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Ok Guys! So here we are fresh off what many are considering a controversial Royal Rumble. While most don’t agree with the results of WWE’s annual event. Lets take a moment to see how our personal picks held up.

Derick – 5/6

Robbie – 4/6

Shane – 4/6

Starting off the new year very close. See you guys at Fast Lane as we continue onto the Road to Wrestlemania.

Ok Guys! I’m back! As you know I kinda slipped away from Wrestling over the past year and Shane has been carrying Kick Out at 2 by himself with his retro-journey back to WCW Nitro. As much as I have appreciated him carrying the torch in my absence, I figured it was time I returned to the site before he broke out the black spray paint can and attacked everything in site with three letter graffiti art.

What better way to make a return then with PPV Predictions returning at the beginning of a fresh year. Those of you that follow the site know the drill, so join as we share our thoughts and predictions on one of WWE’s most popular and anticipated events throughout the year.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Brock Lesnar vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins

Robbie’s Pick: Brock Lesnar – I’m going with the safe bet here and picking that Brock retains. I feel WWE wants to get the most out of him while they still have him under contract, especially if the rumors of him leaving in the near future are true. I’m going with Brock to headline Wrestlemania after ending The Undertaker’s Streak last year, it seems like the only logical choice. Now whether Seth Rollin’s cashes in immediately after the title match, now that’s a whole other scenario.

Shane’s Pick: Brock Lesnar – I’m not going to lie…I originally typed John Cena and then erased it.  This is a tough call for me, but I could see them using Brock’s Streak Killing Wrestlemania to build Roman’s year, so we’ll go with Brock.  Just know that I almost picked Cena, which really hurt me on a couple of different levels.  All I can say is that Ambrose better be involved in some way.  I want him to keep his promise that he’ll stop Rollins from winning the championship every time he tries.

Derick’s Pick: Brock Lesnar – Brock’s a beast. In the famous words of Stan Lee… “‘Nuff said.”

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos vs The Miz & Damien Mizdow

Robbie’s Pick: The Usos – It’s time for Damien Sandow to go back to being his own man. I see The Miz blaming Damien for losing and being unable to recapture the tag team gold. Later in the night Damien will complete his face turn by eliminating and turning on The Miz later in the Royal Rumble match.

Shane’s Pick: The Usos – Please put a rocket on Sandow and have him start stomping the ever loving crap out of Miz!  I want Sandow vs Miz at Mania!

Derick’s Pick: The Usos – Regretfully it will be The Usos. Honestly, Damien and The Miz should have EVERY Title in WWE. There…I said it!

The New Age Outlaws vs The Ascension


Robbie’s Pick: The Ascension – I find it funny that everyone is complaining that The Ascension were “buried” by older talent last week. Ummm, hello! That’s old school wrestling and the purpose of a reunion show. Yes, that night the Legends looked strong by taking out “the bad guys”, giving us a feel good moment, but The Ascension will pull out a victory here and will not lose a step after Monday’s run in with the WWE veterans.

Shane’s Pick: The New Age Outlaws – Robbie can find it funny all he wants, but The Ascension were harmed beyond repair in my opinion.  You bring two guys up and are trying to make them the new badass tag team on the block, then have them cut a weak ass promo, look like jokes and get taken out by a ring full of 50 year old men.  The right way to get heat on these guys would have been to have them destroy a few of the Legends and then get chased off by the numbers, but no, an announcer took them out.  I don’t care what he used to be…to the fans today, JBL is an announcer, and an announcer destroyed this tag team.  They may as well have the Outlaws go over and ship these guys back to NXT…their run in WWE has been ruined.

Derick’s Pick: The Ascension – 1999 Me wants to go with The New Age Outlaws but it’s 2015 now so I will just go with The Legion of Doom… wait, what year is it?

Natalya & Paige vs The Bellas

Robbie’s Pick: Natayla and Paige – I’m just now getting back into wrestling so lets not get too crazy looking for logic in a random Diva’s Match shall we?

Shane’s Pick: The Bellas – I’m don’t watch the current product anymore because it’s constantly 1996 up in my house (re-live it along with me with Kick Out At Nitro!) but is there only one babyface in this match?  Last I checked, Paige was a heel.  Natty manages a heel tag team…are there ANY babyfaces in this match?  Logic?  What?

Derick’s Pick: The Bellas – Picking them is 50/50 here because one of them is banging Cena. The other is always saying YES, thanks to Daniel Bryan. One guy who can’t win and one guy who won’t lose. Pooling advice from their significant others will make them an evenly balanced team.

Royal Rumble Pre-Show: The New Day vs Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Adam Rose

Robbie’s Pick: The New Day – May as well go with the faces pulling out a win here to set the tone of the show. As much as I love Cesaro and would love to see him win I have to pick the new tag team that they are trying to push on us.

Shane’s Pick: The New Day – I really want to pick Cesaro, but I’m really against throwing two guys together and making them a tag team, especially when one of them should be in the upper mid card but isn’t because “I don’t know…maybe it’s because he’s Swiss…”  Dear Lord.  Anyway, at least The New Day have matching gear and look like a real team.  The other is three guys who WWE has no ideas for and I’m not supporting this kind of booking anymore. 

Derick’s Pick:  Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and Adam Rose – I honestly didn’t know what The New Day was until Rob explained it to me. That’s terrible. I don’t care who else they are facing from here on in, I will always pick whoever they are fighting. God…STUPID! STUPID!

The Royal Rumble Match

Robbie’s Pick: Roman Reigns – At this point it’s hard not to pick him. With Brock vs Reigns having been talked about well before Brock won the title at Summerslam it pretty much has to happen. Daniel Bryan returning was something they didn’t take into consideration but would be an excellent alternative if they chose to not go the cookie cutter route. At the end of the day though I still think Reigns is who WWE currently favors and has plans for this Wrestlemania Season.

Shane’s Pick: Roman Reigns – Sorry, Daniel, but it’s time for Roman to look strong.  Is Roman ready…hell no.  Should it be someone else?  Yell yeah!  However, that hype train for Reigns has started up and it’s time to groom our new Cena.  Thing is, to me, this is as good a choice as any.  I can’t tell you anyone who SHOULD win the Rumble this year because none of it makes sense other than maybe Bryan trying to get his title back.

Derick’s Pick – Dean Ambrose – Creatively it would be handing him the keys to the kingdom and breathing some much needed fresh air into the title picture. Rollins vs Ambrose in the title picture? Please take my $9.99 a month, Hunter!



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It’s been 2 weeks now since the WWE fanbase was rocked and WRESTLING fans suffered one of the worst 48hrs they have experienced in a long while. Now its no secret that I have been kinda quite as of late on the site, a big part of that was because I simply didn’t like the direction that WWE was going. When I started my “RAW is Xanatos” feature I did it with a passion behind it. Shane has been our resident Indy Guy, Derick is our Japan expert and between the both of them I have access to every bit of WCW knowledge I would ever need in my life….and a lot that I don’t. I was the WWE guy, I grew up watching the likes of The Rock, “Mankind” Mick Foley, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker and the one and only Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. It was a time when I absolutely loved wrestling and even through slow periods I always found something to enjoy.

It’s harder for me to do that now. WWE seemed to be going in a direction which looked like they were going to promote new talent. CM Punk delivered his pipebomb promo that signaled a coming change. Shortly after people like Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler & Daniel Bryan were being utilized. These 4 individuals are easily the most talented performers inside the company but more importantly they cared. They cared about wrestling, they cared about their fans and they cared about being the absolutely best that they could be. CM Punk gave us a lengthy title reign of 434 days, Daniel Bryan was The World Heavyweight Champion and Zack Ryder and Dolph had a terrific feud in which the United States Championship was elevated to a point that when Zack Ryder finally won it he treated it as if it was a World Championship win.

Last year was the beginning of the downward spiral. Wrestlemania 29 was lackluster and the only thing I enjoyed was The Undertaker vs CM Punk. The night after when Dolph Ziggler cashed in his Money in The Bank contact and won the World Heavyweight Championship THAT was a Wrestlemania moment, sadly it was cut short due to a concussion issue. Instead of giving him the title when he returned and was healthy enough to compete they bury him and do everything they can to keep him away from the title. From that point on it seemed like everything that I cared about was slipping away and I fought to keep find some passion in the sport and entertainment that I cared so much for.

I quickly found myself sharing the same thoughts that CM Punk had but obviously on the fan side of things. I remember on Punk’s documentary he talks about how he wished that he didn’t care as much as he did. That was me. I care about the WWE so much that the last couple weeks have just aggravated me so much. The Royal Rumble was the most surrealist thing I have ever seen in my life while I have been a wrestling fan. John Cena vs Randy Orton was terrible and boring. So much so we heard chants for EVERYONE that wasn’t even in the match, chants for the announcers, a “This is Awful” chant and even a “We Want Divas” chant. WWE was simply ignoring their fans and crapping on what we wanted. The Royal Rumble Match itself was what really drove the home the fact that WWE had their heads so far up their own asses that they just ignored the fact the fans were ready for Daniel Bryan. As I write this I still can’t believe that the match was booked like this.

Frustration was at an all time high with the fans and also with the talent. So much so that the following night CM Punk walked out of the company. The Voice of The Voiceless had, had enough and waked out. When I heard the news I was instantly saddened but at the same time It didn’t shock me. If we as fans were aggravated with WWE’s crap-tacular booking how should we expect one of their most talented individuals handle the news that the company they work for was ignoring their fanbase and in the process not utilizing their everyday talent?

I haven’t completely turned my back on WWE but now I understand why Shane took his hiatus in 2006. Shane was the most hardcore ECW fan I have ever met and seeing how WWE handled the “Re-birth” of the organization rubbed him the wrong way so much he turned his attention to other companies, which worked out for the best. That’s what I’m hoping here is that CM Punk’s walkout shakes things up for the best of their future. I hope and want to believe that this is like when Stone Cold walked out in 2002. Given a few months down the road I hope that we see a fresh new WWE, a WWE where CM Punk is back, Daniel Bryan is WWE World Heavyweight Champion and wrestling fans feel like they enjoy wrestling instead of scratching their heads wondering “Why am I still watching this?”



imagesI’ve watched a lot of wrestling over the years.  I’ve seen some amazing crowd reactions…be it the glass shattering when Austin helped Mick Foley win the WWF Championship or even a few weeks ago when Daniel Bryan had the entire WWE Universe in the palm of his hand to end Raw…but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crowd react out of pure disappointment like I have last night.

I’m not going to go on and on about who should have won the Rumble.  Honestly, from the moment that it was announced that Batista was returning, his spot in the Rumble and at the end of Wrestlemania was locked down.  I really don’t feel that WWE ever had another choice in mind.  No, this one is going to be able listening to the crowd.  Wrestlers constantly talk about listening to the flow of the crowd in a match and changing things on the fly to keep the crowd on their feet.  WWE officials, even Vince himself, talk about how they are there to entertain the crowd and send them away happy.  Thing is, they’re just not following through on those promises.

Last night, as the Rumble worked it’s way towards that final entrant, the crowd was hot.  They KNEW it was going to be Daniel Bryan.  It’s the payoff they’ve been wanting for months now.  The chants, the “Yes” working its way through the rafters…the crowd was ready.

“Booyaka, booyaka, 619!”

The crowd immediately turned.  Despite being a fan favorite, Rey Mysterio may have well been the top heel in the company last night for those few moments.  It wasn’t hatred at Mysterio, though…it was just hatred at the realization that Daniel Bryan just wasn’t going to be in this Rumble at all.  The fans had told WWE exactly what they wanted for months…chanting and Yessing and making Daniel Bryan arguably the most popular Superstar in the company.  How was that repaid?  A loss in the opening match of the PPV that should have began the march on the Road to Wrestlemania and the beginning of the payoff of the slow burn they’ve been working on and we’ve been hoping for.

One of my favorite parts was the crowd bringing back the “No” chant through the rest of the match…especially as Sheamus started “Sheamus-ing Up.”

Their hopes dashed, however, the crowd soon found another to get behind.  Roman Reigns was the recipient of a monster push coming out of the Royal Rumble.  They’ve been teasing and working towards the breakup of The Shield for quite a while now and it became quite apparent that Reigns is going to be the one to come out of it as the man.  They let him break Kane’s record…something I didn’t figure they’d ever get around to…and they teased him very heavily as the winner by putting him in the final two.  The crowd wanted it.  They loved it.

Then, Batista reversed the Irish whip and tossed him over the top rope…and the crowd went mild.

At the end of the day, I’m not against Batista winning.  It’s a “safe” choice.  It makes sense from some points of view.

batista randyHowever, one would imagine that with a heel champion going into Wrestlemania, that you would want your most over babyface chasing that title.  Batista got that initial “He’s back!” pop, but since then, the WWE Universe hasn’t really responded to him that well.  Bryan gets cheered for when he’s not even in the match.  That’s the WWE Universe…the FANS…telling Vince what they want to spend their money on.

One can’t help but wonder how much money they left on the table by playing it the safe route and not listening to their fans.

-Shane D

For the most part over the last 2 years I have been pretty happy with the format WWE has been using for their PPV’s. However just like Shane pointed out in his column last year The Elimination has become “A Speed bump on The Road to Wrestlemania.” Don’t get me wrong I love The Elimination Chamber match in and of itself but the placement for this as a stand alone PPV is in the worst possible position it could be in from a scheduling standpoint.

The Elimination Chamber match is billed as the most fierce and grueling environment of any match that currently takes place in The WWE and since its inception in 2002 there have been many World Titles defended inside this structure as well as new champions crowned. Therein lies the problem with this match nowadays. The Elimination Chamber was designed for the sole purpose of having 6 of the best Superstars competing for the richest prize in WWE. Having such a high profile match between The Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania takes away from so many things. It hurts the championship, the champion, booking, storytelling and it takes away from The Rumble Win being a “Golden Ticket” to Main Event Wrestlemania.

Last week on Smackdown we learned that this years Elimination Chamber Match would involve Smackdown Superstars and that the winner of the match will be awarded the number one contendership to Main Event Wrestlemania for The World Heavyweight Championship…. *sigh* Now this isn’t the first time this has happened but it just shows us yet again that this PPV needs to be moved. The most brutal match in WWE should not be used to determine a number one contender and it clearly has become an ongoing issue when it comes to booking.

My solution? Move the PPV or just have the Elimination Chamber match take place at Summerslam or one of the other PPV’s with a higher buy-rate. Shane and I were talking about this last night and we both agree that honestly there shouldn’t be a PPV between The Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. After The Rumble there should be a freeze put on both World Titles until the challenger has made up his mind on which Championship he will chose to fight for at Wrestleania. It would put the focus back on the World Titles and also give them a solid 2 months to build stories and fill the card for Wrestlemania.

That being said I can also see why having a PPV between Rumble and Mania can continue to draw interest but the format needs to change. Perhaps they could bring back King of The Ring and have a solid PPV with 3 hours of the tournament. Of course you could make it interesting and even have the United States Championship and Intercontinental Championships defended in these brackets as well and it could just be used as a night of solid wrestling. I would love to see this tournament return and with people like Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler in the mix I think it could be something that could be used properly and make an impact in returning to the PPV lineup.

Money In The bank is also another PPV that ran into some issues this year. For years The Money in The Bank Ladder Match was a staple of Wrestlemania and had became one of the things I loved seeing during the show. This year at the stand alone PPV both matches happened like normal however the WWE Championship side of things was a throw away match really. They changed the rules and only had former WWE Champions in the match and instead of 8 competitors they only had 4. As soon as I saw the booking on this one I knew they were struggling for a solid story for 2 Money in The Bank Winners. Money in The Bank should return to Wrestlemania. If it continues to stand alone as a separate PPV I can handle that but I would like it to return to the original formula of just one briefcase existing between both shows. The mystery of which Champion the Money in The Bank Briefcase holder would cash in on was one of those things that kept the element of this concept intriguing.

Sometimes in the huge world of WWE things can kinda get lost in the shuffle but sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go and sometimes its just the simplest changes like these that can go a long way.