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KoaSuperBrawlIt’s February in WCW so that means it’s time for SuperBrawl!  SuperBrawl VI to be exact!  WCW comes to you live from St. Petersburg, FL, and it’s bringing two cage matches with it.  WWF’s In Your House PPV this month features a cage match, so it’s time for WCW to up the ante and bring the noise hard with two, featuring its two biggest stars, the Mega Powers.

The show opens with a rundown of the card.  We’ve got Savage vs Flair for the title.  We’ve got Hulk Hogan VS The Giant in a non-sanctioned match.  Sting & Luger take on Harlem Heat, with the Road Warriors getting the winner.  Johnny B Badd puts up the TV Title and The Diamond Doll against DDP, who’s putting up $6 million dollars.  We’re getting Konnan vs One Man Gang for the US title.  A street fight between Public Enemy and the Nasty Boys.  Finally, we’re getting a Respect Match between Brian Pillman and Kevin Sullivan.

Our announce booth tonight is the normal PPV line up of Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone and Dusty Rhodes.

If Flair wins tonight, he’ll be 13 time champion.  Does he get it tonight?  I seem to remember The Giant winning it from Flair, so I believe so, but we’ll see.

Match #1: Street Fight – Public Enemy vs The Nasty Boys.

There are two women randomly dancing at ringside during the Public Enemy entrance.

The match starts off with all four men brawling in the ring.  I don’t imagine we’ll see too many wrestling holds in this match.  Very quickly all four men end up at ringside.  Knobbs pairs off with Grunge while Saggs pairs off with Rocco Rock.  Rock runs to the back to get a chair only to be met with about seven chair shots from Saggs before getting his head slammed into the table.  Grunge ends up with the chair and starts teeing off on Saggs while Rock sets up the table at ringside before brawling with Knobbs.

Rock goes to splash Knobbs through the table but Knobbs throws him through the table instead.  He covers for two before Grunge breaks the pin up with a chair.

Saggs goes off to get a trash can to beat Grunge with.  As the other two brawl at ringside, Saggs gets a piledriver on Grunge onto the trashcan but only gets 2 when Grunge puts his foot on the ropes.  Up near the entrance, Knobbs suplexes Rock through another table.  It’s interesting that tables are Public Enemy’s deal but both of them have been put through tables tonight.  All four men end up near the entrance.  Rock beats Knobbs with a trash can lid while Grunge bulldogs Saggs into a chair.

The PE setup a table near a concrete wall and lay Knobbs on it.  Rocco Rock goes into the crowd an does his flip onto the table, but Knobbs gets up and Rock goes through the table hard to the concrete floor.  Knobbs covers for the win.

Winner: The Nasty Boys

The announcers kick us off to Mean Gene backstage.  Gene pitches the hotline and a rumor that 2 WWF “former champions” could be on their way to WCW.  He says it may even come as a surprise to the office in the “New York area.”  I can only imagine that he’s talking about Hall and Nash!

Gene introduces Konnan, telling us that he’s both the Mexican and the United States Champion.  In comes Konnan with the US Championship for some damn reason!  When did this happen?!  Looks like I have to go off to Wikipedia to find this out.  Konnan cuts a promo on One Man Gang.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen this version of Konnan that it seems really weird not seeing him in his gang style clothes.  Gene pitches us back to the ring for…

Match #2: Special Challenge Match – WCW Television Championship – Johnny B Badd (WCW TV Champion) w/ the Diamond Doll VS Diamond Dallas Page

This match, we’re told, will be the TV Championship and Kimberly up against the remainder of DDP’s money, which is $6,600,000.  I’m gonna go ahead and say it…DDP’s kind of an idiot.  That’s a LOT of money to put on an undercard match.

Kim is full of energy in this entrance.  She’s jumping, dancing, doing splits, etc.  We’re getting a quick glimpse of the Nitro Girls version of Kim I guess.

Apparently Kim won her fortune playing Bingo and DDP stole the money.  DDP comes out with a bouquet of roses.  His hair is also possibly the smallest I’ve ever seen it.  Page had pretty high hair back in the day, but this is laying down pretty low.  Page tries to talk to Kim and give her the flowers but she’s having none of it.  Johnny B Badd, our babyface, jumps DDP from behind.  Tony tells us that Johnny is angry and disgusted with Page, though, so I guess stuff is playing out on Saturday Night that I wasn’t familiar with.  Man, I really wish I had access to Saturday Night.  I don’t think I’d do full write-ups on it because, hell, that’s a lot of wrestling and I’ve got more than my share of work cut out for me in the next few years when we get to 2 and 3 hour Nitros and 2 hours of Thunder, so I don’t need more to write about…but still, I’d like to watch it to keep up with this stuff.

I really wish there had been a follow up to that Johnny B Badd / Eddie Guerrero match from Nitro a few months ago.

Johnny and DDP put together a really good damn match, honestly.  This is the year that Page really gets hot and I’m really anxious to see it play out.

DDP hits a big gut buster and calls for Kimberly to give him the “10” sign.  She isn’t going to, though, and tells the camera as much.  DDP jaw jacks with Kim a few more times.  Johnny B Badd goes for a sunset flip but Page doesn’t go down for the pin.  He tries again and still nogo.  Finally, JBB gets the pin but Page kicks out at 2.  Off an Irish whip, Johnny goes for a hip toss but DDP reverses it into a nice DDT.  He yells for Kim to give him the 10 again instead of going for the pin.  He backs up and falls over JBB, who rolls him up for 2.

Page gets a side headlock on JBB and keeps using the ropes for leverage.  Kim yells for the ref to check it each time JBB goes for the ropes but DDP always gets away with it.  Heenan comments that Kim is going to take the money and leave both men…then he stops talking for a moment and says “She’s going to have $6 million dollars and won’t have a man…” and starts getting excited about trying to be her new man.

Konnan apparently won the WCW US Championship on 1/29 on Main Event, which was the Saturday morning syndication show I believe.

Johnny makes his comeback and starts really taking it to Page but he just can’t get the 3 count.  He hits a sunset flip from the top and then a big sit-out powerbomb, getting a 2 on both.  Johnny is getting frustrated.  Page gets a big flapjack off of an Irish whip and gets 2, getting frustrated himself.  DDP puts on a sleeper hold.  Johnny’s arms drop twice and on the third one he grabs Page’s head and drops him down in a jaw breaker.  JBB puts on his own sleeper hold but Johnny gets to the ropes and breaks it up.  DDP goes for another flapjack but JBB reverses it into a tombstone piledriver for the win.

Winner: Johnny B Badd, still WCW Television Champion.  Kimberly wins $6,600,000

I just noticed the giant check that represents DDP’s money is made out to Cash.  That cracked me up.

The announcers kick us backstage to Mean Gene and Harlem Heat.  Harlem Heat cut a promo on Sting & Luger, saying that Luger pulled grand larceny and they stole the titles.  Tonight, they’ll get them back, yadda yadda yadda, can you dig that, sucka!?  Gene says that if they win, they’ll have to take on the Road Warriors.  Booker T says this is 1996, not 1976.

Heenan says that you have to go with the Road Warriors tonight since they’ll be fresh and either team they face will have already had a match.

Match #3: WCW World Tag Team Championship – Harlem Heat vs Sting & Lex Luger (WCW Tag Team Champs)

Sting comes out very determined.  He holds the title up but he doesn’t look happy.  Luger, behind him, is all smiles.  I think that helps put over their run as tag champs.  Sting is mad about how Luger keeps winning these matches, but Luger is happy with it and happy to be champion.  The two of them really don’t even look at each other.  Sting starts off in the ring and Luger spends his customary few moments on the floor.  Sting looks to be unhappy with that, though, and calls for Luger to get up on the apron.

The two teams are in different corners than they normally are.  Think about it…tag teams are almost always in the top left corner and the bottom right corner.  In this match, Luger and Sting are in the bottom left and Harlem Heat are in the top right.  It’s a little odd, honestly, since it’s so against what I’m used to.

Apparently during the pre-show Loch Ness debuted for the Dungeon of Doom.

Luger tags in, gets hit hard and gets sent to the floor where Sting starts giving him crap.  Luger climbs in, tags out and Sting shakes his head, giving Luger a disgusted sort of look.  They’re really playing up this dissention between the two men very well.  Sting comes in and cleans house a bit, eventually hitting his face buster bulldog and tagging out to Luger after “whooooooo-ing” and seeming a bit more like himself.  Luger comes in and puts the pressure to Booker T, looking a little more like he’s on the same pages as Sting now.  He goes for a big jumping elbow drop but Booker moves, letting Luger eat canvas.  Booker goes for a jumping elbow drop but Luger moves.  Booker T does the spinaroonie the way I like it…as a transition back to standing, not as a damn taunt…and gets Luger with a big side kick before tagging out to Stevie Ray.  Harlem Heat spend the next few moments taking it to Luger.

Tony tells us that we will have two more matches before the Road Warriors get their shot at the winners.

Speaking of The Road Warriors, while Sting is knocked outside and Stevie Ray has Luger up for a big move, out come the Road Warriors.  They nail Luger with the weight that he hit them with the other night, causing Luger to fall back on Stevie Ray for the win.

Winners: Sting & Lex Luger (still WCW Tag Team Champions)

Sting is pretty happy despite winning the match in a crappy way.  I guess that the Road Warriors interfering aren’t really Luger’s problem, so there’s no reason for Sting to be that unhappy.  Luger says he held up his end and Sting says he’s on the program so now everything’s cool.

Match #4: WCW United States Championship Match – One Man Gang VS Konnan (WCW US Champ)

The US Championship has to be one of the worst booked titles in WCW right now.  We’ve had two off-TV title changes since October.  We’ve had a title change hands on WCW Main Event with no fanfare.  From what I remember of the runs, though, I think it becomes a little more high profile going forwards, but still…this is WCW’s second highest ranking singles title and it’s being booked like absolute garbage.

One Man Gang starts off with a cheap shot to Konnan while his back is turned and then goes off into a beat down of Konnan.  Konnan finally gets some momentum, though, hitting Gang with some fast moves and eventually getting him with a cross body block through the ropes that sends them awkwardly out onto the steel steps and to the floor.  Konnan follows up with a dive from the apron before they head back into the ring.

Once back in the ring, One Man Gang pretty much runs the show.  Of course, running the show means bringing the match to a damn crawl, which is bad.

Konnan looks to have a small square patch of hair on the very back of his head.  It looks weird.  Did he just miss that spot?

Randomly the camera cuts to Steve Grissom, the driver of the WCW car in NASCAR’s Busch Grand National circuit.  I remember looking all summer for the Racing Champions die cast WCW car.  I even had a WCW Racing license plate…two years before I could drive.  I just figured I would keep it until I could put it on my car.  I was an odd kid.

Konnan fires back with punches and then goes up top for a terrible looking hurricanrana.  He flipped over the top rope, barely got Gang with his legs and then awkwardly flips him over.  Gang comes back and hits the 747, his big splash but he pulls Konnan up at 2 instead of going for the win.  Gang goes up to the second rope for a splash but Konnan rolls out of the way…before Gang jumps…but Gang still does anyway.  Konnan goes up top and hits another jumping senton for the win.

Winner: Konnan (still WCW United States Champion)

This match was bad.  It was awkward.  It didn’t flow well.  Ugh.

We go backstage with Mean Gene, who again pitches the Hotline and tells us about the two WWF guys coming to WCW.  He also tells us that there’s a toilet leaking on the 2nd floor and every time someone flushes there is a leak behind him.  That’s gross, Gene.  He calls in the Road Warriors, who cut a promo on Sting & Luger.  Hawk didn’t say “Welllllllll” so I am disappointed.

Match #5: Respect Match – “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan w/ Jimmy Hart VS Brian Pillman

Pillman makes a beeline to the ring, strap already in his hand.  He and Sullivan mix it up the moment Pillman gets into the ring.  Between this and last week, these two are amazing at selling how much they hate each other.  It’s pretty awesome.

Sullivan hits Pillman hard in the jaw and it looks like Pillman gets rocked.  He runs over to the referee, grabs a microphone and says “I respect you…booker man.”  He smiles and then leaves the ring.  Sullivan looks confused as all hell.  The referee begins to unwrap the leather strap that the two are supposed to be tied together with, but Pillman is long gone.

Arn Anderson comes out in a pair of red khaki shorts and a long sleeved shirt.  It’s a very weird combination.  Anderson looks to be wanting to talk to Sullivan, but Sullivan hits him with the strap.  Anderson looks pissed now and pulls off his shirt.  He grabs the second side of the leather strap and commences to beating Sullivan on the back with the strap. He beats Sullivan down pretty well, but Sullivan pulls this interesting move where he escapes through Anderson’s legs, leaving Arn straddling the strap.  He jerks it hard, pulling it into Anderson’s crotch.  It was an interesting move.  Anderson retaliates by simply stomping Sullivan in the junk.  He grabs the mic and it sounds like he wants to say “you say it, you son of a bitch,” but he kind of stops at the last part and it just comes across as random mumbles.

Anderson throws Sullivan over the top ropes and hangs him with the strap.  Sullivan refuses to say he quits, though.

Out comes Flair.  Hart is running with him…and Hart came out with Anderson…I guess Hart is trying to play peace maker.  Flair jumps in the ring and tries to make peace.  He says everyone needs to get together and kick Hogan and Savage’s butts.  The crowd starts giving Naitch crap and he says “if I want to talk to you, I’ll take your wife home and make a woman out of her!”  I love Flair!  Flair says tonight he’s taking the belt AND Liz!  Anderson and Sullivan take off their straps so it seems like Flair’s made peace.  Anderson says to get what he wants, which is Hogan and Savage, he’ll get in the bed with the Devil himself.

I’m very interested to listen to Sullivan’s podcast about SuperBrawl and find out what was up with this match.  They pulled it off nicely, but you can tell it was definitely not supposed to go that way.  I wonder how much longer Pillman has left in WCW at this point.

We go backstage again to Mean Gene with Jimmy Hart and The Giant.  Man, Hart must be run ragged over the last five minutes.  They cut a promo on Hogan.  I know he’s only been in wrestling for about six months at this point, but damn, Giant’s promos are terrible.  I think it’s the yelling and the random crazy stuff he’s saying.  They’re completely forgettable.  Jimmy says that after tonight there’s no more B-grade movies, no more Thunder in Paradise, and no more Hogan in WCW!  Gene starts to wrap up everything and The Giant makes his way back out but we pitch back to…

Match #6: WCW Tag Team Championship Match – The Road Warriors VS Sting & Lex Luger (WCW Tag Team Champs)

Although last match it seemed like they were on the same page, Sting comes out way ahead of Luger again.  Sting usually stops and waits on Luger and they walk together, but in both matches tonight he’s made it to the ring well before Luger.  A lot of it seems to be Luger wanting nothing to do with the Warriors.  They jump out of the ring and start heading towards Luger, who backs up and makes it all the way back to the entrance before Sting runs out and talks him into heading back toward the ring.

This run is quite possibly Luger’s best run.  He’s playing this character so well.  You can tell he’s loyal to Sting…but he’s still playing that chicken heel.  He’s terrified of the Road Warriors and it shows.  Really cool character development.

Luger still refuses to get into the ring, though, for a few more minutes, causing Sting to come out to the floor and try to convince him again.  I wish I had a stop watch to calculate how much time Luger has spent on the floor since he arrived in WCW versus the amount of time in the ring.  That’s how in depth I wish I was going into this.  Maybe some other time.  I am trying to become the world’s foremost WCW expert, so stuff like this is stuff I need to know!  The Road Warriors try to go out after Luger again and Luger bolts back up the entry way.  Sting’s starting to really show his frustration.

The bell rings and Luger finally climbs up onto the apron.  Sting starts the match off and is pretty much taken down by Hawk from the start, including being locked in a version of the Regal Stretch.  It was kind of weird seeing one of the Road Warriors with a submission hold on.  Hawk tags out to Animal, who comes in and wears Sting down with an arm bar.  The commentators mention that they think that when Luger finally makes it into the match, they’ll be less liberal with the wrestling holds and be a bit more mean.

Sting reverses the hold and tags out to Luger, which immediately fires up the Warriors.  Luger gets into the ring but is really apprehensive to lock up until he kicks Animal in the gut and starts beating him down.  It doesn’t last long, though, as Animal retaliates, ending with a big power slam.

Animal takes Luger out to the floor and sends him hard into the guard rail.  Sting comes out and helps Luger back into the ring.  Luger gets some fire in him and starts taking it to Hawk pretty hard, getting a big clothesline for a two count before tagging out to Sting.  Sting hits a big clothesline, knocking Animal down, then staggering into the ropes and falling forward, head-butting Animal between the legs inadvertently.  The moment that Animal is down, Luger wants in.  Sting tags out and Luger starts taking it to Animal hard before tagging out again to Sting.  Sting hits his face buster bulldog and goes up top for a splash but Animal gets the legs up and Sting takes two knees to the gut.  Both men tag out and Hawk catches Luger as he’s coming into the ring, sending him to the ropes with an Irish whip and hitting a massive shoulder block.  He leg drops Luger and pins him with his leg for a 2 count.  Hawk puts Luger in a sleeper but Luger drops him with a jawbreaker and both teams tag out.

Sting sends Animal to the corner and hits a big Stinger Splash, locking on the Scorpion Deathlock but Hawk breaks it up with a giant clothesline.

The match goes back and forth for a bit more until Animal has Sting in a reverse chin lock.  Luger comes in and just starts beating Animal down.  Sting and Animal start no-selling each other’s moves until Hawk makes his way into the ring and they double team Sting.  The two teams separate and make it to the floor, with Animal beating Luger down and Hawk fighting Sting.  The two teams keep beating each other on the floor until they are counted out.

Decision: Double Count out – Sting and Luger still WCW Tag Team Champs

All four men brawl all the way back to the backstage area as we get sent once again to Mean Gene who is with Ric Flair and Woman.  Woman tells us that what Woman wants, Woman gets.  Flair says that none of Hogan’s plans have been working.  They tried to separate Anderson and Sullivan but Flair didn’t let them.  Flair says that Savage is telling Liz “tonight I’m going to bleed…I’m going to sweat…and Flair might take you home!”  Woman is looking good!  14 year old Shane was dumb.  Gene asks if Flair wins if there will be a little ride on Space Mountain.  Flair says it’ll be interesting…he’ll have Woman on his left, Liz on his right, but he won’t tell us who he’ll be with tonight!  Whoooooo!

The announcers start building up the match and the crowd starts going nuts.  The cage starts lowering, so I guess that was what got them all riled up.  Tony pitches Uncensored, the March PPV, and we get a commercial for it.  It’ll be coming our way on March 24th.  That’s a lot of Nitro between now and then, truthfully.  I like those long build ups to PPVs.  Of course, I remember what the main event of the next PPV is, so….ugh.

We go back to Gene who is standing with Liz.  Liz looks a little worried.  Gene starts talking to her but Savage busts in and starts telling us that the match is going to be “complete mental insanity.”  Savage says they’ve united the forces and it’s infinity and beyond!  “The Mega Powers…we are cool!”  Thanks, Randy.  Savage says “what it is what it is, and I’m the WCW World Heavyweight Champion and I’m going to go beat up Ric Flair!”  He grabs Liz and heads out off-screen.  Gene kicks us back to the announcers.

Heenan is turned around facing the opposite direction and doesn’t turn around until Tony pokes him a few times.  When Heenan does turn around he looks like Tony bothered him.  Heenan is so good.  It’s just sad no one can play off of him the way they should be able to.  Heenan says that there is a top on the cage.  I didn’t know that they were going to do that.  Interesting.

Match #7 – WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match – “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair w/ Woman VS “Macho Man” Randy Savage (WCW World Champ) w/ Ms. Elizabeth

Again…a WCW Championship match…and Hogan’s in the main event!  Seriously!  They’ve been building to this match for a good while, and the Giant/Hogan stuff has seemed like an afterthought…yet it gets top billing and a title match again fails to go on last.  WCW is really starting to frustrate me with this garbage.

Freaking Hogan.

I seriously didn’t expect to be the one raging on Hogan as much as I have over the last two months.  Of course, I guess I’m just picking up where Derick normally would.

There’s no top on this cage.  I feel let down.

Savage just throws colors together like it’s nobody’s business.  He’s in this really cool blue and yellow jacket and hat, but his pants are a mix between blue and yellow and rainbow and yellow.

Flair doesn’t get into the ring.  He calls for the mic and tells Liz that before he gets in there and hurts Savage really bad, he’ll give her one more chance to walk over there and kiss a real man.  Liz refuses and Flair finally makes his way into the ring.  Tony reminds us that Flair and Savage have been against each other here in WCW ever since Flair beat up Angelo Poffo, Savage’s father.  Flair gets into the ring and Savage immediately starts beating Flair down.  Flair takes over soon, though, gaining the upper hand.  Flair runs Savage into the cage and knocks him down, drawing the ire of referee Randy Eller.  Flair punches him in the face, knocking him down, and then stomping him in the head for good measure.  Flair is caught in a backslide but there’s no referee there to count the pin so Flair easily escapes and takes the match back over.

Flair goes up top and Savage regains his wits and tosses him from the top rope to the middle of the ring and puts Ric Flair in the Figure 4!  This causes Woman to start screaming at Flair very loudly!  Flair attempts to roll the move over but fails, getting a 2 count with his shoulders on the mat.  Flair makes it to the ropes and grabs the bottom one but Anderson starts kicking the hand away from the rope since the rope doesn’t break the hold in this match.  Savage breaks the hold and he and Flair slug it out for a moment, with Savage getting the better and going for a pin, getting a 2 count.  He slams Flair and goes up to the top of the cage, presumably for the diving elbow.  Flair gets up so Savage jumps off for a double axe handle but Flair hits him in the gut on the way down, taking him out.  Flair lifts him for a vertical suplex, holding him for a long time before dropping him.  The moment they hit the mat, Flair clutches his knee and sells the Figure 4. He goes for a pin and gets 2, so he repeats the pin three more times, getting a 2 count each time.  Flair runs Savage into the cage and Savage just crumples on the top rope, laying there wedged between it and the cage.  It was a cool way to sell it and really put it over as a brutal shot.  Flair puts on his own Figure 4 now, grabbing the second rope for leverage, which is absolutely legal in this match.

The referee starts pulling Flair off of Savage for no reason.  He even at one point grabs Flair’s hair and starts pulling.  There’s no legit reason to break the hold except for potentially being pissed off that Flair decked him earlier.  Savage now has an opening to fight back a bit and he rams Flair’s head into the cage a few times, then scraping Flair’s head against the cage for good measure.  Woman is now screaming even louder.  She’s not really even saying anything…she’s just making wailing noises.  Savage slams Flair’s head into the cage two more times and now Flair is busted open.  You knew there wasn’t going to be a Flair cage match without the red showing up.  Flair tries to go up top and Savage basically pulls Flair’s trunks all the way down, showing his whole ass before dragging Flair back down to the mat.  Savage covers and gets 2 but the bell rings like the match is over.  The referee makes certain to show that it was only two and the match continues with Flair in control now.  He tries to go up top again and Savage grabs the trunks again and makes sure both sides of the arena get to see Flair’s ass.  Savage takes some time slamming Flair’s head into the cage so that he can’t pull his trunks up before they both tumble to the mat.

Savage starts slamming Flairs head into the cage and the door to the cage opens up.  It looks like this would be a great time for some interference from Arn Anderson or Pillman or someone, but no, the referee just latches it back up.  The hard camera stays zoomed out for a good while, though, in a bad view.  Woman tries to throw powder into Savage’s eyes, but he ducks out of the way.  Liz takes off her shoe and hands it into the cage to Flair.  Savage rolls Flair up but he gets out of it, but Flair then slams the heel of the shoe into Savage’s face and covers for the win.

Winner: Ric Flair, new WCW World Heavyweight Champion for the 13th time!

Liz is celebrating with Woman and out comes Arn Anderson into the ring to celebrate with Flair.  Out comes Hulk Hogan with a chair.  He chases Liz away before making his way into the ring and slamming Arn in the back with the chair.  Flair, Arn and the women make their way to the back while Hogan is there attending to Savage.  The announcers recap the end of the match while Doug Dillinger, Hogan and the referee help Savage to the back.

In the back, Mean Gene is joined by Hulk Hogan.  Hogan has his eye covered by a patch and he’s cutting a promo about Liz and how he never saw this coming and doesn’t know where it came from.  Hogan says a week ago Liz’s shoe came off pretty darn easy when Flair jabbed Hogan himself in the eye.  Hogan wraps up and we Gene kicks us off to Michael Buffer for the entrances of…

Match #8: Unsanctioned Cage Match – The Giant w/ Kevin Sullivan & Jimmy Hart VS Hulk Hogan

“His wrestling skills place him among the all-time greats in professional wrestling…”  That hurts, Buffer…that hurts.  He also announced The Giant as “the man who literally came back from the dead last October,” which confirms that Hogan did commit murder at Halloween Havoc.

With this being an unsanctioned match, the referee will be on the floor and the way to win will be to escape the cage, which is interesting since WCW really never did escape cage matches.  I wonder if this is Hogan wanting to make the match more WWF-like since that was more their thing.  The match starts and it’s punches and kicks, so I don’t expect to be calling many wrestling moves in this match.  Hogan has his fists taped up, which is actually a nice touch.  I like it when wresters do things a little differently for no-holds-barred matches or street fights.  Hogan hits a trifecta of heel moves as he bites The Giant, chokes him with his shirt and then rakes him in the eyes.  Man, we should have seen this heel turn coming.  He really didn’t have to even change his wrestling style much as Hollywood, did he?

The Giant beats down Hogan until he tries to go for a big jumping elbow drop and Hogan is able to get out of the way.  He asks the crowd if he should try to press slam him…which is silly.  Hogan is never going to press slam The Giant.  He tries to body slam him (which is NOT a press slam) but Giant is too big and falls backwards onto him for a two count.  Giant takes over again after this, slamming Hogan’s head into the cage a few times while Sullivan instructs from the floor.

Giant tries to leave the cage through the door, AKA the lamest way to win a cage match ever, but Hogan is able to keep him from going out of it.  Giant picks Hogan up and gives him a big backbreaker, though.  It looks like the cage shots have busted Hogan open as well.

Giant locks Hogan up in a bear hug and holds it for a few minutes in the middle of the ring.  Hogan starts drawing from the chants of the fans and starts firing back up, punching Giant in the head until he gets out of the bear hug.  He tries to hit a clothesline and is met with a kick to the gut and an elbow to the back of the head for his trouble.  Giant hits Hogan with a mediocre choke slam which Hogan no-sells and Hulks up.  Hogan slams Giant into the cage over and over, busting him open.  He jabs Giant in the throat, sends him to the ropes, big boot and he calls for the press slam again.  He rakes the eyes and hits a BIG scoop slam.  Leg drop, leg drop, leg drop and Hogan goes to escape the cage by climbing over but Giant no-sells the crap out of the leg drops and sits up like he’s the Undertaker.  Hogan and Giant brawl on the ropes, chopping each other repeatedly.  Hogan punches The Giant, who falls to the ring, and he climbs over the top of the cage for the win.

Winner: Hulk Hogan

Immediately after hitting the floor, Hogan is hit in the back with a chair by Sullivan.  Of course, after this grueling match, Hogan just no-sells it and chases Sullivan into the cage where he’s now outnumbered as Giant is still in there.  Out comes Meng and the Barbarian, Hugh Morrus, Shark, Zodiac, One Man Gang…everyone is in the ring and they’re all eating chair shots as Hogan systematically takes out the Dungeon of Doom by himself.  Hogan slams them into the cage, slams their heads into each other, and eight giant men all cower in fear of Hulk Hogan.  Dear Lord, this is terrible.  Out comes the Loch Ness Monster, which is just a really heavy man, nothing special to him, and he attempts to get into the cage but the entire Dungeon of Doom holds him back, which I don’t understand.  Hogan’s music plays and he celebrates being the most powerful man in WCW, taking out an entire 9 man heel faction by himself.

Now, I know that I’m going to mark out in about a year and a half when Sting does the exact same thing…but still!

Tony pitches Nitro to us, telling us we’ll see Devon Storm, hear from Steve Grissom, and hopefully find out what the deal is with Elizabeth as we go off the air.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I hate to be THAT guy.  Especially since Derick is usually THAT guy.  However, this Hogan stuff is killing me.  Main eventing shows that he has no reason to be main eventing.  Going on last in on PPV when there is a title match.  Going on last on Nitro when there are title matches.  The title not going on last always pisses me off in any setting except for the Royal Rumble, and I’m still not entirely sure about that, honestly, so seeing a good solid two months of Hogan headline shows in matches that mean nothing…absolutely nothing…when there are World Title matches on the same card really upsets me.  If I recall, Uncensored is the end of this Hogan/Savage VS the Dungeon of Doom nonsense and it can’t come soon enough.  I’m not even certain what Hogan needs Savage for at this point, honestly, since he was able to take out every single member, at once, singlehandedly.

Man, I cannot wait for July when I can start hating Hogan and it be reflected from the crowd as well.  At least at that point the story will be fresh and it won’t be Hogan VS random heels all the time.  He’ll be wrestling the top babyfaces which should be exciting.  It’s going to be a rough road getting there if this stuff continues, though.

All in all a good show.  I liked the tag matches and I think that Luger really stuck out as doing great in those.  The Pillman/Sullivan match got off to such an amazing start and then took a turn into Odd-ville, but I know there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that goes along with that.  DDP losing his money should start the broke DDP angle that I remember, which will lead to him getting his money back from a “mysterious benefactor” and starting on a roll with the Diamond Cutter come about May, I believe.  I’ve been waiting on this angle ever since he lost Kimberly a few months back.  Elizabeth turning on Savage was pretty big stuff, though, and I’m always happy when Naitch is champion, so we’ve got that going for us.  I’m ready to head into the rest of February and into March…I’m just not that excited for Uncensored, which is generally WCW’s weakest PPV of the year.

Join me here tomorrow, folks, as we continue the journey with WCW Monday Nitro.  It’s nice to be caught up again and hopefully I can stay this way for the foreseeable future.  I’m looking into recruiting some new blood to help along with these write-ups so I’m excited to hopefully bring you a few new voices into this WCW foray soon.  Until next time!