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KoaClashIt’s time, WCW fans, for Clash of the Champions!  After this one, there are only two more Clashes ever.  That’s sad, honestly, because getting a big event on TV for free twice a year was always a great thing as a wrestling fan.  Of course, after Clash ends, Nitro goes to 3 hours, which is still to this day way too long for a weekly wrestling show, so it kind of balances out.  As we’ll see in a year or so, 1998 overexposes WCW like crazy.

But, we’re not in 1998 yet.  We’re at August 15th, 1996, and ready to kick off the Clash!

The show starts with a replay of Hogan and the Outsiders beating down the Booty Man at Hog Wild as well as Hogan attacking Savage and cutting his promo on Flair.  Tony Schiavone kicks us off with an aerial shot of Denver, Colorado, where we’re coming from.  Tony is joined on commentary by Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, and they talk about the match that will be our main event…”Hollywood” Hulk Hogan VS “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.  We get another replay of Monday Night, when the Horsemen cleaned house of the Outsiders during the Sting/Luger VS Outsiders match.

Match #1: WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match: “The Man of 1,000 Holds” Dean Malenko VS Rey Mysterio, Jr. (WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Malenko attacks Mysterio before the bell and immediately goes after him, dropping knee drops on him and then chasing him outside.  Rey is a bit too quick, though, and gets in the ring before Dean, dropkicking him off of the apron and then taking Dean down with a baseball slide head scissors.  Rey runs to the ropes and looks to attempt a suicide dive, but spins in the ropes and flips back into the ring.  I love this way more as a “putting on the breaks” type of thing instead of when he turned it into the 619.  The 619 has too much of a silly, predictable setup for me.

Dean takes momentum back by slingshotting Rey into the top rope off of a powerbomb pickup and follows it up with a brainbuster.  Rey walks up the corner and attempts to tie up Malenko with a sunset flip, but he overshoots it.  Thankfully, Malenko didn’t fall back into the move, but attempted to punch Mysterio.  Mysterio moved, though, so Dean hit the mat.  Dean is able to lock on a chinlock with a leg hooked, wearing down Rey in the center of the WCW crosshairs logo.

We go to commercial break, including one for Hog Wild merch.  It’s interesting that they’re selling PPV specific merch almost two weeks after the event.

After some back and forth, we get some highlight reel stuff from Rey when he hots Dean with a moonsault off of the steel guardrail in the walkway.  Rey follows in the ring with a Frankensteiner for two.  Rey backs dean into the corner, but Dean comes off the top with a HUGE gutbuster from the top.  Dean covers, 1-2-3…Randy Anderson rings the bell!

But, Rey’s foot was on the ropes!

Anderson realizes it, takes the Cruiserweight Championship away from Malenko, just as Rey hits him with a victory roll and a cover for three.

Winner: Rey Mysterio, Jr. (still WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Commercial break, including the ever present Glacier promo, and we’re back for…

Match #2: V.K. Wallstreet VS Hacksaw Jim Duggan


Standard fare for these two.  I’m just not a huge fan of either of these two guys, so honestly there’s not too much to report.

Duggan tried to wrap up the fist in tape, but the referee gets caught in the tape because Duggan can’t apply tape like a normal person, he’s got to swing it around his hand and let momentum wrap it for him.  Wallstreet capitalizes, roll up, three count.

Winner: V.K. Wallstreet

Hacksaw stares into the camera and yells “it stinks!” three times.  Um, you’re the one who tried to cheat, buddy.

Backstage with Mean Gene and the Nasty Boys, again yelling about how much they dislike WCW and are tired of people asking them about the nWo.  Knobbs yells about not being in the triangle match for the WCW Tag Team Championship like they’ve done something in the last six months to deserve a title shot.

Commercial break and we’re back to Mean Gene.  He says that during the break he was trying to do an interview, but he and Mike Tenay were interrupted by the Outsiders.  Of course, we can call the WCW Hotline to find out about that as this is just a pitch for the hotline.

Match #3: Ultimate Dragon (w/ Sonny Onoo) VS Konnan

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I know that it’s Ultimo Dragon, but WCW keeps saying it’s Ultimate Dragon right now, so that’s what I’m using.

Konnan is again in his black tights and wearing an ugly green vest.  The commentators mention how Konnan’s attitude has changed since he lost the WCW United States Championship.

Dragon starts off with a beautiful set of kicks that completely miss Konnan, and which Konnan promptly mocks, as Mike Tenay gives us some history background on Dragon.

Konnan locks on a ridiculously convoluted leg lock that gets absolutely no reaction.  It’s basically almost a sharpshooter but with the arm trapped in there, and Konnan doesn’t have his leg grapevined either.  I feel that if you have a move that takes a lot of setup, you have to have a quick and smooth way of locking that on or it just loses steam.  That’s exactly what happened here.

Konnan tries a backdrop but Dragon slips out and dropkicks Konnan out of the ring into the waiting kicks of Sonny Onoo.  Back in the ring, Dragon gets a moonsault and follows with a la majistral cradle for two, but Konnan rolls Dragon up and holds the tights for three.

Winner: Konnan

Backstage, Ice Train is chatting with fans on CompuServe, but is then attacked by Scott Norton as we head on to commercial.

Match #4: Meng w/ Jimmy Hart VS “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Savage’s music plays for a long time but no Savage.  Mean Gene comes to the ring, making this the fourth time we’ve seen him tonight, I think.

After some whispering, we get the announcement from ring announcer David Penzer that due to the injuries suffered on Monday, Randy Savage will not be able to compete tonight.

Winner: Meng (via forfeit)

We get a replay of the attack on Savage and then cut to Mean Gene in the ring with the Dungeon of Doom (Sullivan, Morrus, Meng, Barbarian, Jimmy Hart).  Sullivan says he hates Randy Savage and he has hit tons of people with chairs, but he never praised and built up Hogan.  He told everyone Hogan was two-faced and asked Gene about his buddy Hogan now.  Gene talks up Hogan a bit, saying he was a great man but something snapped.  He does get in a good shot, though, talking about Thunder in Paradise and saying “he was never a great threat to Sir Laurence Olivier there.”  We get the Leprechaun running around being stupid for a little bit as Sullivan calls out Benoit and says that the Dungeon are WCW’s line of defense, not the Horsemen.

Match #5: Bull Nakano (w/ Sonny Onoo) VS Madusa

Nakano starts off by doing here crazy move where she tosses Madusa across the ring by the air.  She does it twice, then Nakano picks up a pair of nunchucks and hits Madusa in the gut a few times.  The announcers say that referee Randy Eller doesn’t see it, but he looks STRAIGHT AT HER at one point and does nothing.

Madusa gets a bad cross body off of the second rope, but follows with a trifecta of slams to the mat by the hair.  She tries a sunset flip but Nakano just sits on Madusa, getting a two count and then just standing up.  Nakano goes to the top but Madusa dropkicks her off of the tope rope, sending her to the floor.  Madusa dives off of the top rope and takes out Sonny Onoo.  Back in the ring, Nakano holds Madusa while Onoo gets ready to break out his kicks again, but Madusa moves and he kicks Nakano in the gut.  Madusa capitalizes with a roll up for the win.

Winner: Madusa

Mean Gene is backstage with Ric Flair, Woman, and Ms. Elizabeth.  Flair says tonight he’ll be 13 time WCW Champion, 1 time nWo Champion.  Flair says he knows that tonight he’ll be the best.  Woman is basically in a bikini top and a jacket, which it pretty nice.  She’s trying to make the moves on Mean Gene, it seems.  Flair says that if the Outsiders get involved, there are Horsemen waiting for them.

Match #6: Battle Bowl Championship: Diamond Dallas Page (Lord of the Ring) VS Eddie Guerrero

“Every airport I’m in, people come up to me and ask about Eddie Guerrero.  Is he really that fast?  Is he really that good?  I just tell them to leave me alone.  I don’t have time to talk about Eddie Guerrero.” – Bobby Heenan

Quick start to the offense with a head scissors by Eddie.  Eddie charges DDP in the corner, but DDP moves and Eddie hits his shoulder hard on the turnbuckle.  DDP comes out with some stomps, then a gutwrench gutbuster, followed by an Irish whip side slam for two.  DDP locks on a side headlock and keeps using the second rope to add leverage to the hold.  Eddie fights out and tries to sweep DDP’s legs, but DDP does a weir back bump out of it and looks to smack his head hard on the mat.  Eddie gets him down and does that nice flipping senton he does over the top rope.  DDP hits a jawbreaker as Eddie tries to lift him up, then hits a hell of a sitout powerbomb.  DDP’s powerbomb is a thing of beauty.  I’ve always liked it.  Especially his spinning one.

DDP gutwrenches Eddie and takes him to the top rope.  Eddie headbutts DDP and knocks him to the mat.  Frogsplash and the 1-2-3!

Winner: Eddie Guerrero (new Battle Bowl Champion)

The referee hands Eddie the Battle Bowl Ring.  DDP gets up, unhappy, but shakes Eddie’s hand.  He holds on, though, and pulls Eddie into the Diamond Cutter.  He throws the referee out of the ring, picks Eddie back up and takes him down with another Diamond Cutter.  Chavo Guerrero runs out to stop this, but he gets tossed out of the ring as DDP sets Eddie up on the top rope and Diamond Cuts him for a third time.

While Eddie is being helped in the ring, “Hollywood” Hogan is dragging Mean Gene from out of the back, demanding Gene to apologize for what he’s said about Hogan.  Hogan says that in all of his glory, Ric Flair couldn’t even lace Hogan’s boots up.  He says that 13 times is an unlucky number and that Flair will never be nWo Champion.  Only one man will be the Babe Ruth of baseball, the Michael Jordan of basketball, and the Hulk Hogan of wrestling.  He says that Flair brags about limos and jets, but in the nWo, that’s just standard procedure.  He again says that once he beats Flair, Flair will be known as “the stupid little man.”

Match #7: “The Canadian Crippler” Chris Benoit w/ Woman & Ms. Elizabeth VS The Giant w/ Jimmy Hart

Woman is trying to help Benoit out of his vest but Giant charges him while his arms are trapped in the vest.  Giant lifts Benoit up for the highest chokeslam I’ve ever damn seen.

Winner: The Giant

Damn…Benoit got the shit squashed out of him here.  One move!  I love Benoit and have been loving his run, so I’m interested in how this came to be.  Hopefully Sullivan will get to it on his podcast soon.

Commercial time.  This time for the WCW Power Plant!  I remember wanting to go to that place so damn bad.  I wanted to wrestle in WCW more than anything in the world when I was in high school, and I knew the Power Plant was how to make that happen.

Match #8: WCW Tag Team Championship Match: The Steiner Brothers VS Sting & Lex Luger VS Harlem Heat (WCW Tag Team Champions) w/ Sister Sherri

No Col. Parker tonight.  Guessing that since the last time we saw them together, Parker was getting the business from Harlem Heat, that he’s not welcome anymore.

Well, speak of the Devil, Parker arrives after the entrances are over.  He walks out with a purpose, though, and immediately takes his place beside Sherri.

After a quick opening with Booker T and Scott Steiner, Lex Luger and Stevie Ray start kicking the living crap out of each other.  Rick Steiner quickly tags himself in when Lex gets Irish whipped and comes in with two massive Steinerlines to both men currently in the ring.  Rick and Lex get into a shoving match until referee Nick Patrick finally forces Lex out of the ring.

We come back from commercial to Rick Steiner catching Booker Tin a powerslam before getting tagged out of the match by Sting.  Sting sends Booker T out of the ring.  Sister Sherri is helping Booker up, but Sting runs out of the ring and grabs her by the hair, moving her away from Booker and sending the big man into the ring.  In the ring, Sting hits a gorilla press on Booker and covers, but Stevie Ray breaks it up.  Sting tags out to Lex, Booker out to Stevie Ray.  Quick exchanges, then Sting and Scott Steiner end up the legal men.

I wonder who had the better mullet in 1996…Scott Steiner or Jaromir Jagr.

A big tiger bomb to Sting and Scott tags out to Rick.  Sting is able to quickly tag out to Lex, though.  Lex takes a weird whip to the corner where it doesn’t really look like Rick whipped him, but Lex comes out of the corner with a nice clothesline, following it with another in the corner.  He tries a second time to the corner, but Rick moves and German suplexes Lex for two.  Scott tags in and gets Lex with a belly-to-belly.  Scotty tries to dive off the top but Lex catches him and moves him to a torture rack.  Rick breaks that up and all six men enter the ring.  Most everyone leaves except for Booker T and Scott Steiner.  Steiner eats an axe kick and the Booker eats a Frankensteiner and covers.  Just before the three count, Nick Patrick sees the Outsiders coming down the entry way and calls for a disqualification.

Winners: Harlem Heat (via DQ)

Scott Steiner jumps up and throws a fit, grabbing Nick Patrick and saying that this is bullshit.  Mean Gene catches up with Patrick in the entry way and asks what the hell.  Patrick says any rule book in existence says that outside interference is a cause for disqualification.  Gene says that the Outsiders didn’t even get in the ring.  Patrick says they didn’t, and that’s a good point, but what makes a “great” referee is the ability to see multiple things at once.  Gene says that Patrick has been looking nice in his new Armani suits and Patrick bounces.

And in case you were wondering, Derick and I decided to actually discuss the mullet challenge…

Special Match: Greatest Mullet of 1996: Scott Steiner VS Jaromir Jagr


1 2


Winner: Draw, with both Jagr and Steiner rocking mullets so epic that they can’t compete with each other!

Despite what the next match is, we all know that this is the true main event of the night.

Anyway, on to the main event…

Match #9: WCW World Heavyweight Championship: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair w/ Woman & Ms. Elizabeth VS “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan (WCW World Heavyweight Champion)

Both men start off posturing to each other and to the crowd.  Flair wins with a strut and his “slicking back his hair” move.  They lock up and Flair goes to a side headlock.  Hogan rolls it to a pin and the referee hits a quick two count.  This is Randy Anderson, but until they showed him again I had to wonder if Patrick was doing this match as well.  That two count was FAST!

They go back and forth a bit more and then Flair gets the better of Hogan, causing Hogan to retreat to the floor and get frustrated, kicking the guard rail, getting into it with a fan and drawing back to punch the fan before Flair comes out to get him.  In the ring, Hogan and Flair lock up in a test of strength, which Hogan wins until Flair bites his hands.  Hogan sends Flair into the corner where Flair does the flip over the turnbuckle and goes to the floor.

On the outside, Hogan sends Flair into the ringpost face first.  Back in the ring, Hogan takes it to Flair until Flair gets a thumb to Hogan’s eyes.  Flair hits a vertical suplex and starts putting the boots to Hogan…and Hogan starts…Hulking…Up…

Heel Hulk Hogan, unironically, starts Hulking Up like a freaking babyface.  Complete with the finger point, big boot, leg drop…just like he was in red and yellow.  Really, Hogan?!

Hogan misses the leg drop, though, and Flair immediately goes for the Figure 4.  Hogan reverses it, Flair reverses it back, and out come the Outsiders.  This brings out the Horsemen (minus Benoit, who was destroyed by the Giant earlier), Sting and Luger.  The announcers speculate whether Hogan gave up before the match ended, but we then get an official announcement from David Penzer:

Winner, by DQ, Ric Flair.  Hulk Hogan is still WCW World Champion.

Flair and Sting get a bit into it, with Sting shoving Flair and them squaring off.  Hogan leaves with his championship belt and then everyone in the ring eventually leaves as well, kicking us back to our announcers.

Bobby is getting hot about the situation.  He says that if the nWo wants a fight, stay out here and fight!  With that, Tony kicks us off the air and we end the Clash.


I enjoyed the show, but the matches were all too short.  9 booked matches in 2 hours is a bit much, seeing as we usually only get 8 or 9 on a full 3 hour PPV.  Of course, the Savage match didn’t happen, and the Benoit/Giant match was all of one move.  We definitely could have done without Hacksaw VS Wallstreet on this card.  That would have freed a bit of time up.

Tony points out that in the last week or so, WCW has put on 9 hours of live wrestling.  That’s crazy.  Think about it…even with three hour Raws, NXT, Superstars, Smackdown, and Main Event, WWE only puts on 3 hours of live wrestling at any given week.  6 if you count a PPV.  To do a live Saturday night (2), Hog Wild (3), Nitro (2) and now the Clash (2) in less than a week…that’s crazy.  Kudos to the WCW production team and talent on that one.

Until next time, ladies and gentlemen!



KoaNitro copyIt’s me, it’s me, it’s that good ole S to the D, and we’re back with another episode of WCW Monday Nitro!  This week comes to us yet again from Disney in Orlando, FL.  Last week, Kevin Nash promised us that we’ll hear from Hulk Hogan (who, oddly enough, is still in the intro video for Nitro), so tonight we should find out what made him turn his back on all of the Hulkamaniacs.  Being at Disney means we’re still at that awesome outdoor arena.

The show kicks off with our Hour One announcers Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko, and Tony hypes this up as potentially the biggest night in WCW history.  That will happen A LOT in the future, so it’s interesting to see it start up.  Tony tells us that the New World Order will be here tonight as we rewatch the footage from Bash.  Actual footage this time, not just the pictures, since I guess they’ve sold all of the replays that they’re going to get in the last week.

Larry mentions that now the question is who is the next member, but from what I remember, we don’t get another member for just about two months.  Tony says that the last time Hogan was at MGM Studios was the day he signed his WCW contract and they had the big tickertape parade for him.

Match #1: Fire and Ice VS The Steiner Brothers

Tony says that the nWo has done a good job at picking their shots since they decide to show up tonight when Sting, Flair, and Savage aren’t here.  Those are three big names to keep off of the show.  Could you imagine a Raw without Seth Rollins, John Cena, and Randy Orton?  Crazy.

Norton and Scotty Steiner start us off with Norton kicking Steiner around the ring.  A lot slower moving match than I’m used to from these two.  Norton controls most of the match until Scott suplexes Norton out of the ring and Norton takes a few moments to collect his thoughts while we go to commercial break.

Back from the break, out comes Teddy Long to watch the match.  One can only guess that he couldn’t resist the allure of a tag team match, playa!  Ice Train gets a big powerslam but Rick retaliates by dropping him on his head with a belly-to-belly suplex.  Rick gets a two count off of a reverse DDT as well.  The Scotts tag back in and Norton again goes to controlling Steiner until Rick gets tagged back in and hits a massive Steinerline and then catches Norton in mid air with a suplex.  Ice Train and Norton try to doubleteam the Steiners by having Norton hold down Scott so Ice Train can splash him.  This gets messed up and Ice Train splashes Norton, Rick Steiner rolls up the non-legal man in Ice Train and gets the win.

Winners: The Steiner Brothers

Mean Gene takes us to the entry way with Kevin Sullivan, Big Bubba, and Jimmy Hart.  Fire & Ice walk past, arguing with each other over the end of the match.  The Dungeon cut a promo on the Horsemen, with Jimmy saying he’ll recruit the worlds best athletes to take them out.  Big Bubba cuts one on Lex.  He says that Lex has a concussion and a detached retina.  The Faces of Fear join the men as we go to a Glacier commercial.

Mean Gene is backstage with Fire & Ice.  They’re yelling at each other when Teddy Long comes up and says he doesn’t want to get into their business, but they’re a great team and he wants them to stay together.  Norton pie-faces Long and shoves him down, saying it began with them and it’ll end with them as he storms off.  Ice Train says that if he keeps it up, it’ll end sooner than he thinks.

Match #2: Billy Kidman VS “The Man of 1,000 Holds” Dean Malenko

Jimmy Hart is talking to Dean Malenko as he makes his entrance.  Malenko calls out the Horsemen, telling Benoit to pay attention.  Malenko and Benoit will wrestle at Hog Wild in a 30 minute clinic, so I’m VERY excited about that coming up.

Dean starts off with a vicious short arm clothesline and immediately goes to the floor with Kidman, attempting a piledriver on the floor but Kidman reverses it into a backdrop.  Dean controls the match for the most part but Kidman’s quickness gets him some occasional hope spots, including reversing a victory roll into a sunset flip for two.  Dean isn’t having any of that, though, and takes it to Kidman.  He hits a very nice side suplex and then pulls Kidman’s legs to the ringpost and wraps his left leg around it.  Dean’s a bit more vicious than normal since losing his Cruiserweight Championship, it seems.  Dean hits an Alabama Slam into a roll up that Kidman rolls through, then Dean reverses and rolls through into a volley of pins.  Kidman goes for a shooting star press that Tony calls a “backflip somersault.”  Dean moves, Kidman eats canvas, and then Dean goes into full Beast Mode.  He hits a brainbuster, powerbomb, tiger bomb, and then ends with a Texas Cloverleaf for the win.

Winner: Dean Malenko

Mean Gene is at the entry way with Kevin Greene.  Greene cuts a promo on Hogan, saying he grew up watching Hogan and saying his prayers, eating the vitamins, and then he finds out that Hogan never believed any of it.  He turns towards Mongo and says that if anyone in the back sees Mongo, to send him his way.

We go to commercial, preceeded with a promo from Harlem Heat talking to Col. Parker and saying that he better get his priorities taken care of.  Not sure what that’s about.  Commercials include one for WCW Magazine.  It’s for Issue 18, which you can find on this website!

Match #3: WCW World Tag Team Championship: Rough & Ready (Mike Enos & Dick Slater) w/ Col. Robert Parker VS Harlem Heat (WCW Tag Team Champions) w/ Sister Sherri & Col. Robert Parker

Ahhhhh, so now I get the whole Col. Parker thing.  He’s basically managing both teams.  Apparently he’s the “promoter” of Harlem Heat and the manager of Rough & Ready.

Honestly a pretty back and forth match, but these two teams just are not gelling with each other.  A few spots get botched, or at least are so awkward that they look botched.  This one should honestly be a squash match.  Harlem Heat are the champions and these two other guys are basically jobbers, so Heat should have just destroyed them.  There are quite a few spots with some good heat between the two teams, though. The story is basically that everyone is upset that Parker is with the other team, especially Dick Slater, who doesn’t trust Sherri anyway, dating all the way back to before their “wedding” in January at Clash of the Champions.  Slater tries to take swings at both members of Harlem Heat a few times.

Parker distracts the referee and Sherri runs over and kisses Slater.  He jumps up and starts wiping his mouth, allowing Booker T opportunity to roll him up for the win.

Winners: Harlem Heat (still WCW Tag Team Champions)

Back from commercial, Kevin Greene comes out, rips his shirt off and says he wants Mongo now!  Gene says that’s probably not going to happen because Mongo is going to avoid him like the plague. Greene says he’s got to go catch a plane back to training camp, but after the season, it’s on!

Match #4: Madusa VS Malia Hosaka

Both women are in the ring when the match starts, so neither get entrances.

Tony tells us that Madusa will face Bull Nakano in a “Destroy the Bike” match where Madusa will have her Harley Davidson and Nakano will have a Japanese motorcycle and the winner gets to destroy the other’s motorcycle.

We’re told that Hosaka has been sent here by Nakano and Sonny Onoo to take Madusa out before Nakano can get to her.

Hosaka is definitely controlling the match, including a cool spot where she snapmares Madusa by the hair about four times in a row.  Madusa fights back, getting kicks in the corner and capping it off with 1-2-3 Kid’s spin kick in the corner and then doing the hair snapmare a few times herself.  Tony tells us that the opening ceremonies for the 1996 Olympics are on Friday.  Two future WWE World Champions will compete at those Olympic Games, folks.

Hosaka goes for a dive out of the corner but misses, Madusa capitalizes with a bridging German suplex for the win.

Winner: Madusa

It’s weird that we’re not getting really any buildup for our Hog Wild matches.  We’re told about two matches that will happen but there’s no angle to them…they’re just booked.  At least with the tag team match we got to see the Steiners win their title shot against Harlem Heat by beating the Nasty Boys.

nWoAs Madusa celebrates, the timer goes off and we’re now in Hour #2.
Bischoff starts off immediately asking “where are they and what are they going to say when they get here?”

They go to commercial and bischoff mentions that something is going on behind them.  We see Hall and Nash in the background, placing giant sheets with N, W, and O over the big metal WCW letters on the set.  The crowd chants “Diesel” as Bischoff wonders where Hogan is.

Match #5: Meng w/ Jimmy Hart VS “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson

Yet again, a Horseman without the ladies.

Hall and Nash are sitting in beach chairs and drinking umbrella drinks while the match goes on.

Meng keeps Double A in the corner for the first few moments by kicking at his head.  Double A finally gets a waist lock but Meng gets out of it and again backs The Enforcer into the corner.

Meng is pretty much controlling Arn through this match, keeping him grounded and punishing him with kicks.  The Barbarian comes out and stands at ringside with Jimmy Hart as Meng boots Arn in the side of the face and gets a two count.  With that, we go to commercial while the Outsiders enjoy their drinks.

Back from break, it seems that Double A is back in control.  Meng sends him out to the floor and Jimmy Hart takes the opportunity to put the boots to Arn a few times and mock him.  Meng comes out and rams Anderson’s spine into the ring apron a few times.  The Enforcer is taking a beating here.  Jimmy Hart distracts the referee, Barbarian hits Arn from behind, and Meng hits a mafia kick for the win.

Winner: Meng

Back from commercial and Mean Gene is at the entry way with Mongo, Debra, and Pepe.  Mongo says that Pepe wanted to chase the big rat around, so they’ve been doing that and counting some more money.  Mongo acts surprised that Kevin Greene isn’t there anymore.  Debra says that the Carolina Panthers is a farm team for B players.  She runs off Mongo’s records and asks Greene what records he has.  Mongo flashes the 4 with the Super Bowl ring as we head off into our next match.

Match #6: “The Crippler” Chris Benoit VS Eddie Guerrero

Horseman #2 tonight with no accompaniment.

Black outfit Eddie!  I remember having a pair of shorts back when I was in high school that had roughly the same design on the sides as Eddie’s outfit.  I loved those shorts because they reminded me of Eddie.

Benoit asks the referee to check Eddie’s boots and immediately cheap shots him with a kick to the gut.  Benoit turns it on immediately, throwing Eddie around the ring and going hard with chops and kicks.  He grabs Eddie by the throat and throws him down with violence before tying Eddie up in the top rope and choking him.

Bischoff says that the WCW main eventers are all in Japan.  Nice to finally know where they are, since thus far all we’ve had to go on is that they’re not here.

Benoit goes for a powerbomb but Eddie armdrags Benoit out to the floor and then comes off the top onto him.  Bischoff tells us that Eddie will get a shot at the WCW United States Championship against Ric Flair at Hog Wild.  Benoit hits a back suplex as we get a shot at the set and see that the Outsiders have gone missing.  Eddie fights back with a snap side suplex but Benoit is immediately back on him with headbutts and chops before snapping off a suplex for two.

Bischoff tells us that about 15 WCW guys will be leaving the Mall of America on Harleys and heading to Sturgis.  Benoit locks on a Liontamer and then drops Guerrero with a massive powerbomb that only gets two.  Benoit bodyslams Eddie and goes up top for the flying headbutt, but Eddie jumps up and superplexes Benoit down hard.  The two men get into a chop battle in the center of the ring, really just teeing off on each other.  Benoit catches Eddie off of an Irish whip with an attempted pop up powerbomb, but Eddie is able to headscissors him over the top rope.  Benoit slams Eddie’s head into the steps, which draws out Dean Malenko.  Malenko bounces Benoit’s head off of the ringpost, sending him down.  Eddie is able to answer the 10 count and Benoit is counted out.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero (via countout)

As we go to commercial it looks like the nWo banners have been pulled down.  Big Bubba has a quick promo telling Lex Luger not to worry about Sting, Hogan or the Outsiders, but to worry about Big Bubba.

Match #7: Big Bubba w/ Jimmy Hart VS “The Total Package” Lex Luger (WCW Television Champion)

Bischoff says that Luger’s doctors wanted him out for 60 days but he refused.

Bubba is beating down Luger for the most part, outside of some early offense from Luger.  Bubba hits a nasty punch on Luger from the outside as we cut to the black limo and see Hall and Nash emerge.  Bubba continues the onslaught.  Bischoff calls the second “back leg round kick” of the evening.

Jimmy Hart is in a completely different jacket from earlier.  He was in a Taskmaster one earlier, now he’s got one with himself on the back.

Bischoff says that he heard people talking about Hogan for years but didn’t believe it.  Heenan says he’s been saying it for years.  He’s not wrong.

Nitro_7-8-96_6Both men are down as The Outsiders begin to make their way to the ring.  Jimmy Hart tries to distract the referee and throw something to Bubba.  Luger takes it and clocks Bubba and then goes after Jimmy, asking him what the hell.  The Outsiders hit the ring and beat down Luger.  As they do, out comes Hogan, dressed all in black.  Nash jackknife powerbombs Luger as Hogan shakes Hall’s hand.  Hogan slaps Luger around a bit while he’s down.  Hogan helps Big Bubba up and shakes his hand.  Heenan and Bischoff speculate if Bubba is the fourth member of the group.  Hogan signals to Hall and Nash and they jump Bubba, beating him down and sending him out of the ring.

Mean Gene jumps in the ring and says that Hogan and the Outsiders have led us down the primrose path.  Hogan says he wishes he had done this two years ago.  He says he’s bigger than pro wrestling.  Gene says that the children are all disgusted with Hogan.  Hogan says that after he had spent years leading those children down the right path, the parents had the gall to boo Hogan one more time.  Hogan cuts a promo on Sting and on Savage as the fans pelt the ring with trash.  Gene asks where the nWo is going and who is going to be in it.  Hogan says Hall and Nash are just the foundation.  He says that what the people don’t realize is that when he builds his empire, it could be more outsiders…or it could be people close to Ted Turner and Eric Bischoff.  He says there have been double loyalties in the locker room for years, and those people know what where Hogan goes, that’s where the money goes.

July_15,_1996_Monday_Nitro.3Gene is spending way too much time stretching this out.  Hogan’s talking a lot of crap, but it’s just not meshing yet with what Hall and Nash are all about.  He’s pulling down their cool.  Hogan calls out The Giant at Hog Wild then calls out anyone from the back, saying they’ll destroy the entire WCW.

Just as it seems we’re going to go off the air with no answer, out come the Steiners, Faces of Fear, and Arn Anderson.  Bischoff says we’re out of time as he leaves Bobby Heenan alone in the broadcast booth.


This wee’s Nitro had about the same feel as last week’s, with the exception of having a Benoit VS Eddie match.  I like this ever-present threat of the nWo a lot.  Them coming out when no one was around and destroying Luger was nice.  It gave them the dominance of beating down a top guy, but showed them to be cowardly heels in the process because they only struck when the timing was right and WCW was weak.  I liked Hogan almost siding with Big Bubba and then ordering his goons to drop him.  Shows that Hogan is a backstabbing kind of guy now, even to people who were his friends.

I’m liking the Benoit / Malenko program.  I absolutely love the match they have at Hog Wild, so I like seeing the build up, with Jimmy Hart possibly paying off Malenko go to after one of the Horsemen on behalf of the Dungeon of Doom.

Hogan’s promo at the end was a little rough.  He went on for about two minutes too long.  I partly blame Mean Gene on that one as he just kept asking questions and stretching it out.  Hogan’s cutting an old school wrestling promo and that’s a bit below where Hall and Nash are right now.  Their promos work because they add a sense of realism to this whole thing.  They just come out and talk normally.  I always loved Nash’s “lay on the top rope and just talk” style and it really sets them apart.  Watching Hogan cut a five minute heel promo was a bit rough.  Hopefully that’ll get better with time.

I’ve got a bit of a plan for catching up now, so hopefully you’ll be seeing these things a bit more regularly.  I hope you enjoyed seeing the issue of WCW Magazine earlier this week.  If you have any copies of magazines that you want to part with, please let me know as I do not have a line on getting every one at the moment.

Until next time, fans!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.6

WCW Nitro Ratings – 3.4

(Raw – 17, Nitro – 22) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 5)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 6

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 5


WCW’s longest official win streak thus far!  5 wins in a row.  Only one more win and they’re tied with WWF.


WWF Raw results from this week

WWF IC Champion Ahmed Johnson defeated WWF Tag Team Champion Bart Gunn (w/ Sunny) with a spinebuster and the Pearl River Plunge. (11:28)

Marc Mero (w/ Sable) defeated TL Hopper with a right jab and left hand punch. (11:30)

WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels (w/ Jose Lothario) pinned WWF Tag Team Champion Billy Gunn (w/ Sunny) with an elbow drop off the top and the superkick. (14:00)


Wow…those matches all go over 11 minutes?  A TL Hopper match went 11?  What the hell?

KoaNitro copyWelcome, everyone, to another exciting issue of Kick Out at Nitro!  We are the only website dedicated to walking with you through the world that was WCW Monday Nitro!  Tonight’s episode comes to us from Albany, GA.  Bischoff lets us know that after tonight’s episode there will be the NBA Playoffs, but that won’t happen until after The Giant goes after Ric Flair’s WCW World Championship.  We’re also going to see Sting and Lex Luger defending their Tag Team titles against Harlem Heat.  Steven Regal will also take on The Belfast Bruiser in a match that will start in the parking lot.

Match #1: WCW World Tag Team Championship – Harlem Heat VS Sting & Lex Luger (WCW Tag Team Champions)

As Harlem Heat comes to the ring, Bischoff talks up the new tag team of Fire and Ice, Scott Norton and Ice Train.  They’ll be taking on the Steiner Brothers later tonight, which makes me happy.  I really liked Fire and Ice back in the day and I really liked Scott Norton when he debuted on Nitro, so I’m excited to get to see this tag team again.

Luger still has his Television Championship.  I like seeing Luger with two belts.  I always like seeing a wrestler with multiple championships.

Bischoff runs down the Lethal Lottery again, letting us know that it will be 16 teams, randomly comprised of 32 wrestlers, then the final 8 in a battle royal.  We’ll apparently see Benoit and Sullivan taking on Public Enemy in that tournament.

Sting and Booker T start the match off and the crowd is pretty fired up.  Sting and Booker trade off arm wrenches until Booker hits a back hook kick and takes Sting down.  Sting ducks a couple of running clotheslines and hits a big shoulder tackle before getting a scoop slam and an elbow drop for a count of 1.  Sting tags in Luger, they hit a double back elbow and Lex gets cut off so Booker can tag out to Stevie Ray, who proceeds to beat down Luger and stomp him in the corner.

Bischoff reminds us that Savage and Flair are a tag team in the Lethal Lottery, taking on Arn Anderson and Eddie Guerrero.

Both teams tag out and Booker starts off with the better of Sting, but Sting fires up and hits a nice dropkick before Sting tags out to Luger again, who is in control as we go to commercial.  Coming back from commercial, Sting is fighting out of a side headlock from Booker T but is cut off by a side slam and an elbow drop.  Booker spins up out of it (back with this was a transition and not a taunt…man, I hate the WWE spinaroonie) and hits a massive jump wheel kick.  Luger and Sting get overpowered by Harlem Heat, allowing them to set up for a nice double team move where Stevie Ray powerbombs Luger and Booker T comes down on the guy with an elbow drop mid move.  After the move, out comes Jimmy Hart and throws in the towel, which apparently happened on Saturday Night. Booker grabs the towel and tosses it out of the ring as Stevie Ray grabs Jimmy Hart and tosses him into the ring.  Sting comes in, roll up for the win.

Winners: Sting & Jimmy Hart

Really, was Jimmy trying to cost Sting & Luger the belts?  What good would throwing in the towel do?  They would lose.

Commercial break, which brings us back to…

Match #2: Fire and Ice VS The Steiner Brothers

Fire and Ice are huge!  It’s hard to be bigger than the Steiners, but these guys pull it off.

The Steiners will be facing each other for the first time in their careers at Slamboree.

Ice Train and Rick Steiner start off, Steiner taking it slow and then Ice Train exploding into offense.  He leap frogs Rick and clears him by a good foot and a half, then hits a beautiful powerslam.  Rick ducks past a rushing Ice Train, grabbing him from behind in the corner and hitting a German suplex.  Both teams tag out and Scott and Norton go at each other in the hoss fight of the week!  Scotty hits a big belly to belly suplex and dives off the top into the arms of Norton, who slams him.  The teams tag, Ice Train gets a hip toss on Rick and immediately clotheslines an entering Scott Steiner.  Scott sets Ice Train up for a tiger bomb but Norton clotheslines him out of it, sending him out to the floor.  Rick hits Ice Train with a big Steinerline for the win.

Winners: The Steiner Brothers

Holy crap, this match!  I loved it!  Quick, explosive, powerful!  Check this match out!

We go to commercial and come back to Mean Gene who announces the WCW World Champion, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair!  Flair is proceeded by Woman and Elizabeth.  Gene asks Flair about the title defense tonight against The Giant.  Flair says to look at the ladies and ask if he looks worried.  He calls Elizabeth “the former Mrs. Macho Man” quite a few times.  He asks Woman if the Giant is half the man Flair is, and she says the Giant is a small man compared to Ric Flair.  He asks Liz the same and gets the same.

We go to commercial…to a portal, that opens up to snow…Blood Runs Cold…HOLY CRAP IT’S A GLACIER PROMO!!!!!!!

Back from commercial, we’re in the parking lot and Regal and Finlay are slamming each other into cars.

Match #3: Parking Lot Brawl – Lord Steven Regal VS The Belfast Bruiser

Finlay gets run through the window of a car, then tries to attack regal with a brick!  Finlay slams Regal into the hood of a car, then beats him with the spare tire.  Finlay gets a few good swings in with a bumper.  Regal lays Finlay up on the hood of a bronco and hits a nice elbow drop.  Finlay follows it by choking Regal with the seatbelt.  Finlay hotshots Regal onto the guardrail, but Regal clotheslines Finlay into the bed of a truck.  They brawl all over the truck before jumping off of it.  Someone is busted up because Regal has blood on his shirt and Finlay has it on his quad.

Bischoff goes full wuss as he says it’s getting too graphic and he’s going to ask the cameraman to go so wide that all we see is skyline.  Regal slams Finlay’s head through another glass window.  Bischoff says he’s going to petition the WCW committee to put a stop to this.  He asks them to pull wider and, sadly, they do.  Regal takes Finlay up onto the hood of a car and sets up for a piledriver but gets hit with a back body drop onto the roof of the car.  He pulls Finlay up to the roof and hits a piledriver for the win!

Winner: Lord Steven Regal

Wow!  This was brutal as all hell!  Sadly Bischoff was a wuss about the whole thing, but still, this was a damn crazy match!

Commercial break and we’re off to our main event.

Match #4: WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match – The Giant w/ Jimmy Hart VS “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (WCW World Champion) w/ Woman and Ms. Elizabeth

Flair hits on Deborah McMichael yet again.  Can this be over soon?  That match is at the Great American Bash, right?

Mongo talks about how The Giant should leave wrestling and be a football player.  Ugh.  Way to put over the sport of wrestling there, Mongo.

Flair starts off well but chops Giant in the corner, which pisses him off.  Giant rushes Flair, though, so Flair moves and Giant eats corner.  Flair goes up top and gets slammed off of it for his trouble, though.  Giant hits a big vertical suplex.  I love a vertical suplex, but coming from Giant, that’s a big damn deal.  Giant goes for the chokeslam but Flair holds onto the top rope, stopping it and eventually nailing Giant in the balls while Woman is on the apron distracting the ref.  Giant is on his knees and is almost as tall as Flair.  Flair tees off on Giant with punches, which Giant keeps shrugging off.  Jimmy Hart distracts the ref and Flair hits Giant with a pair of brass knucks.  Instead of covering, Flair stomps on him a bit and puts him in the Figure 4.  Giant reaches over and grabs Flair around the throat, stands up out of the Figure 4 and chokeslams Flair for the win!


Giant says this is HIS belt…always has been, always will be.  He’s got a point.  It never should have been taken from him in the first place, but now, he’s the legit champion.

Mean Gene hits the ring to present the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion.  Hart says that tonight Flair gets to go home with the women and he gets to go home with the WCW World Champion.  I feel that says a lot about Jimmy Hart right there, ladies and gentlemen.  Giant says the belt has been his since Halloween Havoc and he’s going to be a fighting champion.  Gene makes sure to tell us that Hulk Hogan is watching tonight from home.  Gotta get that Hogan mention in there.

The announcers run down the end of the match and Bischoff tells us that it will be Sting VS The Giant for the title at Slamboree.  I can’t believe they’re waiting until the Pay Per View to do that.  I seriously expected him to say the match was happening next week on Monday Nitro.  Bischoff says that they’ll be back next week at 7 PM (due to the NBA playoffs) and sends us off the air.


This was a damn good episode of Nitro!  Two amazing matches in the middle of the card.  The Tag Title match was pretty good and we finished with a new champion.  There was no Hogan, either.  Man, looking back, I should have given this episode to Derick as an apology for his last episode.  Sorry, man.  It’s crazy how much better this show is without him, though.  I’m almost certain he’s gone from now until July, so maybe that’s a good sign for the next few episodes.

I’m sorry for the lateness in this blog, ladies and gentlemen.  I really wanted to be current last week with the anniversary of Scott Hall appearing, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get caught up.  Blame hockey season, if you need something to blame.  I’ve got some time coming up, though, so I’m going to try to get these things cranked out over the next few weeks.

Until next time!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.9

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.1

(Raw – 14, Nitro – 14) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 4)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 4

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 4


The longest winning streaks are tied…as are the lead weeks.  14 a piece!  So, after 30 episodes and 34 weeks running, we’re basically tied up.  Interesting that this is happening right at the cusp of Scott Hall jumping ship.


WWF Raw results from this week

Mankind defeated Bart Gunn via submission with the Mandible Claw.

Steve Austin (w/ Ted Dibiase) defeated Scott Taylor via submission with the Million $ Dream.

Marty Jannetty & Leif Cassidy fought Henry Godwinn & Phinneas Godwinn (w/ Hillbilly Jim) to a double count-out when the legal men were unable to return to the ring.

The Ultimate Warrior defeated Isaac Yankem DDS with the flying shoulder block and splash.

This episode also featured the start of the Shawn Michaels / British Bulldog angle where Davey and his wife Diana started trying to say that HBK was trying to sleep with Diana.  Kind of a crap sounding Raw, to me, but, eh.

KoaNitro copy

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another edition of the Internet’s only chronological expose on WCW Nitro history!  I’m joined, once again, by the Colorado Kid himself, Phillip.  He’s taking a look into this episode, coming to us live from Cleveland, Ohio.  I’ll be back at the end for my thoughts as well as for the ratings and Raw thoughts, but for now, I leave you in Phillip’s hands.


Match #1: The Giant VS Sting

Show opens and it’s actually a really exciting open, Stinger is out there working over the Giant. Of course the action is slowing down as it does when The Giant is wrestling. Seeing this brightly colored Sting, no matter how much I see it makes me a child again, and I mark. The story line that’s playing out here is that the Harlem Heat was supposed to be a tag vs Giant and Sting, and Jimmy Hart has paid everyone off. There’s a huge spot where he dropkicks giant off the apron, and Lex comes out to save the day. Giant sprays some screaming into the camera letting Sting know that the only reason he survived is because Lex is there…

Winner: The Giant (via DQ)

Show officially opens, and we’re getting backstory on this Jimmy Hart payoff. I think I mentioned this in my last post, but Mongo needs to go, it’s like he and Heenan are trying to work the same angle, and they are both annoying.

Match #2: Triangle Tag Team Match: The Steiner Brothers VS The Road Warriors VS The Nasty Boys

Onto this 3 way Triangle Tag.. This was all set up with the Steiners Debut where the Nasty Boys went to the Hospital and no one knew who did it. Some athletic action in this match. Scott still has that beautiful mullet. For a 6 man event, this match is beautifully paced. A lot of these matches work as distractions to avoid showing a lack of action or ring work. There’s a chaotic everyone brawling outside the ring moment, but overall some really good, well paced action. Bischoff throws a mention to the Steiners debut, and that setting up this match. Animal grabs a heel of Knobbs, but somehow even though every other touch of a man is a tag, this one doesn’t count… I love the suspension of disbelief that I clearly had as a young man. Watching this match, I’m sure this is going to be the highlight again. A really nice spot, Rick sets up a belly to belly on the top, and Hawk pushes them both over the top. Public Enemy comes out and runs some interference. Johnny Gunge dressed as Knobbs runs in the ring and takes the pin. It looks like Public Enemy mugged the Nasty Boys.

Winner: The Steiner Brothers 

They make a spot showing Luger defending the TV title, and Flair defending the Heavywieight title… Makes you wonder how that main event’s going to turn out…

Match #3: “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson & “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan w/ Woman and Ms. Elizabeth VS Hulk Hogan & The Booty Man w/ Kimberly

Double A and the Taskmaster come out with Elizabeth and Woman. Elizabeth and woman come out looking like a walking 80’s glamour shot.  The walking cartoon duo of Hulk and BM come out for the match. I think WCW’s April Fools joke is pushing BM as a star, and trying to sell Hulk as someone who still wrestles. The physique differences are pretty hilarious, it’s two stocky, chubby, pale dudes wrestling two bodybuilders, who spend half their day in the tanning booth turning their skin into tanned leather with a ton of bright colors. Woman digging into BM’s face. All of the offense is really BM and Hogan, but finally there is a shift, watching Double A job to Hogan and BM makes me feel a little ill. A couple of boots to the face, and Hogan has yet to take a bump. Hogan uses Booty Babe’s heel to take out Taskmaster. I have to say typing Booty Babe, makes it near impossible to not cringe, what a god awful gimmick.

Post match there’s a little action. They tag BM, but Hogan still taking no bumps.

Winners: Hulk Hogan & The Booty Man

Hulk and BM doing some tough Mic work. BM has a plan to get the “last laugh” there’s a lot of “brother’s” and “booty” and some threat to “kick a can”, won’t take bumps, can’t cut a promo… This is their star.

Match #4: WCW World Heavyweight Championship: “The Total Package” Lex Luger (WCW TV/Tag Team Champ) VS “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (WCW World Champion) w/ Woman & Ms. Elizabeth

Ric Flair in there Ric Flair’ing giving a “WOO!” and a strut. Flair taking some bumps, a big overhead slam. Another big overhead slam. I forgot how many of these matches were only slow ring movement and signature moves. Flair goes up top, and… Overhead slam. Clothesline, and clothesline over the top. Flair chops, and a Luger overhead slam, this time onto the ropes followed by… clotheslines. This match is like going to see Chumbawumba open for Alien Ant Farm and they only play “I get knocked down” and “Smooth Criminal” over and over. Knee block chop and Figure Four… Luger turning the figure four over… Flair grabs a rope and throws luger out, woman rakes the eyes. Luger clotheslines Flair. Sunset flip pin by luger, Flair kicks out at 2, missed hip toss and backslide pin, flair kicks out at 2, Luger catches Flair off the top, sets him up for a superplex. The Luger power slam, Torture Rack, Liz distracts the referee, and woman throws coffee in Lugers face, and Flair leans on the rope for the pin.

Winner: Ric Flair (still WCW World Champion)

Sting comes out to save Luger, while Flair celebrates.

The highlight of this Match was the reminder that Flair is the dirtiest player in the game. Which is a part he plays well.

Match of the night: Triangle Tag

Storyline implications:

Hart paying everyone off to try to let Giant take out Sting

Public Enemy duping the Nasty Boys, likely attacking them

BM coming up with some mystical match to get the last laugh on Double A and Taskmaster

Luger and Sting against the villainy of WCW, playing the hero part well.


Overall impressions, This was a set up show to get some storylines started, the next few weeks will see these stories play out. Not a bad Nitro, but definitely more about story than wrestling. The ring work for the most part was ho hum, but you can see that they are trying to set a foundation leading to the next PPV.

Thanks for your time, and I’m out!



All in all I thought this was a pretty solid show.  I’m not EXACTLY sure why Jimmy Hart is trying to take out Sting now, though, since Sting hasn’t featured in any of the main story lines for a long time.  He’s busy with the tag team stuff, so there’s really no reason to pay off Harlem Heat to let the Giant beat him down.  Plus, damn, Booker T, that’s cold.  You and Sting were temporary buddies just two weeks ago!  Nice to see Luger rush to Sting’s aid, though.  Luger is pretty much going full babyface in the next few months, so we’re seeing that turn towards that here.  Plus, Luger, even in his tweener role, does seem to genuinely care about Sting, so it’s not too much of a stretch.  It’s nice to know that Luger has Sting’s back when it counts, though.

Man, WCW’s tag team division is stacked!  The Steiners, Road Warriors, American Males, Nasty Boys, Public Enemy, Harlem Heat…it’s so awesome to get to see a company where full tag teams are a thing.  I’m so used to fifteen years of Midcarder A and Midcarder B being thrown together to be a tag team that I forgot what having a full roster of tag teams was like.  This match, like most of the tag matches in the last few months, was pretty hard hitting.  Phillip seems to constantly get Steiner Brothers matches on his write-ups, though, which makes me sad.  I want to call some suplexes!  The Steiners are, legit, my favorite tag team ever, so I’m loving them here.  I know I don’t get but about a year of them…but I’m going to cherish it while I’ve got it!

The Hogan/Booty match…ugh…I’m so damn sick of the Booty Man, I want to scream.  Him trying to say the word “satisfaction” with this weird emphasis failed twice.  It’s like he did it the first time, no one reacted, so he wanted to make sure that people heard him so he did it again!  Thing is, he says it differently both times!  Also, I don’t want to hear Hogan say “booty” anymore.  I don’t want to hear ANYONE say it anymore.  Sadly, we’ll get this match again next week.  I also don’t want anyone to hit anyone else with a shoe anymore.  I’m sick of this gimmick.

The main event…yet another free World Championship defense.  I understand defending the Television title every time you have a television show…but the World Championship is something you should pay to see.  This goes for every company…then, and now.  In a world where you can get access to ANY type of media you want, it sometimes seems like it makes sense to give the title away because you have to draw in viewers.  However, that’s how you tarnish a title.  They do title shots on Nitro every week and none of them feel special anymore.  Title matches should be built up to, PPV main events, with Michael Buffer announcing.  That’s one thing I can say about the time we’ve got coming up when Hogan gets the title…from what I remember, he only defends on PPV.  Granted, he’s a heel and only defends in the mandatory 30 days, but still…he makes it feel special.  But, I digress.  

Bobby Heenan seriously got me with his April Fools joke about this being his last night.  I started wracking my brain (no pun intended) to try to remember if he took time off around this time…but then he gets to the end and I have to admit, he got me.

All in all, decent show.  Not stellar, but not terrible.  Nitro takes a week off next week, so fortunately we’re not as behind as it looks like we are here.  I hope to get the next two episodes up this weekend sometime and then go from there.  See you all next time, fans!




Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.9

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.8

(Raw – 11, Nitro – 14) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 4)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 4


Back to a WWF win…but we’re about to turn the corner here into May.  Those wins won’t be something we see too much of once that happens.


WWF Raw results from this week

Mankind defeated Bob Holly

Marc Mero defeated Isaac Yankem DDS

Skip & Zip (c) (w/ Sunny) defeated Aldo Montoya & Barry Horowitz to retain the WWF Tag Team Championship

The Undertaker defeated Justin Bradshaw via disqualification


Hey, look, it’s Johnny B Badd!  Is this his official debut?  I may have to watch that to find out as this is a decent sized ship-jump.  It’s not as big as Vader’s was, but still.  Doesn’t look like a terrible Raw, aside from Isaac Yankem being on TV, but still.  I can see how this competed closely with this episode of Nitro.