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KoaNitro copyWelcome back, everyone, to another thrilling installment of Kick Out at Nitro!  We’re a day removed (in 1996 time) from The Great American Bash.  We have four Horsemen again.  We saw the debut of the phenomenal Rey Mysterio, Jr.  We have a time and a place for the 3 on 3 match with WCW and the Outsiders.  We’ve got Randy Savage reinstated.  Things are getting hot in WCW as we push three weeks forward to the Bash at the Beach, when history is made and the face of WCW is changed forever.

Tonight’s Nitro is being broadcast from Richmond, VA.  Always exciting to see Nitro coming from my home state.  We’re joined by Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko but they’re up at the full announce booth in the back instead of their normal ringside seats.  Tony also tells us that he’ll be with us during the second hour, apparently taking the place of the injured Eric Bischoff.  Look at that…Bischoff does a better sell job at being hurt than John Cena.  The announcers put over the Outsiders, who still do not have names, powerbombing Bischoff off of the stage.  Larry says it doesn’t impress him because Bischoff isn’t a big dude or a wrestler.  They need to realize they’re taking on WCW.  Tony says that tonight we’ll find out who WCW’s three men are.  Tony runs down the events from last night, ending with Mongo joining the Horsemen.  Larry is now fully behind Mongo, making a point not to call him Dumbo this week.  Tony finishes the segment off with a replay of Hall and Nash beating up Bischoff and powerbombing him.  Man, I love this clip.

Match #1: Stevie Ray VS Rick Steiner

WCW rarely has tag wrestlers in single matches, so this is interesting.  Stevie Ray starts off strong, clotheslining Rick, kicking him down and gouging his eyes before choking him against the bottom rope.  As Rick tries to stand, Stevie Ray gets him with a big right hand and another clothesline.  Stevie Ray follows with a scoop slam and an elbow drop for a quick pin but Rick is able to kick out.  Rick reverses an Irish whip but Stevie Ray hits him with a shoulder block.  Rick is able to get a belly-to-belly suplex, though, followed by a clothesline and a top rope bulldog for two.  Rick rushes Stevie Ray, but Stevie powerslams him.  Stevie Ray doesn’t follow up quickly, taking his time to try a fist drop from the second rope.  Rick moves and hits a Steinerline for the win.

Winner: Rick Steiner

The moment Rick gets the win, in comes Booker T with a superkick.  Harlem Heat begin double teaming Rick, culminating with Booker T going for a move from the top rope.  In comes Scott Steiner to cover his brother and take the brunt of the hit.  I wonder what that’s going to do to Scott’s match tonight against The Giant.

We go to a commercial break and a quick video from the American Males.  Bagwell says that there has been trouble with the 4 Horsemen, but tonight, the American Males are going to solve it.  Um…apparently Buff didn’t watch Bash at the Beach or he would have seen that while there has been trouble, the Horsemen are now stronger than ever.  Good luck fixing that trouble there, guys.

Match #2: Disco Inferno VS Joe Gomez

Before his opponent enters, Disco grabs a mic and says that he knows that everyone came to see Disco Inferno dance.  Tony immediately says “Um, no we did not!” and that is followed by Larry asking Tony if he wanted him to go break Disco’s legs.  Disco tries to dance and the music for Joe Gomez starts.  Gomez was going to debut last week but got his ass kicked by the Horsemen, so that was pushed to this week.

Tony tells us that Hulk Hogan called in earlier and says that if there’s going to be a war, throw his name in the hat.

Gomez is generic wrestler #255 with the exception that he’s Hispanic.

Disco goes outside and gets in David Penzer’s face and Tony freaks out about how everyone wants to beat up announcers now.

Gomez gets Disco in the ring and hits a dropkick and goes for a crossbody block but Disco moves and he goes face first into the ropes.  Gomez is able to whip Disco into the corners a few times, but is hit by Disco’s swinging neckbreaker.  Instead of covering, Disco dances and goes for a nonchalant cover, but Gomez rolls him over into a crucifix pin for the win.

Winner: Joe Gomez

Disco shows that losing means nothing to him as he says his hair is still in place and he’s the best dancer in WCW.

Commercial break and we’re with Mean Gene, Ric Flair, Woman, Liz, and Debra McMichael.  Gene is disgusted with the ladies and asks Debra what the hell.  Debra says it was all about the money.  Flair says this shot looks like a Vogue cover.  Flair says that Mongo, with that Super Bowl ring flashes the 4 Horsemen sign.  He cuts a promo on Savage and how much better he is than Savage in every way.  Flair says everyone keeps talking about what is going to happen when Savage gets ahold of him.  Nothing!  Flair is going to stand his ground.  Gene kicks us back to our next match.

Match #3: “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson & “The Crippler” Chris Benoit VS The American Males

The Horsemen are whole once again!  Benoit’s right side of his face is jacked up as a result of the match last night.  It’s swollen and purple.  The Males come out flashing downward facing 4H signs, which is probably a bad idea.

Tony says that WCW put six names together representing the best win/loss records in WCW and they will draw three to face The Outsiders.  We’re told explicitly that Sting, Luger, and Hogan’s names are in there.

Riggs starts off mocking the Horsemen again.  Arn kicks Bagwell off of the apron, ducks a Riggs clothesline and slips out to the floor.  Unfortunately he forgot Bagwell was out there and gets rolled back into the ring and quickly rolled up for a two count.  Arn heads back to his corner and slows down the pace, coming back out with a side headlock to Riggs and then a kick in the gut after some rope running.  Arn goes for a piledriver but Riggs backdrops him out of it and is able to tag out to Bagwell.  Bagwell tires to wrench Arn’s arm but Arn just knees him in the back to break it and tags out to Benoit.

Benoit kicks Buff in the gut and chops him hard twice.  Bagwell gets an enziguri when Benoit catches his foot and goes on a bit of offense, trying a standing splash but Benoit gets his knees to the guts of Buff and tags out to Arn.  Bagwell attempts a backslide and there is some miscommunication where Benoit is waiting on Riggs to double team Arn, but the referee is in the wrong place.

Arn tags out to Benoit after Benoit breaks up a pin attempt and Benoit goes postal on Bagwell, backing him into the corner and kicking the crap out of him for a while, then hitting a back suplex to setup for Benoit’s diving headbutt.  Benoit covers, Riggs breaks up the pin, but Arn comes in and takes the Males out.  Bagwell is able to get the tag to Riggs and the Males hit their move, the double dropkick, but Arn breaks that up.  Benoit gordbusts Buff on the top rope and then rolls him up for the win.

Winners: Arn Anderson & Chris Benoit

Mean Gene hits the ring with Arn and Benoit, saying that now the Horsemen are whole again.  Arn says that everyone in the building is in shock.  He says they like Arn and Flair at their worst and they like someone who says what they’re going to do and then do it.  He says Mongo made the right decision.  He says he and Sullivan had a business deal but it went south.  Benoit says that every action has a reaction, and Sullivan’s desire to nullify the Horsemen got the reaction it got last night.  He says the Horsemen are about guts, glamor and glory.

As we go to commercial, we get a quick promo from John Tenta.  Apparently we’re getting this match again after this.  Oh boy…

Match #4: Big Bubba w/ Jimmy Hart VS John Tenta

Tenta still doesn’t have entrance music.  Every now and again they’ll try to get someone over as a badass by not needing entrance music, but I’m going to go on record and say that EVERYONE needs entrance music.

No one asked for this match the first go round, so here we go with round three.  Tenta clotheslines Bubba and hits a nice dropkick for a dude his size.

The half of Tenta’s head that is shaved kinda makes him look badass.  The other side, not so much.  Dude should just shave his head fully.

Bubba crotches Tenta on the ring post then goes in swinging at Tenta’s head with a few punches, going for a cover and getting two.  He covers again, two again.  Tenta is finally able to get up and the two swing away at each other, Tenta getting the better, then basically getting a Stinger splash in the corner, then doing it again.  Jimmy Hart jumps in and hits Tenta from behind with the megaphone and then atomic drops him.  Big Bubba goes for a crossbody block and Tenta catches him and powerslams him but doesn’t cover.  Tenta picks him up again, hits a second powerslam, and then, for no damn reason at all, covers Bubba with his feet on the ropes.

Winner: John Tenta

Um…what?  Why in the living hell did Tenta have to cheat to win?  Isn’t Tenta supposed to be a babyface here?  What?  Jimmy comes in and gives Bubba a loaded sock and Bubba starts wailing on Tenta with it, knocking him “out.”  He then swings down and hits Tenta in the face, hard, and Tenta sells it like it was legit.  Then, we find out that the sock was full of coins, so we realize that Tenta wasn’t selling, he legit just got hit in the damn face with a sock full of quarters!  Wow, Bubba’s a dick!

Gene is in the entry way with Jimmy and Bubba.  He was supposed to be speaking with Tenta, but Tenta’s being seen to in the ring.  Bubba cuts a promo on Tenta and how he always wins when they wrestle.

A quick commercial break and we come back to Gene backstage with Randy Savage.  He asks Savage what his plan is.  Savage says normally he doesn’t have a plan, but tonight he’s going to take his time.  He says Flair is preoccupied with the women.  Savage says he’s going to stay in WCW forever and ever because there’s no man that can put him down.  Gene asks Savage if he sought any psychological help while he was gone.  Savage says he did, a woman psychologist, and he was diagnosed OCD…one cool dude!

Match #5: “Macho Man” Randy Savage VS “Nature Boy” Ric Flair w/ Woman, Ms. Elizabeth, and Debra McMichael

Savage heads towards the announce booth during his entrance, just as Bobby Heenan is doing the same.  Savage chases Heenan down to the ring, into the ring, and Heenan is able to give Savage the slip and make it back up to the announce booth.

Flair comes out with Kevin Greene’s T-shirt from last night and says “Kevin Greene, where are you now?”  Flair asks for the mic before getting in the ring.  He says every man in life must experience the agony and pain of defeat.  In Savage’s case, he’s experiencing the pain and agony of defeat and divorce!  Savage responds simply with “I’m going to kick your ass!”

Savage attacks Flair at ringside and then is able to get him into the ring.  Savage starts strong with a backdrop, clothesline, and he sends Flair to ringside again.  Flair takes advantage as we go to commercial, though, backing Savage into the guardrail and chopping him.  Back from commercial and Flair immediately sends Savage back to the floor and holds him from behind, allowing Elizabeth to slap Randy.  Randy takes Flair up to Flair’s ringside VIP section and slams his head into the table and then stuffing his face with food.  Savage shakes up the champagne and pours it all over Flair, then hits him in the head with the bottle, albeit VERY softly.  Heenan covers by saying that Savage doesn’t want to break the bottle or he’ll be suspended.

Back in the ring, Savage drops a knee to Flair’s face, then backs him into the corner and gets off four punches before Flair tries an atomic drop.  Savage blocks, hits Flair, and Flair staggers off and flops.  Randy sends him to the floor again, then punches him to keep him from getting in the ring.  Randy goes for a double axe handle but Flair moves and Randy eats guardrail again as we go to commercial again.

Tony says that all of WCW is volunteering to help take out the Outsiders.  He names The Giant, Big Bubba, John Tenta, and a few others.  Yeah, I’m sure Tenta and Bubba would LOVE to get involved in this angle.  I have a feeling they’ll be passed over, though…call me crazy.

Savage has gotten the upper hand again, bouncing Flair all over the ring and then hitting a double axe handle.  Flair grabs an illegal object from his trunks and nails Savage with it, but struts off and elbow drops him before covering.  Of course, this means Savage kicks out at 2.  Flair shoves the referee and argues with him while Savage pushes Flair from behind, taking out the ref.  Savage hits Flair in the junk and goes up top for the flying elbow drop.  He immediately pops up and goes for as second one, bringing the ladies in to stop Savage from doing it.  Savage jumps off again, despite the women.  In comes Benoit, but he eats a piledriver.  In comes Anderson and he gets sent out.  Lastly, Mongo comes in with the briefcase, nails Savage twice, and puts Flair on Savage for the cover.

Winner: Ric Flair

After the match, the united Horsemen stomp and slap Randy Savage as we go to replay of the finish of the match.

Mean Gene is in the back with The Giant, Kevin Sullivan, and Jimmy Hart.  Gene says that there are cliques building in WCW.  There are even Outsiders coming into WCW.  He asks how everyone here is going to be involved.  Jimmy says “I told you so” to Kevin about the Horsemen deal.  Sullivan’s eye and nose look like shit, so apparently Benoit kicked his ass last night as much as Sullivan kicked Benoit’s.  Sullivan says in the last days there will be wars all over the place.  He talks about how Arn was the only man he respected in wrestling and he sided with Benoit instead of Sullivan.  Giant says that the problem started with the Horsemen said they were the elite.  If they’re the elite, why isn’t one of them Heavyweight Champion?  Giant says he’s the best to come out of the Dungeon of the Doom and that anyone from the DoD is better than ANY Horseman.  Um, really?  Big Bubba?  Giant challenges any of the Horsemen.  Gene asks about Bash at the Beach and Sullivan says that WCW comes first and he’ll deal with that before he deals with the Horsemen.

Glacier promo with shots of Glacier actually in this one!  Coming July 1996!  Get hyped, folks!

We go back to Tony and Heenan and Tony mentions that Bischoff isn’t there and we get a replay of why Bischoff isn’t there.  Of course, it’s in still images because they’re not going to show the video when there are replays to be sold tomorrow night.  Bischoff is still in the hospital, we’re told, so apparently Nash’s powerbomb did its job.  We get a recap and pictures of the Horsemen/Football match and how Mongo became a Horseman.  They follow that with the Falls Count Anywhere match as well.

Tony pitches us to Mean Gene at the entry way with Rey Mysterio, Jr.  Gene puts over Mysterio and mentions that Malenko used the ropes to get the win.  Rey says that was crap and he’s going to prove tonight what he can do because he wants the Cruiserweight Championship around his waist.

Match # 6: WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Rey Mysterio, Jr. VS “The Man of 1,000 Holds” Dean Malenko (WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

I knew this was going to be a match at Bash at the Beach, but I didn’t expect it to happen the next night.  For some reason, I was thinking that the Nitro after Bash at the Beach was the first time I had seen Mysterio, but I guess not.

Mysterio gets a lot more time to highlight his high flying ability tonight, with offense leaning very heavily on backflips.  Mysterio gets a 2 count out of a quick roll up early on, but Dean gets out of it.  Rey flips his way out of an arm wrench but Dean clotheslines the crap out of him the moment he touches the floor.  Dean follows with a backbreaker and a back suplex and then wraps up a half crab right in the center of the ring.  Dean lets him up but drops him back down hard with a brainbuster as Bobby Heenan tells Tony that he’s thinking of punching Tony in the mouth.

Dean goes up top but Rey crotches him on the top rope and attempts a superplex, but Dean holds on.  Rey backflips off, Dean jumps down, Rey tries to go up, Dean gets under him and falls backwards, driving Rey down for a two count.  Dean takes control of the match on the ground for a while, then delivers an amazing powerbomb to Rey for two.  It was reminiscent of those awesome Benoit Bombs that I love.  Dean follows up with a fallaway slam, also for two.  He rolls seamlessly into a camel clutch, then pulls it back into a rear naked choke and then sends Rey outside.  Rey sends Dean into the guard rail, runs in and goes back down to the floor with a springboard top rope Frankensteiner to the floor!  Rey gets a two count with a sunset flip from the top rope and another from a quick rollup.  Rey tries to go for a reverse rollup and Dean flips him back up and then drops him with a reverse DDT for the win.

Winner: Dean Malenko (still WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Damn, that was a good match.  I know there are a few more coming in the next few weeks, so I’m very excited about that.  Thus far, the Cruiserweight division has basically just been Malenko and Scott Armstrong, so now we’re finally getting into the version of that division that I loved.

Match #7: WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Scott Steiner VS The Giant (WCW World Heavyweight Champion) w/ Jimmy Hart

Tony runs down the next few WCW live shows, and one of them intrigued me.  They’re going to be at the theater at Madison Square Garden.  I know that’s now MSG proper, but still…WCW ran MSG?!

Steiner is heavily taped up from the beatdown by Harlem Heat earlier in the night.  Scott tries to take the fight to Giant up front, going for a scoop slam, but buckling under the weight.  Giant immediately starts stomping Steiner and dropping knees to his taped midsection.  Steiner escapes to the floor but Giant follows, again attacking the ribs, and running Steiner into the ringpost before standing on Steiner’s throat.

We go to commercial very quickly and come back to Giant still destroying Steiner’s ribs.  Giant controls the match for a good while, really putting the hurt to Steiner, when he decides he’s going to repay Steiner for last week and brings in a chair.  Steiner crotches Giant with the top rope as he tries to enter, then applies a sleeper hold.  Giant ends that by crashing back first into the corner.  Giant tries to squash Steiner in the corner, but Steiner moves and gets a really nice looking back suplex to Giant for two.  That suplex really brought the crowd into the match.  Steiner kicks and clotheslines Giant as he’s trying to stand, trying his best to keep him from standing up.  Steiner, for some weird reason, grabs the chair, but Jimmy Hart stops him from using it.  I’m not sure why, since the moment Steiner used it, that’s a DQ and Giant keeps the title.  Scotty shrugs off Jimmy hart and nails Giant with the chair, reducing it to splinters.  Giant no-sells it and chokeslams the hell out of Steiner for the win.

Winner: The Giant (still WCW World Heavyweight Champion)

We go to commercial break and come back to Mean Gene and the announcement of the three men who will take on Hall and Nash at Bash at the Beach.  Gene says he just came out of a meeting with high level officials.  He says that the top six men in the company were compiled and three of them will take on the Outsiders.  Gene says the six names were Hulk Hogan, The Giant, Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Sting, and Randy Savage.  The names of the men we will get, though, are Lex Luger, Macho Man, and Sting.  Those three will take on The Outsiders and their unknown third man in the main event of Bash at the Beach on July 7th.

Gene pitches it to Tony and Heenan.  Heenan says that in Desert Storm, WE were the outsiders and we kicked their butts, so not to sell these outsiders short.  With that, the show comes to a close.


All in all, pretty good show.  No Hall and Nash, but their presence was definitely felt as they kept talking about the powerbomb to Bischoff through the whole show.  Bischoff being off of the show selling the injury was nice, too, since it really added that little bit of credibility to it.  Of course an announcer would still be off of the show after taking that beating just the night before.

We got a second Rey/Dean match, which was awesome.  I could have done without Tenta/Bubba, though, but whatever.  It was almost worth it to see Bubba bean Tenta with the sock full of change.  You know Bubba got a receipt for that later in the dressing room.  I’m loving the Horsemen stuff and really liked how beat up Sullivan and Benoit looked.  I don’t know if those were legit shiners or if it was makeup, but damn, they did a great job selling that they were in a war last night.

I’m going to take the backseat for the next two episodes.  Next episode, we’ll hear from The Champ, followed the next episode by Phillip.  I’m certain myself and Robbie will be in there somewhere as well.

Until next time!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.3

WCW Nitro Ratings – 3.4

(Raw – 17, Nitro – 18) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 5)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 6

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 4


Nice strong lead for WCW in the ratings this week!


WWF Raw results from this week

KOTR Quarter-Finals: Steve Austin defeated Savio Vega with the Stunner. (10:30) :*After the bout, Austin joined the commentary team for the next match.  This match debuted “Stone Cold” Steve Austin!

KOTR Quarter-Finals: Marc Mero (w/ Sable) defeated Owen Hart with a reverse victory roll.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley fought Aldo Montoya to a no contest when Jerry Lawler, anxious to show off the tactics he planned to use on the Ultimate Warrior at the King of the Ring, attacked Aldo before Helmsley made his entrance.

Jake Roberts defeated WWF IC Champion Goldust (w/ Marlena) via reverse decision.


I’m not going to lie…this really looks like a good card.  I kind of want to sit down and watch this one.  Especially since this is the debut of Stone Cold Steve Austin as opposed to The Ringmaster.

KoaNitro copyHello, everyone, and welcome back to Kick Out At Nitro!  I apologize for the fact I’m a few weeks late on these posts, but we’re in the swing of Stanley Cup Playoff and my Tampa Bay Lightning are fighting against Derick’s Detroit Red Wings, so I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and post.  That being said, we’re here now, so let’s get into this thing!

We’re coming off of WCW Uncensored and quite possibly the dumbest cage match that I’ve ever witnessed.  It was just a hair more organized than TNA’s Clockwork Orange House of Pain match that featured Raven and ICP…which currently rates as my “worst match ever seen.”  Seriously, track the thing down…it was a train wreck.

This episode comes to us live from Hunstville, AL.  The announcers hype up the Flair VS Giant match tonight for the WCW World Championship.  Very interesting heel VS heel match for the main title.  They speculate as to whether Flair is 100% after being popped by Luger in the Doomsday Cage match.  Bischoff hypes up the card and kicks us off to our first match.

Match #1: The Belfast Bruiser VS “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Bischoff puts over Finlay messing up Regal’s face last night.  That match was stiff as all get out and I would definitely say to go back and check it out.

During Savage’s entrance, Bischoff puts over Hogan for winning last night, despite the fact that it was Savage who got the pinfall after Hogan seemingly forgot he was supposed to pin to win the match.

Finlay starts this match off in the driver’s seat, wrestling Savage and taking him down and keeping him grounded.  He lights the announcers and crowd up when he starts nailing Savage with European uppercuts; the same ones that messed up Regal’s face, it seems.  Savage gets some fire, though, and turns the tides, but just momentarily as Finlay takes control on the outside, dropping Savage jaw first into the guard rail before clotheslining him over it and into the crowd.

Back in the ring, Finlay hits a nice short-arm clothesline and Savage starts to fire back with rights to the midsection.  Finlay charges into Savage in the corner, but Savage moves and Finlay eats turnbuckle.  Savage climbs to the top and comes off with the flying elbow drop for the win.

Winner: “Macho Man” Randy Savage

I like how Savage can take a beating and then seemingly pull the elbow drop out of nowhere.  It really puts over the move as devastating.

With that, we go to commercial and our Up Next graphic of Konnan VS  JL.

The show comes back to Mean Gene at the entry way as he calls out WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair.  Flair comes out with Woman and Elizabeth.  It’s interesting…in WWF, Elizabeth was the princess…but now, Woman dresses in the more sophisticated attire and Elizabeth dresses more likea cocktail waitress.

For some reason, Liz has a stack of cash in her hand.

Flair says he’s going to beat the Giant and then starts singing “I’ve got the whole world in my hands.”  Gene brings up Luger punching Flair last night, calling it intentional.  Flair says over the last few months he’s been flying so high that he hasn’t even been paying attention to Luger.  He says that Luger is a guy that wants to be where Flair is…then he tells Gene to stop staring at Woman.  Flair says that due to Lex’s error in judgement, he joins the list of people who can’t style and profile with the Nature Boy.  Flair asks Liz who is the bigger man, him or Lex.  She says Flair.  He asks Woman who has the better body.  She says Flair.  Mean Gene agrees.

Match #2: WCW United States Championship – JL VS Konnan (Champion)

During the entrances, Bischoff says that last night, Brian Pillman called in and said that he didn’t want anything to do with Kevin Sullivan.  He didn’t want to be on his team in the main event, so he just didn’t show.

JL starts quickly, taking down Konnan with a quick head scissors and sends him to the floor.  Konnan and JL run through some armdrag spots before Konnan gets the upper hand.

Bischoff tells us that backstage they’re getting word that Savage is going ballistic and trying to attack Ric Flair.  Stuff like this is super easy to do since there’s nothing to actually show the crowd and you can get the issue over without having to even show anything, but it all depends on whether they mention it again.  Flair has Giant tonight, so if they simply never mention this again, it was a useless thing to throw out there.

JL goes for a crashing ocean suplex but Konnan armdrags him out of it.  JL follows with a reverse sunset flip but Konnan lifts him up, trying for a front facebuster from a lifting double chickenwing, but Konnan armdrags JL back out of that.  Konnan goes for a hip toss but it’s blocked, so he gutwrenches JL into a nasty looking powerbomb for two.

We’re told that next week we get Hulk Hogan and Booty Man in a tag team match.  Ugh.

Body slam by Konnan, who then goes up top and is brought off with a nasty DDT from JL.  JL covers with Konnan under the ropes like crazy, then gives a slow count that gets the announcers all riled up.  See, it wasn’t just when the nWo showed up…he’s always been terrible.  Konnan Alabama-Slams JL off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Konnan

They go to break and come back with…

Match #3: Disco Inferno VS The Booty Man

Disco comes out pitching his CD and wearing DDP’s big gawdy diamond D-D-P rings.  Apparently Page had to pawn them so he got them cheap.

“The crowd really reacting to The Booty Man!” – Eric Bischoff.  Um, no…no, they’re not, sir.

Man…can I NOT watch this one?  I’m all for completion and whatnot, but damn…

Kim comes out.  At least this is watchable.  Brutus sits on the bottom rope and calls for Kim to slap him on the ass.  She does, Brutus sells it and gets the win with the High Knee.  After the win, Booty Man gets a big kiss again, much to my chagrin.

Winner: The Booty Man

Seriously, though, it’s bad enough that Kim and Brutus have ZERO chemistry…but he gets to make out with my first wrestling love?!  Not cool.

We go to break and come back to our Saturday Night rundown.  I love that they do this.  At a time when we’re supposed to believe that Raw is kayfabe “booked” every week with no discernable main event until the first 20 minutes of the show happen, I like having things actually given to us and being able to know what matches are coming up.  It’s comforting and, again, makes this seem more like a legit sporting event.  Anyway, on the Muthaship on Saturday Night we’ll be getting Luger and Shark for the TV title, Sting vs Malenko.  We’ll see Flair.  We’ll see Earl Robert Eaton vs the Belfast Bruiser as well as The Giant VS Big Bubba Rogers.

Match #4: WCW World Tag Team Championship – The American Males VS Sting & Lex Luger (Champions)

Bischoff says that this summer Bagwell will get a movie opportunity and transition to Hollywood.  I don’t remember what movie this is supposed to have been.  I wonder if they’ll bring it back up.

Heenan tells us that Sting brought Bagwell into WCW.  Didn’t Sting also bring Johnny B Badd in, according to our announcers?

Luger is in full babyface, hand-slapping mode…as long as Sting is looking at him.  Whenever Sting turns his back, Luger has a scowl and doesn’t mess with the crowd.  Man, I love this Luger.

We go to commercial for the WCW Magazine, pitching us a Road Warriors story, a story about Luger and Sting, and coverage of Clash of the Champions.

Luger starts the match off and when he gets a little too physical, Sting talks him down.  Bagwell goes after Luger, who tags out to Sting.  Sting and Bagwell go at it, Sting getting the better of it, getting a few big slams in.  Bagwell concedes and tags out to Riggs.

I just realized this is going to be a five match Nitro!  Those don’t happen often.  I think this may be only the second one.  I’ll have to look that up.  Expect a footnote here when the book copy comes out.  Those are the things you can expect when you get the physical copies of Kick Out at Nitro…I actually take my time and follow up on my research!  Can’t get that for free!

Sting tags out to Riggs, who tags back out to Bagwell, and Luger goes off!  Luger starts beating on Bagwell, kicking him and stomping him and hammering elbows into him.  Sting looks on in concern as our announcers have spent a ton of time building up the Sting/Bagwell relationship.  Luger tags out, Sting beats down Riggs for a bit.  Sting gets a pin, Luger comes in, Bagwell takes out Luger and Sting gets the win with a cross body block.

Winners: Sting and Lex Luger (still Tag Team Champions)

After the match, Luger grabs the tag belts and start celebrating.  Sting yells at Luger and tells him to give him HIS belt.  Sting has to wrench it from Luger’s grasp, but he gets a hold of it and celebrates with the American Males.

We go to break and see the Up Next graphic for Giant and Flair.  Bischoff says “you know Hogan is watching this one!”  Hogan has reached full Poochie status here.  If he’s not on the screen, the other characters are asking “hey, where’s Hogan!?”

Match #5: WCW World Heavyweight Championship – The Giant w/ Jimmy Hart VS “Nature Boy” Ric Flair w/ Woman & Ms. Elizabeth (WCW World Champion)

As Flair comes to the ring, Woman and Liz start giving Savage’s money out to the crowd.  Savage comes out, going crazy, and security restrains him and removes him from the entry way.

Bischoff shouts out someone for having a Nitro Party!  I remember those!  Never got to go to one, but I remember when they were a thing.

Bischoff creams his jeans again over Hogan showing up next week.

Flair starts the match off in Giant’s face.  Giant shoves him across the ring and Flair heads to the floor to gather his thoughts.

Bischoff says that Savage is in handcuffs and has been ejected from the arena.

Flair hits the ropes and shoulder blocks Giant twice, hitting the mat hard both times.  After the second one he stands up and give Giant a big chop, which Giant no-sells, and then Giant press slams him over his head.  Giant gives him a second one for good measure.

Eric says that Flair defeated a “much larger man” in Vader.  Is Vader really “much larger?”  I think it may be a wash.  Vader is more massive, but Giant is being billed at 500 lbs, which is more than I think Vader was being billed at.  Since Vader definitely wasn’t 7’4”, how is Vader a much larger man than Giant?

Flair tires to make a run for it but Giant bring him back to the ring and gives him a BIG vertical suplex in the center of the ring.

Bischoff tells us that on August 11th, we’ll be getting a first…WCW Hog Wild, live from Sturgis, SD!  This was my first wrestling PPV that I ever purchased.  My brother and I used our allowance and I used money from mowing grass that was being saved for a Playstation to get that event.  Pretty excited to see it again when we get to it in 4 months.

Giant comes off the top rope, which is ALWAYS a crazy feat.  Giant goes for a splash but Flair moves and Giant takes a nasty spill over the top rope.  Woman sends Flair a piece of steel cable.  He chokes Giant with it a few times, including one bending him backwards over the top rope.  Flair follows it with double thumbs to the eyes, taking Giant down to his knees.  On his knees, Giant is only about eight inches shorter than Flair.  Flair tees off on Giant with rights and lefts, but Giant keeps slugging him off.  Flair backs up and soccer kicks Giant in the junk, finally taking him down.

Flair distracts the ref and Woman attacks Giant with the steel cord, choking him. Flair tries to seize the opportunity and goes up top, but that NEVER works out for Ric Flair, so Giant tosses him off the top.  Giant goes for the choke slam and gets all of it.  In comes the ladies, trying to distract the ref.  Out comes Arn Anderson with a steelchair and cracks Giant in the back.  Kevin Sullivan comes out and grabs the chair from Arn, but Giant turns around and sees Sullivan with a chair.  Putting 2 and 2 together and getting octopus, Giant choke slams the ever loving crap out of Sullivan.  Anderson doubles over with laughter, prompting him to eat a choke slam as well.  The referee has lost all control so he calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

Next week, Anderson and Sullivan are teaming against Hogan and Booty Man, so how are they going to get along, asks Bobby Heenan.  Bischoff tells us ONCE AGAIN about Hogan coming next week and we go off the air.


I really thought Giant won the title on this show.  I know it happens sometime soon!  That’s the crazy thing about rewatching all of this stuff…I remember bits and pieces but my timeline is off on so many things.

Good stuff.  5 matches, all of which were pretty decent…except for that damn Booty Man and Disco match.  Booty Man really is pretty damn insufferable at this point.

Well, I guess we’ll have to wait until next week and see how all this turns out.  I don’t know how we’ll be able to contain ourselves with Hogan all over the place, though!  Thankfully, I won’t have to pull full duty on that one as we’ll be getting our first ever repeat guest host for the next episode when Phillip returns.

Until next time!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.8

WCW Nitro Ratings – 3.1

(Raw – 10, Nitro – 14) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 4)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 4


Officially 4 weeks in a row!  We’ve just extended the longest winning streak thus far in the Monday Night War!


WWF Raw results from this week

Shawn Michaels defeated Leif Cassidy (w/ Marty Jannetty) (11:14)

Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Aldo Montoya (4:42)

Ahmed Johnson defeated Owen Hart via disqualification (5:32)


Not a terrible night.  I’d actually like to go back and watch that HBK VS Al Snow match.  I may do that later tonight.  The rest of the card doesn’t look bad at all.  WCW got it, I think, with the big title matches and coming off of the PPV.  This actually sounds like a pretty decent Raw.

KoaNitro copy

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re back for another trip on the Way-back machine to the land of 1995.  September 25, 1995 to be exact.  The destination: the Florence Civic Center in Florence, South Carolina!  Yes, it’s time for another installment of KICK OUT AT NITRO, with your host Shane!

The show opens with one of my favorite Mongo/Heenan quips to date.  Mongo has Pepe with him and has the dog dressed up with a cowboy hat and a saddle.  Bobby refers to it as a four pound tarantula wearing a saddle, prompting Mongo to respond with “You now you wanna ride him!”  Heenan takes a moment and replies with “I don’t want to ride that crap!”  For some reason, the outright dissing of Mongo’s dog and referring to it as “that crap” cracked me up.  I hate Mongo, but I love listening to Heenan go at him.  Reliving Nitro has honestly given me a lot more of an appreciation for Heenan than I had in the past.  I always knew he was good, but never really let it sink in how good.  To see him saddled up with a terrible commentator like Mongo and to hear him still be able to run verbal circles around him, most times going over Mongo’s head…that’s good stuff.

We go from there right into:

Match #1: “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright vs Disco Inferno

This is Disco’s Nitro debut.  He debuted a few weeks back on WCW Saturday Night (Saturday, 6:05 on the Superstation TBS!) and now we get to see him in prime time.

I love seeing Alex Wright flip into the ring as part of his entrance.  My brother was a huge Alex Wright mark at this time, so his matches were always Must See stuff in our house, and even looking back now, the kid can work his ass off.  Good stuff.

Bischoff tells us that we’ll be hearing from Hulk Hogan later in the day.  I’m not sure if this is just going to be a replay of his message from Saturday Night or not, though…

Bischoff says he’s going to ask someone in the production truck to lose Disco’s entrance music, but Bobby pretty much says this is his jam and to back the hell off.

This was actually a really good match.  I’ve never been that big on Disco, honestly, and in my opinion Alex Wright does most of the heavy lifting, but damn if Disco doesn’t know how to work that character.  Stopping randomly to dance/pose/fix his hair instead of getting the pin or following up on moves is a small little thing but it really does flesh out the character.  Match starts off with Disco getting the upper hand but he poses and Wright gets his comeback.  We get to see a beautiful dive over the top to the floor by Wright as well.

Mongo keeps up his habit of referencing everything to football by telling us there’s no reason to switch over to Monday Night Football because San Francisco is going to win so don’t bother.  Hopefully he didn’t have money on that game as Detroit beat San Fran 27-24.

As we go to close out the match, we get a spot that sees Disco take forever to get to the top rope.  Seriously, it’s like a 30 second climb, it’s nuts.  Wright has plenty of time to get up and hit a drop kick, taking back the momentum of the match.  Disco goes for a spinning neckbreaker, but Wright seamlessly transitions it into a backslide (seriously, it’s one of the cleanest transitions I’ve seen) for the win.  I’m just gonna stop right there and say that someone won a match with a backslide!  To steal Derick’s line, this is the last time in recorded history someone won with a backslide.

September_25,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00004We cut from there to Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart in the backstage area/generic WCW locker room.  Hogan has a neck brace on, Jimmy has the World Heavyweight Championship positioned over Hogan’s head and Hogan is doing neck lifts like this.  Hogan cuts his promo about how the Giant messed his neck up but didn’t kill him, etc, but at the time, Hogan thought it was over.  This may also be our first time hearing Hogan refer to him as the “no good stinky giant” as well.

Hogan says he’s building a bigger, better, stronger Hulkamania monster truck.  He challenges The Giant to the monster truck match and then, if he survives that, he’ll put the title on the line at Halloween Havoc.  He says he’ll pick the Giant up over his head (much as he now thinks he did to Andre) and slam him then bury him next to where he beat his father all those years ago.  I forgot that they kept the ‘Andre’s son’ thing up for this long.  I thought they acknowledged it once or twice and dropped it, but it looks like that’s the Giant’s gimmick, so they’re going to refer to it as many times as they can, I guess.

We get our Up Next graphic telling us that we’re going to see Kurasawa vs Sgt. Craig Pittman later.

September_25,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00008We get a WCW hotline plug commercial then come back with the man behind the hotline, Mean Gene Okerlund, in the ring.  He mentions the Randy Savage interview from last week and then they replay it.  Looking around that set I really don’t see any video screens or anything like that, so I wonder if the fans in the arena got to see it.  We come back from the replay with Savage in the ring, who calls out Luger.  Luger comes out and tells Savage that all he’s gotten from him is a severe lack of respect and that Savage has given him the thumbs down ever since Lex arrived here and he’s sick of it.  He says that sometimes you get respect by going to war with someone, and that worked for Hogan and Sting, but not for Savage, so maybe if he goes to war against savage, he’ll get his respect.  He proposes a match next week on Nitro in Denver, CO.  savage is game for it.  Luger says not only will he put his title shot on the line, he’ll leave WCW if he loses the match.  Savage, on the other hand, doesn’t put up crap, leaving Lex looking like a jackass because Savage had already agreed to the match without either stipulation.  Good going, Lex.  Savage says that’s how he likes it, all on the line.

Match #2: Kurasawa (w/ Col. Robert Parker) vs Sgt. Craig “Pittbull” Pittman.

Seriously, is Pittman a babyface or a heel?  I can’t make heads or tells out of this.  Granted, WCW did sometimes rock lower card heel vs heel matches, but still…no one in this match is getting cheered.  Plus, Pittman definitely came across as the heel at Fall Brawl…but then again, so did Cobra…you’re playing a dangerous game with my thought process here, Pittman, and I don’t like it.

Pittman goes on offense first, hitting two lunging headbutts to Kurasawa’s midsection.  Bobby Heenan says that Kurasawa may be the finest wrestler he’s ever seen from Japan, leaving me to believe that Bobby has never watched anything from Japan.  Seriously…this is 1995…New Japan is reinventing the light heavyweight style at this point…trade some tapes, Bobby!

This match was surprisingly hard hitting, truthfully.  They did a good job at kicking each other’s ass through this one.  Kurasawa hits a backdrop suplex to Pittman on the exposed concrete at one point as well.

Pittman tosses Kurasawa over the top and the announcers make a deal of the fact that the ref didn’t stop the match and DQ Pittman.  I didn’t realize that WCW’s over-the-tope-rope rule was still in effect.  For those of you who are saying “Wait…what?!” right now, in the 90s, it became illegal to throw your opponent over the top rope to the floor in WCW.  Why?  Because Bill Watts.   When this was first introduced, it was also illegal to jump off of the top rope, too.  Go figure.

We’re told that Kurasawa apparently broke Road Warrior Hawk’s arm at some point in the past as well.  Speaking of breaking arms, Pittman goes for his finish, the Code Red armbreaker, but Kurasawa gets a ropebreak.  Pittman gets a good gutwrench suplex, Kurasawa hits a German suplex that Eric calls a belly-to-back suplex.  Pittman does this weird thing where he’s trying to kick out, but his shoulders never leave the mat and he just ends up scooting backwards.  It’s almost like he’s trying to get to the ropes instead of kicking out.  It’s for naught, though, as Kurasawa gets the win.

Coming Up graphic: Kevin Sullivan

September_25,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00015We come back from commercial again to Mean Gene in the ring, which is basically becoming the recurring thing, but this time he’s with Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman.  Pillman says that since Double A walked that aisle and beat the man, Flair has been pathetic.  In the meantime, Pillman and AA have been exercising their rights to bear arms, assemble (he flashes the 4 Horsemen sign), and hospitalize anyone who gets in their way.  They talk about Flair not being able to recruit a partner, saying he tried going to Savage and tried going to Sting, but that Flair and AA spent fifteen years screwing over everyone, and now he doesn’t have Arn to back him up anymore and no one is coming to help.  I’m wondering if this stuff was happening on Saturday Night or if it was just to be taken as happening backstage in kayfabe, because thus far it’s not played out that way on Nitro.

We get a plug for WCW Saturday Night that will include the arrival of Dusty Rhodes to commentary, the Johnny B Badd vs Sting match that he won the title shot for at Fall Brawl, new tag team champs the American Males (I guess Nick Bockwinkle upheld the decision from last week) and that Kevin Sullivan will respond to Hulk Hogan’s challenge.

The announcers remind us why we’re going to see Kevin Sullivan vs Randy Savage tonight by showing the beatdown on the set of Baywatch again.

Match #3: “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage

I have always LOVED the WCW mix of Savage’s entrance music.  Hearing that song done with electric guitar is just so cool.

We’re told that our main event will be Lex Luger vs Meng, giving us what I believe is our first four match Nitro!

Apparently sometime during this Pepe takes a crap on Bobby Heenan’s shoe.

Zodiac comes out to aid Sullivan.  Sullivan distracts the referee while Zodiac waylays Savage, slamming him into the ring post.  Sullivan takes the match over, beating Savage down pretty well until they take it outside again.  Sullivan goes for a clothesline but Savage ducks and backdrops him on the floor.  Savage takes over at this point, hits the double axe handle off the top rope, brings Zodiac into the ring and beats him down.  Referee Randy Anderson gets between them and Savage shoves the ref out of the way, causing a DQ.  Savage slams Zodiac, then slams Sullivan on top of him and goes up for the elbow drop.  Sullivan moves, leaving Zodiac to take that devastating looking top rope elbow.  Out comes the Giant to chokeslam the crap out of Savage, which was cool.  I love the Giant’s chokeslam.  I always thought Undertaker’s looked bad compared to the Giant’s around this time.  It was the fact that Giant jumped and came down with his instead of just dropping them that always put it over the top for me.

At this point the WCW job squad comes out to save Savage, including one unnamed guy and another called Mark Star, whoever he is.    They get chokeslams for their trouble.  Alex Wright comes out and dives off the top, but Giant catches him in a bear hug and slams him.  Out comes Luger.  Bischoff says that Luger is out to finish Savage off.  Luger stands over the prone Savage and reaches for him, but then the Giant attacks Luger.  Luger tries to slam the Giant, but he’s too big, and Lex gets a chokeslam of his own.  Sullivan seems upset at the Giant for taking Luger out, though.

We go to commercial and get a promo for Halloween Havoc including the monster truck and World title matches, amazing me how fast WCW’s production team must be, kayfabe wise.

We also find out that after Nitro on TNT is the movie Karate Cop!

Match #4: Lex Luger vs Meng

Luger is still down from his chokeslam as Meng runs to the ring and proceeds to beat him down.  Bischoff tells us that this isn’t fair.

Heenan says that he managed Andre the Giant at the height of his career and that he’s never seen anyone lay more destruction that he just sat The Giant do.

We get word that Hulk Hogan will be in Denver next week.

Luger is taking an ass kicking in the ring, including a piledriver from Meng.  They mention that the Taskmaster is nowhere to be seen and that he’s never not in Meng’s corner.  The announcers talk about how Sullivan was smiling when Lex was coming to the ring.  They’re really sowing that thread for Lex to be affiliated with the DoD hard.

Mongo says that Pepe isn’t allowed to wear his cape and devil horns anymore because that’s evil incarnate.  The fact that Pepe is a closet DoD fan kills me.

Meng goes for a move off the top and Luger brings him down in some type of side X-Factor or something.  At this point I wonder if Lex still does the loaded forearm gimmick.  I remember that happening around this time, so he’s got to…but my timelines have been off before…especially with DDP, so who knows.

Luger his Meng with a clothesline in the corner that he sells more than Meng does.  Meng takes the time to grab a spike from his boot and nail Lex in the throat with it for the win.

September_25,_1995_Monday_Nitro.00026We go to commercial and come back to the announcers.  I like how Nitro ends with a quick wrap-up segment with the commentary team.  It makes it seem more like a legit sport when they do that.

Mongo tells us that “something is rotten in Denmark and it smells worse than what Pepe left on Bobby Heenan’s shoe.”  Heenan says that Luger left the WWF to play with the big boys.  I believe this is our first real reference to the WWF at this time.  They’ve mentioned “the other show” and “I’ve been where you’ve been” and junk like that, but this was the legit name of the company.  Pretty cool.  Heenan cleans his shoe as wel go off the air with our “Next Week” graphic showing us we’ll see the American Males, Nasty Boys, Dean Malenko and the Savage/Luger match.


This episode was interesting for advancing the Luger/Savage/DoD plot, but not for much else.  We did get the reveal of the Halloween Havoc main event, though, so that’s something.  The Alex Wright/Disco match was pretty good, but the other matches were pretty ordinary, which is sad for the first four match Nitro to this point.  Looking forward to seeing Dean Malenko next week, though!


WWF Raw Ratings – 1.9

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.7

(Raw 2, Nitro 1)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2 weeks

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – N/A

A reversal of last week’s ratings, but giving us WCW’s first win of the Monday Night Wars.


WWF Raw results from this week

Marty Jannetty defeated Skip (w/ Sunny) (7:39)

The Smoking Gunns (c) defeated Owen Hart & Yokozuna to win the WWF Tag Team Championship(10:09)

The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) defeated The British Bulldog (w/ Jim Cornette) by DQ (7:29)


From an on paper standpoint, WWF may have had the better show tonight.  If nothing else, they did have Sunny, which is always a few bonus points.  Really hoping for a good show next week as the in ring action was a little lackluster this week.

Speaking of next week, the October 2nd, 1995, episode will be brought to you by Ko@2’s resident Champ, Derick!  Finally someone decides to let me have a break from the heavy lifting!  The idea is that we will all eventually be giving you Nitro and PPV recaps…and maybe even debuting a new face or two into the Ko@2 world through this…so it’s exciting to be able to sit back and watch next week while someone else takes the reigns.

Until next time…