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KoaNitro copyLadies and gentlemen, WCW-ites, we are back after a bit of a hiatus with another week of WCW Monday Nitro!  This week we will see if the invading outsider will make good on his promise to have a “big surprise” for all of us!

Nitro comes to us this week from Wheeling, WV, and we’re joined by our Hour #1 announce team of “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko and Tony Schiavone.  This is the go-home show for Great American Bash.  Tony tells us that Ric Flair and Arn Anderson will warm up against Renegade and a debuting Joe Gomez as they head into the big match on Sunday against Mongo and Kevin Greene.  We also hear that Scott Norton will take on The Giant, apparently as retaliation against him beating down Ice Train last week.

Tony reminds us about our invader and shows us a replay of the confrontation with Hall and Sting.

Match #1: Booker T VS Scott Steiner

Very interesting to see two tag team wrestlers in singles competition.  Both of these men will carve out singles runs for themselves, and will actually wrestle for the World Championship on the final episode of Monday Nitro, but at this time, WCW really didn’t have tag wrestlers have singles matches very often, so this is a bit of a treat.

Booker does a really good job during the opening part of this match at blocking suplex attempts, which is roughly 85% of Steiner-based offense, so he’s doing well for himself.  He isn’t able to stop a kick to the gut and subsequent tiger bomb, though, which allows Scott to get the upper hand.  Booker derails that, though, with a back kick as Scott chases him into the corner after an Irish whip.  Booker is able to hit a scissor kick for two out of that.

Tony tells us that the Steiners have been having a bit of a feud with Fire and Ice on Saturday Night, leading to a match at the Great American Bash.

Booker hits a nice cross body from the top, but Scott is able to get the momentum again with a back body drop, four punches in the corner and a belly-to-belly suplex.  He calls for the Frankensteiner, but Booker holds on to the top rope off of the Irish whip and follows through with an a side kick.  He goes up for a splash from the top rope but Scott moves, Irish whip, overhead belly-to-belly suplex for the win.

Winner: Scott Steiner

Commercial break and we come back to Mean Gene with Scott Steiner on the entrance ramp.  Gene brings up the match at the Bash with Fire & Ice.  Scott says that they’ve always prided themselves on being the best team, that’s why they’re here in WCW.

Out of nowhere, Debra McMichael shows up and says she’s very sorry to interrupt, but she needs to talk to Mean Gene about her husband.  Scotty seems to understand, so he bounces.  Man, in a few years, Big Poppa Pump wouldn’t let a woman take his interview time.

Debra says that she’s worried that this Sunday, Mongo is going to freak out and hurt someone permanently.  She wants to ask Mean Gene if he’ll set up a meeting between them, Flair and Anderson and see if they can get this match shut down.  Gene says he’s going to talk to Bobby Heenan and see what he can do.  Gene makes sure to get him a shot in and tells Debra that she’s looking good tonight.  Damn, Gene, the woman is worried and scared…why are you trying to hit on her?

Zbyszko says this is just Mongo trying to weasel his way out of this match.

Match #2: Jim Powers VS Diamond Dallas Page

Tony calls Jim Powers a “great name in our sport.”  Um, what?

The early part of the match is DDP ducking away from Powers’ offense and getting caught in two school boy rollups for two counts.  Powers gets a nice cross body for two, goes for a backdrop off of an Irish whip but DDP grabs his head and slams it to the mat off of the rebound.  Page takes a few moments to put the boots to Powers before bringing him up in a gutwrench gutbuster, which gets a nice applause from the crowd.  I guess DDP’s getting the face reaction since no one knows who Powers is.

DDP rushes into the corner but Powers gets a boot up, then crashes Page’s head off of the top turnbuckle 9 times, then does it one more time to get the 10th and the crowd popping for him.  Powers gets a high knee and a dropkick for two since he didn’t hook the leg.  DDP stops an Irish whip with a back elbow and nails the Diamond Cutter for the win.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page

Man, that Diamond Cutter is a wicked move.  I’ve always loved it, but you can see that DDP really seems to have gotten it down to a smooth science very early after adopting it.  It really does come out of nowhere.

We get a video recap of the issues with Benoit, Sullivan, and the Horsemen.  Benoit is played off like an undeserving Horseman who is questioning Anderson.   Sullivan is played off like a hero for getting rid of Pillman.  It looks like Double A has washed his hands of Benoit, siding with Sullivan and saying that the truth of everything will come out soon.  Benoit will face Sullivan in a Falls Count Anywhere match at the Great American Bash.

We come from that to a video recap package of Konnan, the WCW United States Champion.  I’m about ready for Konnan to turn heel.  This version of him does nothing for me.  After the package, Konnan is backstage with Mean Gene, who says that Konnan will wrestle El Gato, a South American legend, at the Bash.  Konnan puts El Gato over, but says he’ll have to come to the US to prove himself, just like he did.  Konnan cuts the rest of the promo in Spanish and Gene puts over the match at the PPV.

Larry asks who El Gato is a legend to, a bunch of boa constrictors?  He goes all xenophobic and says that he feels that all contenders to the US Championship should at least have a green card!

Match #3: Meng VS Sting

Meng starts off a house of fire, beating down Sting with clubbing fists for a good twenty to thirty seconds.  Sting gets a backdrop to temporarily stop it, but crashes hard off of a failed dropkick attempt when Meng grabs the top rope.  Meng takes over again and puts the boots to Sting for a while.  He sends him to the ropes, but Sting ducks a clothesline and comes off the opposite ropes with a hell of a cross body block.  He fires off some clotheslines but Meng gets a small package for two.  Sting sends him to the corner and goes for a school boy for two.  Meng lifts Sting like a feather and brings him down with a shoulder breaker.  Meng goes to the top but Sting cuts him off with a headbutt, bringing him down.  Sting locks on the Scorpion Deathlock while Meng is on his belly for the win.

Winner: Sting

Coming out of the commercial break, Mean Gene is in the back with Debra McMichael and Bobby Heenan.  Heenan says that McMichael has been talking to Flair all week long and all night.  He says if you want to talk to Flair, follow him.  Heenan takes her into the locker room of the horsemen and slams the door with force.  We hear Debra screaming then she runs out, chased by Woman and Liz.  Renegade and Joe Gomez just happen to be walking past them, so Flair and Anderson jump them and beat them down.

Match #4: Squire Dave Taylor w/ Jeeves VS Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Hacksaw fires off a trifecta of clotheslines, sending Taylor to the floor.

Tony tells us that Sting and Luger have stepped up to take the place of Joe Gomez and Renegade and will wrestle Arn Anderson and Ric Flair for the WCW World Tag Team Championship tonight.  So, the Horsemen beat down their opponents and get rewarded with a tag title shot?  Interesting.

More clotheslines, three point stance clothesline, a couple punches and some elbows…damn, there’s not a single wrestling hold in this match.  Hacksaw grabs his tape from his trunks, tapes up the first, right hand punch for the win.

Winner: Hacksaw Jim Duggan

I use to love Hacksaw at this time…but these matches just aren’t good.  This match was seriously just punches and clotheslines.

After this match, we get a highlight video of Dean Malenko tearing it up in WCW and Rey Mysterio Jr tearing it up in Mexico.  I’m very excited about this match at the Bash.

We go backstage with Mean Gene, Big Bubba, and Jimmy Hart.  We get a replay of Big Bubba cutting Shark’s hair, then last week when Shark renounced the name and called himself by his real name, John Tenta.  Big Bubba says Tenta is a half a man and that the whole world has been laughing at him for years.  Bubba says he’ll leave him laying like a beached whale at the PPV.  Gene randomly ends the segment with “Big Bubba, nice beard!”

Match #5: Scott “Flash” Norton VS The Giant (WCW World Heavyweight Champion) w/ Jimmy Hart

Before Giant’s entrance, we get the countdown to Hour #2 and our new announce team of Eric Bischoff and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

Norton starts off strong, hammering Giant, but Giant gets a big power slam.  Norton fires off two body splashes in the corner, but gets a boot to the face on the third one.  Both men go to the floor.  Norton backs Giant up to the corner posts and fires off some forearms, but when he moves to try to do a splash, Giant moves and Norton eats the steel post.  Giant chokeslams Norton on the concrete floor, then rolls him in for the pin.

Winner: The Giant

That chokeslam was amazing!  I’d imagine it hurt like all hell, too, because even though it was on the padding, Norton took the crap out of it.

As Giant celebrates, Lex Luger hits the ring.  Giant attacks him, sending him to the floor, and attempts to chokeslam him through Flair’s VIP table.  Luger gets out of this and the Dungeon of Doom run Luger off.  Giant screams and runs off, chasing Luger, who oddly enough is at the announce booth.  He cuts a little promo on Giant and we go to commercial.

Match #6: Billy Kidman VS Lord Steven Regal w/ Jeeves

It’s weird to see Kidman without his Flock look or his jeans/wifebeater look.  I don’t like it.

Kidman starts off very strong in this match until he misses a 450 splash.  Regal does a little dance, suplexes Kidman on his head, then locks on a weird hold for the win.

Winner: Lord Steven Regal

Sting runs into the ring and bitch slaps Regal, paying him back for the one he got a few weeks ago.  Regal sells it like a champ as we go to commercial.

Match #7: The Nasty Boys VS Public Enemy

This is not going to be a match at all.  The brawl starts off the moment the teams hit the ring and we’re given this match in split screen as one duo brawls on the floor and the other in the ring or on the opposite side of the floor.  It kinda works, since at this point, they’re pretty much the same team.

Out of nowhere, a tag team match devolves out of the bedlam.  Johnny Grunge, apparently wrestling with a broken hand, is being double teamed in the corner.  He is able to get the tag to Grunge, they kick Saggs in the gut and attempt a double clothesline, but Saggs ducks and clotheslines both members of Public Enemy.

Heenan says that the moment that the door shut in the Flair/Anderson locker room, Debra attacked Woman and Liz.  Bischoff says that in all of Heenan’s years, he has never seen Mongo really really really mad.

We go to commercial, including one for Glacier…it’s the same commercial we saw last week, with the voice over.  Still no actual footage of Glacier, though.

Back from commercial, the brawl continues.  Johnny Grunge leaves the ringside area and the announcers act like he’s left the building.  He comes out with a garbage can but is kicked in the gut and drops it, reducing this spot and speculation to absolutely nothing.

Grunge goes up top but Saggs hits him with the garbage can, causing a DQ.

Winners: Public Enemy (via DQ)

The Nasty Boys celebrate this, because they’re dumb.

Bischoff introduces that damn Hulk Hogan video clip YET AGAIN!  This is three weeks in a row, damn it!  Sullivan mentioned on his podcast that they did this to have good ole’ Hogan in our minds so that the heel turn means more, which makes sense…I am just tired of seeing him.

We get a video after that of Mongo and Greene training and getting crazy advice from Randy Savage.  It’s scored with some weird generic country music, though, which is odd.

Match #8: WCW World Tag Team Championship Match – Sting & Lex Luger (WCW World Tag Team Champions) VS “Nature Boy” Ric Flair & “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson w/ Woman and Ms. Elizabeth

Flair starts off by backing Luger into the corner and giving him a few chops.  Luger powers out, gorilla press slams Flair and nails him with a few clotheslines.  Anderson tries to break it up but Luger fends him off.  Flair and Anderson take to the floor to buy some time.  Flair looks like he’s heading over to the VIP section, but it’s empty due to The Giant trying to slam Luger through it earlier.

Back in the ring, Luger gorilla presses Flair again and then sends him to the corner.  Flair flips over it and runs down the apron, but Sting nails him.  Lex suplexes Flair back into the ring but comes up empty on an elbow drop when Flair moves.  Flair tags out to Double A and Luger takes an opening to tag out to Sting.

Bischoff says he has been hearing about Nitro Parties and next week he’ll give us an address so that people can send him pictures and videos.  Man, I remember Nitro Parties.  I never went to one, but I remember them being a big deal through this time.  I always wanted to have one, though.

Sting being in the ring has thrown Double A off of his game.  He brings Sting down twice by the hair, but Sting no-sells it.  He hits his bulldog facebuster on Arn, sending him out and then runs Flair back to the floor.

Heenan goes out of his way multiple times in this show to say that Dennis Rodman might show up at the Bash. There’s no reason for this, but he does it two or three times.

Back from a quick commercial break and Sting and Luger are controlling Anderson, who tags out to Flair.  Flair stares a hole through Sting and comes into the ring, backing Sting into the corner and firing off chops.  Flair has forgotten that this is Sting, apparently, so he no-sells it and sends Flair to the opposite corner.  Flair moves out of the way of the Stinger Splash, though, but Sting is able to throw Flair off of the top rope.  Sting takes Flair up top for a big superplex.  Heenan is doing a great job of feeling distraught at his team taking a beating like this only six days away from their big match at the Bash.

Sting almost gets a roll up victory but Double A stops it and Bobby starts freaking out that Anderson had a great opportunity to get a DDT.  He says he needs to go to ringside but Bischoff refuses to let him.

Sting rolls Flair up but the ref is too busy getting Lex out of the ring to notice it as we go to commercial break yet again.

Sting and Flair are brawling outside and Flair gives him a chop.  It’s funny how ONE chop will work, but anything after one will have no effect.  Sting and Flair have a battle of backslide attempts before Flair tags out to Double A.  Anderson tries to come off the ropes but Sting gets a knee to Arn’s gut and tags out to Luger.  Luger hits gorilla press slam number 3 to Flair!  The Horsemen try to double team Luger, but Luger sends them both over the top rope with a clothesline.

Out comes The Giant.  Luger immediately attacks Luger and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

Scott Steiner comes out with an old school wooden folding chair and starts beating The Giant with it.  Sting joins in and the three babyfaces beat down on Giant until he retreats.

Mean Gene meets Giant and Hart on the ramp.  Giant says that he wants the match with Luger to have no rules, just the way he likes it.  If Luger wants to bring a chair, he can.

Back to the announcers, Bischoff starts talking but Heenan goes ballistic!  He starts yelling at Macho Man, saying that he hasn’t taken money from Flair, he shouldn’t be touched!  Heenan goes white and throws his headset down and bolts.  Bischoff looks to his right and there’s Scott Hall.

Bischoff asks where is the “big surprise.”  Behind him is Kevin Nash.  Nash claps Bischoff on the shoulder and takes the microphone.  Now Bischoff looks like he’s a bit scared.

“You’ve been sitting here for six months running your mouth.  This is where the big boys play, huh?  Look at the adjective…play.  We’re not here to play. Now he said last week that he was going to bring somebody out here.  I’m here.  You  till don’t have your three people, and you know why?  Because nobody wants to face us.  This show is about as interesting as Marge Schott reading excerpts from Mein Kompf.”  Bischoff says he doesn’t want any trouble here tonight.  “Yeah, no trouble because you know I’ll kick your teeth down your throat. Where’s your three guys?  What, you couldn’t get a paleontologist to get a couple of these fossils cleared?  You ain’t got enough guys off of a dialysis machine to get a team?  Where’s Hogan?  Where’s Hogan?  Out doing another episode of Blunder in Paradise?  Where’s the Macho Man?  Out doing another Slim Jim commercial?  We’re here.”

Bischoff says that tomorrow at 9, he’ll be in the offices of WCW, and he’ll see if he can get them the fight.  Bischoff says they can show up at the Great American Bash and he’ll see if they can get their fight.  Nash says they love them in Baltimore and then finishes off with “The measuring stick just changed around here, buddy.  You’re looking at it.”

Bischoff, at a loss for words, calls for the show to end.


As a go-home show, this one wasn’t that great.  We got a nice build up to Luger/Giant and a lot from the Horsemen/Football match, but other than that, not a lot going on.  We are simply told about the Steiners/Fire & Ice match, as well as a DDP VS Marcus Bagwell match.  Maybe it’s having to fill the two hour slot now that makes it seem less compact, but it just feels like the go-home shows used to be a bit better.

Nash showing up is still cool after all this time.  I love Kevin Nash, so seeing him scare the crap out of Bischoff is cool.  I do think that him calling the show boring was a bit much.  So far, they’ve done nothing but make fun of the WCW talent for being old.  Well, if you win, you’ve done nothing but beat old men.  If you lose, you lost to a bunch of old men.  You can say that you’re better, but simply burying the company is a little silly in my opinion.  But, we’ll have months and months to talk about how the nWo reduces WCW to a very minimal fight.

And now, for the third week, here’s Robbie’s thoughts on the formation of the New World Order.

This week Scott Hall is back to confront Eric at the commentator booth and Bobby quickly runs off. Eric says he dosen’t want any trouble but does ask where is the “big” surprise? A few seconds later Kevin Nash strolls up behind him. Kevin begins to speak to Eric telling him that for 6 months WCW is where the big boys play but they aren’t there to play. Like Hall the weeks before be begins running down members of the WCW roster. “Where’s the Macho Man? Doing some Slim Jim commercial? Where’s Hogan? Doing “Blunder in Paradise?” Eric says that he doesn’t have the authority to make a match until he is in the office in Atlanta but the groundwork is closer to being laid out for The Bash. Nash says the measuring stick in WCW has changed as they walk off. Clearly Hall and Nash were ready to play their part in turning WCW around and this was only just the beginning. 


We’ll see you back here next time for the Great American Bash!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.7

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.6

(Raw – 17, Nitro – 17) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 5)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 6

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 4


A one-tenth victory for Raw, tying us up at wins at a very important time in this history.  You see, for the next 84 weeks, Raw will not win.  So, it’s quite cool that it worked out to a 17/17 tie (with two ties) before Nitro takes off on it’s run.


WWF Raw results from this week

Owen Hart (w/ Jim Cornette) defeated Yokozuna in a KOTR Qualifying Match

Marc Mero (w/ Sable) defeated Skip in a KOTR Qualifying Match

Davey Boy Smith (w/ Jim Cornette, Owen Hart, & Diana Hart Smith) defeated the Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) via count-out


Davey VS Taker looks pretty good, but the rest of the card looks kinda “meh.”  WCW deserved this win.


Review Corner – nWo: The Revolution

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Apparently WWE decided that I hadn’t bought enough wrestling Blu-Rays here recently, as they continue on their run of things that they knew I would feel the need to rush out and buy.  After last month’s CM Punk documentary and before the Attitude Era doc that’s coming out in two weeks, we were presented with a documentary on the history of the New World Order.

I became a wrestling fan in 1995 watching WCW.  I had known about wrestling before hand, had even watched it in the early 90’s and followed it enough to know that Sting was the man, but the foundation for the wrestling fan that I am today began in 1995 with the advent of Monday Nitro.  Honestly, until mid to late 1997, I was WCW through and through.  So, my formidable years as a wrestling fan were smack dab at the beginning of the nWo.  I remember vividly watching Nitro the night that Scott Hall debuted (although I still wonder why Steve Doll and The Gambler didn’t just jump Hall instead of powdering out of the ring like he was the baddest thing on the planet).  One of my favorite wrestling moments was that and the following comment from my dad…”What’s that asshole doing here?!”  The moment he told Bischoff that he had a “big” surprise for him next week, I just knew in my heart of hearts that he meant Big Daddy Cool and lo and behold I was proven right the very next week.  The first wrestling PPV I ever ordered was Hog Wild in 1996 where Hogan won the title and that followed suit with me ordering Fall Brawl, Halloween Havoc and Starrcade to round out that year (no idea why I missed World War 3).

The documentary starts off with the beginning of Nitro and the fact that WCW was in a lull and needed something new done with it.  Enter Hall and Nash and the rest is history.  There’s a veritable ton of footage in this thing and it covers the main run of the nWo through the invasion of the Outsiders to Hogan joining up to everyone and their brother turning on WCW and joining the nWO.  It was a pretty entertaining watch, honestly.  I think if you enjoy most of the WWE documentaries, you’ll probably at dig this one…or at least won’t hate the time that you’re watching it.

Now, WWE put out an nWo documentary out on DVD about ten years ago called Back in Black to capitalize on the group being brought into the WWE.  They also put out the Monday Night War DVD not long after that.  I’m not going to lie…if you’ve seen those documentaries, you’ve seen this one.  There are some new interviews with Kevin Nash, Booker T and X-Pac, and a bit more attention is paid to the later iterations of the nWo outside of the main run from 1996-1998, but that stuff is kind of glossed over pretty quickly.  Also, it’s hard to really put together a comprehensive nWo piece when two key members are in TNA and another is sadly drinking himself into oblivion.  I’d have loved to see new interviews with Hogan, Bischoff and Hall…as well as guys like Konnan, Bagwell, etc, but alas.

The extra features are pretty packed and I really like how much WWE seems to cram into their Blu-Ray releases here recently.  There are a ton of matches, a ton of interviews and segments, and the entire Legends of Wrestling Roundtable discussion on the nWo from WWE 24/7.  If you haven’t seen any of the LoW roundtables, make sure you check this out.  They are pretty much the greatest thing that WWE has produced in five years and I’m anxiously awaiting that entire series on Blu-Ray instead of just the 6 random ones that got released on DVD a few years ago.

A few things that I had to nitpick with it, though…when it comes to the split with nWo Hollywood and the Wolfpack, the documentary starts to get a bit blurry and things start running together.  Maybe it was just the editors or whatnot, but they started running the Wolfpack and the nWo Elite into the same shots, which kind of pissed me off as they were almost a year apart from each other.  Wolfpack was basically the babyface group, split off with Nash, Konnan, Savage, Luger and Sting whereas nWo Elite was the group that was reformed after the Finger Poke of Doom and was a full heel group.

It also raised an interesting question that I’ve had for a while.  Bischoff has stated numerous times that his idea was that nWo ultimately wouldn’t just be a heel group in WCW, they would be their own self-sufficient wrestling organization that would compete against WCW.  How was that ever meant to work?  Sure, at one point, it seemed like half of the WCW roster was in the nWo, but were they just going to wrestle themselves?  Would an episode of nWo Nitro have matches like Syxx vs Buff Bagwell?  I know when they had their own segments on WCW Saturday Night that they would usually wrestle jobbers and when they had Souled out it was nWo vs WCW, but neither of those really seems like a recipe for nWo to exist as it’s own wrestling organization.  Oh well, some things you’ll never know, I guess.


Another thought…I was 14 when the nWo started…16 years ago!  Dear Lord!

Here we are again guys. Coming up on our 2nd Major PPV since the creation of the site. Just like we did with Survivor Series, Shane and I will provide you with our thoughts and predictions to the following matches. You know the format so lets get to it…

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett - Tables Match

Robbie’s PickWade Barrett. As many of my friends know Randy Orton is my favorite wrestler of this generation. That being said Randy does something WWE will not allow Cena to do and that is loose cleanly. I believe Wade will win here. He is next in line to be the top heel on Smackdown so I see him going over here. It will make Wade look strong and not hurt Orton in the least.

Shane’s PickRandy Orton – Randy did the job last month, so I don’t see it happening again.

Derick’s PickRandy Orton – Randy has to prove Wade is not in his head.

Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder - United States Championship Match

Robbie’s PickWWW-YKI!!!! Honestly (aside from CM Punk) this has been the thing that has excited me the most about RAW as of late. Dolph has made The US Title relevant again with an incredible run as Champion. I believe its time for him to drop The US Title and move to the main event. Zack has earned his spot and deserves to represent WWE as The United States Champion.

Shane’s PickDolph Ziggler – Funny, last month I picked Ryder and he wasn’t even in the match.  I’m going to go on record as calling a Dusty Finish and Ryder getting the belt at the Rumble.

Derick’s Pick Zack Ryder. It’s time. Plain and Simple.

Cody Rhodes vs Booker T. - Intercontinental Championship Match

Robbie’s PickCody Rhodes. There is a huge mark out moment waiting from me if Booker T wins though. I would love to see Booker T win the Intercontinental Championship but Cody has also done what Dolph has done and that’s made the other mid-card title relevant again. The smart pick here if for Cody to win. I want it to lead to a Cody vs Goldust Match at Wrestlemania and with Booker T being involved it could lead to bringing back some Booker T. & Goldust shenanigans. 🙂

Shane’s PickCody Rhodes.  Kneepads = power!

Derick’s PickCody Rhodes. Keep the heel title run going.

Triple H vs. Kevin Nash - Sledgehammer Ladder Match

Robbie’s PickKevin Nash. I see this feud continuing. I really want to see Shawn Michaels back in some form or fashion and I believe this would be a good program that could reunite the entire “Kliq”. Maybe leading to Triple H vs Kevin Nash with HBK as the special guest referee at the Royal Rumble?

Shane’s PickTriple H – I’m putting the over/under line on torn quads in this match at 2.


Mark Henry vs. Big Show - Chairs Match for The World Heavyweight Championship

Robbie’s PickThe Big Show. Just like I was excited for Mark Henry to win because he deserved to be a World Champion after 14 Years in the business. I believe Big Show is due another World Title run. Both of these guys have earned their spot and both deserve one more run at being Champion. It would be a fitting end to Marks reign. The Wild Card of course here is Daniel Bryan.

Shane’s Pick Mark Henry.  I don’t see Henry losing until Mania.

Derick’s PickBig Show. Hall of Pain closed for business.

CM Punk vs The Miz vs Alberto Del Rio - Triple Threat TLC Match for The WWE Championship

Robbie’s PickCM Punk. When CM Punk said the WWE Championship game of Hot Potato is over I believed him. They need to make the Title relevant again. I really do believe Punk is the voice of change and is the catalyst that the WWE will use to break from the same “status quo” as he has stated himself. CM Punk seems like the most real thing in WWE right now and you can genuinely see he’s doing everything in his power to make good on the changes that he has promised. Now to get rid of the “spinner” belt…

Shane’s PickCM Punk – Just don’t see Del Rio holding the belt any time soon, and Miz would be better suited for a singles victory.

Derick’s PickCM Punk. Punk retains to help strengthen the title picture. CM Punk = Credible Champion.

If you want to play along, either leave picks in the comments section, or rock us an email at kickoutat2@gmail or a Direct Message at @KickOutAt2 on Twitter.

To Recap the current standings here in Ko@2 prediction world:

Robbie: 3/3

Derick: 2/4

Shane: 1/5

@RudoReels: 1/5