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Kick Out at 2’s PPV Predictions for WWE’s newest PPV Battleground.

WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

Robbie’s Pick: Daniel Bryan

Shane’s Pick: Randy Orton – I just don’t see Bryan getting it back this quickly.  I’d love to see him take it back later this month at Hell in a Cell when I’m there live, so maybe this is just wishful thinking.

Derick’s Pick: Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship Match: RVD vs. Alberto Del Rio 

Robbie’s Pick: RVD

Shane’s Pick: RVD – I’m going out on a limb here, but I figure they’ll finally give it to RVD if only for a month.

Derick’s Pick: Alberto Del Rio

CM Punk vs Ryback

Robbie’s Pick: CM Punk

Shane’s Pick: Ryback – They’re going to drag this Punk/Heyman stuff out for a while, so no reason to blow it off tonight.

Derick’s Pick: CM Punk

Curtis Axel vs R-Truth

Robbie’s Pick: Curtis Axel

Shane’s Pick: R-Truth – I hate to be the negative one, but I feel this Axel ship has sailed.  Let R-Truth have a little run and let’s see where that goes.

Derick’s Pick: Curtis Axel

The Rhodes Family vs The Shield

Robbie’s Pick: The Rhodes Family

Shane’s Pick: The Shield

Derick’s Pick:  The Rhodes Family

Kofi Kingston vs Bray Wyatt

Robbie’s Pick: Bray Wyatt

Shane’s Pick: Bray Wyatt – This match is happening?  This is why 2 PPVs in a month is bad…stuff just gets thrown together haphazardly.

Derick’s Pick – Bray Wyatt

WWE Diva’s Championship Match: AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella

Robbie’s Pick: AJ Lee

Shane’s Pick: AJ Lee

Derick’s Pick:  AJ Lee

Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow

Robbie’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler

Shane’s Pick: Damien Sandow – Zigglypuff has pissed off someone so I don’t see that letting up right now.

Derick’s Pick:  Damien Sandow

Santino & The Great Khali vs The Real Americans

Robbie’s Pick: The Real Americans

Shane’s Pick: The Real Americans

Derick’s Pick:  The Real Americans

Time for WWE Night of Champions. The first WWE PPV under the new regime of the Power Hungry and Super Heels Triple H and Randy Orton…or is this now called Night of Business?  Well any way here are our picks because “at the end of the day…” isn’t that what all this is about.

WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

Robbie’s Pick: Randy Orton – I have been screaming for them to do something with Randy Orton and now that he is a heel again he is back in the role that he should be. Bryan not being Champion does sucks especially after the way he had the title quickly ripped away from him mere moments after achieving his ultimate goal. It’s making for compelling television and right now I see it remaining the classic tale of baby face chasing the perfect heel.

Shane’s Pick: Randy Orton – I don’t see the belt coming off of Randy until maybe Survivor Series if he’s going to lose it at all before Wrestlemania.  This one’s definitely going Orton’s way.

Derick’s Pick: Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship Match: RVD vs. Alberto Del Rio 

Robbie’s Pick: RVD – Alberto Del Rio has just become boring for me. I love the Cross-arm Breaker that he does and how vicious he makes it look and his skills as an in ring performer are top notch. I just think his character isn’t clicking with the fans. Face or Heel. I don’t think he is getting the reaction WWE would like him to have. I feel RVD winning the World Heavyweight Championship would validate not only his return but his overall career as well.

Shane’s Pick: ADR – I see Ricardo turning on RVD and giving us another month of ADR as champion.

Derick’s Pick: Alberto Del Rio

CM Punk vs Curtis Axel

Robbie’s Pick: CM Punk – I always get aggravated when The World Heavyweight Championship isn’t the 2nd main focus of the PPV. Sadly enough that seems to be happening more and more as of late but it’s no surprise this match has taken 2nd billing on the PPV. Aside from the Triple H and the COO Authority role this has been the story everyone has focused on. Punk needs to get his retribution on Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar and I feel this is the time it will happen. Now how will Punk, Heyman, Axel and Brock will eventually fall into this story after this PPV? It will be interesting to see how Triple H’s authority effects the Best in The World and The Paul Heyman Guys when the lines start to get drawn.

Shane’s Pick: CM Punk – I think that Axel’s run with Heyman is coming to an end sometime soon, so why not have it come at the cost of Axel opening the door for Heyman to get his ass kicked by Punk?

Derick’s Pick: CM Punk

Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler

Robbie’s Pick: Dean Ambrose – Poor, poor Dolph. What have you done and who did you piss off? 😦

Shane’s Pick: Dean Ambrose – Should be an amazing match!  Wish it had a bit more of a build up, but this one has the possibility of stealing the show.  If the rumors are to be believed, maybe in the future Dolph will be a bit more reigned in when giving interviews on the subject of Randy Orton.

Derick’s Pick: Dean Ambrose

WWE Tag Team Championship No. 1 Contender’s Match

Robbie’s Pick: The Prime Time Players – Time for Titus O’Neil to be wearing some gold!

Shane’s Pick: Antonio & Swagger –  Time for Antonio to be wearing some gold…again!

Derick’s Pick:  The Prime Time Players

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Shield vs ????

Robbie’s Pick: The Shield – I’m guessing that since they are Triple H’s “bodyguards” the entire group of The Shield will keep their respective titles to look like a strong threat to anyone opposing “The New Corporation” I had originally thought they had hit a wall as far as creative goes for The Shield but having them teamed with Triple H and Orton will open up more story-lines for them and establish more baby-face teams to chase the titles.

Shane’s Pick: The Shield – There’s no build up anywhere when it comes to this match, so if the tag belts are going to be switched, I’d rather have it mean something than be hot-shotted around to an opponent picked that night!

Derick’s Pick – The Shield

WWE Diva’s Championship Match: AJ Lee vs. Natalya vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi

Robbie’s Pick: AJ Lee – Please AJ, just focus on working with Natayla and save this division. #PipebombShell

Shane’s Pick: Natalya – I would LOVE to say AJ, but I have a feeling that the end of next season of Total Divas needs a feel good wrap up 😦

Derick’s Pick:  AJ Lee

Here we are at WWE’s Money In The Bank PPV. The above poster is by no means the official poster this year but damn if it shouldn’t be. Everyone here at Kick Out at 2! are huge comic geeks so it’s only fitting we borrow this poster. I’m not sure who made it but they did an awesome job. As accurate as this poster is one thing we all hope is that Daniel Bryan is finally the Kryponite that will take down the all mighty Super-Cena at WWE’s 2nd biggest PPV of the year.

WWE Championship Match: John Cena vs Daniel Bryan w/ Special Guest Referee: Triple H

Robbie’s Pick: Daniel Bryan – My gut really wants me to pick John Cena but with the quality of WWE programing over the last few months I’m going to go ahead and have faith in WWE Creative to do the right thing here. It’s Daniel Bryan’s time, it has been for months now. Triple H being involved in the match worries me to some degree but if he’s the man to hand Bryan the title when the match comes to an end this will no doubt signify the beginning of a new future and a change of the landscape in WWE.

Shane’s Pick: John Cena – Hate to do it, but it’s gotta be done.

Derick’s Pick: Daniel Bryan –  The American Dragon has been on fire lately!! I keep seeing people dogging him on the interwebs about his promo style, lack of charisma, etc. How’s about those people look at some of the stuff he has done before WWE and get back to me about it then. Don’t make me write a profanity-filled article aimed at you guys. Bryan wins, holds the title for awhile, and punts Cena out of the picture for a minute. And Orton, please don’t cash in tonight. I like ya, but that’d sting a little.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio 

Robbie’s Pick: Christian – I’m very sad to see Dolph Ziggler dropped from the title picture and his push being put on halt yet again. Christian in the title picture again makes me happy though. His first title run was a huge letdown lasting a little under one week. His second was ok and the series of matches he had with Randy Orton were phenomenal. Christian has put a lot in the company over the years and he’s not getting any younger. This is Christian’s time to get the nice title reign he deserves.

Shane’s Pick: Alberto Del Rio

Derick’s Pick: Alberto Del Rio – Who really cares… They are destroying what legitimacy they have left in the world title. Vince obviously hates Christian, so why would he put the strap on him.  Maybe Sandow will come out. You’re welcome.

CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar

Robbie’s Pick: CM Punk – This has been an awesome feud and it has been a match that was no doubt going to happen the minute Brock Lesnar stepped foot back into the WWE. Two years ago Punk sit on the stage and aired his grievances about the company he had grown to hate because he loved and cared for it it too much. During that rant Punk mentioned two names; Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Just that simple mention made them relevant again in WWE and here we are two years later with these 3 involved in one of the biggest matches on the card. Punk is the reason this is happening so I see him walking away with the win here.

Shane’s Pick: Brock Lesnar – Rematch at Mania with Punk going over.

Derick’s Pick: Brock Lesnar – I’ll hold while you guys pick your jaws off the floor…….. I know for certain I’m in the minority on this one. I haven’t seen anyone else’s picks. But I’m sure they are Punk. I have to go Lesnar. I just don’t see Lesnar losing. The promos have been top-notch, and the ENTIRE build has been perfect. But I just see Lesnar winning. God, people are gonna kill me for that pick.

Ring of Fire Match: Kane vs Bray Wyatt

Robbie’s Pick: Bray Wyatt – Well Bray is making his in ring debut and Kane has See No Evil 2 set to be released this fall. Kane enjoy your time off to film and Bray continue to enjoy that awesome push!

Shane’s Pick: Bray Wyatt – Debut him strong!

Derick’s Pick: Bray Wyatt – Why is this not an Inferno Match?!? What difference does a name change mean!!! Really?!? PG era made us change the name of a MATCH!?! Blasphemy! Anyways, loving the Wyatt family. And Kane is just the crazy guy to put another crazy guy over.

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs. Big E Langston & Divas Champion AJ Lee

Robbie’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn – Dolph and Kaitlyn havent had very much luck with PPV wins here lately. Pretty sure that will change this Sunday.

Shane’s Pick: Dolph & Kaitlyn – Ugh…why?

Derick’s Pick: Ziggler & Kaitlyn –Wow. Ziggler goes from World title holder to mid-card status faster than Kennedy got fired for almost hurting Orton a few years back. Plus, Kaitlyn owes me one for losing the title. Who the Hell is she anyways!!?!

Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow

Robbie’s Pick: Cody Rhodes – I kinda see Cody picking up the win here for retaliation for his best friend turning on him. Hopefully this will be the end of this feud and and Damien can focus on using his MITB Contract at the right time.

Shane’s Pick: Damien Sandow

Derick’s Pick: Sandow – I hate that this tag team broke up. But I’m loving Sandow at the moment. Cocky heels already get preferential treatment in my book. Plus, bonus points for the ridiculous briefcase. I hear its from his personal collection.

WWE United States Championship Match: Dean Ambrose vs RVD

Robbie’s Pick: RVD – As much as I love The Shield I really want to see RVD as the US Champion.

Shane’s Pick: RVD

Derick’s Pick: RVD – I was kinda surprised that RVD was even brought back. He went somewhere (TNA) for awhile and was used poorly (SHOCKER!!). I don’t see him holding the US title, but there isn’t a reason for him to lose either. I’m saying DQ due to Shield Shenanigans. 

Natalya vs. Brie Bella

Robbie’s Pick: Brie Bella- WWE is all about promoting the Bellas at the moment so I’m sure Brie will pick up the win here. Poor Natalya. 😦

Shane’s Pick: Brie Bella – Gotta sell that stupid show…

Derick’s Pick: Brie Bella – Don’t care. Moving along. It’s like WWE doesn’t really….. Wait a second.. Kaitlyn isn’t in the match. Where the Hell is Kaitlyn?!? Oh yeah, the mixed tag…

Here we are at WWE’s Money In The Bank PPV. Considered to be one of the greatest match types ever created by the company this year we are treated to the return of RVD against 6 other Superstars in The Money in The Bank All-Star Match all consisting of former WWE Champions. Also the secondary Money in The Bank Match is for the World Heavyweight Championship all consisting of younger talent. You guys know the formula so lets get on to our predictions of who we think will walk out of the PPV victorious.

WWE Championship Match: John Cena vs Mark Henry

Robbie’s Pick: Mark Henry – I really think it’s time for Mark to be WWE Champion. If they like to play off the classic case of “it’s more fun to watch a face chase a title” then go ahead and let Mark be the credible Heel and Champion he has deserved to be over the last decade.

Shane’s Pick: John Cena – I was going to go with Mark Henry…I had even typed it out and gotten about a sentence into my explanation, when I decided that I actually think they’re going to run Bryan against Cena instead of Mark Henry.  We’ll see if come Summerslam we get a good Cena/Bryan match with Cena putting Bryan over.

Derick’s Pick: John Cena – As much as I hate to say it Mark Henry is gonna walk away without the gold. Cena is gonna keep burrying everyone cause “That’s what he does!”

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio 

Robbie’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler – I believe Dolph will pick up the win here and hopefully the title as well. If its a sketchy win where the title doesn’t switch hands though Ziggler will reclaim it at SummerSlam.

Shane’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler – I have no idea why ADR got the belt…they could have done the turn without it, but I guess they want new babyface Ziggler chasing the belt.  

Derick’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler – He never should have lost it to begin with!

WWE ALL-STARS Money in The Bank Match: CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs RVD vs Christian vs Randy Orton vs Kane vs Sheamus

Robbie’s Pick: RVD – There are so many reasons for almost everyone in this match to win but I gotta go with the returning RVD. I’m pretty sure Brock Lesnar will guarantee that CM Punk does not win. If this happens the X Factor will be RVD and his relationship with the other “Paul Heyman Guys”. With Punk rumored to win the Royal Rumble next Year RVD as Mr. Money in The Bank would be pretty sweet!

Shane’s Pick: Daniel Bryan – It’s Bryan’s time, simple as that.  

Derick’s Pick: Daniel Bryan  -If Daniel doesn’t win this this the huge buildup with him over the last few months will have kinda been for nothing.

Money in The Bank World Heavyweight Championship Contract: Dean Ambrose vs Wade Barrett vs Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow vs Jack Swagger vs Antonio Cesaro vs Fandango

Robbie’s Pick: Wade Barrett – He lost the Intercontinental Championship and isn’t in the Intercontinental Championship match this time around. I think it’s time for him to step up and be the Superstar he should be by now and I think MITB is the next logical choice for this guy.

Shane’s Pick: Dean Ambrose – This one was hard because no one really stands out as ready for the title.  Granted, this is exactly what I think that MITB should be…people who aren’t in the title picture yet and would need the next step.  I almost said Cesaro, but I doubt that…so, at this moment, Ambrose seems to be the hottest one in the match.

Derick’s Pick: Dean Ambrose – Time for “Big Gold” to come to The Shield!

Intercontinental Championship Match: The Miz vs. Curtis Axel

Robbie’s Pick: Curtis Axel – I got a feeling he is in line for a long run with this title.

Shane’s Pick: Curtis Axel – They’re letting Miz wrestle on the main card again?!  Talk about someone whose stock has dropped.

Derick’s Pick: Curtis Axel

Chris Jericho vs Ryback

Robbie’s Pick: Ryback – Chris Jericho is in the current state of putting younger talent over and Ryback hasn’t won a PPV match in almost a year. Jericho is a veteran so he will do what is right to help restore Ryback’s momentum that Cena threw in the crapper.

Shane’s Pick: Ryback – One month removed from the title match and he’s in random matches on PPV.  Nice.

Derick’s Pick: Ryback – God creative better fix this guy! Here is their first step in doing so.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos vs. The Shield

Robbie’s Pick: The Shield – When are we gonna get The Prime Time Players back in the mix?

Shane’s Pick: The Shield – Sorry Usos…just not your time yet.

Derick’s Pick: The Shield

WWE Diva’s Championship Match: AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn

Robbie’s Pick: AJ Lee

Shane’s Pick: AJ Lee – Please don’t take that belt off of her any time soon!

Derick’s Pick: AJ Lee

WWE’s newest June PPV is here. WWE’s Payback. I’m not sure why WWE changes their June PPV theme seemingly year after year but this is their new attempt and the card is actually decent. So lets see what our thoughts are for this month’s PPV.

WWE Championship 3 Stages of Hell Match: John Cena vs Ryback

Robbie’s Pick: John Cena – Still boring as usual. I mean business… No I was right the first time.

Shane’s Pick: John Cena

Derick’s Pick: John Cena – What can I say? Ryback is not John Cena’s Kryponite and that’s a shame…a damn shame.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio 

Robbie’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler – His concussion was a setback and they kept the title on him. Hopefully they have something big planned for Dolph.

Shane’s Pick: olph Ziggler

Derick’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler – I agree with Rob. I want Dolph to do with The World Heavyweight Championship what CM Punk did with The WWE Championship. Give this man a long run and restore some credibility to this title. It is THE Championship, not a mid card title so use it right. Ric Flair held this belt for God’s sake!!!

Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk

Robbie’s Pick: Chris Jericho – This is what I have been waiting for weeks. The return of “The Second City Saint” but for Y2J to be his return opponent is awesome! As far as the Payback Theme this is the only match on the card that fits the setting. As much as I would like Punk to win I really see this being the turning point of the Heyman/Punk team. I look for Heyman to screw Punk which will lead to Punk vs Lesnar at Summerslam.

Shane’s Pick: CM Punk

Derick’s Pick: Chris Jericho  – Punk should pull a no show. It would absolutely piss everyone off and maintain his status as the ultimate bad guy in the company.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan

Robbie’s Pick: The Shield – Bryan has been on fire and I would love for Orton to go Heel in this match and turn on Daniel. A red hot Bryan vs an evil Orton throughout the Summer would be something I would really enjoy. Both guys doing what they love and playing up their natural talents would be amazing to see.

Shane’s Pick: The Shield

Derick’s Pick: The Shield – These guys are keeping WWE afloat at the moment. No need for them to lose their titles just yet.

Intercontinental Championhip Match: Wade Barrett vs. The Miz vs. Curtis Axel

Robbie’s Pick: Curtis Axel – In a perfect world Axel would be IC Champion and Punk would be recapturing his WWE Championship during this PPV. Later that night it would be revealed Punk was the leader of The Shield all along and the “Paul Heyman Guys” would be running the WWE. However that is in a perfect world and we are doing predictions for WWE…

Shane’s Pick: Curtis Axel

Derick’s Pick: Curtis Axel – Michael who!?!?! Yeah time for this guy to be who he was meant to be and hold the title that his father once did.

United States Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Kane

Robbie’s Pick: Dean Ambrose – Yeah, that title isnt going anywhere.

Shane’s Pick: Dean Ambrose

Derick’s Pick: Dean Ambrose – Again, The Shield…WWE…Afloat….

Divas Championship Match: Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee

Robbie’s Pick: AJ Lee- Dolph and AJ. WWE’s newest power couple.

Shane’s Pick: AJ Lee

Derick’s Pick: Kaitlyn – Seriously guys… WHO THE F*** IS KAITLYN!?!? WHEN DID SHE BECOME CHAMPION!? Wow this division is easily forgettable.

Pre-Show Match: Sheamus vs Damien Sandow

Robbie’s Pick: Sheamus – This guy is still insanely over as a huge face. A win here early in the show will set the mood for the show.

Shane’s Pick: Sheamus

Derick’s Pick: Sheamus – Sheamus is on the pre-show? Guess he got the “boot” from the main card….see what I did there?