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Two weeks ago the WWE hit a major setback on the road to this year’s Wrestlemania. The Royal Rumble usually has been the PPV that launches the build to WWE’s biggest event of the year – Wrestlemania, their Super Bowl if you will. However, for the past two years, to say The Royal Rumble PPV has been a misstep would be an understatement. Last year we saw the return of Batista, who for some reason went on the win the Rumble match. The decision was unpopular with the wrestling fans so much so that it quickly lead to a heel turn for the former Champion. This year, so much effort has been going into elevating Roman Reigns and trying to build him into the next face of the company, that it was no shock that he would emerge the victor. What was surprising was how quickly the fans turned on him. Despite WWE’s best efforts to get Reigns over which included bringing in Roman’s fellow member of the Anoa’i Family, The Rock, WWE creative clearly did not get the reaction they were hoping for.

10961968_10103211063619623_1312139453_nOne year ago the fans were cheering for Reigns like crazy wanting to see him dump Batista out of the Rumble when it came down to those two. This year, Roman has found himself on the opposite end of the spectrum receiving a very different reaction from the fans. Like last year the fans have let their voice be heard and it seems WWE is wavering in their decision to run with Reigns vs Lesnar at Wrestlemania. At Fast Lane, Roman will put his No. 1 Contendership on the line against Daniel Bryan who defeated Seth Rollins this past Monday to earn a shot at his once vacated title. This is WWE’s answer to protecting Reigns by using the clear fan favorite Bryan to hopefully help elevate Reigns to the next tier. Over the past few weeks I have went back and forth myself so much on Reigns. “Is he ready?”, “Is he not?” and at the end of the day I think this is just a classic example of wrong place at the wrong time.

There is no doubt in my mind that Reigns will be a top tier talent one day and I have absolutely no problem with that. The problem that I do have is WWE wanting to push him too hard and so fast that he becomes another Ryback. Another big guy with so much more potential who had a brush with the main event only to drop back to mid-card hell and lost in terrible booking for a year of so. It’s not fair to Reigns and putting him out there only to have his legs cut off from under him would only hurt him in the long run. With the return of Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar now receiving a a Baby Face pop each time he shows up, despite being a Heel, there are just so many X-factors that come into play to shape a World Title picture that the fans will accept.

If they go with the current plan, despite WWE’s story and commentary, Roman would be the heel and Brock the face going in that match simply based on crowd reaction alone. The question is would WWE be bold enough to allow this to be an organic turn. I’ve thought of the possibility of having Paul Heyman turning on Brock and being Roman’s manager and voice, much like he did for Lesnar after his debut. Speaking has never been one of Lesnar’s high points and it’s become painfully obvious that Reigns has some issues as well. While teaming Heyman with Reigns may work out down the road, I’m not sure it should happen just yet. Perhaps WWE should look to the past and at what has worked before. If I were booking this I would have them use Wrestlemania 2000 as the template going forward.

Wrestlemania that year consisted of a Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE Championship. The Rock had won The Royal Rumble that year, eliminating The Big Show last and earning the right to go on to face Triple H at Wrestlemania. Triple H had retained the title against Mick Foley and throughout the months building up these 4 were heavily involved in each others matches and stories that eventually lead to each person having a legitimate claim to the title resulting in the Fatal Four Way Match.

It worked then and it could really work now. Brock has proven he can beat anyone, even walking away from an awesome Triple Threat at The Rumble. If the rumors are true and he is leaving WWE he will need to drop the title at Wrestlemania. After a Triple Threat, naturally you add one more person to the fray. Seth Rollins was made during that Triple Threat and has proved he is more then ready to step up. Daniel Bryan clearly isn’t going anywhere after making his return which many thought may never happen and Reigns’ Rumble win traditionally gives him the right to Main Event Wrestlemania. At Fast Lane what should happen is Seth Rollins should interfere in Reigns’ match resulting in a loss for Reigns, officially adding Daniel to the main event. Later in the night Lesnar should make an appearance cutting a promo with Paul only to be attacked by The Authority. The Authority makes random attacks anyway so why not make this one count? Kane, Big Show and J&J Security should get the best of Lesnar, maybe even playing off his “broken ribs” angle leaving him broken and beak down…cue Seth Rollin’s music. Seth attempts to cash in only for an enraged Reigns to storm the ring shortly after the bell rings. Reigns takes out Seth and pulls Lesnar over Seth’s body. As Reigns distracts The Authority the ref comes to and makes the count with Reigns gaining revenge by costing Seth his contract.

wpid-fb_img_1423047235399.jpgGoing into Wresltemania each person could argue that they had legitimate claim to The WWE World Heavyweight Champion. WWE creative could be happy, Vince could be happy and the fans could be happy seeing so many people in the mix. A Main Even consisting of these four individuals would cover every demographic the WWE tries to cater too. You would have your company guy, your indie guys and your special attraction…. the best of every world possible. If WWE we’re smart they should let this unfold…. only question is, are they smart?

Browsing through Twiter this morning I came across this Tweet from Stephanie McMahon announcing that The Rock would be on the cover of “WWE: 2k14”. As both a huge fan of The Rock and this Video Game Series this makes the wrestling fan in me nothing but happy. After a moment of this sinking in I remembered a conversation I had with Shane and Derick Sunday where I stated “The Madden Curse” seems to be wanting to jump to WWE. Look’s as if I was right.

For those of you who do not know what The Madden Curse is, Wikipedia sums it up perfect with their description:“While appearing on the cover has become an honor akin to appearing on the Wheaties box, much like the Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx, certain players who appeared on Madden video game box art have experienced a decline in performance, usually due to an injury.”

The series dropped the popular Smackdown vs Raw title at the end of 2011 and opted to go with the the new WWE series format for their title. WWE ’12 was the first game released under the new banner at the end of 2011 and featured Randy Orton on the cover. Shortly after Randy suffered a herniated disc on the L4-L5 level of his left side, resulting in pain and weakness in his leg. The following year we saw CM Punk on the cover of WWE ’13 when it was released in October 2012. By late November CM Punk had suffered a knee injury requiring surgery, this ultimately resulted in him being taken off the card for December’s PPV known as TLC. Ironically there was a “Stone Cold Collector’s Edition” released this year as well. If you still follow Stone Cold you will know that he had a knee surgery over the past year also.

Stephanie’s Tweet is actually dated on April 6, just one day before Wrestlemania where The Rock was injured in his match against John Cena. The Rock tore his abdomen & adductor muscles pretty bad. Since then he has received doctors care and is currently in the physical rehab process to return to his busy schedule.

While being on the cover of a video game would be a great accomplishment, not to mention an incredible ego boost to any WWE Superstar, it does look like it comes with a price at this point. The last couple guys selected haven’t been that lucky but maybe a Superstar will be selected that will break this “Streak” and put this curse to an end before it picks up to much steam.

-Robbie C.


bor·ing (bôrng, br-)
Uninteresting and tiresome; dull.

Last night RAW opened up with John Cena making his way out to the ring to talk to the WWE Universe about how he was going to win the WWE Championship from The Rock, how he was going to overcome the odds, how he was going to blah, blah, blah, blah… do the same old stuff over and over again… blah blah blah.

Again it’s no secret that I do not like the “Character” that Cena portrays every Monday night and it’s pretty obvious I’m not alone. As soon as Cena came out last night he was met with some of the loudest boos he has received in a very, very long time. So much so that even Jerry Lawler commented on the fact that it was above the average mixed reaction that he normally receives. I’m not gonna rip Cena’s promo apart in fact it was a descent promo… if it came from a heel that is. He had some passion in what he was saying but overall just did not come off believable in any form for fashion as the babyface character he has been for 10 Years now. It seems like every promo Cena cuts turns into the same speech. If you have heard him talk once you have pretty much heard every promo he has ever done. To me he has turned into the teacher from Charlie Brown because what he speaks is usually incoherent babble that most fans don’t understand, yet small children listen tentatively clinging to his every word as if understanding him perfectly.

To say it’s time for a change of Cena’s character is a understatement. After last night, when Cena was interrupted by deafening “BORING!” chants, its safe to say that Cena’s time IS up. WWE Creative, Vince and Cena himself should realize that nobody is buying him as a serious “face” anymore, especially on the most important RAW of Wrestlemania season. The fact that they refuse to do so if just down right stubbornness. With a match involving The Rock and The WWE Championship, John Cena has a second opportunity on the “Grandest Stage of Them All” but due to his character it will most likely fall flat. Although I’m still hoping beyond hope something happens to take me off guard and not make this match as predictable as the road which lead us to it.

-Robbie C.

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This is the question that is on my mind this evening. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of The Rock but for the last 2 weeks something has been bugging me that I hadn’t been able to put my finger on… until last night.  Last Monday, CM Punk and The Undertaker generated more buzz for their upcoming match at Wrestlemania then John Cena and The Rock II has since the early stages of the ground work being laid for this re-match.

Last night I was re-watching my  “CM Punk: Best in The World” Blu-ray and I got to the part that covers CM Punk’s World Heavyweight Championship Title reigns, in particular his first Championship reign in 2008. Punk and Michael Hayes do a wonderful job explaining this point in Punk’s WWE career. Although it was one of his highest accomplishments it wasn’t given the proper respect and attention that it deserved.

They both explain that the focal point of professional wrestling should most always be the championship itself. The title means you’re currently the best and on top of your game and everyone should be coming after the gold that the Champion possesses.  Hayes discusses that there were some rivalries going on during that time that superseded the title. Sometimes there are stars that are bigger than the title and the call was made that the Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels program did need the title.

What resulted from this call was CM Punk losing his chance to defend his Championship at Unforgiven and was “incapacitated” by a kick to the skull from Randy Orton backstage before the match.  Chris Jericho was added as his replacement and won the title in the Championship Scramble. The title was now involved in the story that had everyone’s attention and WWE was happy the attention was now on their main draw again.

This brings us to the current stories and settings. Without a doubt, especially after Monday, all eyes are focused on Punk and Taker for Mania. Yes, The Rock vs John Cena for the WWE Championship will probably headline Wrestlemania but honestly this match didn’t need to be for the title. It was inevitable this match would happen again simply because Cena’s shoulders were cleanly pinned to the mat, giving Rocky the win. Had WWE knew The Undertaker would be medically cleared in time for Mania I believe Punk would still be champion going in and that it would have been Punk’s insanely long Championship reign vs Taker’s Undefeated Streak.

Punk and Taker will be the match that everyone will be talking about after that night comes to a close. Like Michael Hayes said “Sometimes there are stars bigger than the title.” It’s good to see that Punk’s career has come full circle and now he’s one of those guys that “supersedes the title” and everyone is looking at. Even without the title this is without a doubt THE STORY that this Wrestlemania season will be known for.

There’s still time for Randy to slip in, punt The Rock and get the title back on CM Punk though, right?

The wrestling world is still buzzing about the Main Event that took place this Monday on RAW. That match my friends was a No. 1 Contendership Match between CM Punk and John Cena. The winner of this match would go on to face The Rock at Wrestlemania for The WWE Championship. The chemistry between CM Punk and John Cena is at an all time high and each match they have you’re left wanting more. It has been awhile since we have seen two performers work this well together, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are still at the top of the list for me but Cena and Punk will no doubt go down in the history of WWE’s greatest rivals as well.

Since his heel turn back in the Summer, CM Punk has always walked away the victor whenever he crossed paths with Cena. They have had some of the best matches the two of them have ever had in their WWE careers and this Monday was no different. If fact I believe they raised the bar for each other, which I for one didn’t think was possible until I saw the match unfold that is now being referred to as an “Instant Classic.” Am I suddenly a huge fan of John Cena again? No. Do I think he needs to be WWE Champion again? No. Do I respect him?  Yes.

Shane, Derick and I have said time and time again that “CM Punk brings out the best in John Cena.” Seeing John Cena and Punk break out moves they normally don’t do was simply awesome! I literally almost came out of my chair when CM Punk not only went for but successfully executed the piledriver. Seeing Cena break out the power bomb honestly made me wonder why he just hasn’t been doing that since day one since he actually looked pretty natural doing that move. However one move that doesn’t look natural coming from him was the hurricanrana. I have read a few things talking about how it looks like he is power bombing his self which makes me bust out laughing because it literally looks like that from the start. To me Cena doing the hurricanrana is this generation’s version of The Rock doing the sharpshooter. Both look sloppy and neither one really need to be doing either move.

The match up unfortunately ended with Kick Out at 2’s favorite wrestler losing his chance to regain his WWE Championship that he lost to The Rock but opens up the greatest possibly for CM Punk and his place at Wrestlemania this year. With Punk having been The WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion I’m pretty sure that “The Best in The World” needs one more accomplishment to add to his bragging rights, ending The Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak at Wrestlemania. I can hear the moans now and see the eye rolls but I can’t help but for the life of be believe that deep down The Undertaker WANTS the streak to end. Since Wrestlemania 24 each year it has looked more and more believable that the possibility of The Undertaker losing at Wrestlemania could actually happen. Superstars like Edge, Shawn Michaels and Triple H have pushed The Undertaker to a level we have never seen him perform at during his Wrestlemania matches.

With The Undertaker being 47 years old now and pushing himself to limits we never thought possible, could this be the year that The Undertaker finally loses at the biggest event of the year? Well that my friends is a different article for a different time. For now though I will leave you with the most incredible match that has aired on RAW in recent years. If you missed it Monday do yourself a favor and check out the link below to watch it in it’s eternity.