Kick Out at Nitro! 7/1/1996 – “Attica! Attica!”

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KoaNitro copyWelcome back WCW fans!  We’re here for another week of WCW Monday Nitro, coming to us from Landover, Maryland!  Taking the reigns of Nitro this week is Phillip!

Open of show, Zbyszko and Schiavone, talking about the takeover.

DDP is pissed because someone snaked his ring. No one can beat him, so they are going to steal it.

Flashback to The Outsiders showing up during the tag team championship match. Zbyszko calling The Outsiders cowards, and talks about the upcoming “New World Order”, interesting to look back at a time where this wasn’t 100 percent a part of the lexicon of every wrestling fan.

Match #1: WCW World Tag Team Championship: The Steiner Brothers VS Harlem Heat (WCW World Tag Team Champions)

Steiner looks like the man who later become Big Poppa Pump, juiced to the gills! Harlem Heat, which is a real staple of this era, and possibly one of my favorite tag teams of all time. I really liked the dynamic; it’s interesting that you have a big and bigger man tag team. But damn is Booker athletic.

Good action to open up this tag match. Some pacing to set up the break, this is a thing that is really common now, but I think was fairly new for this time in Nitro, the commercial break during a match.

Steiners are running this with counts, but this match is not the potential of these two teams, a really transparent double axe handle. We have a lot of action outside the ring, there is a lot of focus on the nWo and Rob Parker outside the ring, but the action in the ring is still moving. Zbyszko calls out a “slow count”.  Really pretty belly to belly off the top. Side slam, a really big guy off the top, it looked really good, way to go Booker T, and a really stiff double clothesline. Frankensteiner, this one looked pretty good, but Scott Steiner took a back of a head to the apron.  Bulldog from Ricky, Parker interferes, and smacks Ricky with a walking stick.

Winners: Harlem Heat

Mean Gene talking to the Horsemen, selling this 8 man tag that’s main eventing this Nitro. I have to say that seeing Benoit in Horsemen gear, and this opening up of the Wolverine is really exciting for me. “Silent but Violent,” he was one of my favorites around this time, he represents the archetype that I generally fall for.

Glacier promo, this guy was hyped to death around this time, and really no one ever cared once he was in the ring… Turns out no one wanted a discount Sub Zero in WCW. It’s interesting, because they were playing both sides, this was before “reality” mattered and they are selling us a cartoon. Although I have to say the upcoming Mortis run is memorable.

Match #2:  Disco Inferno VS Kurasawa

Disco asking if the crowd wants to see him dance, I personally don’t want to see him… anything. This match seems like something to watch while they sell storyline. Kurasawa is wrestling like a beast. Disco Inferno calls up his music, which apparently is tied to the Disco Ball, and smacks Kurasawa with the disco ball. Thanks to the distraction of… Spandex, and disco music.

Winner: Disco Inferno

Match #2: Scotty Riggs VS Diamond Dallas Page

It’s odd to see Buff and Scotty as the American Males, I mean I think of Buff as nWo and Scotty Riggs as a part of the Flock… Hacksaw Jim Duggan talking crazy, typical Duggan.

Page wrestling really physical during the open of this match, yelling about his ring. DDP yelling at the crowd, it’s odd that later in this run, DDP instead of yelling at the crowd will have literally everyone behind him. Page grabbing the ropes while stretching out Scotty Riggs, a little “Flair” for the stretch, pun absolutely intended. A really stiff clothesline. Riggs turning the tides, roll up splash over the top. Diamond cutter off the block. The move you can hit from anywhere.

Winner: DDP

Interview with Mean Gene – Let’s talk about the ring… Taped fist bought with the bare fist brawler that is Jim Duggan. DDP frisking Mean Gene.

Match #4: Greg “The Hammer” Valentine VS “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Macho in war paint, throwing stuff off of the Horsemen table, that was paid for with his money.

Selling the 6 man tag, to prevent the hostile takeover.

The match moving pretty slow, the action taken outside, and throwing Savage on the rail. Savage going savage on the ground with punches, Savage slams him down, gets caught coming off of the ropes. 30 second countdown to hour 2. Valentine KO’s himself from a back suplex? Savage lays the elbow down as we reach hour number 2.

Second Hour:

Bischoff and Heenan kicking off our second hour. Bischoff talking about the show of support. Bischoff addressing The Outsiders, calling out Nash (oddly naming him for the first time) for picking on poor lil’ Bischoff. Heenan is scared for his safety. The crowd going nuts behind Bischoff as Hall and Nash make their way down through the crowd. Hall and Nash apparently have tickets. These interruptions I think really help the format, pushing time so that you don’t get pulled too far away from the big story.

Another Glacier commercial and surprisingly I still don’t care..

Match #5: WCW World Heavyweight Championship: John Tenta VS The Giant (WCW World Heavyweight Champion) w/ Jimmy Hart

They are selling the shave job on Tenta, so much so that he may just beat Giant… Me thinks probably not.

This thing moving slow as snail snot, while Bischoff desperately tries to convince me to care.
Tenta avoids the charge of the Giant, a dropkick, as Tenta really pushes for the finish, Sullivan with the distraction, chokeslam and el fin. This is a match no one should rewatch…

Big Bubba comes out and shaves the beard of Tenta. Why this gimmick requires him to not just go all in and shave is beyond me. I mean this dude has a life, and I’m sure got no tail looking like a half shaved, overweight deranged homeless man.

Dungeon of the Doom promo. We’re coming for the Horsemen, Giant is a lifelong champion, you don’t cross the Dungeon, Giant screaming with his incoherent giant voice. I mean really, just spitting, and screaming complete and TOTAL nonsense.

Rey Mysterio Promo, which highlights why I wanted to be a cruiserweight in ‘96 interrupted by Hall and Nash. Nash taunting Bischoff. Calling Macho, Sting and Luger clowns. The crowd chanting “Diesel” while Nash chants “Attica”. I love that Hall and Nash really poke a finger in the chest of what wrestling is at this point.

Jim Duggan found DDP’s ring. In the bathroom… umm, ok. But a man like Duggan, he wouldn’t wear this girly piece of jewelry. Page storms to take it and gets laid out by a taped fist. I don’t think WCW understands what tape does for hands. Apparently it gives you +5 KO power, and DDP’s taped ribs to come later give you +10 special, so that he can hit the cutter from anywhere.

Mean Gene slips out a “King of the Ring” and Bischoff has to clarify so McMahon doesn’t sue the multicolored tights off of WCW.

Match #6: Joe Gomez, The Renegade, & The Rock & Roll Express VS The Four Horsemen w/ Woman, Ms. Elizabeth, & Debra McMichael

We get going, Gomez cleaning the ring. Enzuigiri takes down Arn. Benoit comes in to do some work, and Gomez works on Flair. These large team tags are usually just mayhem, and this one isn’t moving so quick. There’s some tags, and some light action that is just making sure the match moves. Benoit comes in to work over Gomez, looking a little violent, it works. Tags in Mongo, who’s laying a beating, tags in Flair, who beats on Gomez, and tags in Double A. Gomez, sunset flip with some help from Morton on Double A. Double A, nice spinebuster, and gets booted from the pin by literally the entire corner of Gomez. Benoit going a little crazy in the ring, looking rabid, they are really pushing Benoit into that role of  the Enforcer. Gomez reverses the Figure Four, Gomez catches wind, and reaching for the tag, no go, gets choked on the ropes. McMichael throws the briefcase, hits nothing and no one, and somehow still throws off the Renegade and wins the match for the Horsemen.

WCW, please stop trying to sell me a start up for a Create a Character in Joe Gomez. No one needs anymore of this Generic Wrestler A.

Horsemen shoot a promo on Dungeon and Konnan, and a general promo for the Horsemen body count.

Bischoff closes the show to remind us about the 3 man Tag.



For the go-home show going into the Bash at the Beach, this one, honestly, was a bit weak.  No Sting.  No Luger.  The only one of our main event that we see in action is Savage, and he’s in a throwaway match against Greg Valentine.  Why couldn’t we see them working as a team in a six man tag?  That would have been good.  Six man tag between them and, say, three of the Horsemen.  Sting/Luger/Savage VS Flair/Anderson/Benoit would have been a great setup for this.  Or, if they still wanted to work the Horsemen/Gomez/R&R gimmick, have our three babyfaces take on any three random members of the Dungeon.  Them VS Meng, Barbarian, and Hugh Morrus would have been a decent match that would have let them run roughshod over three heels, show their teamwork and WCW passion, and set the stage for them beating the living crap out of the Outsiders.  Hell, give me that match and set it right after the Outsiders make their way to ringside, so they can get a little taste of what they have coming to them.  Let the babys play off of that, getting into an altercation, maybe…

I hate to second guess booking, but I just feel THAT would have set the stage for this gigantic match much more than not having two of the main stars of the thing even in the ring.

Hacksaw is a crazy person who spent much of his time on air tonight thinly calling DDP gay.  Seriously, what was with the “I wear real man clothes!” spiel.  If you add that to the stuff Stinger was saying to Regal before the Great American Bash, the fact that these two PPVs have the word “bash” in them is starting to not look so coincidental.

I definitely mirror Phillip’s thoughts on Joe Gomez.  Sullivan said on his podcast that he basically hired the guy because he had a great standing in the community in Florida and was hoping to use that for relations with the Native American tribes down here.  That’s why we’re seeing so much of the guy.  I’d be okay with that if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s just a generic whitemeat babyface.  He’s literally Create A Wrestler #5 with half of an Antonio Bandaras gimmick.  I get it, not everyone can be Glacier, but still…gimmick this kid up a bit if you’re going to put him over as much as you do.

Steiners VS Harlem Heat was good as always. 

This Tenta angle, however…can we just kill this thing already?  He’s only getting the push because he’s Hogan’s buddy, but damn…he draws absolutely no fan reaction.  For some reason we give X-Pac crap for having “I don’t want to watch you heat” when that dude was always entertaining and putting on great matches.  Can we rename it to Tenta heat, please?

I liked the Outsiders interaction this week.  Had to bar them from the building if they’re paying customers.  I like the crowd chanting “Diesel” and Bischoff trying to play it off like they’re chanting “Weasel” at Heenan.  Everything the Outsiders are doing right now is gold and I’m loving it.

Well, that’s it for today.  Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating our ONE YEAR anniversary with a reflection write-up and the write up for the Bash at the Beach!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.6

WCW Nitro Ratings – 3.3

(Raw – 17, Nitro – 20) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 5)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 6

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 4


Four in a row!  WCW looking good!


WWF Raw results from this week

WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels (w/ Jose Lothario) pinned Marty Jannetty (w/ Leif Cassidy & Jim Cornette)

Mankind defeated Duke Droese via submission

Goldust (w/ Marlena) defeated Marc Mero (w/ Sable)


Still weird seeing an hour Raw against a two hour Nitro.  HBK VS Jannetty could have been a pretty good match.   I remember the New Rockers and Al Snow’s whole “stuck in the sixties” gimmick.  I didn’t realize they were managed by Cornette, though.  I’ll have to go back to that one.  Odd that the champ is opening the show and not main eventing, though.

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