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FallbrawlIt’s time, wrestling fans, for Fall Brawl: War Games!  Tonight we’ll see Team WCW, a man down after the betrayal by Sting, take on Team nWo, seemingly now a man up with that defection.  It will be settled in the War Games, a two ring cage match that has no pinfall, no count out, no DQ…the only way to win is to force your opponent to submit!

I am SUPER excited about this!  This is the thing that I’ve been looking most forward to, I believe, since I started Season 3 of Kick Out at Nitro!  This is the second PPV that I ever purchased and I remember liking it so much more than Hog Wild.  I know a few of the matches on this card so I’m chomping at the bit to get to cover those.

Fall Brawl takes place in Winston-Salem, NC; right in the heart of Horsemen country!

Our announcers are Tony Schiavone, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, and “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.  They’re dressed in black tuxes.  They run down the last few weeks, talking about the War Games match and who will be both teams’ respective fourth man.

Match #1: Diamond Dallas Page VS Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

DDP swaggers out to the ring whereas Chavo comes out determined and intense.  Chavo starts off with a dropkick to DDP, which DDP sells a bit too much, launching himself backwards and through the ropes to the floor.  Chavo takes it to DDP on the floor, though, showing an intensity that we haven’t seen from him before.  He’s doing a great job showing that frustration from the beatings that DDP has been giving the Guerreros as of late.  Chavo takes a belt and starts whipping DDP, surprisingly not getting DQ’d.  Tony says that he doesn’t think Chavo would be worried about being DQ’d because he’s just there give DDP back the beating he’s been giving Chavo and his uncle Eddie.

Back in the ring, Chavo is still in control, holding onto DDP’s arm and wearing him down.  Heenan says that DDP should have an easy time with Chavo because that anger will make him make mistakes and all DDP has to do is wait.  Tony gives us a rundown of how this started; with DDP losing the Battle Bowl ring to Eddie but attacking him and keeping it.

wwef_31376843_th_64Dropkick to DDP again and we again get that weird sell from DDP, but this time he holds onto the ropes and drops when Guerrero tries another dropkick.  On the floor, now it’s DDP with the control.  He chokes Chavo with his foot for a bit and sends him into the ring again.  DDP comes off the top with a flying clothesline that gets a surprisingly big pop from the crowd.  Page throws up the “10” sign and the crowd pops again.  DDP keeps control, rolling a front headlock into pin for two.

Tony says that this is the first PPV that he’s been to where no one was in a good mood.  He says that he doesn’t want to side with the nWo but they did the right thing by taking Sting away as it’s killed everyone’s mood.

DDP goes for a vertical suplex, again getting a pop from the crowd, but Chavo rolls it into a small package for two.

Page slams Chavo into the corner and then goes for a side suplex but just tosses Chavo backwards like a sack of laundry.

Chavo starts getting fire under him, coming off the top with a missile dropkick and getting two.  He follows it with a springboard hurracanrana, again for two.  He follows Page into the corner but is met with a back elbow.  DDP covers with his feet on the second rope but only for two.

DDP throws Chavo over the top rope and into the second ring.  The referee and Page follow and DDP hits Chavo with a side slam for two.  He goes for a tilt-a-whirl slam but Chavo reverses it into a head scissors.  DDP charges Chavo in the corner but CHavo moves and DDP hits hard.  Chavo covers for two.  DDP catches Guerrero off of an Irish whip with a HUGE spinning sitout powerbomb.  This thing is beautiful, folks!  Of course, it’s only for two, though.

DDP tries for the Diamond Cutter, but Chavo reverses into a backslide attempt.  Page stops it, spins Chavo into the Diamond Cutter for the win.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page

Tony tells us that we can talk to WCW personalities by going to CompuServe.  We see Harlem Heat, Col. Parker and Sister Sherri giving a tech guy a hard time as he’s answering questions.

Tony sends us to a video package about “The Attack” that’s been happening since 5/27/96.

Match #2: Submission Match: Scott “Flash” Norton VS Ice Train w/ Teddy Long

Tony runs down the list of demands that the New World Order has put on WCW if they win War Games.  These include a limo, a jet, a TV show, a Tag Team Tournament, and WCW picking up the tab for the nWo’s expenses.

Ice Train has a pretty cool entrance.  T’Lo is walking out first, with Ice Train behind him, a towel draped on his head, and his arms on Teddy’s shoulders.  It looks like he’s coming out for a fight and it’s pretty badass.

The referee has a microphone so that we can hear them say “I quit.”  Dusty says that there’s no way you can get out of having to say “I quit” unless you’re a good ventriliguiss…

Tony and Brain both ask Dusty what the hell he just said.  Dusty tries to say ventriloquist a few more times, but to no avail.

This is a big hoss fight, with a lot of clotheslines back and forth.  Norton takes Ice Train down with a big clothesline and slaps on an arm breaker that Tony points out is reminiscent of the Code Red, the finishing move of Sgt. Craig Pittman, another of Teddy’s wrestlers.  Teddy jumps up and almost throws in the towel but decides better of it.

Ice Train fires back a bit, getting a slam and taking Norton down with a Japanese armbar.

Norton slams the absolute crap out of Ice Train with a catching Spinebuster/Alabama Slam type of move and then immediately goes to a Boston crab.  He doesn’t hold it long and then goes to his own Japanese armbar.  He lets go of this when Teddy jumps up on the apron, but then goes to another type of armbar.

Teddy goes up to the apron again and Norton grabs him, bringing him into the ring.  Ice Train grabs Norton from behind in a full nelson.  He wrestles Norton to the mat and Norton taps out.

Winner: Ice Train

Match #3: Mexican Heavyweight Championship: Juventud Guerrera VS Konnan (Mexican Heavyweight Champion) w/ Jimmy Hart

Juvi straight up trips over the ring steps as he walks around the ring backwards.  Between this and his weird ass promo the other night, Juvi isn’t getting too many good first impressions.

Konnan starts off with a fist bump but then follows immediately with a knee to the gut.  He tosses Juvi around with a German suplex and then tosses him out of the ring.  Bobby mentions Konnan becoming more Americanized in his dress, since he’s wearing jeans and a wife-beater now, but Mike says he’s actually dressing more along with his heritage now.  Juvi comes into the ring via the second ring, jumps to the top rope, skips over three sets of ropes, and comes off with a spin kick to Konnan.  He dives outside the ring onto Konnan, sending Konnan to the guardrail.  He tries to springboard off of the guardrail, but Konnan goesn’t go down to the Hurricanrana, but instead powerbombs him down onto the floor.

Back in the ring, Konnan hits his rolling clothesline to a big pop.  I love that move.  He dropkicks a seated Juventud and then locks on a seated stretch.

Juvi runs the ropes and Konnan kicks him while running, sending him awkwardly through the ropes and between the two rings.  Juvi traps Konnan in the two sets of ropes and comes off with another springboard, breaking Konnan in half.  He follows with a spinning jump kick and then a dive to Konnan on the floor.  He sends Konnan back into the ring and comes in with a springboard dropkick.  He rushes at Konnan, but Konnan back body drops him over one set of ropes and hangs him out to dry on the second set.  Konnan then powerbombs him over the ropes and back into the first ring.  These two are using the two rings to an awesome advantage and it’s making this match pretty damn awesome.

Powerbomb to Juventud and a dropkick to the knee is followed by two rolling German suplexes.  Juventud rolls to the floor and tries to walk it off.  Back in the ring, Juventud gets a leg drop.  Juventud tries to sunset flip Konnan off of the ring apron, but Konnan punches him and blocks it, then hits a diving dropkick on the floor.  Back in the ring, Konnan goes up top, but Guerrera stops him.  Juventud looks like he’s going for a Frankensteiner, but he just backflips off, doing nothing.  Konnan comes off onto him for two.  They then do an awkward run of pins and reversals that look like crap, including Tony getting super excited about “WE CAN HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!”  The Mexican Heavyweight Championship isn’t even a real championship, much less a WCW one, Tony.

Springboard spinning kick to Konnan for two.  Irish whip and a crashing ocean suplex from Konnan.  Konnan goes to pin but Juventud is in the ropes.  Leg drop to a Konnan tied in the ropes.  He then hits a big 450 splash that Brain marks out for but none of the other announcers even break stride for.  Juvi goes back up to the top for some stupid spin move.  He literally just spins 360, but not laying down…it’s hard to explain but it was garbage…trust me.  Konnan gets an Alabama Slam off the turnbuckle for two.  Konnan Power Drop off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Konnan (still Mexican Heavyweight Champion)

This match was a mix of awesome and sloppy.  Juventud should be way better for how long he’s been in the business.  These two threw everything at each other, though, and it was a very fast paced match.  Quite enjoyable, despite the slop.

Match #4: Chris Jericho VS “The Canadian Crippler” Chris Benoit

The announcers talk about the demands the New World Order have madeon WCW.  Apparently they want Steve McMichael’s dog.

Benoit starts off in Jericho’s face, then goes in hard.  They slap each other a few times, but Benoit takes Jericho down quick by the hair, sending him into the turnbuckles and then just slamming him to the mat by his hair.  Irish whip, back drop, and the crowd is hot for Benoit.  The Crippler hits a back suplex for two.  Irish whip and an Alabama Slam from Benoit, followed by a Liontamer.  It’s interesting to see Benoit using Jericho’s finisher BEFORE Jericho adopted it.

Benoit goes for a powerbomb but Jericho rolls through with hit, ducks a clothesline and hits a spinning wheel kick.  Jericho wraps up Benoit with a  quick cover for a two count.  He sends Benoit to the corner and follows with a dropkick to the back of the head.  Benoit rolls out to the apron, but Jericho does his springboard dropkick, sending Benoit off the apron.  He tries to do a springboard back elbow, but crashes hard on the ring apron, only getting some of the elbow to Benoit.  Back in the ring, Jericho gets a missile dropkick to Benoit.  He ducks a Benoit clothesline and gets a double underhook suplex for two before Benoit gets to the ropes.  The two men launch into a forearm and chop fest in the corner that Jericho gets the best of.  Benoit rolls out of a suplex and to the apron, then back suplexes Jericho out of the ring and to the floor.

Irish whip to Jericho and a knee to the gut, followed by a front suplex that hangs Jericho out to dry on the top rope.  Benoit flashes the 4H sign and the crowd loves it.  Back clothesline for two.  Chop fest in the center of the ring is cut short by a thumb to the eyes from Benoit.  Benoit locks on an abdominal stretch.  Slam to Jericho and Benoit flies off the top with the diving headbutt.  He covers for two but Jericho kicks out.  Benoit throws Jericho out of the ring and slams him into the side of the apron.

Back in the ring, Jericho gets a two count with a backslide but after that it’s back to Benoit taking him to school.  Jericho gets a few moments, with a flipping pin and a northern lights suplex, but neither get the job done.  Jericho gets in a run of chops in the corner, but Benoit goes for a tombstone suplex.  Jericho reverses and nails his own.  Instead of covering, he goes for the Lionsault, but Benoit moves.  Jericho nearly decapitates Benoit with a clothesline, then takes him up top for a Frankensteiner for two.  Jericho goes up top but Benoit hits him, crotching him on the top rope.  Benoit follows him up for a back superplex for three.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Holy crap, this was a war!  Jericho showed up and hung with Benoit, showing why we should take a look at him after just debuting a few weeks ago.  Benoit shows why he’s the young buck of the Horsemen and why he’s not to be ignored.  Such a great match!  Jericho’s fire VS Benoit’s intensity made for a hell of a show.

Match #5: WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Super Calo VS Rey Mysterio, Jr. (WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Calo and Rey start off trading some holds, then Calo turns up the juice with a running power slam and an elbow drop off the second rope.

Super Calo apparently takes his name and ring attire from Mexico’s top rap group, Calo.  Thanks, Mike Tenay.

For the most part, the opening couple minutes is all Super Calo, until Rey hits a springboard Hurricanrana.  He goes to dive through the ropes, but Calo moves, so Rey just slings himself back into the ring.  Back in the ring, Calo dropkicks Rey, then hits a springboard powerbomb like he’s a Mexican Tully Blanchard for two.  He follows this up by clotheslining Rey out of the ring and then coming off with a crazy missile dropkick from the top to the floor.  Calo continues to step up the crazy game by coming out of the ring with a flipping senton to Rey on the concrete.  He rolls Rey back into the ring and cover, but Rey gets the rope at 2.

Irish whip from Calo and a tilt-a-whirl slam in the center of the ring from two.  Rey is getting dominated here.  Calo sends Rey into the second rope, takes him up top, and gets him with a springboard headscissors for two…and then recovers again for another two count.  Calo is taking it to Rey here.

Calo flips Rey and locks on a short arm scissors in the center of the WCW crosshairs, getting a couple of near falls and then nearly dropkicking Rey out of the ring.  Irish whip again and Calo nearly takes Rey’s head off with a clothesline.  Snapmare and a seated abdominal stretch.  Calo locks on an inverted surfboard, dropping it for a two count.  Rey rolls to ringside for a moment, then starts to come into ring but is cut off by Calo.  Rey finally hits a quick dropkick, then tries to crossbody Calo over the top rope.  Calo gets hung up, though, so Rey straight up seems to try to hang Calo and pull him over.  Once Calo’s on the floor, Rey hits a dive from the ring, taking out Calo.  Springboard into the ring but Calo dropkicks Rey out of the air and gets a two count.  Super Calo sends Rey hard into the turnbuckles and starts to work on the arm.  He drops Rey’s arm over the top rope as Calo jumps to the floor, then he slams Rey into the steel guardrail.

They start to fight on the ring apron, then Rey jumps to the top rope, bounces off of it off of his butt, then grabs a Frankensteiner, twists, and does the move out to the floor.  Rey goes back into the ring and dives out onto Calo again.  Back in the ring, Rey gets a springboard sunset flip for two, then a springboard kick for two.  Rey goes up for a victory roll but Calo drops backwards, getting a pair of two counts.  Frankensteiner for two, followed by a spinning wheel kick.  Calo goes dropkick, Rey moves, and Calo hits the ropes and drops hard.  Rey jumps to the rope where the two rings meet, backflips off of the one ropes, over the other ropes, then jumps up, jumps off of both sets of ropes, Frankensteiner for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio, Jr. (still WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Wow…again, another good match.  Calo showed up in this match like crazy and really took it to Rey Mysterio.  Mysterio looked like he was fighting for his life in there.

Match #6: WCW World Tag Team Championship Match: The Nasty Boys VS Harlem Heat (WCW World Tag Team Champions) w/ Sister Sherri & Col. Robert Parker

Starting off this match will be Stevie Ray and Jerry Saggs.  Stevie starts off strong with a kick to the gut, backing Jerry into the corner and unloading on him with punches.  He whips Saggs into the far corner but Saggs comes out with a clotheslines.  Saggs heads to the floor after Sister Sherri due to her pulling his leg, which stalls everything as everyone gets tense and in each other’s face over this.

Knee to Stevie’s gut and a tag out to Knobbs and the two Nastys commence to “clubberin” on Stevie Ray in the corner, much to the delight of Dusty Rhodes.  Stevie is able to tag out to Booker.  Tag to Saggs again and they double-team Booker with a drop toehold / elbow to the back of the head combo.  Knobbs floors Booker with a big clothesline, then calls for Saggs to raise his arm so he can rub Booker’s face in Saggs’s armpit.  Sister Sherri jumps up on the apron and stops this, allowing Harlem Heat to double-team Knobbs for a bit.

Irish whip to Knobbs from Stevie Ray and a big jumping boot to the face on the rebound.  Stevie tags out to Booker, who takes over with a headlock.  Jerry Saggs gets preoccupied with Col. Parker and Sherri, drawing the referee’s attention, and thus allowing Sherri to get a kick or two into Knobbs.  Back in the ring, we get some quick tags between Harlem Heat and a little double-teaming on Knobbs.  Booker tries the Harlem Side Kick while Knobbs is leaning on the ropes, but Knobbs moves and Booker crotches himself on the top rope.  Knobbs tags out to Saggs, who comes in with a facebuster to Booker and a corner clothesline to Stevie Ray.  Scoop slam to Booker and that brings Sherri to the ring apron.  Saggs brings Sherri into the ring and then rolls up Booker for a two count.  Saggs hits a piledriver on Booker and pins, but Stevie Ray comes in to make the save.  This brings in Knobbs, who again distracts the referee.  While the ref is distracted, Saggs goes up top and is pushed off the top rope by Col. Parker.  Stevie Ray takes Saggs out on the floor, leaving him in a pile in the corner.  Stevie rolls him into the ring where Booker nonchalantly covers for two.  Booker this an axe kick that sends Saggs back to the ringside area where Stevie Ray, Sherri and Parker all jump him while the ref is distracted again by Knobbs.

After a bit, Harlem Heat try to take Saggs out with a double clothesline, but Saggs ducks it and takes them both out with a double facebuster.  He gets the tag to Knobbs, who cleans house.  He gets a back body drop on Booker and then hits the Nasty Splash, but Stevie is able to break it up.  Knobbs hits Booker with a splash in the corner and then take out Stevie with a double shoulder tackle.  The Nastys go for a pumphandle slam followed by a splash from the top, but Col. Parker again distracts the ref while Sherri sneaks in with Parker’s cane and hits Knobbs so that Booker can get the win.

Winner: Harlem Heat (still WCW Tag team Champions)

This match was a damn mess.  Plus, the Nastys were the babyfaces, which was odd.  I know Harlem Heat never really had a big run as babyfaces, but neither have the Nastys.

We get a quick commercial for the official Fall Brawl t-shirt, as pitched by Ric Flair.  We then go to the backstage area, as always littered with random WCW t-shirts, with Mike Tenay and Randy Savage.  Savage says he’s going to take out The Giant, then go to Halloween Havoc and rip Hollywood Hogan’s black heart from his chest.

Match #7: Grudge Match: “Macho Man” Randy Savage VS The Giant

The sound guy apparently gets Giant’s music wrong, sending him out to the Dungeon’s theme for a moment, then changing it to the nWo’s theme.  Giant takes off running for the ring, but Savage is able to keep him out by hitting him with a few forearms.  The announcers point out that the referee in the ring is Nick Patrick as Giant pulls Savage out of the ring.  Savage tries to slam Giant on the floor, but Giant’s weight is too much and Savage collapses under it.  Giant tosses Savage into the ring, over the top rope from the floor.  Back in the ring he chokes Savage with his foot, then tosses him into the corner and levels him with a clothesline.  Irish whip into a backbreaker to Savage.  Giant pushes down on Savage, bending him backwards over his knee.

Bobby mentions that everyone in the crowd is looking the other way, causing the announcers to speculate as to whether there is about to be nWo interference.  Giant lets go of the backbreaker and does a headbutt to Savage’s groin before locking on a Boston crab.  Savage gets to the ropes and the hold is broken, causing the announcers to agree that Nick Patrick made the right call.  Giant picks Savage up in a bear hug, draining all of Savage’s energy.  Savage is finally able to get to the eyes, though, breaking the hold and putting him on the offensive.  He goes up top and comes off with the double axe handle, but Giant catches him in mid-air and slams him right in the center of the C in the WCW logo.  Giant attempts a knee drop but Savage moves, leaving Giant to limp around the ring.  Savage gets up and starts hammering on the knee with kicks.  He goes back up top and comes down with a bulldog off the top.  He covers, gets two, then Giant press slams him off of him.  Giant gets up, wobbly, and Savage is able to body slam Giant.  Savage goes up top for the flying elbow, hits it, and out comes Hollywood Hogan.  Savage follows Hogan down the aisle and right into an ambush from The Outsiders.  Hall goes for a punch, which Savage ducks, but Nash nails him from behind with a steel chair.  They put the boots to Savage while Nick Patrick is jaw jacking with The Giant in the ring.  Hall and Nash roll Savage into the ring where Giant pins him for the win.

Winner: The Giant

While Randy is getting medical attention, we go to a commercial for Halloween Havoc, oddly enough featuring Savage.

Match #8: War Games: The New World Order (Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, & ?) w/ Ted Dibiase VS WCW (“The Enforcer” Arn Anderson, “Total Package” Lex Luger, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, & ?)


While the cage lowers, we go to Mike Tenay in the locker room with Flair, Anderson, Luger, Woman, and Liz.  Tenay asks which member of the Horsemen is going to replace Sting.  Flair says the Horsemen have stepped aside, so it’s just them.  Flair asks if we can hear the ambulance coming to get the nWo.  He says very soon, the Horsemen kick ass!  Double A says that he knows Luger lost a friend, they lost a partner, but Luger was a Horseman once so they’ll get the job done.  Out of nowhere, Sting enters the locker room.  Oddly enough, he’s in black and white paint.  Luger says he’s been waiting six days for the explanation, so Sting better make it good.  Sting says it wasn’t him on Monday night.  Luger says he knows it was him.  Sting says he’ll see them in a little while.


We go to Michael Buffer who explains the rules.  The first round is one on one, 5 minutes.  Then, every two minutes, a new man comes in, one from each team, until everyone is in.  Then, that starts The Match Beyond, which can only be won by submission.

Buffer says that the nWo has 4 men, but have only released 3 names.  One will remain secret until the end.  He says that the 3 men are Hall, Nash, and the Giant.  He says that WCW only has 3 men, and it’s not known if there will even be a 4th member.

Our first man from the New World Order is Scott Hall, who comes to the ring with Ted Dibiase.  WCW’s first man is Double A.  The crowd is hot for The Enforcer.  I’m not going to lie, if there’s one man I wouldn’t want to be locked in the War Games cage with during that first 5 minute period, it’s The Enforcer.

Hall takes it to Double A first, nailing him with right hands, but Double A turns the tieds quickly, and the crowd explodes.  He slams Hall’s head into the cage and then stomps Hall in the crotch.  Hall fires back with a whip to the corner and a clothesline, then drags Anderson’s head across the top rope.  Anderson goes to slam Hall’s head into the cage, but Hall holds off and then slams Arn’s head off the cage three times.

At this point, it’s pointed out that the referee in the ring is…shock…Nick Patrick.

Anderson starts working on Hall’s knee and then goes for a spinning toe hold, which makes Schiavone mark out like crazy thinking he’s going for a Figure 4.  Hall slinks away, sliding into the second ring.  Double A follows but is met with a big right hand from Hall.

Dusty mentions that he doesn’t remember seeing a referee in the War Games match.  I’m not too familiar with them, honestly, as I’ve really only seen about three or four of the matches, so I can’t comment on that, but I’ll defer to Dusty, who created the thing.  It makes sense, though, to not have one, as there’s no pinfall…only submission…and that doesn’t happen until The Match Beyond.  There’s no need for one.

We’re told the nWo has won the coin toss for the man advantage, so out comes Kevin Nash.    Arn has Hall down, so he goes to meet Nash.  He is able to duck a clothesline and get a few moves off to Nash, but eventually Hall grabs him and holds him so Nash can nail him with a kick to the head.  The Outsiders double-team Double A and send him head first into the cage.  Nash crashes Arn into the top turnbuckle with Snake Eyes, and Hall follows with a big clothesline.  They put the boots to Arn as the announcers mention that Flair made it sound like there wouldn’t be a 4th man for WCW.  Dusty says that they can’t do that…they’ll need the 4th man.

8362337_origOut comes Lex Luger, about 15 seconds early, but once he enters the ring, he’s a house of fire, taking out the Outsiders with a myriad of clotheslines and forearms.  He slams Hall’s head into the cage tice before Nash is able to cut him off, but The Enforcer is back up so he takes out Nash, leaving Hall to Luger.  The Outsiders get the upper hand again, though, as Hall sends Anderson into the cage hard.  Luger sends Nash into the ropes and Double A takes him out with a DDT as “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan enters the fray.

Hogan comes in but is immediately taken to the corner by Luger and Anderson, beating him down as the crowd is loving it.  The Outsiders are able to build back up, though, so they isolate Luger in one ring while Hogan takes Double A to the other one.  Hogan tries to send Anderson to the cage, but Double A reverses and bounces Hogan’s bald head off of the steel as the crowd chants “We Want Flair!”

Everyone ends up in one ring again and it’s beatdown city on the babyfaces.  Hogan drops a leg on Double A as the Outsiders take out Luger.

It’s time to bring in the Nature Boy!  Flair comes in and stands in the empty ring, daring Hogan into his ring.  Hogan puts up and upside down 4H sign, which Flair humps the air at.  Hogan gets a few punches in, but Flair turns the tides, bringing out a pair of brass knuckles and nailing anything that moves.  Hall tries to grab him from behind but Flair mule kicks Hall in the junk, taking him out.  The babyfaces join them in that ring and now the tides have turned.  Flair locks on the Figure 4 in the center of the ring as the countdown for the nWo’s fourth man starts.

It’s Sting.

Sting enters an starts beating down the babyfaces, kicking them in the gut and taking down Luger with a facebuster.  Now it’s the heels in power as Sting “woooos” and beats his chest.  The crowd starts chanting “We Want Sting!”

Hogan bounces Flair’s head off the cage as we go to one minute left in the period.  The New World Order is standing tall in the ring as Hogan slams Flair and drops the big leg.  Sting hits the Stinger Splash in the corner on all three babyfaces as we go to the 10 second countdown for WCW’s 4th man.



Sting enters the ring and gets right in the face of “Sting,” who we see clearly for the first time.  It’s definitely not Sting on the nWo side.  Sting starts beating down everyone.  Stinger Splash to Hogan…to Hall…to Nash…to “Sting!”  Big face buster to Scott Hall and it’s Sting standing in the center of the ring, staring down the babyfaces.  Sting looks at Luger and asks “is that good enough for you?  Is that truth enough?”  He then flips Luger off and leaves the cage.

Hogan is taking out Luger in one ring by himself as Flair is chopping the living hell out of Flair.  “Sting” applies the Scorpion Deathlock to Luger while the Outsiders take out the Horsemen.

Nick Patrick and Randy Anderson announce that the War Games have ended with the surrender of Lex Luger to the Scorpion Deathlock.

Winners: New World Order

Tony says that had the wrestlers trusted Sting, they’d have won this match.  Tony says he doesn’t think Luger gave up, but that he passed out from the pain.  As the nWo cleans up, Luger crawls out of the ring and up the entry way, yelling “Stinger!”  The nWo catch up to him and put the boots to him, unfortunately.  Here come the Horsemen!  Flair and Anderson take care of the Outsiders, leaving Hogan to Randy Savage, who enters the picture from out of nowhere!  Savage grabs Hogan and makes a beeline to the ring.  Savage backs Hogan from one ring to another as Hogan cowers…but Savage is grabbed from behind by The Giant.  Giant chokeslams Savage in the center of the ring as the rest of the New World Order surround him.

Ms. Elizabeth enters from the back, pleading with Hogan to stop.  Hogan grabs a can of spray paint and threatens Liz as Giant choke slams Savage again.  Liz covers Savage, trying to protect him, as Hogan sprays the N W O letters on Liz’s dress.

“Hogan, you’ve dropped to new levels.  You’re the lowest form of life I’ve ever seen.” – Bobby Heenan

Hogan gets a microphone as the crowd chants “Hogan Sucks!”  Hogan says that “these two losers…these two lowlifes…they made a sacred vow that they would be together until the end of their lives.  Well, courtesy of the nWo and courtesy of Hulk Hogan, we’re going to make that happen!”  He spits on Liz and drops the mic.  Did Hogan just say he was going to kill Liz and Randy?  That’s how I took that.

Heenan says he’s done things in wrestling he wasn’t proud of, but nothing like this.  The nWo pose for a picture at ringside as Savage sells in the center, still covered by Liz.  Randy Anderson is now trying to send the nWo away, but Giant and Hogan get Savage and paint the N W O letters on Savage’s back before putting the boots to him a bit more.  Giant says he thinks he’s Michelangelo or Da Vinci…the greatest artist alive today.  Hogan and Giant mug for the camera and use Flair’s line, saying “whether you like it or you don’t, it’s the best thing going today.”  Giant choke slams Savage one more time.  Nash shoves Randy Anderson out of the ring, leaving Liz to the wolves.

We cut back to the announcers who ask if there’s someone who could get Liz out of the ring.  The announcers are clearly disgusted.  Tony says that hindsight is 20/20, and if they had trusted Sting, things may have turned out differently.  Bobby says that we saw what Sting did by himself.  If Sting had been there from the beginning, we’d have beaten them.

Hogan comes to the announce booth and Heenan bolts.  Dusty and Tony leave as Hogan cuts a promo.  Giant says this has been brought to us by the Ric Flair Retirement Fund.  Dibiase says that they had some demands that are going to be met.  No more “Outsiders,” it’s nWo for life!

We close out of the PPV on Randy being helped to the back by Liz and a trainer, then head to credits.


Pretty damn good PPV!  We had some great wrestling from Benoit and Jericho.  We had some amazing cruiserweight action from Juvi & Konnan as well as Rey & Super Calo.  DDP took out a Guerrero.  We forwarded our nWo storyline with the last two matches.  Good stuff!

1996 me was PISSED right now!  I really thought that WCW would come back and this would be the end of Hogan and his goons.  I remember being so excited when Sting told the babyface camp that it wasn’t him on Monday.  I remember watching the War Games match and realizing something was up when “Sting” started beating his chest.  “That’s not him,” I told my Dad, and was proven right a few moments later when the real Sting made his way down the aisle.  I marked out like crazy as Stinger beat that nWo ass from pillar to post, culminating in four Stinger Splashes! Then…he left.

I understood…but damn, man…you’re the Stinger.  You ARE this company’s heart and soul.  Get out there and beat them down!  Disagree with your teammates later, but right now beat some ass!

It was for naught, though, as the nWo ended the night victorious.  I love what happens afterwards because it does such a good job at showing how much this loss meant.  You get Savage destroyed so much that it brings out Liz, who has been with Flair for almost nine months now, to protect her man.  It was so real.  It made me hate Hogan and the rest and made me want to see them get destroyed.

Sure, there were some things on this show I’m not really that big on, namely the tag team championship match, but my overall impressions are very high, so I can honestly say I really enjoyed this show!  Can’t wait to tune into Nitro for the fallout!

Until next time, ladies and gentlemen!


KoaNitro copy

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Kick Out at Nitro!  This week the reigns are being taken over by Benny, giving us our newest addition to the Nitro review family.  As always, I’ll be back at the end (in italics) with my thoughts, but for now, I hand you off to him.

Last week was a really good episode. The wrestling was better and the arrival of DiBiase will finally give him something better to do rather than being rudderless in the WWF. Having the nWo pick and choose its spots rather than flooding Nitro with it was smart thinking. It keeps the audience tuned in, wondering when they will arrive and what will happen next. Sometimes the wrestling is mediocre but often it is serviceable and even enjoyable when given time. The only downside is that few of the other angles are compelling. DDP and Eddie Guerrero have potential but the Cruiserweight Division is filled with wrestling and not much more as Malenko and Rey have cooled off. I am not complaining but I wish they were given a little more to do to allow the division to be fleshed out more.

Match #1: Diamond Dallas Page VS “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright

They lock up and DDP twists the arm and takes him down and pulls him down by the hair again. Wright comes right back with a spinkick to the head and clotheslines him to the floor. He connects with a crossbody over the top. Back in the ring he flips over the top and gets a two count. DDP though hits him by the ropes and pulls his mouth apart. DDP hits him in the gut and nails him with a side suplex and he gets a nice pop from the crowd. He takes too long making the cover and only gets two. He powerbombs Wright and holds him down for a two count. He grabs him for the Cutter but DDP is shoved off and now Wright takes him down with a belly to belly and gets a two count. He hammers him in the corner and kicks off him and lands on his feet only to feel the Diamond Cutter and DDP gets the pin.
Winner: DDP
Short but action packed.

Gene is with Nick Patrick again and Gene thinks some of the counts were slow. Patrick claims that WCW has reviewed all the tapes and he is fine. Nick calls Gene a liar and tired of him spreading them. Nick will enforce the law!

Col. Parker and Sherri, whom he calls “Twinkle Eyes,” and Gene and he gets her some presents like a leather vest.

Match #2: WCW World Tag Team Championship: Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Buddy Valentino VS Harlem Heat (WCW Tag Team Champions)

DiBiase strolls down the steps and the fans erupt for him! Greg knocks down Booker and gets a two count and applies a chinlock. Ted gets to sit by small children….good times! Meanwhile, the Hammer elbows Booker and connects with an elbow drop for a two count. Buddyis in and looks rather doughy as he gets pounded by Heat but he does elevate with a nice dropkick but runs right into a kick to the back of the head from Booker. Stevie chokes him and tags in Booker who takes off his head with a Harlem Sidekick and almost gets the fall. Ray holds Buddy as Booker clearly misses a side kick to the head but he sells it anyway. Stevie strikes with a side salto and Booker finishes Buddy off with the Harlem Hangover.

Winners: Harlem Heat (still WCW Tag Team Champions)

Squash. At least the Hammer got in some offense.

Gene is with Heat and Ray is upset with the beer drinking fatsos that are the Nasty Boys. Booker says they finished them off a long time ago and will do it again. The Nasty Boys must not have liked being called names so they run out and attack Heat and ram Booker into the steps and destroy him with a super piledriver. Ray tries to fight them off but cannot as they walk away….

Match #3: “The Man of 1,000 Holds” Dean Malenko VS “Lionheart” Chris Jericho

Jericho takes him down and points to the crowd and they respond nicely. Malenko trips him up but Jericho grabs the arm and twists it into a hammerlock. Dean is able to reverse it but gets flipped over. Jericho applies a side headlock and Malenko is free but runs into an enzuguri as an ECW chant starts. Malenko connects with a belly to back suplex. Dean hits him with a nice looking brainbuster and keeps after him and gets a two count. Dean kicks him in the head and drives his elbow into the back of it and snaps him over. Meanwhile DiBiase gets up and leaves the ring area. Malenko has Jericho stuck in a bodyscissors and uses the ropes for leverage as Nick Patrick gets suspicious and they do their normal gamemanship with that. Jericho stands up and drops him back. Malenko pounds on Jericho and a double underhook suplex for another two count andn now twists Jericho around by hooking the arm and pulling the head down and into an ab stretch and uses the ropes for leverage. Jericho armdrags him over and Jericho heads after him but gets driven head first into the second buckle. Jericho reverses a whip but runs into a boot and bulldogs him for a two count. Malenko charges him and they both fly over the top and onto the floor. He rolls Jericho back in but is stuck on the apron and baseball slides into his knees and then flies from the top and lands on Malenko to the appreciation of the crowd. Back in the ring he heads upstairs and gets a two count after a missile dropkick. He sets him up for a piledriver and it is reversed and we get another two count. He goes behind Malenko and hits a German suplex for two and now a spinkick. He and Malenko exchange holds and switches and Jericho rolls him up for two and Malenko is shocked as Jericho celebrates with the fans.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Pretty solid match. Got plenty of time and showcased what Jericho can do and the fans really dug him.

Match #4: Brad Armstrong vs The Giant w/ Jimmy Hart
Brad tries to dropkick but cannot budge him and grabs him only to the Giant’s ass rammed into him. Giant shoves him into the corner and blasts him with a couple of shots. Giant chokes him with his boot and a Limo is back into the arena or somewhere. Giant is still choking him with the boot and tosses him across the ring. He picks up Brad who unwisely tries to sunset flip him over but gets picked up by his neck and just throws him and then to the floor. Brad is up on the apron and bounces his neck off the ropes and hits a missile dropkick but gets grabbed after and destroyed with a chokeslam.

Winner: The Giant

Gave Brad some offense and played it off that the Giant was acting distracted.

A “paid” announcement from the nWo and Hogan is bragging about beating the Giant and Flair and how WCW is a bunch of crybabies. Sting will be stung and Luger will, well he is doing a bunch of rhyming as he talks about beating what WCW has left. He knows what needs to be done thanks to his friends as he just takes it now. Hogan makes fun of the Horsemen and Sting and Lex talking about their old times and that the nWo will destroy them and anything else would be civilized.

They recap nWo spraypaint shenanigans from last week on the truck and DiBiase and the end.

Match #5: Ron Studd VS “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Studd pounds on Savage and picks him by the neck and just drops him. He throws him back into the corner and….

They pan to the back as the nWo gets out of the Limo and Hogan tells the cameraman to beat it and shoves him away.

Meanwhile Studd bodyslams Savage. Savage knocks him to the floor and hits him with the double axe and bodyslams him and finishes him off with the big elbow.

Winner: Randy Savage


Gene tells Randy that he seem to be real focused and it will be against his old pal Hogan at Havoc. But first he has to face the Giant whom he felt did not do his job. Savage wishes that Havoc was tonight. He promises everyone in the universe that he is going to beat up Hogan. Gene questions his mental state and Savage admits that he is living on the edge and so is everyone else now due to what is going on. Savage says he is taking over seeing as the Giant failed and Gene wants to place a bet in Vegas (Havoc is there too).

Match #6: Steiner Brothers VS Sting & “Total Package” Lex Luger

They all stare at each other….

Horsemen run out to the Limo but no one is there.


Luger and Rick lock up and Rick is shoved into Nick Patrick and he calls for the bell and the fans are about to riot and the four combatants are pissed as he backs away and heads to the back as Sting and Luger head after him.

Winners: The Steiner Brothers (via DQ)

Clear, angle advancement and Nick Patrick is getting a lot of heat. Fans are disappointed that they are not getting an uppercard match but that is the beauty of it.

Match #7: Dungeon of Doom (“Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan, Big Bubba, Meng & The Barbarian) VS The Four Horsemen (“Nature Boy” Ric Flair, “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson, “The Canadian Crippler” Chris Benoit and Steve “Mongo” McMichael w/ Woman, Ms. Elizabeth and Debra McMichael

Sullivan and Mongo begin and Sullivan takes him down but Mongo comes back and looks awkward in climbing up and jumping off the ropes and he lands that way too as Sullivan moves. Bubba is taggedin and after an initial flurry and Mongo hammers him and connects with a back body drop. Benoit gets a nice ovation as he pushes Bubba to the other corner and the Barbarian is tagged in and they exchange chops and Benoit back suplexes him and goes up but Sullivan pushes him, but he recovers and hits the flying headbutt but Meng makes the save and Flair is in.

Patrick is running away from Sting and Luger and DiBiase gets into the Limo and Sting throws a cement block through the window and get in a cop car and chase after them!

Meng throws some blows but misses and Flair wants a test of strength and he nuts Meng and all the Doom and the fans love it.

Cop is in the back reporting the stolen car. AA is in and he DDT’s Meng but only gets two as the count is broken up. Barbarian kicks him in the head and bodyslams him and hangs him for the Tree of Woe and Sullivan does his thing and tags in Bubba who drops his knee onto his head. He gets a two count and pounds on his head. AA comes back with some blows but it does not last and Meng is tagged back in. Meng tries for a piledriver but gets back dropped but he recovers and stomps on Arn.


Sullivan is choking Benoit after he was belted by Bubba. Meng is in the ring and catches him with an inverted atomic drop and powerbombs him straight through the canvas but Arn makes the save and Bubba is in and Flair runs in and pounds on Bubba’s head. Benoit is on the floor but Flair has a chair and tries to go after the the Dungeon. Benoit is back in the ring and Sullivan is in charge and Benoit runs into a knee and Bubba is back in and goes to the second rope and jumps right into a boot. Both are down but Bubba is able to tag Sullivan and he smack him and Benoit tries to fight back but loses and the Barbarian is tagged in and gets a two count. Now it is Meng and Benoit nails him with a cross body block but he cannot make the tag and Bubba makes sure to cut him off. Arn runs in and spinebusts Bubba and Barbarian comes in and drops his head into Benoit’s ribs to stop him from making the tag. Meng and Barbarian go up top and go for the flying headbutt but Benoit moves and tags in Flair who unloads on the Dungeon and now it is chaos and the Figure is applied on Sullivan and Woman refuses to help but she finally does after much cajoling from Benoit and they get the win….the nWo runs down and attacks the Horsemen and they clear out the Dungeon too.

Winners: No Contest

The Giant runs down and the fans erupt and he grabs the Barbarian and chokeslams him and does it to Meng. Hogan starts spraypainting and the fans are fired up and now Savage comes down with a chair and belts everyone and now he and Hogan are in a scrum but Nash makes the save and Hulk has the chair and he is hammering Savage with it. The Giant chokeslams and the Horsemen and Dungeon continue getting punished. Hogan lands four legdrops. Arn has a chair only to get kicked by Nash as does Flair and Mongo. Savage is now getting painted with a yellow streak up his back. The nWo slowly saunter away from the carnage as Arn gets back in the ring to check on Flair. They head back to the announce table and Hogan wants to know if there is any question about who is the most powerful organization in the world. The Giant says he got a call from DiBiase and he walked into Hogan’s 25,000 square foot home when Hogan interrupts him to have them all spit on the WCW sign. Giant brings up all the Harley’s and cars and now the Horsemen and Dungeon head up and attack and chairs and bodies are flying around as they hammer each each other. Hogan barely gets hit as they go back to the announce table and the Giant continues his story. Hogan says he gave the Giant a part in the new Arnold movie and that the nWo is the best thing going as they up end the table and leave.

Another hot crowd. A couple of decent matches but this was used more for angle advancement. They are making the situation look bleak for the faces and they are doing a great job. Of course eight got wiped out by four and then five. Wait, there were nine. Sure, the Horsemen and Dungeon of Doom were tired from fighting and it was a sneak attack. Still they looked pretty weak. They did make a valiant comeback but Hogan barely caught a blow and dominated. I do like how the heels are not cowardly but you do not want to book their opponents, not really faces, too weakly. All in all the ending was classic, a chaotic brawl that topped off the show and makes you look forward to seeing what happens next. It may have been better to save the Giant swerve until Fall Brawl but it does add an invincible aura to the nWo and it makes the PPV that much more bleak for WCW. The nWo is consistently out smarting WCW as they lured Sting and Luger away and so far it is paying dividends as it is so entertaining right now.


I quite enjoyed this episode.  As it headed into the final section with the breakdown between the Horsemen, nWo, and the Dungeon, it reminded me of how much fun I used to have on Monday nights sitting around watching this stuff.  It was exciting and action packed and you had no idea what was coming next.  I loved it!

Bischoff messes up and says this is the 53rd episode of Monday Nitro.  He’s off a bit.  One, it hasn’t even been a year since the debut, so it can’t be any more than 52.  Two, they’ve missed a few weeks, so his count is off.  It’s episode 51.

DDP and Alex Wright put on a pretty decent early match with Das Wunderkind showing some great heart and fire, but ultimately being brought down by two of my favorite DDP moves; the devastating sit out powerbomb and the beautiful Diamond Cutter.  Both moves looked amazing tonight so I was quite happy.  I’m pretty excited for the continuation of this feud Page has with the Guerreros as we lead into Fall Brawl.

The tag team match was interesting since it was Harlem Heat VS 1983.  Seriously…Greg Valentine and this other guy looked like they were straight out of Mid-Atlantic wrestling from the mid 80s and it was just a weird contrast with the new set and Harlem Heat.  Heat get the win with my favorite of Booker’s moves, the Harlem Hangover, as if it was any surprise.  Seriously, did anyone believe that Greg Valentine and this random dude were going to get the titles?  

Malenko VS Jericho…so good.  WCW’s Cruiserweight action is firing on all cylinders right now and I can’t be more excited for it!

We get a duo of squash matches, but it’s interesting because they’re from the two men that are going to face each other at Fall Brawl; Randy Savage and The Giant.  I’m okay with a squash match.  I know my recaps of Raw at the end of these things usually comes across pretty hard on WWF’s squashes…but that’s mostly because they’ll fill an entire wrestling show with squashes against jobbers.  When they use it randomly and to get a guy over, squash matches fill their purpose and I have no problem with them.

Steiners & Luger/Sting…I’ve never been so angry at Nick Patrick!  I really wanted to watch this match.  I’m a huge fan of all four of these guys and they never fail to excite.  However, we have to further this Nick Patrick garbage, so we get a BS call on Luger.  I wish this was going to end sometime soon.  I really do not like Nick Patrick.  He’s a terrible referee outside of this nonsense, so this just makes it worse.

The stuff with Dibiase and the limo was interesting, especially Sting throwing the rock through the window (I really hope Dibiase moved quickly!) and then them stealing the cop car and giving chase.  It’s silly, but I love that it was a “heat of the moment” thing and I really liked Bischoff making comments like “if Sting and Luger get out of jail in time for Fall Brawl.”

According to the Saturday Night preview, the Blue Bloods are no more as we’re going to get Robert Eaton VS David Taylor on that show.  I was really hoping they were going to go at it on Fall Brawl, but alas.

Just last night I was praising Mongo to Derick.  Basically I was reiterating my thoughts from last post, but damned if Mongo didn’t make me eat my words tonight.  The first few moments he’s in the ring are a damn trainwreck.  He’s missing moves, missing timing, screwing stuff up.  It just looked so bad.  I wish my new-found enjoyment of him had lasted more than a week.

The end of the show degenerating into an all out brawl made me happy.  Then, out came The Giant, and the nWo now has a 5th member!  I liked Giant cutting his promo at the end and talking about how he saw how much better life could be on the money end of things, but he was just going too long with it.  Him trying to continue cutting the promo at the end of the show was a bit rough due to this.  However, he was more natural and it came across as believable.  This is a young man who has been at the top of the card and he got his first chance to see what real money looks like, so he wants in.  I buy it.  It’s a legit reason for him to jump.

Enjoyable episode and I can’t wait to see what we get next week and as we go into Fall Brawl.


Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – NA

WCW Nitro Ratings – 4.3

(Raw – 17, Nitro – 27) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 7)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 6

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 10


WWF Raw results from this week

There was no Monday Night Raw this week.  A “Friday Night Raw” was held on 9/6, however.

KoaNitro copyAlright, people. Gather around as The Champ continues the weekly episodic story of love, lies, invasions and shenanigans that is WCW Nitro!

Tonight starts with the 2 man team of Larry Zbyszko and Tony Schiavone as they welcome us to a sold out arena in Charlotte, North Carolina. Hour 2 we will be joined by Bobby “The Brain Heenan, as Eric Bischoff is still in recovery.

Hyping Bash at the Beach as per the last few weeks. Larry Z makes some odd comparison about “conquering worlds”, complete with “This is where the big boys play” catchphrase. Recap of the Great American Bash with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash calling out WCW with their surprise 3rd member. Jack knife to Eric, hence the recovery. Personally I love when Tony just says “Please get him!” Not sure if someone needs to get Bischoff, or someone needed to get Nash. But Schiavone says it with absolutely no emotion. I love how the just read the script, and that was all you’re gonna get. By the way, Hall was money on the mic.

We shoot to Gene Okerlund with the 3 men WCW has chosen to step up to face The Outsiders in 2 weeks: Sting, Luger and Randy Savage. Everyone has Sting’s face paint on. Savage just flat out leaves. Guessing he just got excited. Sting hypes not knowing who the 3rd man is. Mr. Bad interview Lex Luger says “WWWCW will stand tall”…..way too many W ‘s. Oh! The Steiners! They got the back of WCW! Straight to hyping the triangle match between The Steiners/Harlem Heat/”Team face paint”. Booker T says “Suckas” 42 times. Everyone is yelling…

Match #1: The Blue Bloods (Lord Steven Regal & Squire David Taylor) w/ Earl Robert Eaton & Jeeves VS Public Enemy

Dear LORD. I’m not doing play by play on this. You can’t make me. I’ve tried that on a P.E. match before. I gots the brain pain. On a side note: the Network crashes as soon as the bell rang. Even my Xbox One knows!

Anyways, Rocco Rock fights off both members of the BB’s. Security in the building is at an all-time high because of Hall/Nash, Kevin Greene looking for Mongo, etc. 3 minutes into this match and 2 botches. Just saying. The Outsiders are here in the parking lot. No camera shot, etc. Just an announcement. Grunge hot tagged in. Grunge thankfully ends this quickly with the cast shot to Dave Taylor. Replay courtesy of 1-800-COLLECT and shooting to commercial.

Winners: Public Enemy

And we’re back!
Match #2: “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan w/ Jimmy Hart VS Kip Abee

Immediately the action goes outside the ring and to a random Subway stand. Nice plug there. Now, heading back to the ring. Sullivan loses by DQ. Confusion.

Winner: Kip AB (via DQ)

Gene Okerlund with Jimmy Hart. Hart needs to control his volume. Think he busted a speaker. Never mind, Kevin Sullivan just busted it. Why is everyone yelling? Sullivan talks about his match with The Giant vs. Arn Anderson and Benoit. Commercial break before more of my home equipment gets shattered.

MF’ing Glacier vignette!!! Coming July 1996! 11 year old me freaked out hard. Mortal Kombat with my WCW?? Book that!

Back from commercial and straight to match #3.

Match #3: “Hardwork” Bobby Walker VS “The Man of 1,000 Holds” Dean Malenko (WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Good back and forth chain wrestling. Bobby Walker so far holding his ground, if not momentarily. Dean gets the advantage and starts breaking Walker down. What I love about Malenko is the little things. Constantly going for the pin. Staying on top of his opponent. Very under rated talent. “Hold #498, a variation of the Camel Clutch”. Zbyszko actually said that haha. DISCO INFERNO!! Distraction almost costs Malenko the match. Disco hits his music in the middle of the match! and starts dancing on the turnbuckle! Dean Malenko does not give a single F and keeps wrestling, knocking Walker into Disco (who is still dancing). Northern Lights suplex Bridge pin and win by Malenko.

Winner: Dean Malenko

Gene talks to Malenko and Disco. Setting up the match at the Bash. Commercial.

We’re back.

Match #4. Barbarian vs. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie is giving up a bunch of size against Barbarian. Eddie makes Barbarian look good by wrestling circles around his opponent. Barbarian gets back on top by brute strength. Suplex, pin attempt, Kick out at 2. More suplexes, pin attempts and more kick outs. Electric chair attempt into a weird Hurricanrana. Barbarian throws Eddie literally 12 feet, including the momentum getting Eddie to the outside. Looked harsh. Eddie barely gets in before the 10 count. Back to the top. Eddie reverses it into a cross body for the pin!

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Gene making his money tonight with yet another interview. Recap of the ending of the match with Konnan at Uncensored. Eddie wants another shot at the US title. The products are trying to play Gene off by starting the music for the commercial.

Hour 2 starts hot with The Horsemen coming out to the ring! Bobby Heenan now in at commentary, as promised earlier.

Match #5: “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson & “The Crippler” Chris Benoit w/ Steve “Mongo” McMichael VS The Rock and Roll Express

Arn Anderson and Chris Benoit in action tonight against the Rock and Roll Express.

Pleasant surprise! Apparently, this is an issue with this episode on the Network, so it has skipped a few minutes into the match. Benoit in the ring with Ricky Morton. Flair’s VIP section sits empty because Savage is in the building, selling their storied rivalry. Morton on top, tags in Robert Gibson. Tag at Double A, and in perfect Enforcer fashion, takes over. Horsemen working over Morton with beautiful tag team work. Gibson gets the hot tag against Arn. All 4 men in the ring. Mongo hits Gibson with the briefcase and Benoit gets the pin. Gomez does a run in, and immediately gets shut down. Kevin Greene and Savage save Gomez from a worse beating.

Winners: Arn Anderson & Chris Benoit

Gene again with an interview. This time with Flair, flanked by Woman/Debra McMichael and Elizabeth in a “secured area”. Flair talks about the Horsemen being reunited and stronger than ever. All the Horsemen now in this “secured area”. Mongo tells incoherently and Gene yells “GIVE IT A REST!”

Schiavone and Heenan talking about the importance of the 6 man match at the Bash being possibly the change of direction of WCW by the Outsiders.

Match #6: “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright VS Diamond Dallas Page

Alex FREAKING Wright vs. DD FREAKING P! This Nitro was made specifically for me!

DDP, clad in pink while smoking a cigar, gets the earlier advantage, until Wright tries 2 quick roll-ups. Very good back and forth with no one getting over without it evening back out. Alex Wright off the top, quick 2 count. AW back up top, drop kick to DDP. The action spills outside momentarily, until DDP reverses. Diamond Cutter out of nowhere it seems, pin and your winner: DDP.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page

Jesus Christ… Gene…again with the interview. DDP hypes his match against Hacksaw in a “taped fist” match for Lord of the Ring.

Commercial featuring Glacier again!

Gene interviews Kevin Greene. Talks about Mongo turning on him. Panthers are going to “kick ass this year” (Nope) and then he’s hunting Mongo. Blah blah blah. I love Mean Gene, but damn. I guess there isn’t anyone else to do interviews since Bischoff isn’t there.

Match #7: “Macho Man” Randy Savage w/ Kevin Greene VS VK Wallstreet

Macho attacks before the bell, taking matters into his own hands. Savage continues the beating. Wallstreet throws savage outside and half over the barricade. Back inside quickly, Wallstreet still going over. Savage finally gets momentum after a top rope reversal. Elbow misses by Savage, but quickly hits it for the win.

Winner: Randy Savage

WCW magazine commercial. I proudly still have a few of those.

Match #8: WCW World Tag Team Championship Match: Harlem Heat VS The Steiner Brothers VS Sting & Lex Luger (WCW World Tag Team Champions)



Scott Steiner, Sting, and Harlem Heat all in one match. Jesus, I love this job.

Coin toss to find out who starts this match off. It’s going to be….. Booker T and Scott Steiner! YES! Scott Steiner invented “Suplex City”. Brock doing suplexes good and all, but Scott made it look great. Plus, Scott can do more than 2 different suplexes.

A couple of suplexes, and the tag to Rick Steiner and Stevie Ray. Rick Steiner going strong with a suplex and clothesline. Steiner tags in Sting, like you do. Harlem Heat with the double team on Sting, ending with Booker T getting tagged. Sting with the pin attempt, only gets a 2. Stevie Ray tagged in and he goes to work on Sting. Sting getting the heat because let’s face it, Luger couldn’t do it. Commercial during the match

Nitro_6-24-96_29We come back to see Sting on top now over Booker T. Booker tags in Stevie Ray. Lateral press into a pin, only gets 2. Sting getting worked over. Comeback by Sting, only to get cut off. Rick Steiner makes the save on the pin so the match continues. Sting with the inadvertent crotch shot to Stevie Ray. Tags made to Booker T and Luger, respectively. Luger gets fired up and cleans house. AND HERE COMES HALL AND NASH THROUGH THE CROWD! Outsiders, armed with baseball bats, jump the barricade and head for the ring. Inside the ring however, all 3 teams turn their attention to the Outsiders and unite in the name of WCW.

Winners: Harlem Heat (New WCW Tag Team Champions)

Security storms the ring to stop the run in, and Harlem Heat steal the victory AND the Tag Team belts. New Champs! Hall and Nash think better of coming in the ring. Replay of Harlem Heat winning the titles from a different angle.

We cut to Schiavone and Heenan wrapping up the show. Heenan is great as commentator. He can take any angle and make it matter. So having him come in for the second hour just to do commentating was a very smart move. Schiavone talks about July 7th (Bash at the Beach) while Heenan leaves, fearing for his life. End of show.

Quick Final thoughts:

Overall, great wrestling from top to bottom. I’m not going to recap every match. However, I will tell you to please look this episode up on the Network if you have it. Commentary was solid, wrestling was solid and every angle progressed nicely. THIS is how a wrestling program should be.

Alright guys, that’s all.  Like what I have to say? Wanna cuss me out so I lay awake at night over your profanities? Wanna send me free Merch? Follow me on twitter @DerickBody.


Following up on Derick’s thoughts here, this was a pretty good episode of Nitro and did a pretty good job setting up for Bash at the Beach, which is coming up quickly, with only three Nitros between both Bashes.

Nitro_6-24-96_32The Outsiders stuff at the end was pretty good, especially after they had been talked about the entire night, coming off of just a little over a week ago powerbombing Eric Bischoff through the stage.  Their presence was felt and it was very interesting to see all of the cops jump into the ring so quickly.  It was even more interesting to see a few of them going for their guns, ready to cap the Outsiders should they feel the need to try to enter the ring.  The guerilla warfare from the Outsiders at this point is pretty awesome and I’m really loving it.

The fact that the last match ended with a pin is pretty interesting.  Derick and I spoke about this and came to the idea that Nick Patrick is either the best referee ever for ignoring the Outsiders and counting the pin when Booker T rolled up Lex Luger, or the WORST referee ever for ignoring the fact that ten people suddenly entered the ring, throwing the match into chaos.  It should have been a no-contest at that point, but whatever.  Apparently they needed the belts off of Sting and Luger going into the rest of the Outsiders angle, so this allowed that to happen and, I guess, allowed Hall and Nash to get one over on their competition at the PPV.  Luger no-sells losing the titles and just immediately jumps up and mean mugs the Outsiders, so apparently being tag champs didn’t excite him that much.  Oh well, he still has the Television Championship, so maybe that’s why he’s not too worked up about it.

I liked the Horsemen interactions here.  Benoit is a made man after that Sullivan match at the Bash.  He’s just being shown in a completely different light and it’s really exciting.  I like it.

Our next episode will be coming to you from Phillip, so get ready for that. Then, we’re off to Bash at the Beach 1996, which, as of RIGHT NOW, the plan is for the normal write-up as well as an audio commentary track from myself, Derick and Robbie, which will hopefully be interesting.  If it works out, PPV’s may become podcasts, so we’ll see.

Until next time!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.7

WCW Nitro Ratings – 3.3

(Raw – 17, Nitro – 19) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 5)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 6

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 4


The beginning of the win-streak for WCW.  This is two in a row.  It only gets higher from here.


WWF Raw results from this week

WWF IC Champion Ahmed Johnson defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley with the Pearl River Plunge in a non-title match.

Skip & Zip (w/ Kloudy) defeated the Brooklyn Brawler & Jerry Fox when Fox was pinned.

Vader, Owen Hart, & Davey Boy Smith (w/ Jim Cornette & Diana Hart Smith) defeated Aldo Montoya, Savio Vega, & Barry Horowitz when Montoya submitted to Hart’s Sharpshooter.

The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) defeated Steve Austin via disqualification when Goldust, who came ringside moments earlier along with Marlena to do guest commentary, interfered.


Two matches sound good.  Ahmed and HHH sounds pretty good and Taker/Austin sounds pretty good.  WWF is still putting too many jobber matches on TV for my liking though.  Who the living hell is Jerry Fox?  And Barry Horowitz?!  He lost like 500 matches in a row!  You can pretty much guarantee if he’s wrestling, he’s losing.  Oh well.  

SlamboreeTonight is the Season Finale of Kick Out at Nitro!  Of course, you’re not going to have to wait long to get the next installment, because that’ll come within the next few days.  No, I’m speaking of how the blog posts are combined into the books we’re releasing.  Slamboree brings Volume 2 to a close.

We come from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and we’re joined by our announce team of Tony Schiavone, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan…and the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.

As I’m writing this, Dusty Rhodes just passed away yesterday.  Calling color commentary on Pay Per Views and WCW Saturday Night was my first introduction to Dusty.  His trademark lisp coupled with phrases like “going to the pay window” and “the Mothership” made me instantly like him.  It wasn’t until a while later that I discovered Dusty the wrestler.  I always enjoyed Dusty Rhodes and, through DVDs and the WWE Network, will continue to enjoy Dusty Rhodes.  Here’s a drink to the workin’ man, the son of a plumber!

We go to the first match of Round One of the Lethal Lottery!

Match #1: Lethal Lottery – 1st Round – Road Warrior Animal & Booker T VS Road Warrior Hawk & “Total Package” Lex Luger

I wish they had set this tournament up a bit more random.  We’ve got too many tag team partners having to face each other in the first round. They should have built it to where some of these things happen later down the line in the later rounds.  That would have made it a bit more organic.

Hawk and Booker T get riled up and start fighting each other before the bell rings.

Apparently this isn’t a normal tournament with brackets.  Tony tells us that after Round 1, Mean Gene will have another random drawing where the new matchups are made.  I wonder if this will just be matches or if partners will change.  I’m intrigued.

Luger and Animal start it off.  Luger gets a good power slam but fails to cover, simply letting Animal stand right back up.  Luger sends Animal to the ropes and ducks down, then tries to leap frog and Animal clotheslines Lex in the gut.  I don’t know if that was supposed to happen.  Animal hits a slam and a shoulder tackle before sending Lex to the ropes again and getting a double axe handle and a vertical suplex, which Animal no-sells and dropkicks Luger.  Animal tags out to Booker T, who takes control of the match.  Booker hits most of his key moves and goes for the cover but Hawk breaks it up.  This causes Hawk and Luger to start shoving each other, which brings in Booker and Animal.  Animal and Hawk start double teaming Luger, then everyone starts brawling out to the floor.  Nick Patrick calls for a double count out.

Winner: Double Count Out – Neither team advances

Match #2: Lethal Lottery – 1st Round – Public Enemy (Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge) VS “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan w/ Jimmy Hart & “Canadian Crippler” Chris Benoit

Looks like Public Enemy gets to wrestle as a team instead of being split up.  I remember liking Public Enemy as a teenager, but I’m honestly not a fan re-watching all of this.

Looks like despite the tension with Benoit and Sullivan at this point, they’re seemingly on the same page as they high five at the beginning of the match.  Benoit and Rocco Rock start off the match.  Benoit goes for a tilt-a-whirl slam out of a whip to the corner but Rock takes him over with a head scissors.  Thus far the pacing is off on this match and Rock and Benoit aren’t gelling.  Rock gets a hurracanrana on Benoit, goes for a stomp and falls the hell over, prompting Dusty to ask Bobby if he’s ever stomped a rock and fell over.  Rock goes for another hurracanrana but Benoit powerbombs him out of it.  He gets in some ground and pound and slaps Rock in the face before tagging out to Sullivan.  Sullivan takes Rock to the floor as Benoit gets into it with Johnny Grunge.  Sullivan starts beating Rocco with a chair but Rocco lays Sullivan on a table that’s conveniently placed at ringside.  Grunge holds down Sullivan and Rock goes for a dive but Benoit nails him with a clothesline.    Rock suplexes Benoit from the ring to the floor while Sullivan and Grunge are brawling.  Public Enemy stacks Benoit and Sullivan onto the table, with Sullivan on top.  As Public Enemy start getting ready for the “Big Poppa,” Sullivan is CLEARLY holding Benoit down on the table.  He moves when Public Enemy come crashing down, sending them into Benoit and through the table.  Sullivan starts saying his knee is messed up and gets Jimmy to help him hobble to the back.

Winners: Public Enemy – Advance to Round 2

So THIS is where the big feud really picks up steam.  Interesting.  I remember them hating each other, but never really remembered the reason why.

Match #3: Lethal Lottery – 1st Round – SGT. Craig “Pitbull” Pittman (w/ Teddy Long) & Scott Steiner VS The Booty Man (w/ The Booty Babe) & Rick Steiner

Of freaking course T’Lo is involved in a whole PPV built around impromptu tag team matches!  Lethal Lottery, playa!

Really, we couldn’t have left Booty Man wherever he’s been for the last few weeks?  Ugh.  Oh well, at least we get to see Kim!

“You’ve got four men that basically the fans respect and like and cheer for.” – Tony Schiavone.  Um, I’m not quite certain that’s true for two of the men in this match, Tony.

Booty Man and Pittman start the match off, making me yawn.  Let’s just get to the damn Steiners!  Booty Man and the Pitbull start off in a borefest involving some headlocks.  Pittman headbutts Booty Man in the stomach and tags out to Scott Steiner, who is quickly hiptossed and hit with the knee lift.  Steiner ain’t taking Booty Man’s shitty finish, though, and promptly Tiger Bombs him for his trouble before tagging back out to Pittman.  Booty Man tags out to Rick Steiner and he and Pittman start barking at each other.  Steiner hits a shoulder block and then that nasty looking catch suplex he does.  Pittman German Suplexes Rick, which is odd seeing a Steiner get suplexed.  Rick pays him back, though, with a nasty Steinerline that nearly decapitates Pittman.  Pittman falls back into his corner and tags Scott Steiner.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have Steiner VS Steiner on deck.

“You know what is going through Rick’s mind right now?  Who is this guy?” – Heenan

The Steiners lock up, Scott arm wrenches Rick and hits a nice fireman’s carry.  They lock up again and Rick gets a side headlock and a slam, taking Scott to the mat.  Rick Irish whips Scott and lays down but Scott doesn’t jump over him, he goes into a behind clutch and the two wrestle for a bit.  Scott back suplexes the living crap out of Rick, but Rick retaliates with a vicious Steinerline.  Rick is slow on the cover and Scott plays possum, rolling Rick up for a pin and 2.  Scott ties up for a full nelson, which Rick reverses and Dragon Suplexes Scott.  Rick goes up top for his bull dog but Scott runs up and side suplexes Rick to the mat.  Rick tags out to Booty Man, who charges Scott in the corner, but Scott moves and Booty Man hits the corner hard.  Scott tags out to Pittman, who is able to lock on the Code Red armbreaker.  Booty Man gets to Rick and Tags, though, and Rick gets a German Suplex onto Pittman for the win.

Winners: Rick Steiner & The Booty Man – Advance to Round 2

Match #4: Lethal Lottery – 1st Round – The Blue Bloods (Lord Steven Regal & Squire David Taylor) w/ Jeeves VS Hacksaw Jim Duggan & VK Wallstreet

Wow, I can’t care less about this match.  This was originally supposed to be Regal & the Belfast Bruiser teaming, which would have been interesting.  With it being the Blue Bloods now, though…there’s no reason to care about this match as it’s just a random tag team match.

Hacksaw tries to attack Regal with his 2×4 and Regal gives such a great reaction facially.  Regal’s facial features are so awesome and always have been.  I really wish Regal would have gotten a bigger shot through his career.

Random quick match stuff until Hacksaw tapes his fist and hits Dave Taylor for the win.

Winners: Hacksaw Jim Duggan & VK Wallstreet – Advance to Round 2

Match #5: Lethal Lotter – 1st Round – Dirty Dick Slater (w/ Col. Robert Parker) & Earl Robert Eaton (w/ Jeeves) VS “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright & Disco Inferno

Disco and Wright are a pretty ingenious tag team, not gonna lie.  Disco and Slater start the match off.  They wrestle around a bit until both men tag out.  Eaton and Wright is a much better match as we up the tempo.  Eaton allows Wright to fly around the ring and really lets the kid show off.  He tags out to Slater, though, who gets a punch to the gut and a swinging neckbreaker.  Man, I love the swinging neckbreaker.  One of my all time favorite moves.  Alex tags out to Disco who comes in cleaning house.

I just realized that Alex Wright is the only babyface in this whole match.  Odd.

While wright is occupied with Eaton, Slater nails Disco in the head with his cowboy boot behind the referee’s back for the win.

Winners: Dirty Dick Slater & Earl Robert Eaton

At the end of the matches, they play some generic music instead of the winner’s music.  It’s interesting.

Match #6: Lethal Lottery – 1st Round – Diamond Dallas Page & The Barbarian VS Hugh Morrus & Meng

DDP comes out to new music and with new gear.  Sadly, WWE Network must be more lawsuit conscious than WCW was as DDP’s ripoff version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” has been replaced.  Which sucks, as I LOVE DDP’s music.

Page & Morrus start off with DDP getting the upper hand with a side headlock.  Morrus sends Page to the ropes and hits a big shoulder tackle, sending Page to the floor.  Morrus dives over the top rope but Page moves and Morrus eats floor.  Page kicks, Morrus catches and spins him around but DDP catches him with a discus clothesline and tags to The Barbarian.  Morrus tags out to Meng and the Faces of Fear start going at it with each other with absolutely no hesitation.  Where we saw the Road Warriors join forces and the Steiners hesitate before locking up, the Faces of Fear just start beating the shit out of each other from the word go.  I like it.

Barbarian gets Meng down.  DDP enters the ring, Barbarian picks DDP up and slams him onto Meng.  It’s interesting to see those two have some teamwork AGAINST Barbarian’s normal partner.  Meng tags out to Morrus, who hits an elbow drop off the top.  He goes up for a second one but DDP crotches him on the top rope and Barbarian tosses him off the top rope to the mat for 2 before Meng breaks up the pin.  Meng slams Barbarian, setting him up for Morrus’s moonsault, the No Laughing Matter.  DDP breaks up the pin, keeping his team in the match.  Tony says this is one of the better tag team matches we’ve seen, which is right.  Meng hits a superkick to DDP, Barbarian takes out Morrus, and both men cover their opponents.  The referee counts 3, but he was counting Barbarian covering Hugh Morrus since DDP’s foot was under the ropes.

Winners: Diamond Dallas Page & The Barbarian – Advance to Round 2

Match #7 – Lethal Lottery – 1st Round – Big Bubba & Stevie Ray VS Fire and Ice (Scott Norton & Ice Train)

During Stevie Ray’s entrance, they cut to a white ginger dancing badly.  It was odd.

Big Bubba is now in the Dungeon of Doom for…some reason.  He’s dressed like a biker now.

Fire and Ice got paired as a normal team.  I figure it’s since they just debuted these guys and are wanting to get them over.  They always were over with me, especially after that match with the Steiners from a few weeks ago.

Norton and Stevie Ray start us off.  Norton gets a big clothesline and some big shoulders to the gut to Stevie Ray in the corner.  Stevie Ray tags to Bubba (or Big Bubber, according to Dusty), who controls Norton for a bit before tagging out to Ice Train.  Ice Train gets a slam and then jumps up and sits on Bubba’s chest.  Ice Train’s a big damn dude, so this looked painful.  Double clothesline and both men are down.

Ice Train tags out to Norton, who takes the match back over until Stevie Ray comes into the ring and starts beating on him.  Norton whips Bubba into Stevie Ray on the apron, then they double clothesline Bubba for the win.

Winners: Fire and Ice – Advance to Round 2

Match #8 – Lethal Lottery – 1st Round – Eddie Guerrero & “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson VS “Nature Boy” Ric Flair & “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Flair’s music plays, but no Flair.  Savage’s music plays and out comes Randy Savage.  After Savage’s entrance, they play Flair’s music again.  Anderson attacks Savage as Ric Flair comes running down the ramp.  Eddie pulls Anderson off of Randy but Flair is putting the boots to his partner.  Guerrero gets upset and goes after Flair.

Woman and Ms. Elizabeth begin to come down to ringside very sheepishly.


Eddie gets a few good moves in on Flair, but Flair gets the better of him.  Flair tags out to Randy but immediately starts beating on him.  He walks Eddie over to Anderson and makes him tag out and the two of them beat down on Savage.  Anderson takes the beating to Savage, hitting a great Spinebuster for a two count.  Savage tags out to Flair and Flair immediately chops Savage and starts kicking him.  Double A tags to Eddie, who gets Flair’s attention and puts a thumb in his eyes.  Eddie gets a tornado DDT and is cut off when Savage flies into the ring and attacks Flair.  Double A comes in and DDT’s Eddie, taking out HIS partner before he joins Flair in beating down Savage.  Flair crawls over and covers Guerrero for the win.

Winners: Ric Flair & Randy Savage – Advance to Round 2

After the match, they continue to beat down Savage.  Flair carries Liz over and she slaps Randy in the face before Arn DDT’s him onto the floor.  The Horsemen pose with the ladies and head to the back.

This match did a great job advancing this feud.  It was savage (no pun intended) in the way that the Horsemen dealt with Randy and I really liked the way it came off.

With that, we are finished the first round.  Tony tells us since the first match was thrown out, one team in the second round will get a bye.  Tony pitches a commercial for Great American Bash.  It’s a pretty funny commercial with the Steiners and Sting at a back yard barbeque.

We come back from that to Mean Gene and 3 Hooters girls.  They’re here to draw the second round.

“Believe me, sweetheart, I’m looking at your nametag.” – Mean Gene

Receiving the bye is Fire and Ice.  They will go directly to Battle Bowl.

Dick Slater and Robert Eaton will take on Hacksaw & VK Wallstreet.  Ugh.  Apparently Hacksaw is going to run a double header of matches I couldn’t care less about.

Match #9 – WCW Cruiserweight Championship – Brad Armstrong VS Dean Malenko (WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Damn, they got that belt off of Otani quickly, didn’t they!?

Malenko and Armstrong start off with a lot of cool mat wrestling.  Armstrong had a good look to him…he just has no personality other than being a decent wrestler.  I guess Road Dogg got all the charisma in that family.

A volley of attempted armdrags sends Dean Malenko out of the ring to the Lex Luger position.  Whereas Luger seems to be trolling or running away from the fight when he does it, though, you can tell that Dean is doing it deliberately to bring the match back down to his pace.  I like stuff like that; how you can see two wrestlers do the same thing and how their gimmick plays it off two different ways.

Unfortunatley the crowd just is not into this match.  It’s pretty much silent.  I think Mysterio shows up next month at the Great American Bash, so that will be when these Cruiserweight matches really start to get noticed.

Dean starts moving in on Armstrong’s knee, starting with a standing toe hold and then hanging Armstrong in the tree of woe and dropkicking the knee.  Armstrong gets a quick sunset flip for two, but Dean kicks out and immediately goes back to work on the knee.

Bobby asks Tony what time they go on the air tomorrow and Tony answers 7 PM and they go for 90 minutes.  I guess they’re going to get to two hours by increments.  An hour last week, 90 minutes this week, 2 hours next week.

Malenko goes for a Vader Bomb type of maneuver on to Armstrong’s knee but Armstrong gets his foot up and drives it into Malenko’s jaw.  The tide turns and Armstrong gets Dean locked in the Texas Cloverleaf, Dean’s finisher.  Dean gets out of it by getting to the ropes.  He comes back into the ring, takes Armstrong up top and hits the tossing gutbuster for the win.

Winner: Dean Malenko (still WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Glacier commercial!

We come back to Mean Gene and the Hooters girls.  Gene says that they’ve been changing their nametags to troll him…not that he was looking, mind you.  Gene draws the final four teams for Battle Bowl.

Public Enemy will take on Randy Savage and Ric Flair.  When Gene drew the name, he opens the envelope and says “Oh my goodness!” before saying “Ladies and Gentlemen, Public Enemy will take part in the event!”  Um…yeah, Gene, we know.  They won their match, so they move on.  Apparently Gene can’t be bothered to watch the product.

DDP and the Barbarian will take on The Booty Man and Rick Steiner.

Gene asks the ladies where they’re going after the show.  Hooters, of course.  To do what?  Drink beer and eat chicken wings.  Gene finishes off saying he can’t wait for the event to be over.  Wow, way to crap all over the PPV, Gene.

Match #10: Lethal Lottery – Round 2 – Dirty Dick Slater (w/ Col. Parker) & Earl Robert Eaton VS Hacksaw Jim Duggan & VK Wallstreet

My journalistic integrity wants me to sit here and do a play by play on this match.  My wrestling fan side wants me to ignore the match and just tell you who won.  Ugh…

Interesting wrinkle, the match starts off and Duggan and Wallstreet start brawling.  The other team just watches, but eventually they start trying to beat on their opponents.  Duggan and Wallstreet clear the ring and seemingly are on the same page, but then as Duggan is exiting the ring, Wallstreet boots him.  Eaton and Slater take over on Wallstreet at that point, but Wallstreet is eventually able to get the upper hand, sending Eaton out to ringside to get beat on by Duggan for a bit.  Wallstreet puts Eaton in an abdominal stretch and reaches out for the tag but Duggan refuses it.  Slater comes in to break up the ab stretch and Duggan finally tags in.

Duggan hits a terrible looking clothesline to Slater and Tony freaks the hell out.  “What competition!”  Really, Tony?  This match is not good.

Duggan hits a diving tag that you would imagine would be reserved for a Ricky Morton hot tag, but Wallstreet gets taken out after only getting off one punch.  Wallstreet backs Eaton into the corner and goes to punch him but twice Eaton moves and Wallstreet nails Duggan.  Duggan shoves back, Eaton grabs him in a schoolboy for the win.

Winners: Dirty Dick Slater & Earl Robert Eaton – Advance to Battle Bowl

Duggan and Wallstreet brawl after the match.

Match # 11: Lethal Lottery – Round 2 – Public Enemy VS “Macho Man” Randy Savage & “Nature Boy” Ric Flair w/ Woman & Ms. Elizabeth

Savage’s music plays yet no Savage. Flair’s music plays and out comes Flair and the ladies.  Liz starts tossing Randy’s money out into the crowd and out comes Randy.  He jumps Flair and is then besieged on by Security, policemen, the American Males and Sgt. Pittman.  Eddie Guerrero comes out to help them as well.

Why are the American Males dressed for a match?  Was there a dark match?  My normal place for results doesn’t show that there was one.

In the ring, the referee rings the bell for a count out.

Winners: Public Enemy – Advance to Battle Bowl

So, two full tag teams are now in Battle Bowl, where it’s every man for himself.

Match # 12: Lethal Lottery – Round 2 – Diamond Dallas Page & The Barbarian VS The Booty Man (w/ The Booty Babe) & Rick Steiner

Let’s see how far back into their history they can remember since DDP and Booty Man are in the ring with each other for the first time in a few months.  DDP starts off jawing with Kimberly and Dusty does call them “the exes.”  DDP starts off with Booty Man and, yes, they do remember to say that Booty Man was the guy who took him out of WCW.

I really hate typing “Booty Man.”

Anyway, he tags out to Steiner who gets a nice power slam on DDP for two.  Bobby asks if he hit a fireman’s carry or a backdrop there.  Dusty and Tony don’t really have an answer for him, which makes me shake my head at this announce team…especially since two of them were wrestlers.

DDP tags out to Barbarian.  Steiner gives him a German suplex and a stiff Steinerline.  Barbarian follows it with a powerbomb and a pin for two.

Apparently there’s also going to be a US Championship match tonight.  So, we’ve still got the Battle Bowl, the World Title match, the US title match.  15 matches on this PPV!?

Booty Man hits a High Knee on Barbarian but DDP breaks it up.  Booty Man follows it with an O’ Connor roll and DDP breaks it up again.  Barbarian pins for the win.

Winners: Diamond Dallas Page & The Barbarian – Advance to Battle Bowl

So, that sets our 8 man Battle Bowl up to be DDP, Barbarian, Scott Norton, Ice Train, Rocco Rock, Johnny Grunge, Earl Robert Eaton and Dirty Dick Slater.  Not exactly a start studded event for a potential shot at the WCW World Championship, is it?

Match #13: WCW United States Championship Match – Jushin Thunder Liger (w/ Sonny Onoo) VS Konnan (WCW United States Champion)

Tony starts the match off by saying that the WCW United States Champion is considered the #1 contender to the WCW World Heavyweight Championship…which is true.  However, this very rarely gets used.

Konnan has two X’s and  K on his head in hair while the rest of his hair is shaved.  Bobby makes a joke, saying he sees Konnan got his hair cut at K-Mart again.  Mike Tenay responds with “There’s an interesting story behind that.” Heenan immediately cuts him off with “I don’t care to hear it.”  That got me to genuinely laugh out loud.

I’m not entirely certain that the little patches of hair above Konnan’s ears are X’s…they may be K’s.  That means Konnan has KKK on his head.  Odd.

This match has been way more mat wrestling than I would have imagined.

Yep…they’re K’s…stay classy, Konnan.

Liger locks on a camel clutch while Tenay tells us that Liger is a huge Ric Flair fan and has recently put together his own Four Horsemen in Japan.  Bobby says that unlike Flair, who travels in a stretch limo, Liger’s Horsemen travel in a stretch rickshaw!

Liger and Konnan trade flurries of palm thrusts before Liger gets a big impact with a diving splash.  He sends Konnan out to the floor and dives out onto him, but Konnan meets him with a dropkick to the knee.

Back in the ring, Liger hits a fisherman’s buster for two.  Konnan gets a quick pin that the announcers all think gets 3, but doesn’t.  Konnan sets Liger up for what Tenay calls his finisher, the Power Drop, but Liger slides out and pins him for two.  Liger gets a Ligerbomb for two.  Liger goes for another splash but Konnan gets his feet up and gets Liger in the chin.  Konnan hits his finisher, which is a Black Tiger Bomb, for the win.

Winner: Konnan (still WCW United States Champion)

Tony pitches us to Mean Gene who calls out Ric Flair, Woman, Liz, and Arn Anderson.

Flair says that Randy Savage has been locked up tonight.  He says to celebrate, he’s throwing a combination pajama / lingerie party.  He then calls out Mongo, saying that he’s a great athlete, but he made the mistake of calling out Flair.  Mongo comes out and gets in Flair’s face.  Flair says last week he didn’t have The Enforcer, who has knocked over more football players on the way to the bathroom than Mongo has on the football field.  Flair says to get one of Mongo’s old teammates and to come after Flair and Double A.  Mongo asked if Flair said “anyone I want?”  Mongo says he figured this might happen tonight, so he has his first round draft choice here tonight.  He calls out Kevin Greene.

Flair says “I said retired players!”  Greene gets fired up and goes after Flair, but the heels bounce.  Mongo says he and Greene will take on the Horsemen anytime, anywhere.

Match # 14: Lethal Lottery – Final Round – Battle Bowl – Scott Norton, Ice Train, Dirty Dick Slater (w/ Col. Parker), Earl Robert Eaton, Rocco Rock, Johnny Grunge, Diamond Dallas Page, The Barbarian

“Did you ever think it would be these eight men?”  No, Tony, I damn sure didn’t.  Especially in a tournament that involved Lex Luger, Randy Savage and Ric Flair.  You would think ONE big name would make it in, but no, 8 low to mid-carders.  Dusty does save some grace for this match, though, by saying this will give someone who normally may not get a title match a shot.

Recapping Battle Royals is hard, so forgive me if I fall apart on trying to figure this thing out.

Barbarian gives DDP a big boot that sends him over the top and he touches the floor with one foot, causing Tony to yell that DDP should be eliminated.  They never said that this was a “two foot” rule, like the Royal Rumble, so maybe he has a point.  Anyway, the referee (who is Nick Patrick) doesn’t see it (shock!), so DDP remains in the match.

I’ll give this match one thing…there’s no way to figure out who is going to win it.  Unfortunately, that’s because there’s no one in this match that the fans should be able to see challenging for the World Championship.

Rocco Rock is eliminated first.  Dick Slater pulls off his boot and hits Eaton with it, eliminating him.  Col. Parker starts bothering Eaton, causing Eaton to pop him in the mouth for good measure.

Scott Norton is eliminated.  Ice Train goes on a power slam frenzy, hitting about three of them.

Somehow we’re down to four…I didn’t even notice Slater getting eliminated.

DDP hits a trifecta of Diamond Cutters on Barbarian, Johnny Grunge and Ice Train.  He pins both Grunge and Ice Train, eliminating them.  He pins Barbarian, but Barbarian kicks out.  Page yells at the ref, who shoves him away.  Barbarian goes on the offensive for a moment, culminating with him hitting a nasty looking tombstone piledriver on Page for two.  Barbarian puts DDP in a sleeper hold but Page kicks his leg back and nails Barbarian between the legs, breaking up the sleeper.  Barbarian gets a nice powerbomb for two.  Barbarian goes up top for a dive but Page moves at the last minute.  Diamond Cutter and the pin.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page – Lord of the Ring

Page is given an actual ring and will now apparently get a shot at the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.  I’m very interested to see when this will actually happen.

Tony kicks us off to Mean Gene who is backstage with The Giant and Jimmy Hart.  Gene lets us know that Jimmy Hart will be at ringside, handcuffed to Lex Luger.  Jimmy says they don’t have to do this and looks pretty freaked out.  Giant cuts a promo on Sting and then on DDP.

Match # 15:  WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sting w/ Lex Luger VS The Giant (WCW World Heavyweight Champion) w/ Jimmy Hart

The graphic on the screen at the entry way announces this as the United States Championship Match.  Good to know.

Sting starts off fast and hard, going for a clothesline but he simply bounces off of The Giant.  Giant shoves Sting away, who comes back with a sleeper hold that brings the fans to life.  Giant crashes back into the turnbuckle, shaking Sting off, but Sting fires back with clotheslines.  Giant no-sells them for a bit and Sting heads to the floor.

Sting kicks Giant in the gut and hits an enziguri, getting fired up, and goes to slam Giant, who simply falls backwards and crushes Sting under his weight.  Giant covers for two, then steps across Sting, putting his weight on his chest and then dropping a big elbow.

Giant is totally running this match.  Giant takes Sting out to the floor and sends him down the entry way.  Giant drags Sting over to a table to chokeslam him through it, but Luger lays Jimmy Hart on the table so that Giant doesn’t send Sting through it.  Giant catches Sting as he starts to come into the ring and clubs him in the chest.  Giant goes for a dropkick but Luger grabs Sting and pulls him out of the way.  Referee Randy Anderson goes to check on Sting but Sting throws a back elbow and nails Anderson, taking him out of the ring.  Back in the ring, Giant goes for a splash in the corner but Sting moves, hanging Giant in the corner on the top ropes.  Sting hits a Stinger Splash.  Luger and Hart climb up to the ring apron and Giant grabs Luger by the throat.  Sting hits three Stinger Splashes to no effect, finally wedging himself between the turnbuckle and The Giant and shoving him away with his feet.  Sting looks to be going for the Scorpion Deathlock when Jimmy Hart climbs to the top rope.  Sting goes to Stinger Splash Hart but Luger pulls him and he falls off the top, leaving Sting to hit the turnbuckle.  Sting staggers out of the corner and falls, headbutting Giant in the crotch on the way down.  Sting gets up, hits a splash from the top, and goes for the Scorpion again.  Jimmy Hart has his megaphone and Luger starts to try to wrestle it away from him.  He does, but the momentum cause him to hit Sting in the head with it.  Giant gets the chokeslam for three.

Winner: The Giant (still WCW World Heavyweight Champion)

Our announcers bicker over whether Luger meant to hit Sting with the megaphone or not.  They say the unexpected happened with DDP winning the Lord of the Ring.  Tony reminds us to watch Nitro tomorrow and sends us off the air.


With the exception of the title matches, honestly, this PPV was a bust.  There just wasn’t enough going on in the Lethal Lottery to keep my interest.  The Steiners wrestling was pretty good and the Flair/Savage stuff was good, but that was over in the first round, leaving us a second round and a Battle Bowl with second and third tier stars and it just didn’t come off as awesome as it could have.  That battle royal needed more stars in it, it’s as simple as that.  I’m anxious to see DDP’s push from here, though.  This is the time when I became a fan of him, so I’m excited to relive that.

Sting and Luger continue their stormy relationship, at least for a few more weeks, so that’s interesting.  We got the major start of the Benoit/Sullivan angle that’s going to lead us through the next few months, so that’s pretty cool.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things coming from this PPV that will be cool to watch.  However, when your main deal is this gimmick tourney…and it takes up 12 matches on something you expected people to pay $30 for…that’s a little rough.  This was not a good show.  They call UnCensored the worst WCW shows of the year…well, Slamboree thus far has taken that prize in 1996.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that wraps up this volume of Kick Out at Nitro.  This will be the last entry in the Volume 2 book when it comes out later this summer.  I picked this one because in 8 days (in 1996 time), WCW changes in a major way.  I want the summer of 1996 to be Volume 3, essentially.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride thus far and I hope you’re excited to see it continue as we get into the next few months.

Until next time!



KoaSuperBrawlIt’s February in WCW so that means it’s time for SuperBrawl!  SuperBrawl VI to be exact!  WCW comes to you live from St. Petersburg, FL, and it’s bringing two cage matches with it.  WWF’s In Your House PPV this month features a cage match, so it’s time for WCW to up the ante and bring the noise hard with two, featuring its two biggest stars, the Mega Powers.

The show opens with a rundown of the card.  We’ve got Savage vs Flair for the title.  We’ve got Hulk Hogan VS The Giant in a non-sanctioned match.  Sting & Luger take on Harlem Heat, with the Road Warriors getting the winner.  Johnny B Badd puts up the TV Title and The Diamond Doll against DDP, who’s putting up $6 million dollars.  We’re getting Konnan vs One Man Gang for the US title.  A street fight between Public Enemy and the Nasty Boys.  Finally, we’re getting a Respect Match between Brian Pillman and Kevin Sullivan.

Our announce booth tonight is the normal PPV line up of Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone and Dusty Rhodes.

If Flair wins tonight, he’ll be 13 time champion.  Does he get it tonight?  I seem to remember The Giant winning it from Flair, so I believe so, but we’ll see.

Match #1: Street Fight – Public Enemy vs The Nasty Boys.

There are two women randomly dancing at ringside during the Public Enemy entrance.

The match starts off with all four men brawling in the ring.  I don’t imagine we’ll see too many wrestling holds in this match.  Very quickly all four men end up at ringside.  Knobbs pairs off with Grunge while Saggs pairs off with Rocco Rock.  Rock runs to the back to get a chair only to be met with about seven chair shots from Saggs before getting his head slammed into the table.  Grunge ends up with the chair and starts teeing off on Saggs while Rock sets up the table at ringside before brawling with Knobbs.

Rock goes to splash Knobbs through the table but Knobbs throws him through the table instead.  He covers for two before Grunge breaks the pin up with a chair.

Saggs goes off to get a trash can to beat Grunge with.  As the other two brawl at ringside, Saggs gets a piledriver on Grunge onto the trashcan but only gets 2 when Grunge puts his foot on the ropes.  Up near the entrance, Knobbs suplexes Rock through another table.  It’s interesting that tables are Public Enemy’s deal but both of them have been put through tables tonight.  All four men end up near the entrance.  Rock beats Knobbs with a trash can lid while Grunge bulldogs Saggs into a chair.

The PE setup a table near a concrete wall and lay Knobbs on it.  Rocco Rock goes into the crowd an does his flip onto the table, but Knobbs gets up and Rock goes through the table hard to the concrete floor.  Knobbs covers for the win.

Winner: The Nasty Boys

The announcers kick us off to Mean Gene backstage.  Gene pitches the hotline and a rumor that 2 WWF “former champions” could be on their way to WCW.  He says it may even come as a surprise to the office in the “New York area.”  I can only imagine that he’s talking about Hall and Nash!

Gene introduces Konnan, telling us that he’s both the Mexican and the United States Champion.  In comes Konnan with the US Championship for some damn reason!  When did this happen?!  Looks like I have to go off to Wikipedia to find this out.  Konnan cuts a promo on One Man Gang.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen this version of Konnan that it seems really weird not seeing him in his gang style clothes.  Gene pitches us back to the ring for…

Match #2: Special Challenge Match – WCW Television Championship – Johnny B Badd (WCW TV Champion) w/ the Diamond Doll VS Diamond Dallas Page

This match, we’re told, will be the TV Championship and Kimberly up against the remainder of DDP’s money, which is $6,600,000.  I’m gonna go ahead and say it…DDP’s kind of an idiot.  That’s a LOT of money to put on an undercard match.

Kim is full of energy in this entrance.  She’s jumping, dancing, doing splits, etc.  We’re getting a quick glimpse of the Nitro Girls version of Kim I guess.

Apparently Kim won her fortune playing Bingo and DDP stole the money.  DDP comes out with a bouquet of roses.  His hair is also possibly the smallest I’ve ever seen it.  Page had pretty high hair back in the day, but this is laying down pretty low.  Page tries to talk to Kim and give her the flowers but she’s having none of it.  Johnny B Badd, our babyface, jumps DDP from behind.  Tony tells us that Johnny is angry and disgusted with Page, though, so I guess stuff is playing out on Saturday Night that I wasn’t familiar with.  Man, I really wish I had access to Saturday Night.  I don’t think I’d do full write-ups on it because, hell, that’s a lot of wrestling and I’ve got more than my share of work cut out for me in the next few years when we get to 2 and 3 hour Nitros and 2 hours of Thunder, so I don’t need more to write about…but still, I’d like to watch it to keep up with this stuff.

I really wish there had been a follow up to that Johnny B Badd / Eddie Guerrero match from Nitro a few months ago.

Johnny and DDP put together a really good damn match, honestly.  This is the year that Page really gets hot and I’m really anxious to see it play out.

DDP hits a big gut buster and calls for Kimberly to give him the “10” sign.  She isn’t going to, though, and tells the camera as much.  DDP jaw jacks with Kim a few more times.  Johnny B Badd goes for a sunset flip but Page doesn’t go down for the pin.  He tries again and still nogo.  Finally, JBB gets the pin but Page kicks out at 2.  Off an Irish whip, Johnny goes for a hip toss but DDP reverses it into a nice DDT.  He yells for Kim to give him the 10 again instead of going for the pin.  He backs up and falls over JBB, who rolls him up for 2.

Page gets a side headlock on JBB and keeps using the ropes for leverage.  Kim yells for the ref to check it each time JBB goes for the ropes but DDP always gets away with it.  Heenan comments that Kim is going to take the money and leave both men…then he stops talking for a moment and says “She’s going to have $6 million dollars and won’t have a man…” and starts getting excited about trying to be her new man.

Konnan apparently won the WCW US Championship on 1/29 on Main Event, which was the Saturday morning syndication show I believe.

Johnny makes his comeback and starts really taking it to Page but he just can’t get the 3 count.  He hits a sunset flip from the top and then a big sit-out powerbomb, getting a 2 on both.  Johnny is getting frustrated.  Page gets a big flapjack off of an Irish whip and gets 2, getting frustrated himself.  DDP puts on a sleeper hold.  Johnny’s arms drop twice and on the third one he grabs Page’s head and drops him down in a jaw breaker.  JBB puts on his own sleeper hold but Johnny gets to the ropes and breaks it up.  DDP goes for another flapjack but JBB reverses it into a tombstone piledriver for the win.

Winner: Johnny B Badd, still WCW Television Champion.  Kimberly wins $6,600,000

I just noticed the giant check that represents DDP’s money is made out to Cash.  That cracked me up.

The announcers kick us backstage to Mean Gene and Harlem Heat.  Harlem Heat cut a promo on Sting & Luger, saying that Luger pulled grand larceny and they stole the titles.  Tonight, they’ll get them back, yadda yadda yadda, can you dig that, sucka!?  Gene says that if they win, they’ll have to take on the Road Warriors.  Booker T says this is 1996, not 1976.

Heenan says that you have to go with the Road Warriors tonight since they’ll be fresh and either team they face will have already had a match.

Match #3: WCW World Tag Team Championship – Harlem Heat vs Sting & Lex Luger (WCW Tag Team Champs)

Sting comes out very determined.  He holds the title up but he doesn’t look happy.  Luger, behind him, is all smiles.  I think that helps put over their run as tag champs.  Sting is mad about how Luger keeps winning these matches, but Luger is happy with it and happy to be champion.  The two of them really don’t even look at each other.  Sting starts off in the ring and Luger spends his customary few moments on the floor.  Sting looks to be unhappy with that, though, and calls for Luger to get up on the apron.

The two teams are in different corners than they normally are.  Think about it…tag teams are almost always in the top left corner and the bottom right corner.  In this match, Luger and Sting are in the bottom left and Harlem Heat are in the top right.  It’s a little odd, honestly, since it’s so against what I’m used to.

Apparently during the pre-show Loch Ness debuted for the Dungeon of Doom.

Luger tags in, gets hit hard and gets sent to the floor where Sting starts giving him crap.  Luger climbs in, tags out and Sting shakes his head, giving Luger a disgusted sort of look.  They’re really playing up this dissention between the two men very well.  Sting comes in and cleans house a bit, eventually hitting his face buster bulldog and tagging out to Luger after “whooooooo-ing” and seeming a bit more like himself.  Luger comes in and puts the pressure to Booker T, looking a little more like he’s on the same pages as Sting now.  He goes for a big jumping elbow drop but Booker moves, letting Luger eat canvas.  Booker goes for a jumping elbow drop but Luger moves.  Booker T does the spinaroonie the way I like it…as a transition back to standing, not as a damn taunt…and gets Luger with a big side kick before tagging out to Stevie Ray.  Harlem Heat spend the next few moments taking it to Luger.

Tony tells us that we will have two more matches before the Road Warriors get their shot at the winners.

Speaking of The Road Warriors, while Sting is knocked outside and Stevie Ray has Luger up for a big move, out come the Road Warriors.  They nail Luger with the weight that he hit them with the other night, causing Luger to fall back on Stevie Ray for the win.

Winners: Sting & Lex Luger (still WCW Tag Team Champions)

Sting is pretty happy despite winning the match in a crappy way.  I guess that the Road Warriors interfering aren’t really Luger’s problem, so there’s no reason for Sting to be that unhappy.  Luger says he held up his end and Sting says he’s on the program so now everything’s cool.

Match #4: WCW United States Championship Match – One Man Gang VS Konnan (WCW US Champ)

The US Championship has to be one of the worst booked titles in WCW right now.  We’ve had two off-TV title changes since October.  We’ve had a title change hands on WCW Main Event with no fanfare.  From what I remember of the runs, though, I think it becomes a little more high profile going forwards, but still…this is WCW’s second highest ranking singles title and it’s being booked like absolute garbage.

One Man Gang starts off with a cheap shot to Konnan while his back is turned and then goes off into a beat down of Konnan.  Konnan finally gets some momentum, though, hitting Gang with some fast moves and eventually getting him with a cross body block through the ropes that sends them awkwardly out onto the steel steps and to the floor.  Konnan follows up with a dive from the apron before they head back into the ring.

Once back in the ring, One Man Gang pretty much runs the show.  Of course, running the show means bringing the match to a damn crawl, which is bad.

Konnan looks to have a small square patch of hair on the very back of his head.  It looks weird.  Did he just miss that spot?

Randomly the camera cuts to Steve Grissom, the driver of the WCW car in NASCAR’s Busch Grand National circuit.  I remember looking all summer for the Racing Champions die cast WCW car.  I even had a WCW Racing license plate…two years before I could drive.  I just figured I would keep it until I could put it on my car.  I was an odd kid.

Konnan fires back with punches and then goes up top for a terrible looking hurricanrana.  He flipped over the top rope, barely got Gang with his legs and then awkwardly flips him over.  Gang comes back and hits the 747, his big splash but he pulls Konnan up at 2 instead of going for the win.  Gang goes up to the second rope for a splash but Konnan rolls out of the way…before Gang jumps…but Gang still does anyway.  Konnan goes up top and hits another jumping senton for the win.

Winner: Konnan (still WCW United States Champion)

This match was bad.  It was awkward.  It didn’t flow well.  Ugh.

We go backstage with Mean Gene, who again pitches the Hotline and tells us about the two WWF guys coming to WCW.  He also tells us that there’s a toilet leaking on the 2nd floor and every time someone flushes there is a leak behind him.  That’s gross, Gene.  He calls in the Road Warriors, who cut a promo on Sting & Luger.  Hawk didn’t say “Welllllllll” so I am disappointed.

Match #5: Respect Match – “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan w/ Jimmy Hart VS Brian Pillman

Pillman makes a beeline to the ring, strap already in his hand.  He and Sullivan mix it up the moment Pillman gets into the ring.  Between this and last week, these two are amazing at selling how much they hate each other.  It’s pretty awesome.

Sullivan hits Pillman hard in the jaw and it looks like Pillman gets rocked.  He runs over to the referee, grabs a microphone and says “I respect you…booker man.”  He smiles and then leaves the ring.  Sullivan looks confused as all hell.  The referee begins to unwrap the leather strap that the two are supposed to be tied together with, but Pillman is long gone.

Arn Anderson comes out in a pair of red khaki shorts and a long sleeved shirt.  It’s a very weird combination.  Anderson looks to be wanting to talk to Sullivan, but Sullivan hits him with the strap.  Anderson looks pissed now and pulls off his shirt.  He grabs the second side of the leather strap and commences to beating Sullivan on the back with the strap. He beats Sullivan down pretty well, but Sullivan pulls this interesting move where he escapes through Anderson’s legs, leaving Arn straddling the strap.  He jerks it hard, pulling it into Anderson’s crotch.  It was an interesting move.  Anderson retaliates by simply stomping Sullivan in the junk.  He grabs the mic and it sounds like he wants to say “you say it, you son of a bitch,” but he kind of stops at the last part and it just comes across as random mumbles.

Anderson throws Sullivan over the top ropes and hangs him with the strap.  Sullivan refuses to say he quits, though.

Out comes Flair.  Hart is running with him…and Hart came out with Anderson…I guess Hart is trying to play peace maker.  Flair jumps in the ring and tries to make peace.  He says everyone needs to get together and kick Hogan and Savage’s butts.  The crowd starts giving Naitch crap and he says “if I want to talk to you, I’ll take your wife home and make a woman out of her!”  I love Flair!  Flair says tonight he’s taking the belt AND Liz!  Anderson and Sullivan take off their straps so it seems like Flair’s made peace.  Anderson says to get what he wants, which is Hogan and Savage, he’ll get in the bed with the Devil himself.

I’m very interested to listen to Sullivan’s podcast about SuperBrawl and find out what was up with this match.  They pulled it off nicely, but you can tell it was definitely not supposed to go that way.  I wonder how much longer Pillman has left in WCW at this point.

We go backstage again to Mean Gene with Jimmy Hart and The Giant.  Man, Hart must be run ragged over the last five minutes.  They cut a promo on Hogan.  I know he’s only been in wrestling for about six months at this point, but damn, Giant’s promos are terrible.  I think it’s the yelling and the random crazy stuff he’s saying.  They’re completely forgettable.  Jimmy says that after tonight there’s no more B-grade movies, no more Thunder in Paradise, and no more Hogan in WCW!  Gene starts to wrap up everything and The Giant makes his way back out but we pitch back to…

Match #6: WCW Tag Team Championship Match – The Road Warriors VS Sting & Lex Luger (WCW Tag Team Champs)

Although last match it seemed like they were on the same page, Sting comes out way ahead of Luger again.  Sting usually stops and waits on Luger and they walk together, but in both matches tonight he’s made it to the ring well before Luger.  A lot of it seems to be Luger wanting nothing to do with the Warriors.  They jump out of the ring and start heading towards Luger, who backs up and makes it all the way back to the entrance before Sting runs out and talks him into heading back toward the ring.

This run is quite possibly Luger’s best run.  He’s playing this character so well.  You can tell he’s loyal to Sting…but he’s still playing that chicken heel.  He’s terrified of the Road Warriors and it shows.  Really cool character development.

Luger still refuses to get into the ring, though, for a few more minutes, causing Sting to come out to the floor and try to convince him again.  I wish I had a stop watch to calculate how much time Luger has spent on the floor since he arrived in WCW versus the amount of time in the ring.  That’s how in depth I wish I was going into this.  Maybe some other time.  I am trying to become the world’s foremost WCW expert, so stuff like this is stuff I need to know!  The Road Warriors try to go out after Luger again and Luger bolts back up the entry way.  Sting’s starting to really show his frustration.

The bell rings and Luger finally climbs up onto the apron.  Sting starts the match off and is pretty much taken down by Hawk from the start, including being locked in a version of the Regal Stretch.  It was kind of weird seeing one of the Road Warriors with a submission hold on.  Hawk tags out to Animal, who comes in and wears Sting down with an arm bar.  The commentators mention that they think that when Luger finally makes it into the match, they’ll be less liberal with the wrestling holds and be a bit more mean.

Sting reverses the hold and tags out to Luger, which immediately fires up the Warriors.  Luger gets into the ring but is really apprehensive to lock up until he kicks Animal in the gut and starts beating him down.  It doesn’t last long, though, as Animal retaliates, ending with a big power slam.

Animal takes Luger out to the floor and sends him hard into the guard rail.  Sting comes out and helps Luger back into the ring.  Luger gets some fire in him and starts taking it to Hawk pretty hard, getting a big clothesline for a two count before tagging out to Sting.  Sting hits a big clothesline, knocking Animal down, then staggering into the ropes and falling forward, head-butting Animal between the legs inadvertently.  The moment that Animal is down, Luger wants in.  Sting tags out and Luger starts taking it to Animal hard before tagging out again to Sting.  Sting hits his face buster bulldog and goes up top for a splash but Animal gets the legs up and Sting takes two knees to the gut.  Both men tag out and Hawk catches Luger as he’s coming into the ring, sending him to the ropes with an Irish whip and hitting a massive shoulder block.  He leg drops Luger and pins him with his leg for a 2 count.  Hawk puts Luger in a sleeper but Luger drops him with a jawbreaker and both teams tag out.

Sting sends Animal to the corner and hits a big Stinger Splash, locking on the Scorpion Deathlock but Hawk breaks it up with a giant clothesline.

The match goes back and forth for a bit more until Animal has Sting in a reverse chin lock.  Luger comes in and just starts beating Animal down.  Sting and Animal start no-selling each other’s moves until Hawk makes his way into the ring and they double team Sting.  The two teams separate and make it to the floor, with Animal beating Luger down and Hawk fighting Sting.  The two teams keep beating each other on the floor until they are counted out.

Decision: Double Count out – Sting and Luger still WCW Tag Team Champs

All four men brawl all the way back to the backstage area as we get sent once again to Mean Gene who is with Ric Flair and Woman.  Woman tells us that what Woman wants, Woman gets.  Flair says that none of Hogan’s plans have been working.  They tried to separate Anderson and Sullivan but Flair didn’t let them.  Flair says that Savage is telling Liz “tonight I’m going to bleed…I’m going to sweat…and Flair might take you home!”  Woman is looking good!  14 year old Shane was dumb.  Gene asks if Flair wins if there will be a little ride on Space Mountain.  Flair says it’ll be interesting…he’ll have Woman on his left, Liz on his right, but he won’t tell us who he’ll be with tonight!  Whoooooo!

The announcers start building up the match and the crowd starts going nuts.  The cage starts lowering, so I guess that was what got them all riled up.  Tony pitches Uncensored, the March PPV, and we get a commercial for it.  It’ll be coming our way on March 24th.  That’s a lot of Nitro between now and then, truthfully.  I like those long build ups to PPVs.  Of course, I remember what the main event of the next PPV is, so….ugh.

We go back to Gene who is standing with Liz.  Liz looks a little worried.  Gene starts talking to her but Savage busts in and starts telling us that the match is going to be “complete mental insanity.”  Savage says they’ve united the forces and it’s infinity and beyond!  “The Mega Powers…we are cool!”  Thanks, Randy.  Savage says “what it is what it is, and I’m the WCW World Heavyweight Champion and I’m going to go beat up Ric Flair!”  He grabs Liz and heads out off-screen.  Gene kicks us back to the announcers.

Heenan is turned around facing the opposite direction and doesn’t turn around until Tony pokes him a few times.  When Heenan does turn around he looks like Tony bothered him.  Heenan is so good.  It’s just sad no one can play off of him the way they should be able to.  Heenan says that there is a top on the cage.  I didn’t know that they were going to do that.  Interesting.

Match #7 – WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match – “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair w/ Woman VS “Macho Man” Randy Savage (WCW World Champ) w/ Ms. Elizabeth

Again…a WCW Championship match…and Hogan’s in the main event!  Seriously!  They’ve been building to this match for a good while, and the Giant/Hogan stuff has seemed like an afterthought…yet it gets top billing and a title match again fails to go on last.  WCW is really starting to frustrate me with this garbage.

Freaking Hogan.

I seriously didn’t expect to be the one raging on Hogan as much as I have over the last two months.  Of course, I guess I’m just picking up where Derick normally would.

There’s no top on this cage.  I feel let down.

Savage just throws colors together like it’s nobody’s business.  He’s in this really cool blue and yellow jacket and hat, but his pants are a mix between blue and yellow and rainbow and yellow.

Flair doesn’t get into the ring.  He calls for the mic and tells Liz that before he gets in there and hurts Savage really bad, he’ll give her one more chance to walk over there and kiss a real man.  Liz refuses and Flair finally makes his way into the ring.  Tony reminds us that Flair and Savage have been against each other here in WCW ever since Flair beat up Angelo Poffo, Savage’s father.  Flair gets into the ring and Savage immediately starts beating Flair down.  Flair takes over soon, though, gaining the upper hand.  Flair runs Savage into the cage and knocks him down, drawing the ire of referee Randy Eller.  Flair punches him in the face, knocking him down, and then stomping him in the head for good measure.  Flair is caught in a backslide but there’s no referee there to count the pin so Flair easily escapes and takes the match back over.

Flair goes up top and Savage regains his wits and tosses him from the top rope to the middle of the ring and puts Ric Flair in the Figure 4!  This causes Woman to start screaming at Flair very loudly!  Flair attempts to roll the move over but fails, getting a 2 count with his shoulders on the mat.  Flair makes it to the ropes and grabs the bottom one but Anderson starts kicking the hand away from the rope since the rope doesn’t break the hold in this match.  Savage breaks the hold and he and Flair slug it out for a moment, with Savage getting the better and going for a pin, getting a 2 count.  He slams Flair and goes up to the top of the cage, presumably for the diving elbow.  Flair gets up so Savage jumps off for a double axe handle but Flair hits him in the gut on the way down, taking him out.  Flair lifts him for a vertical suplex, holding him for a long time before dropping him.  The moment they hit the mat, Flair clutches his knee and sells the Figure 4. He goes for a pin and gets 2, so he repeats the pin three more times, getting a 2 count each time.  Flair runs Savage into the cage and Savage just crumples on the top rope, laying there wedged between it and the cage.  It was a cool way to sell it and really put it over as a brutal shot.  Flair puts on his own Figure 4 now, grabbing the second rope for leverage, which is absolutely legal in this match.

The referee starts pulling Flair off of Savage for no reason.  He even at one point grabs Flair’s hair and starts pulling.  There’s no legit reason to break the hold except for potentially being pissed off that Flair decked him earlier.  Savage now has an opening to fight back a bit and he rams Flair’s head into the cage a few times, then scraping Flair’s head against the cage for good measure.  Woman is now screaming even louder.  She’s not really even saying anything…she’s just making wailing noises.  Savage slams Flair’s head into the cage two more times and now Flair is busted open.  You knew there wasn’t going to be a Flair cage match without the red showing up.  Flair tries to go up top and Savage basically pulls Flair’s trunks all the way down, showing his whole ass before dragging Flair back down to the mat.  Savage covers and gets 2 but the bell rings like the match is over.  The referee makes certain to show that it was only two and the match continues with Flair in control now.  He tries to go up top again and Savage grabs the trunks again and makes sure both sides of the arena get to see Flair’s ass.  Savage takes some time slamming Flair’s head into the cage so that he can’t pull his trunks up before they both tumble to the mat.

Savage starts slamming Flairs head into the cage and the door to the cage opens up.  It looks like this would be a great time for some interference from Arn Anderson or Pillman or someone, but no, the referee just latches it back up.  The hard camera stays zoomed out for a good while, though, in a bad view.  Woman tries to throw powder into Savage’s eyes, but he ducks out of the way.  Liz takes off her shoe and hands it into the cage to Flair.  Savage rolls Flair up but he gets out of it, but Flair then slams the heel of the shoe into Savage’s face and covers for the win.

Winner: Ric Flair, new WCW World Heavyweight Champion for the 13th time!

Liz is celebrating with Woman and out comes Arn Anderson into the ring to celebrate with Flair.  Out comes Hulk Hogan with a chair.  He chases Liz away before making his way into the ring and slamming Arn in the back with the chair.  Flair, Arn and the women make their way to the back while Hogan is there attending to Savage.  The announcers recap the end of the match while Doug Dillinger, Hogan and the referee help Savage to the back.

In the back, Mean Gene is joined by Hulk Hogan.  Hogan has his eye covered by a patch and he’s cutting a promo about Liz and how he never saw this coming and doesn’t know where it came from.  Hogan says a week ago Liz’s shoe came off pretty darn easy when Flair jabbed Hogan himself in the eye.  Hogan wraps up and we Gene kicks us off to Michael Buffer for the entrances of…

Match #8: Unsanctioned Cage Match – The Giant w/ Kevin Sullivan & Jimmy Hart VS Hulk Hogan

“His wrestling skills place him among the all-time greats in professional wrestling…”  That hurts, Buffer…that hurts.  He also announced The Giant as “the man who literally came back from the dead last October,” which confirms that Hogan did commit murder at Halloween Havoc.

With this being an unsanctioned match, the referee will be on the floor and the way to win will be to escape the cage, which is interesting since WCW really never did escape cage matches.  I wonder if this is Hogan wanting to make the match more WWF-like since that was more their thing.  The match starts and it’s punches and kicks, so I don’t expect to be calling many wrestling moves in this match.  Hogan has his fists taped up, which is actually a nice touch.  I like it when wresters do things a little differently for no-holds-barred matches or street fights.  Hogan hits a trifecta of heel moves as he bites The Giant, chokes him with his shirt and then rakes him in the eyes.  Man, we should have seen this heel turn coming.  He really didn’t have to even change his wrestling style much as Hollywood, did he?

The Giant beats down Hogan until he tries to go for a big jumping elbow drop and Hogan is able to get out of the way.  He asks the crowd if he should try to press slam him…which is silly.  Hogan is never going to press slam The Giant.  He tries to body slam him (which is NOT a press slam) but Giant is too big and falls backwards onto him for a two count.  Giant takes over again after this, slamming Hogan’s head into the cage a few times while Sullivan instructs from the floor.

Giant tries to leave the cage through the door, AKA the lamest way to win a cage match ever, but Hogan is able to keep him from going out of it.  Giant picks Hogan up and gives him a big backbreaker, though.  It looks like the cage shots have busted Hogan open as well.

Giant locks Hogan up in a bear hug and holds it for a few minutes in the middle of the ring.  Hogan starts drawing from the chants of the fans and starts firing back up, punching Giant in the head until he gets out of the bear hug.  He tries to hit a clothesline and is met with a kick to the gut and an elbow to the back of the head for his trouble.  Giant hits Hogan with a mediocre choke slam which Hogan no-sells and Hulks up.  Hogan slams Giant into the cage over and over, busting him open.  He jabs Giant in the throat, sends him to the ropes, big boot and he calls for the press slam again.  He rakes the eyes and hits a BIG scoop slam.  Leg drop, leg drop, leg drop and Hogan goes to escape the cage by climbing over but Giant no-sells the crap out of the leg drops and sits up like he’s the Undertaker.  Hogan and Giant brawl on the ropes, chopping each other repeatedly.  Hogan punches The Giant, who falls to the ring, and he climbs over the top of the cage for the win.

Winner: Hulk Hogan

Immediately after hitting the floor, Hogan is hit in the back with a chair by Sullivan.  Of course, after this grueling match, Hogan just no-sells it and chases Sullivan into the cage where he’s now outnumbered as Giant is still in there.  Out comes Meng and the Barbarian, Hugh Morrus, Shark, Zodiac, One Man Gang…everyone is in the ring and they’re all eating chair shots as Hogan systematically takes out the Dungeon of Doom by himself.  Hogan slams them into the cage, slams their heads into each other, and eight giant men all cower in fear of Hulk Hogan.  Dear Lord, this is terrible.  Out comes the Loch Ness Monster, which is just a really heavy man, nothing special to him, and he attempts to get into the cage but the entire Dungeon of Doom holds him back, which I don’t understand.  Hogan’s music plays and he celebrates being the most powerful man in WCW, taking out an entire 9 man heel faction by himself.

Now, I know that I’m going to mark out in about a year and a half when Sting does the exact same thing…but still!

Tony pitches Nitro to us, telling us we’ll see Devon Storm, hear from Steve Grissom, and hopefully find out what the deal is with Elizabeth as we go off the air.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I hate to be THAT guy.  Especially since Derick is usually THAT guy.  However, this Hogan stuff is killing me.  Main eventing shows that he has no reason to be main eventing.  Going on last in on PPV when there is a title match.  Going on last on Nitro when there are title matches.  The title not going on last always pisses me off in any setting except for the Royal Rumble, and I’m still not entirely sure about that, honestly, so seeing a good solid two months of Hogan headline shows in matches that mean nothing…absolutely nothing…when there are World Title matches on the same card really upsets me.  If I recall, Uncensored is the end of this Hogan/Savage VS the Dungeon of Doom nonsense and it can’t come soon enough.  I’m not even certain what Hogan needs Savage for at this point, honestly, since he was able to take out every single member, at once, singlehandedly.

Man, I cannot wait for July when I can start hating Hogan and it be reflected from the crowd as well.  At least at that point the story will be fresh and it won’t be Hogan VS random heels all the time.  He’ll be wrestling the top babyfaces which should be exciting.  It’s going to be a rough road getting there if this stuff continues, though.

All in all a good show.  I liked the tag matches and I think that Luger really stuck out as doing great in those.  The Pillman/Sullivan match got off to such an amazing start and then took a turn into Odd-ville, but I know there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that goes along with that.  DDP losing his money should start the broke DDP angle that I remember, which will lead to him getting his money back from a “mysterious benefactor” and starting on a roll with the Diamond Cutter come about May, I believe.  I’ve been waiting on this angle ever since he lost Kimberly a few months back.  Elizabeth turning on Savage was pretty big stuff, though, and I’m always happy when Naitch is champion, so we’ve got that going for us.  I’m ready to head into the rest of February and into March…I’m just not that excited for Uncensored, which is generally WCW’s weakest PPV of the year.

Join me here tomorrow, folks, as we continue the journey with WCW Monday Nitro.  It’s nice to be caught up again and hopefully I can stay this way for the foreseeable future.  I’m looking into recruiting some new blood to help along with these write-ups so I’m excited to hopefully bring you a few new voices into this WCW foray soon.  Until next time!