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FallbrawlIt’s time, wrestling fans, for Fall Brawl: War Games!  Tonight we’ll see Team WCW, a man down after the betrayal by Sting, take on Team nWo, seemingly now a man up with that defection.  It will be settled in the War Games, a two ring cage match that has no pinfall, no count out, no DQ…the only way to win is to force your opponent to submit!

I am SUPER excited about this!  This is the thing that I’ve been looking most forward to, I believe, since I started Season 3 of Kick Out at Nitro!  This is the second PPV that I ever purchased and I remember liking it so much more than Hog Wild.  I know a few of the matches on this card so I’m chomping at the bit to get to cover those.

Fall Brawl takes place in Winston-Salem, NC; right in the heart of Horsemen country!

Our announcers are Tony Schiavone, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, and “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.  They’re dressed in black tuxes.  They run down the last few weeks, talking about the War Games match and who will be both teams’ respective fourth man.

Match #1: Diamond Dallas Page VS Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

DDP swaggers out to the ring whereas Chavo comes out determined and intense.  Chavo starts off with a dropkick to DDP, which DDP sells a bit too much, launching himself backwards and through the ropes to the floor.  Chavo takes it to DDP on the floor, though, showing an intensity that we haven’t seen from him before.  He’s doing a great job showing that frustration from the beatings that DDP has been giving the Guerreros as of late.  Chavo takes a belt and starts whipping DDP, surprisingly not getting DQ’d.  Tony says that he doesn’t think Chavo would be worried about being DQ’d because he’s just there give DDP back the beating he’s been giving Chavo and his uncle Eddie.

Back in the ring, Chavo is still in control, holding onto DDP’s arm and wearing him down.  Heenan says that DDP should have an easy time with Chavo because that anger will make him make mistakes and all DDP has to do is wait.  Tony gives us a rundown of how this started; with DDP losing the Battle Bowl ring to Eddie but attacking him and keeping it.

wwef_31376843_th_64Dropkick to DDP again and we again get that weird sell from DDP, but this time he holds onto the ropes and drops when Guerrero tries another dropkick.  On the floor, now it’s DDP with the control.  He chokes Chavo with his foot for a bit and sends him into the ring again.  DDP comes off the top with a flying clothesline that gets a surprisingly big pop from the crowd.  Page throws up the “10” sign and the crowd pops again.  DDP keeps control, rolling a front headlock into pin for two.

Tony says that this is the first PPV that he’s been to where no one was in a good mood.  He says that he doesn’t want to side with the nWo but they did the right thing by taking Sting away as it’s killed everyone’s mood.

DDP goes for a vertical suplex, again getting a pop from the crowd, but Chavo rolls it into a small package for two.

Page slams Chavo into the corner and then goes for a side suplex but just tosses Chavo backwards like a sack of laundry.

Chavo starts getting fire under him, coming off the top with a missile dropkick and getting two.  He follows it with a springboard hurracanrana, again for two.  He follows Page into the corner but is met with a back elbow.  DDP covers with his feet on the second rope but only for two.

DDP throws Chavo over the top rope and into the second ring.  The referee and Page follow and DDP hits Chavo with a side slam for two.  He goes for a tilt-a-whirl slam but Chavo reverses it into a head scissors.  DDP charges Chavo in the corner but CHavo moves and DDP hits hard.  Chavo covers for two.  DDP catches Guerrero off of an Irish whip with a HUGE spinning sitout powerbomb.  This thing is beautiful, folks!  Of course, it’s only for two, though.

DDP tries for the Diamond Cutter, but Chavo reverses into a backslide attempt.  Page stops it, spins Chavo into the Diamond Cutter for the win.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page

Tony tells us that we can talk to WCW personalities by going to CompuServe.  We see Harlem Heat, Col. Parker and Sister Sherri giving a tech guy a hard time as he’s answering questions.

Tony sends us to a video package about “The Attack” that’s been happening since 5/27/96.

Match #2: Submission Match: Scott “Flash” Norton VS Ice Train w/ Teddy Long

Tony runs down the list of demands that the New World Order has put on WCW if they win War Games.  These include a limo, a jet, a TV show, a Tag Team Tournament, and WCW picking up the tab for the nWo’s expenses.

Ice Train has a pretty cool entrance.  T’Lo is walking out first, with Ice Train behind him, a towel draped on his head, and his arms on Teddy’s shoulders.  It looks like he’s coming out for a fight and it’s pretty badass.

The referee has a microphone so that we can hear them say “I quit.”  Dusty says that there’s no way you can get out of having to say “I quit” unless you’re a good ventriliguiss…

Tony and Brain both ask Dusty what the hell he just said.  Dusty tries to say ventriloquist a few more times, but to no avail.

This is a big hoss fight, with a lot of clotheslines back and forth.  Norton takes Ice Train down with a big clothesline and slaps on an arm breaker that Tony points out is reminiscent of the Code Red, the finishing move of Sgt. Craig Pittman, another of Teddy’s wrestlers.  Teddy jumps up and almost throws in the towel but decides better of it.

Ice Train fires back a bit, getting a slam and taking Norton down with a Japanese armbar.

Norton slams the absolute crap out of Ice Train with a catching Spinebuster/Alabama Slam type of move and then immediately goes to a Boston crab.  He doesn’t hold it long and then goes to his own Japanese armbar.  He lets go of this when Teddy jumps up on the apron, but then goes to another type of armbar.

Teddy goes up to the apron again and Norton grabs him, bringing him into the ring.  Ice Train grabs Norton from behind in a full nelson.  He wrestles Norton to the mat and Norton taps out.

Winner: Ice Train

Match #3: Mexican Heavyweight Championship: Juventud Guerrera VS Konnan (Mexican Heavyweight Champion) w/ Jimmy Hart

Juvi straight up trips over the ring steps as he walks around the ring backwards.  Between this and his weird ass promo the other night, Juvi isn’t getting too many good first impressions.

Konnan starts off with a fist bump but then follows immediately with a knee to the gut.  He tosses Juvi around with a German suplex and then tosses him out of the ring.  Bobby mentions Konnan becoming more Americanized in his dress, since he’s wearing jeans and a wife-beater now, but Mike says he’s actually dressing more along with his heritage now.  Juvi comes into the ring via the second ring, jumps to the top rope, skips over three sets of ropes, and comes off with a spin kick to Konnan.  He dives outside the ring onto Konnan, sending Konnan to the guardrail.  He tries to springboard off of the guardrail, but Konnan goesn’t go down to the Hurricanrana, but instead powerbombs him down onto the floor.

Back in the ring, Konnan hits his rolling clothesline to a big pop.  I love that move.  He dropkicks a seated Juventud and then locks on a seated stretch.

Juvi runs the ropes and Konnan kicks him while running, sending him awkwardly through the ropes and between the two rings.  Juvi traps Konnan in the two sets of ropes and comes off with another springboard, breaking Konnan in half.  He follows with a spinning jump kick and then a dive to Konnan on the floor.  He sends Konnan back into the ring and comes in with a springboard dropkick.  He rushes at Konnan, but Konnan back body drops him over one set of ropes and hangs him out to dry on the second set.  Konnan then powerbombs him over the ropes and back into the first ring.  These two are using the two rings to an awesome advantage and it’s making this match pretty damn awesome.

Powerbomb to Juventud and a dropkick to the knee is followed by two rolling German suplexes.  Juventud rolls to the floor and tries to walk it off.  Back in the ring, Juventud gets a leg drop.  Juventud tries to sunset flip Konnan off of the ring apron, but Konnan punches him and blocks it, then hits a diving dropkick on the floor.  Back in the ring, Konnan goes up top, but Guerrera stops him.  Juventud looks like he’s going for a Frankensteiner, but he just backflips off, doing nothing.  Konnan comes off onto him for two.  They then do an awkward run of pins and reversals that look like crap, including Tony getting super excited about “WE CAN HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!”  The Mexican Heavyweight Championship isn’t even a real championship, much less a WCW one, Tony.

Springboard spinning kick to Konnan for two.  Irish whip and a crashing ocean suplex from Konnan.  Konnan goes to pin but Juventud is in the ropes.  Leg drop to a Konnan tied in the ropes.  He then hits a big 450 splash that Brain marks out for but none of the other announcers even break stride for.  Juvi goes back up to the top for some stupid spin move.  He literally just spins 360, but not laying down…it’s hard to explain but it was garbage…trust me.  Konnan gets an Alabama Slam off the turnbuckle for two.  Konnan Power Drop off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Konnan (still Mexican Heavyweight Champion)

This match was a mix of awesome and sloppy.  Juventud should be way better for how long he’s been in the business.  These two threw everything at each other, though, and it was a very fast paced match.  Quite enjoyable, despite the slop.

Match #4: Chris Jericho VS “The Canadian Crippler” Chris Benoit

The announcers talk about the demands the New World Order have madeon WCW.  Apparently they want Steve McMichael’s dog.

Benoit starts off in Jericho’s face, then goes in hard.  They slap each other a few times, but Benoit takes Jericho down quick by the hair, sending him into the turnbuckles and then just slamming him to the mat by his hair.  Irish whip, back drop, and the crowd is hot for Benoit.  The Crippler hits a back suplex for two.  Irish whip and an Alabama Slam from Benoit, followed by a Liontamer.  It’s interesting to see Benoit using Jericho’s finisher BEFORE Jericho adopted it.

Benoit goes for a powerbomb but Jericho rolls through with hit, ducks a clothesline and hits a spinning wheel kick.  Jericho wraps up Benoit with a  quick cover for a two count.  He sends Benoit to the corner and follows with a dropkick to the back of the head.  Benoit rolls out to the apron, but Jericho does his springboard dropkick, sending Benoit off the apron.  He tries to do a springboard back elbow, but crashes hard on the ring apron, only getting some of the elbow to Benoit.  Back in the ring, Jericho gets a missile dropkick to Benoit.  He ducks a Benoit clothesline and gets a double underhook suplex for two before Benoit gets to the ropes.  The two men launch into a forearm and chop fest in the corner that Jericho gets the best of.  Benoit rolls out of a suplex and to the apron, then back suplexes Jericho out of the ring and to the floor.

Irish whip to Jericho and a knee to the gut, followed by a front suplex that hangs Jericho out to dry on the top rope.  Benoit flashes the 4H sign and the crowd loves it.  Back clothesline for two.  Chop fest in the center of the ring is cut short by a thumb to the eyes from Benoit.  Benoit locks on an abdominal stretch.  Slam to Jericho and Benoit flies off the top with the diving headbutt.  He covers for two but Jericho kicks out.  Benoit throws Jericho out of the ring and slams him into the side of the apron.

Back in the ring, Jericho gets a two count with a backslide but after that it’s back to Benoit taking him to school.  Jericho gets a few moments, with a flipping pin and a northern lights suplex, but neither get the job done.  Jericho gets in a run of chops in the corner, but Benoit goes for a tombstone suplex.  Jericho reverses and nails his own.  Instead of covering, he goes for the Lionsault, but Benoit moves.  Jericho nearly decapitates Benoit with a clothesline, then takes him up top for a Frankensteiner for two.  Jericho goes up top but Benoit hits him, crotching him on the top rope.  Benoit follows him up for a back superplex for three.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Holy crap, this was a war!  Jericho showed up and hung with Benoit, showing why we should take a look at him after just debuting a few weeks ago.  Benoit shows why he’s the young buck of the Horsemen and why he’s not to be ignored.  Such a great match!  Jericho’s fire VS Benoit’s intensity made for a hell of a show.

Match #5: WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Super Calo VS Rey Mysterio, Jr. (WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Calo and Rey start off trading some holds, then Calo turns up the juice with a running power slam and an elbow drop off the second rope.

Super Calo apparently takes his name and ring attire from Mexico’s top rap group, Calo.  Thanks, Mike Tenay.

For the most part, the opening couple minutes is all Super Calo, until Rey hits a springboard Hurricanrana.  He goes to dive through the ropes, but Calo moves, so Rey just slings himself back into the ring.  Back in the ring, Calo dropkicks Rey, then hits a springboard powerbomb like he’s a Mexican Tully Blanchard for two.  He follows this up by clotheslining Rey out of the ring and then coming off with a crazy missile dropkick from the top to the floor.  Calo continues to step up the crazy game by coming out of the ring with a flipping senton to Rey on the concrete.  He rolls Rey back into the ring and cover, but Rey gets the rope at 2.

Irish whip from Calo and a tilt-a-whirl slam in the center of the ring from two.  Rey is getting dominated here.  Calo sends Rey into the second rope, takes him up top, and gets him with a springboard headscissors for two…and then recovers again for another two count.  Calo is taking it to Rey here.

Calo flips Rey and locks on a short arm scissors in the center of the WCW crosshairs, getting a couple of near falls and then nearly dropkicking Rey out of the ring.  Irish whip again and Calo nearly takes Rey’s head off with a clothesline.  Snapmare and a seated abdominal stretch.  Calo locks on an inverted surfboard, dropping it for a two count.  Rey rolls to ringside for a moment, then starts to come into ring but is cut off by Calo.  Rey finally hits a quick dropkick, then tries to crossbody Calo over the top rope.  Calo gets hung up, though, so Rey straight up seems to try to hang Calo and pull him over.  Once Calo’s on the floor, Rey hits a dive from the ring, taking out Calo.  Springboard into the ring but Calo dropkicks Rey out of the air and gets a two count.  Super Calo sends Rey hard into the turnbuckles and starts to work on the arm.  He drops Rey’s arm over the top rope as Calo jumps to the floor, then he slams Rey into the steel guardrail.

They start to fight on the ring apron, then Rey jumps to the top rope, bounces off of it off of his butt, then grabs a Frankensteiner, twists, and does the move out to the floor.  Rey goes back into the ring and dives out onto Calo again.  Back in the ring, Rey gets a springboard sunset flip for two, then a springboard kick for two.  Rey goes up for a victory roll but Calo drops backwards, getting a pair of two counts.  Frankensteiner for two, followed by a spinning wheel kick.  Calo goes dropkick, Rey moves, and Calo hits the ropes and drops hard.  Rey jumps to the rope where the two rings meet, backflips off of the one ropes, over the other ropes, then jumps up, jumps off of both sets of ropes, Frankensteiner for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio, Jr. (still WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Wow…again, another good match.  Calo showed up in this match like crazy and really took it to Rey Mysterio.  Mysterio looked like he was fighting for his life in there.

Match #6: WCW World Tag Team Championship Match: The Nasty Boys VS Harlem Heat (WCW World Tag Team Champions) w/ Sister Sherri & Col. Robert Parker

Starting off this match will be Stevie Ray and Jerry Saggs.  Stevie starts off strong with a kick to the gut, backing Jerry into the corner and unloading on him with punches.  He whips Saggs into the far corner but Saggs comes out with a clotheslines.  Saggs heads to the floor after Sister Sherri due to her pulling his leg, which stalls everything as everyone gets tense and in each other’s face over this.

Knee to Stevie’s gut and a tag out to Knobbs and the two Nastys commence to “clubberin” on Stevie Ray in the corner, much to the delight of Dusty Rhodes.  Stevie is able to tag out to Booker.  Tag to Saggs again and they double-team Booker with a drop toehold / elbow to the back of the head combo.  Knobbs floors Booker with a big clothesline, then calls for Saggs to raise his arm so he can rub Booker’s face in Saggs’s armpit.  Sister Sherri jumps up on the apron and stops this, allowing Harlem Heat to double-team Knobbs for a bit.

Irish whip to Knobbs from Stevie Ray and a big jumping boot to the face on the rebound.  Stevie tags out to Booker, who takes over with a headlock.  Jerry Saggs gets preoccupied with Col. Parker and Sherri, drawing the referee’s attention, and thus allowing Sherri to get a kick or two into Knobbs.  Back in the ring, we get some quick tags between Harlem Heat and a little double-teaming on Knobbs.  Booker tries the Harlem Side Kick while Knobbs is leaning on the ropes, but Knobbs moves and Booker crotches himself on the top rope.  Knobbs tags out to Saggs, who comes in with a facebuster to Booker and a corner clothesline to Stevie Ray.  Scoop slam to Booker and that brings Sherri to the ring apron.  Saggs brings Sherri into the ring and then rolls up Booker for a two count.  Saggs hits a piledriver on Booker and pins, but Stevie Ray comes in to make the save.  This brings in Knobbs, who again distracts the referee.  While the ref is distracted, Saggs goes up top and is pushed off the top rope by Col. Parker.  Stevie Ray takes Saggs out on the floor, leaving him in a pile in the corner.  Stevie rolls him into the ring where Booker nonchalantly covers for two.  Booker this an axe kick that sends Saggs back to the ringside area where Stevie Ray, Sherri and Parker all jump him while the ref is distracted again by Knobbs.

After a bit, Harlem Heat try to take Saggs out with a double clothesline, but Saggs ducks it and takes them both out with a double facebuster.  He gets the tag to Knobbs, who cleans house.  He gets a back body drop on Booker and then hits the Nasty Splash, but Stevie is able to break it up.  Knobbs hits Booker with a splash in the corner and then take out Stevie with a double shoulder tackle.  The Nastys go for a pumphandle slam followed by a splash from the top, but Col. Parker again distracts the ref while Sherri sneaks in with Parker’s cane and hits Knobbs so that Booker can get the win.

Winner: Harlem Heat (still WCW Tag team Champions)

This match was a damn mess.  Plus, the Nastys were the babyfaces, which was odd.  I know Harlem Heat never really had a big run as babyfaces, but neither have the Nastys.

We get a quick commercial for the official Fall Brawl t-shirt, as pitched by Ric Flair.  We then go to the backstage area, as always littered with random WCW t-shirts, with Mike Tenay and Randy Savage.  Savage says he’s going to take out The Giant, then go to Halloween Havoc and rip Hollywood Hogan’s black heart from his chest.

Match #7: Grudge Match: “Macho Man” Randy Savage VS The Giant

The sound guy apparently gets Giant’s music wrong, sending him out to the Dungeon’s theme for a moment, then changing it to the nWo’s theme.  Giant takes off running for the ring, but Savage is able to keep him out by hitting him with a few forearms.  The announcers point out that the referee in the ring is Nick Patrick as Giant pulls Savage out of the ring.  Savage tries to slam Giant on the floor, but Giant’s weight is too much and Savage collapses under it.  Giant tosses Savage into the ring, over the top rope from the floor.  Back in the ring he chokes Savage with his foot, then tosses him into the corner and levels him with a clothesline.  Irish whip into a backbreaker to Savage.  Giant pushes down on Savage, bending him backwards over his knee.

Bobby mentions that everyone in the crowd is looking the other way, causing the announcers to speculate as to whether there is about to be nWo interference.  Giant lets go of the backbreaker and does a headbutt to Savage’s groin before locking on a Boston crab.  Savage gets to the ropes and the hold is broken, causing the announcers to agree that Nick Patrick made the right call.  Giant picks Savage up in a bear hug, draining all of Savage’s energy.  Savage is finally able to get to the eyes, though, breaking the hold and putting him on the offensive.  He goes up top and comes off with the double axe handle, but Giant catches him in mid-air and slams him right in the center of the C in the WCW logo.  Giant attempts a knee drop but Savage moves, leaving Giant to limp around the ring.  Savage gets up and starts hammering on the knee with kicks.  He goes back up top and comes down with a bulldog off the top.  He covers, gets two, then Giant press slams him off of him.  Giant gets up, wobbly, and Savage is able to body slam Giant.  Savage goes up top for the flying elbow, hits it, and out comes Hollywood Hogan.  Savage follows Hogan down the aisle and right into an ambush from The Outsiders.  Hall goes for a punch, which Savage ducks, but Nash nails him from behind with a steel chair.  They put the boots to Savage while Nick Patrick is jaw jacking with The Giant in the ring.  Hall and Nash roll Savage into the ring where Giant pins him for the win.

Winner: The Giant

While Randy is getting medical attention, we go to a commercial for Halloween Havoc, oddly enough featuring Savage.

Match #8: War Games: The New World Order (Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, & ?) w/ Ted Dibiase VS WCW (“The Enforcer” Arn Anderson, “Total Package” Lex Luger, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, & ?)


While the cage lowers, we go to Mike Tenay in the locker room with Flair, Anderson, Luger, Woman, and Liz.  Tenay asks which member of the Horsemen is going to replace Sting.  Flair says the Horsemen have stepped aside, so it’s just them.  Flair asks if we can hear the ambulance coming to get the nWo.  He says very soon, the Horsemen kick ass!  Double A says that he knows Luger lost a friend, they lost a partner, but Luger was a Horseman once so they’ll get the job done.  Out of nowhere, Sting enters the locker room.  Oddly enough, he’s in black and white paint.  Luger says he’s been waiting six days for the explanation, so Sting better make it good.  Sting says it wasn’t him on Monday night.  Luger says he knows it was him.  Sting says he’ll see them in a little while.


We go to Michael Buffer who explains the rules.  The first round is one on one, 5 minutes.  Then, every two minutes, a new man comes in, one from each team, until everyone is in.  Then, that starts The Match Beyond, which can only be won by submission.

Buffer says that the nWo has 4 men, but have only released 3 names.  One will remain secret until the end.  He says that the 3 men are Hall, Nash, and the Giant.  He says that WCW only has 3 men, and it’s not known if there will even be a 4th member.

Our first man from the New World Order is Scott Hall, who comes to the ring with Ted Dibiase.  WCW’s first man is Double A.  The crowd is hot for The Enforcer.  I’m not going to lie, if there’s one man I wouldn’t want to be locked in the War Games cage with during that first 5 minute period, it’s The Enforcer.

Hall takes it to Double A first, nailing him with right hands, but Double A turns the tieds quickly, and the crowd explodes.  He slams Hall’s head into the cage and then stomps Hall in the crotch.  Hall fires back with a whip to the corner and a clothesline, then drags Anderson’s head across the top rope.  Anderson goes to slam Hall’s head into the cage, but Hall holds off and then slams Arn’s head off the cage three times.

At this point, it’s pointed out that the referee in the ring is…shock…Nick Patrick.

Anderson starts working on Hall’s knee and then goes for a spinning toe hold, which makes Schiavone mark out like crazy thinking he’s going for a Figure 4.  Hall slinks away, sliding into the second ring.  Double A follows but is met with a big right hand from Hall.

Dusty mentions that he doesn’t remember seeing a referee in the War Games match.  I’m not too familiar with them, honestly, as I’ve really only seen about three or four of the matches, so I can’t comment on that, but I’ll defer to Dusty, who created the thing.  It makes sense, though, to not have one, as there’s no pinfall…only submission…and that doesn’t happen until The Match Beyond.  There’s no need for one.

We’re told the nWo has won the coin toss for the man advantage, so out comes Kevin Nash.    Arn has Hall down, so he goes to meet Nash.  He is able to duck a clothesline and get a few moves off to Nash, but eventually Hall grabs him and holds him so Nash can nail him with a kick to the head.  The Outsiders double-team Double A and send him head first into the cage.  Nash crashes Arn into the top turnbuckle with Snake Eyes, and Hall follows with a big clothesline.  They put the boots to Arn as the announcers mention that Flair made it sound like there wouldn’t be a 4th man for WCW.  Dusty says that they can’t do that…they’ll need the 4th man.

8362337_origOut comes Lex Luger, about 15 seconds early, but once he enters the ring, he’s a house of fire, taking out the Outsiders with a myriad of clotheslines and forearms.  He slams Hall’s head into the cage tice before Nash is able to cut him off, but The Enforcer is back up so he takes out Nash, leaving Hall to Luger.  The Outsiders get the upper hand again, though, as Hall sends Anderson into the cage hard.  Luger sends Nash into the ropes and Double A takes him out with a DDT as “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan enters the fray.

Hogan comes in but is immediately taken to the corner by Luger and Anderson, beating him down as the crowd is loving it.  The Outsiders are able to build back up, though, so they isolate Luger in one ring while Hogan takes Double A to the other one.  Hogan tries to send Anderson to the cage, but Double A reverses and bounces Hogan’s bald head off of the steel as the crowd chants “We Want Flair!”

Everyone ends up in one ring again and it’s beatdown city on the babyfaces.  Hogan drops a leg on Double A as the Outsiders take out Luger.

It’s time to bring in the Nature Boy!  Flair comes in and stands in the empty ring, daring Hogan into his ring.  Hogan puts up and upside down 4H sign, which Flair humps the air at.  Hogan gets a few punches in, but Flair turns the tides, bringing out a pair of brass knuckles and nailing anything that moves.  Hall tries to grab him from behind but Flair mule kicks Hall in the junk, taking him out.  The babyfaces join them in that ring and now the tides have turned.  Flair locks on the Figure 4 in the center of the ring as the countdown for the nWo’s fourth man starts.

It’s Sting.

Sting enters an starts beating down the babyfaces, kicking them in the gut and taking down Luger with a facebuster.  Now it’s the heels in power as Sting “woooos” and beats his chest.  The crowd starts chanting “We Want Sting!”

Hogan bounces Flair’s head off the cage as we go to one minute left in the period.  The New World Order is standing tall in the ring as Hogan slams Flair and drops the big leg.  Sting hits the Stinger Splash in the corner on all three babyfaces as we go to the 10 second countdown for WCW’s 4th man.



Sting enters the ring and gets right in the face of “Sting,” who we see clearly for the first time.  It’s definitely not Sting on the nWo side.  Sting starts beating down everyone.  Stinger Splash to Hogan…to Hall…to Nash…to “Sting!”  Big face buster to Scott Hall and it’s Sting standing in the center of the ring, staring down the babyfaces.  Sting looks at Luger and asks “is that good enough for you?  Is that truth enough?”  He then flips Luger off and leaves the cage.

Hogan is taking out Luger in one ring by himself as Flair is chopping the living hell out of Flair.  “Sting” applies the Scorpion Deathlock to Luger while the Outsiders take out the Horsemen.

Nick Patrick and Randy Anderson announce that the War Games have ended with the surrender of Lex Luger to the Scorpion Deathlock.

Winners: New World Order

Tony says that had the wrestlers trusted Sting, they’d have won this match.  Tony says he doesn’t think Luger gave up, but that he passed out from the pain.  As the nWo cleans up, Luger crawls out of the ring and up the entry way, yelling “Stinger!”  The nWo catch up to him and put the boots to him, unfortunately.  Here come the Horsemen!  Flair and Anderson take care of the Outsiders, leaving Hogan to Randy Savage, who enters the picture from out of nowhere!  Savage grabs Hogan and makes a beeline to the ring.  Savage backs Hogan from one ring to another as Hogan cowers…but Savage is grabbed from behind by The Giant.  Giant chokeslams Savage in the center of the ring as the rest of the New World Order surround him.

Ms. Elizabeth enters from the back, pleading with Hogan to stop.  Hogan grabs a can of spray paint and threatens Liz as Giant choke slams Savage again.  Liz covers Savage, trying to protect him, as Hogan sprays the N W O letters on Liz’s dress.

“Hogan, you’ve dropped to new levels.  You’re the lowest form of life I’ve ever seen.” – Bobby Heenan

Hogan gets a microphone as the crowd chants “Hogan Sucks!”  Hogan says that “these two losers…these two lowlifes…they made a sacred vow that they would be together until the end of their lives.  Well, courtesy of the nWo and courtesy of Hulk Hogan, we’re going to make that happen!”  He spits on Liz and drops the mic.  Did Hogan just say he was going to kill Liz and Randy?  That’s how I took that.

Heenan says he’s done things in wrestling he wasn’t proud of, but nothing like this.  The nWo pose for a picture at ringside as Savage sells in the center, still covered by Liz.  Randy Anderson is now trying to send the nWo away, but Giant and Hogan get Savage and paint the N W O letters on Savage’s back before putting the boots to him a bit more.  Giant says he thinks he’s Michelangelo or Da Vinci…the greatest artist alive today.  Hogan and Giant mug for the camera and use Flair’s line, saying “whether you like it or you don’t, it’s the best thing going today.”  Giant choke slams Savage one more time.  Nash shoves Randy Anderson out of the ring, leaving Liz to the wolves.

We cut back to the announcers who ask if there’s someone who could get Liz out of the ring.  The announcers are clearly disgusted.  Tony says that hindsight is 20/20, and if they had trusted Sting, things may have turned out differently.  Bobby says that we saw what Sting did by himself.  If Sting had been there from the beginning, we’d have beaten them.

Hogan comes to the announce booth and Heenan bolts.  Dusty and Tony leave as Hogan cuts a promo.  Giant says this has been brought to us by the Ric Flair Retirement Fund.  Dibiase says that they had some demands that are going to be met.  No more “Outsiders,” it’s nWo for life!

We close out of the PPV on Randy being helped to the back by Liz and a trainer, then head to credits.


Pretty damn good PPV!  We had some great wrestling from Benoit and Jericho.  We had some amazing cruiserweight action from Juvi & Konnan as well as Rey & Super Calo.  DDP took out a Guerrero.  We forwarded our nWo storyline with the last two matches.  Good stuff!

1996 me was PISSED right now!  I really thought that WCW would come back and this would be the end of Hogan and his goons.  I remember being so excited when Sting told the babyface camp that it wasn’t him on Monday.  I remember watching the War Games match and realizing something was up when “Sting” started beating his chest.  “That’s not him,” I told my Dad, and was proven right a few moments later when the real Sting made his way down the aisle.  I marked out like crazy as Stinger beat that nWo ass from pillar to post, culminating in four Stinger Splashes! Then…he left.

I understood…but damn, man…you’re the Stinger.  You ARE this company’s heart and soul.  Get out there and beat them down!  Disagree with your teammates later, but right now beat some ass!

It was for naught, though, as the nWo ended the night victorious.  I love what happens afterwards because it does such a good job at showing how much this loss meant.  You get Savage destroyed so much that it brings out Liz, who has been with Flair for almost nine months now, to protect her man.  It was so real.  It made me hate Hogan and the rest and made me want to see them get destroyed.

Sure, there were some things on this show I’m not really that big on, namely the tag team championship match, but my overall impressions are very high, so I can honestly say I really enjoyed this show!  Can’t wait to tune into Nitro for the fallout!

Until next time, ladies and gentlemen!


KoaNitro PPV  Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the most important night in the history of our website!  On our journey from the first episode of WCW Monday Nitro, we come to our first Pay Per View event.  Granted, this one came a bit quickly as we only got two weeks of Nitro leadup for this one and we really only set the table for two matches (Flair vs Anderson and the War Games match), but we’re here, so let’s take a look at what we’ve got coming up.

This is WCW Fall Brawl: War Games from Ashville, NC.  It came to us on Sunday, September 17th, 1995.  Fall Brawl is one of my favorite PPVs because of the double ring setup.  I always thought there was something so cool about seeing the two rings side by side.  The rings are also adorned with my favorite WCW ring mat ever…the cross-hairs around the WCW logo!  We open on a quick hype video building up both of our main event matches then are kicked over to the announce team of Bobby Heenan and Tony Schiavone.  I can honestly say I have missed Schiavone the last two episodes.  Bischoff is an okay commentator, but he has a bad tendency to overact; Mongo is just plain terrible…so finally pairing Heenan with someone else that can play off of him a bit more was a welcome change.  Tony informs us that earlier in the day the Giant ran over Hulk Hogan’s new Harley Davidson, given to him by the fans, with a monster truck, thus setting up the monster truck war that we’re going to have going into Halloween Havoc (not to jump too forward).  Bobby tells us that The Giant was sorry that Hogan wasn’t on the bike when he ran it over, leading us to realize that not only is this where the big boys play, it’s where the big boys commit attempted murder.

FallbrawlMatch #1: Flyin’ Brian vs Johnny B Badd

I remember being a big JBB fan back in the day, so I was quite happy to see him show up here.  The odd thing, however, was seeing Michael Buffer announce both men.  This was at a time when Buffer was getting paid huge sums PER WORD, so having him do the first match of the night was interesting.  Buffer was always a WCW staple to me but I only really remember him doing the PPV main events with an occasional Nitro thrown in, never the early matches on the card.  JBB comes out tossing frisbees and teasing shooting the glitter gun and is way more over than I figured he would be.  Johnny was getting a ton of crowd reaction on this show.  We’re told that this match is to determine the #1 contendership to Sting’s WCW US Championship in a match that will be held on WCW Saturday Night on 9/30.  I was upset that this wasn’t announced for Nitro, as I don’t have access to Saturday Night at the moment, so it won’t end up on the journey we’re on.  Oh well.

Pillman really starts laying the groundwork for a heel turn in this match.  The last time we saw him he was opening the show in a great match with Jushin Liger, so the heel tactics kind of start coming out of nowhere, honestly.  Our first inclination of this was Tony saying that Pillman hadn’t been around all day.  He had been distant and hadn’t been talking to anyone in the arena before the match.

We’re told that Sting trained Johnny B Badd.  What?!  Was this in kayfabe or did Sting really have a hand in Mero’s training?  What wrestling I did follow as a kid was always WCW, bt I really didn’t get a chance to watch a lot of it until WCW Nitro started, honestly, so my Johnny B Badd knowledge is a bit lacking.  This did lead us to a funny joke from Heenan asking “So, basically, Johnny B Badd is Sting’s pet?”

The match gets a bit more intense as JBB gets busted open.  Pillman drops a Boston Crab and punches JBB, grabs him bu the hair and yells “Who’s a bad man now?!”  Really starting to push Pillman into heel territory here.

The match goes to a 20 minute draw, causing referee Nick Patrick to order the match to go to Sudden Death.  Heenan remarks “I’ve never heard of this before!”  That’s probably because wrestling isn’t a sport that sudden death really works in.  This isn’t an iron man match…the first pinfall is going to win the match no matter what!  Anyway, we’re treated to a beautiful JBB top rope Frankensteiner and a tornado DDT from Pillman, leading into a double cross body block that Johnny B Badd rolls into a pinfall.

A small takeaway that I have with this match, oddly enough, is that as they played JBB’s music after he won, I noticed there’s a lyric that actually says “He looks just like Little Richard.”  Sometimes that WCW music just came right out and stated the obvious.  What can you ask for, though, from a company where the Steiner Brothers’s music literally starts with “Here’s the story of two brothers, Rick and Scott…?”

After the match our commentators talk a bit with Heenan again blaming Hogan for throwing Flair off of his game, leading to this match with Arn Anderson.  Just as we lead back to Mean Gene who will be speaking with Flair, Heenan straight goes off on some kid in the crowd, leaving me to wonder whether or not that was kayfabe or if the kid really said something that pissed him off.

Backstage, Flair runs down his history with AA and their bond.  They’re best friends, but Flair is going to have to offer some tough love.

Match #2: Cobra vs Craig “Pittbull” Pittman

This match was a throwaway match where not a lot happens.  Cobra is apparently the babyface in this match, which while I barely remember Cobra, I really don’t remember Pittman being a heel, so this threw me off a bit.  We’re informed that Cobra isn’t a marine…he’s CIA!  Apparently the CIA doesn’t pay well enough, so he’s got to moonlight in WCW.  They didn’t really blow open the coffers for good entrance music for Cobra, though, as his entrance music is just Morse Code playing over and over.  And we all thought Cesaro’s siren music was bad!  Cobra goes to the ring and waits for Pittman, who no shows.  A random guy who looks a lot like Low Ki comes out to distract Cobra as Pitman repels from the ceiling over a year and a half before Sting started doing it!  Pittman wins with an arm bar and yells some gibberish into the camera.

spiveyWe kick back to our announce team who talk a bit about how Paul Orndorff is going through some hard times.  This leads us to the biggest WTF moment we’ve had thus far along the journey!  We see Orndorff backstage flipping out during this crazy edited video, wondering if he’s still “Mr. Wonderful” or not since he lost the match to Randy Savage.  In walks Gary Spivey from the Psychic Network!  I always thought this was just a WCW gimmick, but apparently Spivey was around outside of WCW, which leads me even further into this WTF rabbit hole.  Spivey got a vision that Orndorff wasn’t doing so well.  Orndorff says that he’s held so many belts…but, of course, Spivey knows these things!  Whether his psychic knowledge told him this or whether he just happened to be a fan of Mr. Wonderful, we’ll never know.  Spivey asks Orndorff who he sees in the mirror and Orndorff says “Mr. Wonderful.”  He then proceeds to make out with his wrist…then his elbow…then his biceps…then the mirror…

This was one of the most terrible wrestling oriented things I’ve ever seen…

Oh, WCW…

Match #3:  Television Title Match between Renegade (C) and Diamond Dallas Page (w/ the Diamond Doll and Max Muscle)

This match opens with a small moment that really makes you appreciate Bobby Heenan’s comedic timing.  The announcers are talking about how badly DDP treats the Diamond Doll, and Schiavone makes a comment about how in high school all of the girls always seemed to date douchebags.  Heenan says nothing.  He just leaves Schiavone for a few moments to sit with that in the air.  It really made me laugh out loud.

The match starts with DDP jumping Renegade.  DDP headbutts Renegade, who doesn’t sell crap, leading DDP to sell the severity of Renegade’s no sell!  We’re treated to an innovative Hangman’s side headlock, then Renegade diving for a clothesline, DDP moving and Renegade eating the ropes.  Kim starts jawjacking to the camera about how much DDP sucks, to which DDP makes her hold up a sign with “10” on it.  I forgot all about this part of the DDP schtick.  It made sense after I thought about it because he always held the 10 fingers high, then formed them into the diamond sign.  Lot of stuff I find going through this stuff the second time around, apparently.  Heenan tells us that we don’t know Page’s side of things regarding how he treats Kim…maybe Kim burnt the toast!  This shows us that Heenan will apparently condone some domestic abuse over some breakfast food.  One of the most surprising moments is when Not Warrior hit the Great Muta’s corner handspring elbow!  I really wasn’t prepared for that!  Match ends with Max Muscle grabbing Renegade’s foot and DDP hitting the Diamond Cutter for the win, taking the TV championship!

This part threw off my timeline a lot.  I don’t remember DDP using the Diamond Cutter until into the Benefactor angle.  I always remembered it as the Benefactor brought him back from poverty and then taught him the Diamond Cutter, leading to Page’s rise in late 96.  I was pretty surprised to see the move almost a year before this.  I guess my memory isn’t as good as I thought it was.

Match #4: WCW World Tag Team Championship Match between Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater (C) w/ Col. Parker and Harlem Heat (w/ Sister Sherri)

I have no idea why Slater and Buck are tag champs in 1995.  If this was 1993 in WCW and you told me this, I’d understand.  I wouldn’t be okay with it, but I’d understand.  Anyway, entrances bring back my favorite Harlem Heatism of all time, “It’s on like neckbone, sucka,” so I’m happy.  Schiavone plugs the WCW hotline (1-900-909-9900…burned into my memory forever) and talks about how if you call you will get information on a wrestler who has potentially defected to another wrestling organization.  They’re talking about the A-W-O-L Vader, of course.

Booker T and Slater start, Booker gets the upper hand and does something that really impresses me in regards to Harlem Heat’s ring awareness.  Stevie Ray goes to congratulate Booker, but instead of high fiving, which would be considered a tag, they bump forearms.  It’s a simple little thing, but it impressed me nonetheless.

The big story of this match is the fact that at Bash at the Beach in July, Sherri hit her head and fell in love with Col. Parker.  Since then she hasn’t been all that attentive in Harlem Heat’s matches.  She’s even wearing a yellow flower that Parker gave her tucked nicely into her cleavage.

HH work way better as a tag team than the champs do, but that’s to be expected.

Parker starts straight creeping on Sherri about halfway through the match.  He starts to leave his side of the ring, saying “It’s hard for me to stay here in this corner” while wiping sweat away from his brow.

Since when were Harlem Heat faces?  I remember them as heels more through the time I was watching it until Booker T went solo.  I guess I remember 1996 way more than I do 1995.

Nick Patrick is still sluggish as all hell.

Tony tells us that in a few weeks Dusty Rhodes will be joining the commentary team.

Bobby starts straight creeping on Bunkhouse Buck out of nowhere!  “You ever in the men’s locker room when Buck takes that long underwear top off and gets in the shower?  Mmmmm…mmmmm.”  WTF, Bobby!?

The heels swap out without tagging leading Nick Patrick to ASK them if they tagged.  He really is the worst ref in history.

While the match wraps up in ring one, Sherri and Parker meet across ring two.  They end up in the middle and start making out.  During this, the Nasty Boys come out and hit Slater with a boot, costing them the match and the tag team championship.  Sherri and Parker split apart as Buck shows up pissed, leaving with Parker.  Harlem Heat ask Sherri what’s up and she says it’s her psychology and says they got the belts back didn’t they?  We follow Buck and Parker up to the top of the ramp where Mean Gene awaits.  Buck says Parker is lovesick and asks where he was when they needed him.  Parker says he’s serious about Sherri, sends Slater and Buck off and says they’ll get the belts back eventually.  Gene gives Parker some crap about all of this, to which Parker responds he’s conflicted, he’s never felt like he feels tonight.  He’s got to have Sherri!  He feels 20 years old!

We take a quick break as Tony pitches Halloween Havoc, coming to us from Detroit on 10/29 (which is when the write up for that event will be here at Ko@2!).

The show goes to the back where Mean Gene is standing with Arn Anderson.  He says we’re going to get a little history lesson and we get a video package about the developments that lead us to this feud.  An important thing to mention is that even the voice over announcer for this segment blames Hogan for Flair being off lately, just like Heenan.  Anderson says he loves Ric Flair, that his stomach is in knots just thinking about having to fight his brother, but at the end of the day he has to answer to Double A and that tomorrow, he’ll respect Double A, just as Flair will.

Match #5: Ric Flair vs Arn Anderson

One of the funniest parts of the beginning of this match is during the entrances.  Bobby Heenan says that “piece of human sewage Hulk Hogan” came between Flair and Anderson!  Human sewage!  One of my favorite parts of this is Heenan’s nonstop hatred and distrust of Hogan, but human sewage is a new one.  I like it.  To this, Tony responds saying that isn’t true, despite the WCW voice over guy just stating that it was.

Wrestlers start filling up the stands to watch this match, giving us our first glimpses of the American Males and Eddie Guerrero!

Even at this point, Flair’s body is looking rough.  There’s the ever present knot on his lower back from a torn muscle…but there looks to be a hole in his shoulder as well!  There’s a very visible depression in his shoulder that looks like someone just scooped a section out with a melon baller.  Odd.

One of my favorite segments came early when Flair is still trying to gingerly feel AA out, leading Anderson to full force smack Flair in the face.  Flair sells it wonderfully, a mix of both surprise and fear.  Through the early part of the match, Flair is very halfhearted in his offense, but Anderson is really taking it to Flair.  They’re doing a great job telling a story of Anderson wanting to make Flair respect him.

At this point, we’re told Flair is an 11 time champion.  I need to check my totals later, but that seems way off.  I know they hotshotted the title around in WCW between now and the end of the company, but does Flair really get 5 more title reigns in that time?

I never realized that Anderson wears his kneepads the same way that Flair does…around his shins…until this match.

Commentary alludes to these two men being cousins.  Always love it when that continuity is brought up.

Flair hits his once in a blue moon move off of the top in a big way, as he hits a double axehandle from the top to ringside!

We get a great run from both men towards the end of the match as AA goes for the DDT and Flair blocks, allowing him to start turning the tables.  He puts Double A in the Figure 4, which Anderson fights.  Flair has enough of this, though, and spits in Anderson’s face.  Anderson gets pissed!  He rallies back, reverses the move back onto flair.  Flair gets out, hits Anderson with a chop block and goes for the Figure 4 again, which Anderson rolls into a small package.  Kickout, they stand, Flair takes out the leg again.

At this time, out comes Brian Pillman.  He jumps to the ring apron and nails Flair with a punch.  Flair goes to hit back, Pillman kicks Flair in the back of the head, causing him to stagger into an Arn Anderson DDT for the win!

We go to the announcers telling us that War Games is next!

It’s crazy build up video night in WCW as we get a very weird video hyping the Hulk Hogan / Dungeon of Doom feud.  We see tons of oddness from Sullivan, including him in numerous shots holding posies as well as beating a Hulk Hogan action figure with a shovel.  We then get a video replay of the Giant running over Hulk Hogan’s Harley.  Apparently the Harley was given to him by the fans.  Why the fans are buying things for a millionaire, I’ll never know, just like I’ll never know where the Giant got a damn monster truck!

Seriously…the Dungeon of Doom is effing terrible!  Really…just bad.  It’s hard to believe I have almost a year of this nonsense on the horizon!  The nWo will be a blessing by that point, I think.

We get some banter from the commentators that sews the seeds for some Lex Luger dissension.  From what I remember, that’s pretty much a running Lex Luger gimmick up until the nWo arrive…no one in WCW trusting Luger except for Sting.  Interested to see where this goes as it seems like I remember him being with the Dungeon of Doom for a while…maybe even when he was tag champs with Sting.  Guess we’ll see.

Mean Gene is in the back with the four babyfaces, all dressed in camo pants, camo Fall Brawl t-shirts, and camo war paint.  Everyone’s excited, even Luger.  Luger says he’s in, they’re together, and everyone’s ready to fight!  Hogan says all he had to do was look Lex in the yes to see he was red, white and blue!  I’m guessing he probably saw Lex’s WWF zubaz pants in the back and was brought to that conclusion.  One really odd part of this is near the end, Hogan points at Jimmy Hart and says “We’re gonna use him as bait, Brother!”  Poor Jimmy!

Out we go to Michael Buffer with the rules and introductions as the cage lowers to really bad, random fireworks.

War Games was always a really cool match.  It starts with two men in the cage for five minutes.  Then, at the end of the five minutes, there’s a coin toss that the heels always win.  The winner of the coin toss…aka the heels…send in one man, making it 2 on 1.  Then, after two minutes, the babyfaces send in one, evening it up.  This alternates until all eight men are in the ring.  Once that happens, the cage is locked and thus begins The Match Beyond, which can only be won on submission or surrender.  There’s a special stipulation tonight, though.  If the babyfaces win, Hogan gets Sullivan in the cage tonight!  Very odd of the Dungeon of Doom not to ask for a stipulation in return.  Maybe they all get to run a beat down train on Jimmy Hart or something like that?  Way to aim for the middle, Sullivan!

Match # 6: War Games!  The Dungeon of Doom (Shark, Zodiac, Kamala and Meng w/ Kevin Sullivan) vs The Hulkamaniacs (Sting, Randy Savage, Lex Luger and Hulk Hogan w/ Jimmy Hart)

The DoD are out first, followed by a very cool looking Hulkamaniacs team!  Honestly, they all really looked pretty cool matching and in the camo.  Hogan looks like he didn’t need to apply a brown base coat, though.  Seriously, that MF’er is tan!

Sting and Shark start off first, which Heenan says is a bad idea.  He thinks the DoD should have left their big man until the end.  Sting starts off with this awesome diving clothesline from one ring into the other.  This may not sound that awesome if you’ve never seen a War Games setup.  There’s one set of ropes, then about a foot of ring apron, then another foot of ring apron and another set of ropes.  Jumping from one to the other always looks so badass!  Sting tries to bodyslam Shark and that doesn’t work out so well.  Really, lifting big guys around this time is the sole property of Hogan…only to be given to Luger once Hogan turns heel.  Shark tries Sting’s dive himself, only to not make it and end up stuck on the two sets of ropes, leading Sting to kick the crap out of him a few times and then attempt a diving slash, but he gets caught by Shark, who tosses him into the ring.  Heenan makes a joke about Shark being a taxedermist’s dream, to which Schiavone replies with the wanted “Will you stop!?”  Thank you, Tony!  Sting clamps on the Scorpion Deathlock as the first round ticks to the end, bringing in Zodiac.  Sting fends him off a bit, puts him in the Scorpion, but is jumped by Shark, leading to the 2 on 1 until Savage comes in.

Savage cleans house.  While he’s preoccupied, Meng is able to grab Sting’s arm from under the cage and holds him there as Savage starts getting a doubleteam ass whooping.  Sting is finally able to break free and starts his comeback.

Heenan says he wouldn’t be shocked if the DoD start using flamethrowers!  Well, we’ve already seen that Heenan is just waiting on domestic violence and murder, so this is just par for the course.

DoD gets Savage’s leg under the cage and all of the outside heels start kicking his ass.

Kamala comes in next and the heels dominate.  Nothing much else happens until Lex Luger comes in and then it’s Clothesline City, population Dungeon of Doom!  There’s even a double clothesline to Shark and Kamala.

Clothesline City has it’s first major city wide crisis as he goes for clotheslines on Zodiac, who ducks it and causes Lex to hit Savage.  Savage gets up, realizes who hit him, and they start brawling.  Sting tries to break up the fight as Meng comes in and the DoD start beating them down.

Finally, Hogan comes in and we move into The Match Beyond!  Hogan’s first action is to hit everyone of the heels in the eyes with white powder!  Heenan says that the powder smells like napalm or gunpowder!  No, Bobby, it doesn’t, but we’re still glad to see you think that Hogan will murder the heels in this match tonight.  Hogan traps Zodiac in the middle ropes between the two rings and bounces him around.  It’s actually quite interesting how much play that Hogan makes sure that Ed Leslie gets some major play in this match.

Hogan starts moving back through the heels, moving on from Clothesline City to their next town over neighbor Back-rakeville!  It’s always interested me how much Hogan acts like a heel as a babyface.  Powder, back rakes, eye rakes, he’s used chairs before…it’s nuts.

Hogan starts sending everyone face first into the cage, including Shark, who makes the entire cage move.  It was a very interesting visual.  Hogan grabs Zodiac in the camel clutch in the middle of the ring and Zodiac gives, giving the match to the Hulkamaniacs.

Realizing he’s got to get into the cage, The Taskmaster bails, but is stopped at the top of the ramp by WCW’s oldest official in a suit who proceeds to very sheepishly tell him he has to go back to the ring.  When that doesn’t work, a random Latino man from backstage helps the old man gingerly shove Sullivan back to the ring.  Thankfully, Sting shows up and takes Sullivan back himself, tossing him into the cage and locking it.

Hogan bounces Sullivan off the cage quite a few times, to which Heenan says that he’s “dribbling him like Dennis Rodman dribbles a basketball!”  It’s always fun to look at WCW predict future involvements or storylines years before they happen.  In about a year and a half, Rodman will align himself with Hogan and all will be right with the world.  Wait, I mean all will be terrible.  Yes, terrible is the right word.

They exit the cage for a moment, then go back in, Hogan kicking Sullivan’s ass every step of the way.  Hogan even starts choking Sullivan with his wrist tape, going back to those heel tactics that I was talking about earlier.  It really goes to show you that even though he’s traditionally a heel, Heenan’s anti-Hogan rhetoric is pretty spot on the money.

Out comes the Giant.  He picks up Randy Anderson and moves him, grabs the top of the cage and vaults himself over the top rope in a damn impressive feat of athleticism from a man who’s 7’4″.  Hogan attacks him, but nogo.  Giant grabs Hogan, chokes him, then snaps his neck just like you’ve seen happen to every underling ever in a Steven Segal movie.  Heenan is pretty much selling that The Giant is the second coming of Andre…stating he “remembers those boots…those tights…”

Michael Buffer calls for an EMT to ringside as Bobby Heenan laughs maniacally as they go off the air.

“I’ve been waiting for this day!  The Immortal Hulk Hogan…bwahahahahahahahaha!”

I feel you, Bobby, I really do!

With this, we go off the air.


So, the first PPV is off the air.  I really like how some groundwork was laid for Pillman’s heel turn and eventual joining of the Four Horsemen.  We got to see his mean streak come out in the match with Johnny B Badd and we saw him align himself with Arn Anderson against Ric Flair, so we know that big things are coming for him.  We saw the odd situation with Col. Robert Parker and Sister Sherri, which I really don’t care about, but I do seem to recall both of them managing Harlem Heat for a while until Parker splits off with the Quebeccers…but that’s a while down the road I think.  We also saw the ends of these chapters between Flair and Anderson as well as Hogan and the Dungeon of Doom, leaving us to wonder where we’re going next.  With Hogan, I know that pretty soon we’re getting the pre-nWo Black Hogan with no mustache, but I think that’s still a few episodes away.  I also know that we’re getting the monster truck match between him and Giant, followed by the World Championship match between the two coming at Halloween Havoc.

Of course, we have six weeks of Monday Nitro to get through before that, though!

See you back here tomorrow for the fallout episode of Nitro!