if that was the case.

Anyway, from 33 year old Shane, the day after HIS birthday, thank you for joining us here for another Nitro write-up.  We’ll see you next week!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 3.1

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.9

(Raw – 10, Nitro – 10) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 3)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


C’mon!  Can’t a guy get a nice birthday gift in a Nitro win?  Soon, WWF…soon…


WWF Raw results from this week

Razor Ramon defeated WWF IC Champion Goldust (w/Marlena) via count-out

Skip & Zip (w/ Sunny) fought Barry Horowitz & Aldo Montoya to a no contest

Steve Austin (w/ Ted Dibiase) defeated Marty Jannetty

The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) defeated Tatanka (w/ Ted Dibiase)


I don’t hate this episode.  Of course, the first two matches go to no winner, but still, Razor & Goldust could be good.  Austin getting a win is always good as well.  Honestly, I’m half tempted to watch this episode of Raw to see if it was better than Nitro, because I felt this Nitro was just not very good.

KoaNitro copyHello everyone and welcome to another episode of WCW Monday Nitro and another installment of Kick Out at Nitro, the Internet’s premier walkthrough of WCW History starting at WCW Monday Nitro episode one and going forward.

Nitro comes to us from Augusta, Georgia, for what seems like the second or third time since Nitro started back in September.  I know that WCW is based out of Atlanta, but damn, Georgia is getting some play as it comes to Nitro.  Bischoff lets us know that we’ve got The Giant vs Macho Man tonight…and suddenly Madusa arrives on TV.  December_18,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00001This is the big gimmick where she throws the WWF Women’s Championship in the trash.  She says she is Madusa and has always been Madusa.  She drops the belt into the trash, saying that’s what she thinks about the WWF Women’s Championship.  Now she’s in WCW, where the big boys play…and now where the big girls play.  Mongo says that he’s getting tired of all of these wrestlers charging up to the stage and bothering them, so tonight he’s got a surprise for that…William “the Refrigerator” Perry!  Perry shakes Heenan’s hand, crushing it, as they kick us off to…

Match #1: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs Eddie Guerrero

Eddie is already in the ring as Flair makes his entrance.  I wonder if the match will happen this time as last time Pillman took on the match since it was “beneath” Flair.

The bell rings and this match is on!

They really have strapped the rocket to Eddie at this point.  Of course, that rocket fizzles out around the mid card, as all WCW rockets not named Goldberg do.

December_18,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00004Bischoff tells us that whoever wins the WCW Championship match tonight will face Ric Flair next week on Nitro.  World title matches two weeks in a row…and the one next week goes to someone who is in the triangle match at Starrcade.  That just seems dumb to me.  Why is Flair getting a title shot before he gets his #1 contendership match?  Why is WCW giving away two title matches on free TV before a PPV?

Flair and Eddie go back and forth with Eddie eventually getting the better of Flair and taking a moment to strut and “whooo,” much to the dismay of Flair.  Eddie takes Flair down with two dropkicks, going for a third off of an Irish whip but Flair grabs the top rope and Eddie takes the bump.  Flair goes for the Figure 4 and Eddie rolls him into a small package for a quick count.  They are doing a great job in this match showing that Eddie can hang with Flair.

Eddie goes up top and Flair hits the ropes, knocking Eddie to the outside where he hurts his knee.  Flair leans the knee against the guard rail and kicks it hard before sending Eddie back into the ring. He stomps the leg a few times for good measure as well before locking on the Figure 4.  Flair reaches back to the top rope to get some leverage on the hold but Eddie is refusing to give up.  I love old school heel tactics.  At the risk of sounding like Jim Ross, stuff like this needs come back!  Eddie passes out from the pain and the ref counts his shoulders for three.

Winner: Ric Flair

Flair is joined by Arn Anderson immediately after the match, prompting Mean Gene to climb into the ring as well.  As the trainer is trying to get Eddie out of the ring, Flair keeps stomping him.  Anderson says it sounds like they’re on a roll.  Tonight it was Eddie, Saturday Night it was Johnny B Badd and last Monday it was Paul Orndorff.  There are two ground rules to being a Horseman: you don’t put personal achievement ahead of the group and if you jump on one of us, you jump on all of us.  Flair starts talking and out comes Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Hart.  Sullivan says he respects both Flair and Anderson but they have a loose cannon on their ship.  He says that he doesn’t care about Paul Orndorff, but when Pillman knocks the Dungeon of Doom, he knocks every member of his team.  He tells Anderson that as the Enforcer, he better keep Pillman on a short leash or he’s going to come look for him.  Flair says there’s no problem.  Anderson says there IS a problem…if he comes looking for Pillman, he’ll find all of them.  I love Anderson standing up for Pillman here.

As the announcers are talking, Craig “Pit-bull” Pittman comes to the announce booth.  So much for William Perry helping out with this.  Pittman says he’s there to ask Bobby Heenan to be his manager so he can win the world title.  Heenan says that he doesn’t manage anymore, he’s a broadcast journalist.  He says, however, he would be happy to put him with someone else like Jimmy Hart.  Pittman says if he doesn’t get some help soon, he’s not going to take any prisoners.

We go to commercial and come back to…

Match #2: Lex Luger w/ Jimmy Hart vs Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Luger spends almost half of his matches wandering around outside the ring, it seems.  They start the match off with Bagwell evading Lex a good bit, finally dropkicking him off of the ring apron to the floor.  Lex comes back into the ring with a vengeance, though, until going for a clothesline in the corner that Bagwell moves out of the way of, allowing him to come back and get a few clotheslines of his own.  Bagwell hits a flying clothesline and goes for a splash but Lex gets the knees up and into Buff’s gut they go.  Luger takes the opportunity from that and hits a slam then gets Bagwell into the Torture Rack for the win.December_18,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00012

Winner: Lex Luger

Mean Gene is waiting at the entrance ramp for Luger and Hart.  I like this about WCW.  All WWF interviews seem to happen as pre-tapes backstage…I like that Gene will catch a wrestler immediately after a match or a big thing that happens.  Really gives it more of a real sports flair.  Hart calls Luger the uncrowned WCW Champion.  Luger says he’s going to show some video footage that proves it…however no video footage is shown.

Up Next – Sting vs Earl Robert Eaton

Coming back from commercial we get the run down for WCW Saturday Night.  Arn Anderson vs Johnny B Badd, VK Wallstreet vs Alex Wright, Craig Pittman vs Cobra, Lex Luger will be there and a “very interesting” interview with Sting.

Match #3: Earl Robert Eaton w/ Jeeves vs Sting

Heenan asks if Sting is a good guy or a bad guy and Mongo says he’s a good guy with a bad friend.

I love that they somehow got Bobby Eaton, from Alabama, to act as a proper British gentleman.

Back and forth match through most of this with some great ground wrestling by Eaton.  Eaton goes for a knee drop off the top, Sting moves and Sting is on the warpath.  Stinger Splash, Scorpion Deathlock for the win.

Winner: Sting

December_18,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00015Mean Gene is in the ring with Sting.  Say that five times fast!  Gene says they need to talk about the triangle match at Starrcade.  Sting says the entire world knows what Sting thinks about the Nature Boy.  He’ll never forget about Flair parading out the kids to get him on his side.  Even after two Scorpion Deathlocks, he hasn’t forgotten.  As far as Luger, Sting is upset at Luger saying he’s going to run through all of WCW.  Sting says he’s been WCW Champion five times and he’d love to make it six!

Up Next – Savage vs The Giant.  We come back from commercial to Bischoff pitching WCW Halloween Havoc on VHS tomorrow.

Match #4: WCW World Championship Match – The Giant w/ Kevin Sullivan and Jimmy Hart vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage (Champion)

The announcers are still playing up Savage’s injured arm, saying it’s Savage’s disadvantage.

When was the last time Sullivan wrestled?  The Renegade match?

The Giant charges Savage a few times with Savage ducking out of the way each time, eventually jumping on his back and grabbing a sleeper hold.  Giant flips Savage over his head, slamming him down.  Giant regroups on the apron with Hart, but Savage attacks from behind, knocking Hart to the floor.  He attempts to slam The Giant to no avail, allowing The Giant to take over.  Giant whips him into the corner and responds with a kick twice, and then body slams Savage.  Mongo says that Giant picks up Savage like he picks up Pepe.  Giant picks up Savage in a bear hug as they go to commercial.

Back from commercial to The Giant slamming Savage again in the center of the ring.  Giant grabs Savage for the chokeslam, but Savage fights it off, going after Giant’s eyes.  He goes for a two running clotheslines, then on the third Giant catches him and gives him a big back breaker, carrying him around, according to Bischoff, “like a child.”  Giant picks Savage up with both hands around his throat and just tosses him, causing Savage to roll to the floor.  He throws Savage back into the ring then goes up to the top and dives off with a splash.  Thankfully, Giant moves, and Savage hits a big elbow drop for the 1…2…

December_18,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00017The Giant bench-press throws Savage off of him!  He jumps up and dropkicks Savage out of the ring to boot.  Man, Savage can take a beating.  Giant has Savage on the floor and begins to peel up the padding at ringside.  He goes to vertical suplex Savage but Savage grabs the ropes and climbs back into the ring.  Giant hits Savage with the chokeslam and then drops a leg on Savage.  Giant goes to cover and out comes Hulk Hogan with a steel chair.  He hits Giant, causing the DQ, then hits Sullivan, then Giant again with a nasty chair uppercut.  He hits Nick Patrick with one for good measure then hits Giant a few more times.  Mongo, William Perry and Doug Dillinger.  Hogan hits Dillinger with a chair as well.  Hogan’s probation is really going to play into this.

Seriously, Hogan…WTF?  Granted I’m sure he wanted to help his friend, but that’s total heel crap right there, Hogan.

Off to commercial, and we come back to Mean Gene with Savage and Hogan.  Hogan says that next week Flair gets a title match next week…what about Hogan?!  Out comes Giant, being held back by Craig Pittman and Sullivan.  Hogan runs out with the chair again and beats everyone down with the chair again.  He runs back, says by hook or by crook, everything is going crazy in WCW.  Hogan says he’s tired of this probation…his name is on that title…and Savage owes him a title shot!  Savage says Hulk Hogan has gone Looney Tunes…which is the put calling the kettle black right there.  Savage says next week he has to defend the title against Flair.  Hogan says he wishes Savage all the luck next week and he knows that Savage can beat Flair.  Savage says when he beats Flair, he has to get past Starrcade…the winner of the triangle match as well as Tenzan.  After that, though…the match the World has been waiting for…and Jupiter, Saturn, Venus…”Macho Man” Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan.  Hogan asks the Hulkamaniacs if they want Savage vs Hogan which everyone yells yes.  Hogan says that he has a ton of respect for Mongo on the football field…but if Mongo wants to play in Hogan’s world, he’ll get hurt.  Savage asks Hogan if he can have his chair…because when he gets Sullivan and Giant to autograph it, he’s going to make a lot of money.

We go to the announcers to close out the show.  Bischoff asks Mongo what’s going on in Hogan’s head.  Mongo says that he’s not trying to get into Hogan’s arena, he’s just trying to keep him from being hurt by himself.  Heenan says he’ll knock out William Perry.

Bischoff pitches Starrcade a week too early as we close out the show.


Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings –2.3

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.7

(Raw – 6, Nitro – 7 ) (Tie Weeks – 2)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


WCW takes another two in a row that puts them back into the win column for the overall battle at 7-6.


WWF Raw results from this week

Jeff Jarrett defeated Fatu via DQ (5:47)

Buddy Landel defeated Bob Holly (6:51)

Razor Ramon (c) defeated Yokozuna by Count Out to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship (8:46)


Not the best Raw on paper.  That being said, as much as I have considered watching the competing Raw as I go through this Nitro journey, I’m glad I don’t because more often than not I look at the results and think “man, what a bad show!”  I think there has only been about one episode of Raw so far that I’ve considered going back to watch since I started this.  Nitro is definitely the better show and I’m ready for the ratings to start really showing that.

This is a very cool PPV for 2 reasons. Not only is The Hell in a Cell Match an incredible structure but Kick Out at 2’s own Shane Dalton will be in attendance live for the PPV this Sunday! With Shawn Micahels being in the mix for The WWE Championship Match and Shane attending the event Sunday is going to be a pretty exciting night for us here on the site.

WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match: Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan. Special Guest Referee Shawn Michaels

Robbie’s Pick: Triple H – For some reason I see Daniel Bryan picking up the win here. Triple H being livid that Daniel Bryan has yet again won The WWE Championship despite his best efforts to keep the strap off him. Trips will immediately order Shawn to start a new match. Let’s face it John Cena and Triple H are both currently 13 time World Champions. Cena is defeating Alberto and Triple H’s ego isn’t going to let Cena pass his own personal record.

Shane’s Pick: Randy Orton – As much as I’d love to see Bryan pick up the win here, it’s just not going to happen at this point in time, I feel.  Whether it’s a Big Show swerve or an HBK swerve, I just have a feeling something is going to happen that will keep me from “Yes!-ing” along with Bryan at the end of this PPV.

Derick’s Pick: Daniel BryanNothing else seems legitimate. Bryan has had a World title and a WWE title reign. Total combined days of his reign? 2 days. Keep playing hot potato with the title and the legitimacy that Punk built gets kissed good-bye. Put it on Bryan and LEAVE it on Bryan.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio 

Robbie’s Pick: John Cena – I can’t believe I’m actually excited for Cena to be returning but The World Heavyweight Championship needs to be relevant again. If anything Cena holding it and hopefully facing Daniel Bryan in a future WWE/World Title Unification match would be awesome.

Shane’s Pick: John Cena – I REALLY hope this happens.  I know that we’re kind of hard on Cena around these parts, but the World Heavyweight title scene has been stale to me for a very long time and this would definitely shake it up.  Plus, it gives Cena the opportunity to really help push Damien Sandow when that time comes, so, I think it’s definitely best for business that Johnny boy show up and win the belt.  Plus…I’ve never seen a title change live, and I really wanna!

Derick’s Pick: John Cena – Due to people and children reading our articles, I can’t say what I really wanna say. So I’m shutting up now. I just…. Hate it. STUPID!!!

Hell in a Cell Handicap Match: CM Punk vs Ryback & Paul Heyman

Robbie’s Pick: CM Punk – I’m not betting against Punk. This is the time he gets his hands on Paul Heyman

Shane’s Pick: CM Punk – I have a feeling this will finally be the end of this run.  We’ll see.

Derick’s Pick: CM Punk – As much as I like this feud, I think the finality is in the near future. Especially if Bryan wins tonight. Build in IWC dream match, this time spread over months.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Rhodes Brothers vs The Usos vs The Shield

Robbie’s Pick: The Rhodes Brothers – It kinda sucks The Usos kinda got their No. 1 Contendership Opportunity crapped on but Goldust being in the mix with WWE Gold around his waist is nothing but…..good for business.

Shane’s Pick: The Shield – I may be wrong, but I see the Rhodes Brothers having the belts as just a way to get them to this match.  

Derick’s Pick: The Rhodes Brothers – You guys know me. I shouldn’t even have to answer this!! Goldust is back, and looking better than ever!!!

WWE Diva’s Championship Match: AJ Lee vs Brie Bella

Robbie’s Pick: AJ Lee – If it was a sure thing Daniel bryan was going to win The WWE Championship I’d say Brie Bella for sure. I just dont think this is the case just yet. Plus AJ is awesome!

Shane’s Pick: AJ Lee – Brie is going to get it eventually…I just don’t think it’s now.

Derick’s Pick:  AJ Lee – I just don’t care. Really, I don’t. I FINALLY figure out who Kaitlyn is, and now she isn’t booked?!? Rob said I HAVE to pick one.

WWE Intercontiential Championship Match: Curtis Axel vs Big E. Langston

Robbie’s Pick: Big E. Langston – Curtis will somehow get into The Hell in a Cell Match and Big E. will solidify his new role as a face by becoming the New Intercontinental Champion and helping Punk get his hands on Paul Heyman.

Shane’s Pick: Big E Langston – I really want this to happen.  It’s time for Big E to really bust out and this is a great way for that to begin.

Derick’s Pick – Big E. Langston – Big guy has one hell of a push, and there’s no reason to slow RybLack down now. Black Lesnar is on FIRE!!! Plus, his logo was stolen from Food Lion. It’s true. Damn true.

Current Standings after WWE Battleground.

1) Derick 53/70

2) Robbie 51/70

2) Shane 45/70