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WCW Magazine – Issue 19 – September 1996


Pinups include:

Big Bubba CCF03132016.pdf Sting Centerfold

WCW Magazine – Issue 18 – August 1996

Posted: September 7, 2015 by Kick Out At 2! in Kick Out At Nitro, WCW Magazine

WCW Magazine - Issue 18 - August 1996-1Hello, WCW fans!  To celebrate one year of our giant project entitled Kick Out at Nitro, I have decided to start trying to acquire and upload WCW Magazine.  When I was watching one of the most recent episodes that I’ve reviewed, I noticed that the magazine being advertised was Issue 18, the first wrestling magazine I ever purchased.  I remember buying it at Wades one hot summer day and it started a huge collection that, unfortunately, I do not have anymore.  I’ve been on the lookout for issues, however, and I believe I’ve found a few sources to start procuring these from, so when I get one, I’ll scan it and put it up.  They’ll be in PDF format and I’ll post the pin-ups as JPEGS in case anyone wants to print.

Happy Anniversary Ko@Nitro!

WCW Magazine – Issue 18 – August 1996




WCW Magazine - Issue 18 - August 1996-2 WCW Magazine - Issue 18 - August 1996-51 Flair