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Posted: April 21, 2016 by Kick Out At 2! in Derick B

People and journalists who have an opinion and express it about a subject they know little to none about piss me the hell off:
Former professional wrestler Chyna (real name Joanie Laurer) passed away a couple hours ago. It’s sad for a couple of reasons. 1) Any time a life is lost, obviously it’s sad. Whether you know the person, or saw them on TV during the best time in wrestling, you make an emotional connection. And it hurts. 2) Her life after being in the WWE could either make for one hell of a movie, or a book on “how to distance yourself from the best thing you’ve ever done”. The last few years of her life were a veritable roller coaster of good to horrific, and it seemed to ultimately take its toll. 3) She genuinely paved the way for a lot of what you see today in the women’s division. From the wrestling, to the look (minus the physique), she stood out in the women’s division in a heavily populated time in the Attitude Era. 

But this is what gets me. I see post after post about how “Now WWE wants to acknowledge Chyna and her legacy after that basically blacklisted her for years!! Fuck you WWE, you guys are hypocrites”. What these morons apparently don’t understand is that the WWE is a publicly traded company on Wall Street that caters to anyone of any age. And that’s especially including children. Let’s say WWE put Chyna in the Hall of fame this year. A little girl, any kid basically, gets curious and wants to either find her Wikipedia page or wants to find out more information in general. They fire up the family laptop or anything with internet access and search for “WWE Chyna”. I guarantee you on the first page of the results would be a link to pornography. Now, the was a choice that she decided to do AFTER her time with the WWE. I’m sure she weighed the pros and cons of this decision and the rest is history. However, the link can be made between the WWE and porn pretty easily. Now, the kid is probably scarred for life, the parents feel like crap because they didn’t know and inadvertently allowed it to happen and parents are grabbing pitchforks and picket signs to Damn the WWE off the planet. 

Would you want that with your company? Nah, me neither. So please all you “smart journalists” and “internet cool peoples”, shut your fucking mouths. You instantly lose credibility when you report only what makes you look good. 

Sad Champ has spoken..

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