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Current Standings after WWE Battleground.

1) Derick 53/70

2) Robbie 51/70

2) Shane 45/70

Kick Out at 2’s PPV Predictions for WWE’s newest PPV Battleground.

WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

Robbie’s Pick: Daniel Bryan

Shane’s Pick: Randy Orton – I just don’t see Bryan getting it back this quickly.  I’d love to see him take it back later this month at Hell in a Cell when I’m there live, so maybe this is just wishful thinking.

Derick’s Pick: Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship Match: RVD vs. Alberto Del Rio 

Robbie’s Pick: RVD

Shane’s Pick: RVD – I’m going out on a limb here, but I figure they’ll finally give it to RVD if only for a month.

Derick’s Pick: Alberto Del Rio

CM Punk vs Ryback

Robbie’s Pick: CM Punk

Shane’s Pick: Ryback – They’re going to drag this Punk/Heyman stuff out for a while, so no reason to blow it off tonight.

Derick’s Pick: CM Punk

Curtis Axel vs R-Truth

Robbie’s Pick: Curtis Axel

Shane’s Pick: R-Truth – I hate to be the negative one, but I feel this Axel ship has sailed.  Let R-Truth have a little run and let’s see where that goes.

Derick’s Pick: Curtis Axel

The Rhodes Family vs The Shield

Robbie’s Pick: The Rhodes Family

Shane’s Pick: The Shield

Derick’s Pick:  The Rhodes Family

Kofi Kingston vs Bray Wyatt

Robbie’s Pick: Bray Wyatt

Shane’s Pick: Bray Wyatt – This match is happening?  This is why 2 PPVs in a month is bad…stuff just gets thrown together haphazardly.

Derick’s Pick – Bray Wyatt

WWE Diva’s Championship Match: AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella

Robbie’s Pick: AJ Lee

Shane’s Pick: AJ Lee

Derick’s Pick:  AJ Lee

Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow

Robbie’s Pick: Dolph Ziggler

Shane’s Pick: Damien Sandow – Zigglypuff has pissed off someone so I don’t see that letting up right now.

Derick’s Pick:  Damien Sandow

Santino & The Great Khali vs The Real Americans

Robbie’s Pick: The Real Americans

Shane’s Pick: The Real Americans

Derick’s Pick:  The Real Americans

Time for WWE Night of Champions. The first WWE PPV under the new regime of the Power Hungry and Super Heels Triple H and Randy Orton…or is this now called Night of Business?  Well any way here are our picks because “at the end of the day…” isn’t that what all this is about.

WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

Robbie’s Pick: Randy Orton – I have been screaming for them to do something with Randy Orton and now that he is a heel again he is back in the role that he should be. Bryan not being Champion does sucks especially after the way he had the title quickly ripped away from him mere moments after achieving his ultimate goal. It’s making for compelling television and right now I see it remaining the classic tale of baby face chasing the perfect heel.

Shane’s Pick: Randy Orton – I don’t see the belt coming off of Randy until maybe Survivor Series if he’s going to lose it at all before Wrestlemania.  This one’s definitely going Orton’s way.

Derick’s Pick: Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship Match: RVD vs. Alberto Del Rio 

Robbie’s Pick: RVD – Alberto Del Rio has just become boring for me. I love the Cross-arm Breaker that he does and how vicious he makes it look and his skills as an in ring performer are top notch. I just think his character isn’t clicking with the fans. Face or Heel. I don’t think he is getting the reaction WWE would like him to have. I feel RVD winning the World Heavyweight Championship would validate not only his return but his overall career as well.

Shane’s Pick: ADR – I see Ricardo turning on RVD and giving us another month of ADR as champion.

Derick’s Pick: Alberto Del Rio

CM Punk vs Curtis Axel

Robbie’s Pick: CM Punk – I always get aggravated when The World Heavyweight Championship isn’t the 2nd main focus of the PPV. Sadly enough that seems to be happening more and more as of late but it’s no surprise this match has taken 2nd billing on the PPV. Aside from the Triple H and the COO Authority role this has been the story everyone has focused on. Punk needs to get his retribution on Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar and I feel this is the time it will happen. Now how will Punk, Heyman, Axel and Brock will eventually fall into this story after this PPV? It will be interesting to see how Triple H’s authority effects the Best in The World and The Paul Heyman Guys when the lines start to get drawn.

Shane’s Pick: CM Punk – I think that Axel’s run with Heyman is coming to an end sometime soon, so why not have it come at the cost of Axel opening the door for Heyman to get his ass kicked by Punk?

Derick’s Pick: CM Punk

Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler

Robbie’s Pick: Dean Ambrose – Poor, poor Dolph. What have you done and who did you piss off? 😦

Shane’s Pick: Dean Ambrose – Should be an amazing match!  Wish it had a bit more of a build up, but this one has the possibility of stealing the show.  If the rumors are to be believed, maybe in the future Dolph will be a bit more reigned in when giving interviews on the subject of Randy Orton.

Derick’s Pick: Dean Ambrose

WWE Tag Team Championship No. 1 Contender’s Match

Robbie’s Pick: The Prime Time Players – Time for Titus O’Neil to be wearing some gold!

Shane’s Pick: Antonio & Swagger –  Time for Antonio to be wearing some gold…again!

Derick’s Pick:  The Prime Time Players

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Shield vs ????

Robbie’s Pick: The Shield – I’m guessing that since they are Triple H’s “bodyguards” the entire group of The Shield will keep their respective titles to look like a strong threat to anyone opposing “The New Corporation” I had originally thought they had hit a wall as far as creative goes for The Shield but having them teamed with Triple H and Orton will open up more story-lines for them and establish more baby-face teams to chase the titles.

Shane’s Pick: The Shield – There’s no build up anywhere when it comes to this match, so if the tag belts are going to be switched, I’d rather have it mean something than be hot-shotted around to an opponent picked that night!

Derick’s Pick – The Shield

WWE Diva’s Championship Match: AJ Lee vs. Natalya vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi

Robbie’s Pick: AJ Lee – Please AJ, just focus on working with Natayla and save this division. #PipebombShell

Shane’s Pick: Natalya – I would LOVE to say AJ, but I have a feeling that the end of next season of Total Divas needs a feel good wrap up 😦

Derick’s Pick:  AJ Lee

Sadly enough I wont be able to watch this PPV live but thanks to PWT for being back up I will hopefully catch it shortly after work. Not sure if the rest of Kick Out at 2 are going to be watching but never the less on with our monthly picks!

WWE Championship Match: CM Punk vs. Ryback

Robbie’s Pick: CM Punk – Like I said last time. CM Punk vs The Rock IS happening at The Royal Rumble. CM Punk will do his best to put Ryback over since I believe this is one of the younger guys he is going to be there for like he talks about on his Blu-ray but Punk will keep the belt here. Probably due to interference from Brock Lesnar to keep Ryback looking strong.

Shane’s Pick: – CM Punk – Punk’s going to retain, but he’s going to get his ever loving ass kicked in this match.

Derick’s Pick: CM Punk – I’m just happy Cena isn’t on this card!

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sheamus vs. Big Show

Robbie’s Pick: Sheamus – Hey Dolph! …anytime…anytime…

Shane’s Pick: Sheamus – Sadly…

Derick’s Pick: Sheamus – No Really… I’m just happy Cena isn’t on this card!

Intercontinental Championship Match: Kofi Kingston vs The Miz

Robbie’s Pick: Kofi – Surprised The Miz dropped the title that soon. Guess its back to the IC Title being a Ping Pong Ball again….*sigh*…

Shane’s Pick: Kofi – Honestly, this match should have been Miz vs Ryback for the IC title, but we’ll let that slide.

Derick’s Pick: Kofi – I mean honestly,this isn’t a lie… John Cena really isn’t on the card! Do you understand how awesome this is!?!?

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Team Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars

Robbie’s Pick: Team Hell No – Probably the hottest story in WWE right now. I dont see it ending anytime soon.

Shane’s Pick: Team Hell No – Loving this team.

Derick’s Pick: Team Hell No – Does it make me happy that John Cena was injured and not on this card…. YES! YES! YES!

Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio

Robbie’s Pick: Randy Orton – Alberto just isn’t impressing me this year at all.

Shane’s Pick: Randy Orton – Man, has Del Rio’s stock fallen or what?

Derick’s Pick: Randy Orton – It wasn’t until John Cena got injured that Randy Orton was given a title run. John Cena isn’t on the card…but you already knew that.

Divas Championship Match: Eve vs. Layla vs. Kaitlyn

Robbie’s Pick: Eve – I don’t even know what is happening in this Tonya Harding sabotage retelling!… Or maybe I just summed it up.

Shane’s Pick: Layla – When’s Sara Del Rey debuting again?  Sometime soon?  Please?

Derick’s Pick: Kaitlyn – Seriously WHO THE F*** IS KATLYN!? I still don’t know but her name looks pretty so I picked her… plus she isn’t John Cena….who isn’t on the card.

My God what a Main Event. Like Shane said as much hell as we give John Cena, CM Punk really does bring out the best in him. These two definitely had the match of the night which is what we have been needing for a long time now. Amazing match from both guys but THANK GOD CM Punk is still the Champion! So lets see how we stand after last night’s picks. Nobody got the Bonus Question right and I’m throwing out the Diva’s Match simply because it never happened.

Derick: 42/20

Robbie: 41/21

Shane: 36/24