Kick Out at Nitro! – 6/3/1996 – You Want a War?

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KoaNitro copyOnce again, welcome back to another exciting edition of Kick Out at Nitro, the Internet’s only journey through the rise and fall of WCW Monday Nitro.  We’re one week removed from the bombshell appearance of Scott Hall, who interrupted a match and challenged WCW to a war.  Who is on his side?  Who does he represent?  Hopefully we’ll get more answers tonight.

We open with our Hour One announce team of “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko and Tony Schiavone.  Tony tells us that the main event will be for the World Tag Team Championship and will be the Steiners getting a shot against Sting and Lex Luger.  Nice to see this play off of last week, although it’s interesting that they didn’t wait two weeks for the Great American Bash.  We find out that Ric Flair and Arn Anderson will be taking on a returning Rock & Roll Express!  There’s also speculation that Bobby “The Brain” Heenan will be the manager of the Horsemen at the Bash.

We get a quick rundown of what happened last week when Big Bubba shaved half of Shark’s head.  Mean Gene is at the entrance ramp and calls out Shark, who walks out , facing to his left, so we don’t see the shaved side of his head.  Shark is not painted up with the Shark teeth paint, either.  Big Bubba and Jimmy Hart are in the ring with some of Shark’s hair, making fun of him.  Shark says that he hasn’t shaved the rest of his head because he wants to remember the embarrassment.  He says that he’s not a shark, he’s not an avalanche, he’s a man…John Tenta.  He’s going to take out Big Bubba and then he’s going to take out The Giant and shave his head.

Match #1: John Tenta VS Big Bubba w/ Jimmy Hart

Tenta starts off strong, taking it to Big Bubba and getting a big slam.  Tenta’s hair is all over the ring and they should probably get a broom.

Tenta grabs the pair of scissors that Big Bubba had and starts to chase Bubba around the ring.  Bubba bails and stays at ringside.

Winner: John Tenta via count out.

Big Bubba is wearing a Confederate Railroad tour shirt.  I like it.

Off to commercial and back to our second match.

Match #2: High Voltage VS The Faces of Fear

high-voltage-wcwHIGH VOLTAGE!  I absolute love High Voltage!  They’re one of my favorite obscure WCW teams.

Interesting that Jimmy Hart isn’t managing Meng & Barbarian.

Barbarian starts off with Kaos and is getting controlled until Kaos is able to tag out to Ruckus (I remember his name being Rage, but whatever…guess that changes later).  They hit a double shoulder tackle and seem to have the match under control until Barbarian hits Ruckus with a power bomb and is able to tag out to Meng.  Meng comes in and takes over, getting a drop kick and a big scoop slam before tagging back out to Barbarian.  Barbarian comes in with a pump-handle slam.  Barbarian walks Ruckus up to the top rope and nails a HUGE belly-to-belly suplex.  Barbarian tags in Meng, they go to opposite corners and come down with a tandem of top rope headbutts.  Kaos comes in to try to even things up, but he’s sent outside.  Ruckus is given a superkick, erroneously called a Mafia kick, from Meng for the win.

Winners: The Faces of Fear

Tony sends us to the locker room with Mean Gene and the WCW Tag Team Champions, Lex Luger and Sting.  It’s interesting that any time they’re in a locker room, there is always a WCW shirt hanging randomly over the top of an open locker door.  Always.  Gene asks what is going on with them and the Steiners, Luger says he came down to cheer on Sting, the Steiners double teamed him, and things went on from there.  Lex says he’s always being painted as the bad guy here.  Sting says that all the footage wasn’t shown, he points out Scott trying to suplex him to the floor, and Luger kicked Scott Steiner in the gut.  Luger says that they’re all friends, but do friends suplex friends on the floor.  In come the Steiners and Rick demands to know why Luger jumped Scott.  Luger asked if friends suplex friends on the floor.  Rick says Scott was trying to win.  Sting says that if someone was trying to suplex Lex on the floor, he’d have to kick someone in the gut too.  The two teams get into a shouting match and then a shoving match before it finally gets broken up.

Before commercial we get an odd commercial for Hulk Hogan.  What it’s selling or advertising, I couldn’t tell you.

Match #3: Disco Inferno VS Sgt. Craig “Pitbull” Pittman w/ Teddy Long

Pittman is coming to the ring with no less than five medals around his neck.  I’ve never seen him with these and I fully expect the announce team to neither acknowledge them nor give an explanation for what they are.

Disco goes for an early armdrag and it looks like Pittman just falls on him.  Disco gets a good right hand but Pittman follows up with a waistlock takedown and a crazy dead weight gutwrench powerbomb.  Disco runs to the corner and Teddy Long tussles his hair, pissing off Disco. Pittman quickly goes for the Code Red and Disco immediately gives up.

Winner: Craig Pittman

Disco says that if he had let Pittman get him in the Code Red, he wouldn’t be able to do any of his disco moves anymore.  The crowd generally craps all over this match, and I tend to agree.  As much as I love WCW at this time period, they’ve got a lot of guys on their roster that lend to matches like this, where no one cares.  This is a WCW Saturday Night match, now a Nitro match.

We go to a commercial break and we get a quick video replay of a meeting between Steven Regal and Sting, presumably based around Regal’s request for a match against Sting last week.  Regal mouths off, Sting starts to stand up and Regal backhands Sting with a pimpslap that would make Black Dynamite take notice.

Match #4: Lord Steven Regal w/ Jeeves VS Hacksaw Jim Duggan

It’s announced that Regal will get his wish and will face Sting at the Great American Bash.  It seems that the slam we saw before was from the contract signing on Main Event.

Zbyszko’s commentary is almost as rough as Mongo’s, but for completely different reasons.  He has to find ways to make common phrases into other stupider phrases, like saying that Kevin Greene lost the Stupid Bowl, or referring to Hacksaw as Jim DUUUHH-gan.

Hacksaw gets the momentum quickly with a few shoulder tackles, sending Regal out to the ringside area.  When he comes back in, Hacksaw nails him with a good volley of punches, sending him down again, but Regal cuts him off with a kick after Hacksaw ducks for a back body drop.  Hacksaw fires off three more punches but is cut off by a thumb to the eye.  Regal goes for some weird flipping senton but Duggan moves and starts in with more punches, a whip to the corner and a back body drop.

Squire David Taylor and Earl Robert Eaton make their way to ringside and distract the referee.  Hacksaw hits his 3 Point Stance clothesline and immediately goes for his 2×4, but David Taylor takes it away from him.  Hacksaw wraps up his fist and punches Eaton, Regal grabs a school boy rollup and the win.

Winner: Lord Steven Regal

Why was Hacksaw going for his 2×4?  Larry says that he was going to hurt a defensive Regal, and I’m inclined to agree with him.

In the ring, Mean Gene is with the Blue Bloods.  Regal says he was fined by WCW, but he paid double the fine so now he’s got credit, so time to listen to him.  Gene shows us the footage from earlier where Big Daddy Regal lays down some learnin’ on Sting, letting us know this is where the fine came from.  Regal says he did it to piss Sting off.  He wants him mean and angry.  With that, we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial, we get a video package explaining the history of the feud with Benoit and Sullivan.  Apparently it started back in April when Benoit asked about the relationship and Sullivan got in his face.  Back to the next week on Saturday night, Benoit is in Arn’s face again and out comes Sullivan yet again.  Apparently this entire feud has taken place on Saturday Night except for the tag match at Slamboree.  On June 1st, Sullivan said that he was going to take care of Benoit before he wants to turn on the Horsemen down the line and try to become the Enforcer.

Match #5: “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan w/ Jimmy Hart VS Prince Iaukea

Sullivan hits the ring with a vengeance and just starts demolishing the future Prince Nakamaki (thanks, Jericho!), sending him to the floor, crotching him on the guardrail, clotheslining him twice, bringing him back into the ring, tree of woe, double stomp, and the win.

Winner: Kevin Sullivan

Man, matches like this should come back.  Take a man, let him face a jobber, kick his ass and let us see why we should be worried about this guy.

We go to the ring with Mean Gene, Sullivan and Jimmy Hart.  Gene brings up the match at the Bash.  Jimmy Hart asks Sullivan why they keep dealing with Arn and Flair.  They have a lot of stuff going on and don’t need it.  Sullivan says there are two wars going on in WCW.  Let the Legal Department finish the first one (the Hall situation, I guess), but the second one…Hulkamania still isn’t dead.  UUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!  He says that Hogan will come back for everyone  and they need to be ready.  Sullivan says that he told Anderson about Pillman and he was right.  He says that Benoit is a serpent, and the best way to kill a serpent is to crush it in the egg.  He’s going to get rid of Benoit as an ally so that they’ll be ready for Hogan.

Quick commercial break and we’re back for our next match.

Match #6: Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) VS “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson & “Nature Boy” Ric Flair w/ Woman and Ms. Elizabeth

Flair and Double A come down in the jerseys of Greene and McMichael, mocking them as Flair runs out for passes and goes into three point stances.

The audio on the copy that I’m watching drops the announcers out.  I’m going to have to check on the Network and see if theirs does the same, since I’m still using my old DVD copies from years ago.

Woman and Liz have to almost rip the jersey off of Arn.  I wonder if it was just too tight or what.  It was weird.

Arn starts off with Ricky Morton and suddenly it’s 1985.  A countdown appears, counting us down to Hour number 2 of Monday Nitro.  Fireworks go off during the match.  Flair runs out to the VIP section and checks on the champagne before heading back into the ring.

Switched to the Network…apparently their copy has the actual announcing on it.  Chalk one up for modern technology, I guess.  Now I’m wondering what the original broadcast was, haha.

Double A tags in Flair.  Flair dances around a bit and Morton gets him with a quick jab.  Flair backs him into the corner and the two let loose with a volley of chops and punches.  Morton tags out to Gibson, but Flair drags him into their corner, letting Arn get a few punches in before Flair can escape.  Flair heads to the floor, slowing down the pace.  We get a quick cut to the ladies, sharing champagne at the VIP table before heading back to ringside.  Flair comes back up, tags in Arn, who controls the match for the most part until tagging back out to Flair.  Morton takes down Flair and puts on the Figure 4!  Double A runs in but is caught by Gibson, who puts Arn in the Figure 4 as well!  Flair is able to get out and shoves the referee, who shoves back.  Flair bumps hard.  He gets up, does it again, gets shoved again and bumps hard one more time, heading to the floor.  On the floor, he shoves the ref again, rinse, repeat, bumping hard on the concrete!  With that, we go to commercial.

A little before that exchange, Bischoff mentioned that Heenan had a silver briefcase with him and asks him if he’s going to manage the Horsemen.  Heenan says he’ll says when he feels the time is opportune.

Bischoff: We’ll be waiting with bated breath.

Heenan: If you didn’t eat minnows, that wouldn’t happen.

Heenan cracks me up.

Back from commercial and we get another great Heenan quip.  Bischoff mentions that Greene is in minicamp for the Carolina Panthers right now, so he’s double training.  Heenan then explains minicamp.

“You have to understand something.  He may be in minicamp, but you know what minicamp for the Carolina Pussycats is like?  It’s grueling.  For the first six weeks they just show them what a ball is and which side the seams are.  That’s all they do.  They’ll have it easy!”

Most times, I feel that Heenan’s genius is wasted on the WCW announce team.

Arn goes to work on Morton’s arm, locking it behind him and slamming him, then dropping a knee on it a few times.  He locks down an armbar and uses Flair for momentum, but the referee starts getting wise.  Arn and Flair pretend to tag, Flair comes in and goes to work on Morton’s arm himself.  Morton gets free, but can’t make it to the corner before Arn comes in and goes to work again.  Morton fires off, backing Arn into the corner and going for some more offense before Arn catches him in a Spinebuster.  Flair comes in and picks Morton up for a delayed vertical suplex for a two count.

Bischoff says that Randy Savage was told that he couldn’t wrestle on WCW TV or PPV.  If he can get booked by a promoter, though, then have at it.  Man, too bad there was bad blood (for whatever reason) between Savage and WWF, or that would be a great time to suddenly have Randy Savage show up on WWF TV.  I wonder if playing those words from WCW’s Vice President would have held up in court.

Flair tries to get the Figure 4 on Morton but is rolled into a small package.  In comes Arn, holding Morton off from the hot tag.  Morton gets him near his own corner, but Arn turns around and nails Gibson, preventing the tag.  At that time, Heenan leaves the announce booth, leaving Bischoff to yell for him.  Heenan makes his way to the ring and whispers in the ear of Woman and Liz, then heads back to the announce booth.  Arn goes for a tag, Morton gets the hot tag to Gibson, who comes in and cleans house, slamming the heads of the Horsemen together, getting a pair of body slams, then an enziguiri to Arn.  Flair breaks up the pin but the R&R Express get a tandem of double dropkicks to both men.  We’re told that Heenan is sitting at the VIP section.  Woman and Liz come in, distract the ref, Arn hits Gibson with a DDT and Flair covers for the win.

Winners: Ric Flair & Arn Anderson

bobby-heenan-all-madden-trophyMean Gene is at the VIP table.  He asks Arn the meaning of the Steve McMichael jersey.  Arn says apparently he’s too big and thick to play football, because he could barely fit in it.  Not only are they tougher, better athletes, they’re apparently way too big.  Gene asks where Flair got a Kevin Greene jersey, apparently never having heard of NFL shop.  Flair says he got it as a gift from Debra because “Debbie loves the Nature Boy…not Dallas.”  Gene calls over Heenan, says he called over Woman and then there were shenanigans, so he’s to blame.  Heenan says that he merely told Woman where she can get her diamonds cleaned.  Gene asks Heenan about managing.  Heenan says he promised himself he’d never manage again.  He apologizes and leaves.  Flair seems upset, as one could imagine he would be.

Heenan comes back, though, with the silver Haliburton.  He opens it up and pulls out a trophy.  He says that in 1988 he was on the All Madden Team.  He says that he said he would never manage again…but in Baltimore…he will COACH!  The Horsemen hand him a glass of champagne.  Heenan hands off his champagne to Gene and the Horsemen head off.

We get a quick commercial break with The Giant talking, then Hulk Hogan running his mouth about Nitro, and then a new Glacier promo, this time with audio!  It’s the first time they’re revealed his name as well.  Pretty cool.


At the announce booth, Heenan says that he’s doing this to show the two football players who have had 18 coaches telling them exactly what to do their entire lives that this is a different game.  It’s his life and his profession and he’s not going to just take it.  I like this.  Heenan’s acting legit upset at non-wrestlers coming into his sport and he’s going to do something about it.

We get yet ANOTHER freaking Hulk Hogan promo!  Ugh!

Match #7: WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Ice Train VS The Giant (WCW World Heavyweight Champion) w/ Jimmy Hart

What the living hell is Ice Train doing with a title shot?  See, this is why I don’t like this type of title run coupled with WCW’s new idea of having to have a title match on every Nitro.  You eventually get to weird matches like this.  You also get the WCW World Championship lower on the card than the Tag Team Championships, which is what is going to happen tonight since our main event is Sting & Luger VS the Steiners.  It’s silly.

Ice Train starts off shaking with rage.  He backs up into the ropes and Jimmy Hart grabs his legs.  With the distraction, Giant grabs Ice Train with the chokeslam and covers, posing his biceps as he does.

Winner: The Giant (still WCW World Heavyweight Champion)

After the match, in comes Scott Norton to complain about the match.  Giant chokeslams him twice for his trouble.

Mean Gene meets up with Giant at ringside to ask the question that I’ve been asking for weeks.  “Why are you running video packages about Hulk Hogan?!”  Preach, Giant!  “I’m the man who defeated Hulk Hogan.  I don’t want to see any more of Hulk Hogan.”  I think Giant just turned babyface to me!  He tells Luger to watch out come next Sunday and heads to the back as we go to commercial.

Coming back from commercial, Scott Norton is still flat on his back in the ring.  There’s a trainer and Nick Patrick there with him.  Hugh Morrus’s music starts as he heads down for his match against Norton.

Match #8: Hugh Morrus VS Scott “Flash” Norton

Morrus comes in, hits the ropes, and drops a big leg on Norton. He covers him with one finger for a count of 1 then pulls back.    He runs over to him and asks if he’s okay.  He drops three more elbows on Norton and starts yelling at him.  Morrus gets up and drops yet another elbow.  “Now it’s time to say goodbye,” he says into the camera.  He goes up top for his moonsault, but Norton gets to his feet.  He tries to catch Morrus, and the announcers say that he does, but he doesn’t.  He has absolutely no control over Morrus.  He drops two quick forearms and gets the win.

Winner: Scott Norton

Norton botching the finish there ruined this match.  He had the opportunity to become a badass and really seem cool, but dropping Morrus killed all of that.  Now, I understand that it’s gotta be really damn hard to catch a 300 pound man in midair, but still, don’t attempt it then.  Morrus should have just covered him and got the win.

We get a quick video of Mongo and Kevin Greene training.  Apparently the weight training has been going well, but apparently the wrestling part hasn’t been going so well.  We see Kevin and Steve trying to put together a gameplan, where Mongo clearly understands wrestling but Kevin Greene keeps thinking everything is football.  Mongo realizes that they’re at odds, and Kevin says maybe they need a coach.  Greene is eating a Slim Jim, so they decide to call Macho Man!

Match #9: WCW World Tag Team Championship Match: The Steiner Brothers VS Sting & Lex Luger (WCW World Tag Team Champions)

Man, the entrance songs for the Steiners and Sting is REALLY similar.  I didn’t realize they had even switched songs until I saw Sting coming out.

Bischoff says we have a phone call from Randy Savage and we’re going to hear.  Savage says he has a piece of paper saying that he can’t wrestle on TV, PPV, or have any title matches.  He says it doesn’t say anything about not coaching.  He says of Mongo & Greene need a nut that knows the game, then he’ll be head cashew.  Bischoff hands the phone over to Heenan.  Heenan says that he has no issues with Savage.  Savage’s issue is with Flair and Liz and what they’ve done to him shouldn’t be done to any human being, so he asks Savage to not come to the ring with them and just let him do his thing.  Savage says that’s the weakest thing he’s ever heard and he’ll be there, much to Bobby’s dismay.

In the ring, we start off with Sting and Scott.  Steiner starts strong with a knee to the gut and a side suplex.  He follows with an Irish whip and a tilt-a-whirl slam.  Sting whips Steiner to the ropes and picks him up with a hot shot, then getting a couple of his facebusters in before tagging out to Luger, who immediately puts the boots to a downed Scott Steiner.  Luger whips Steiner, goes down for a back body drop but is met with a Scott Steiner tigerbomb as we head out to commercial.

This episode of Nitro is brought to us by Sony Playstation, and I am officially old.

Back form commercial, Rick Steiner is controlling Lex Luger in an arm wrench before sending him to the ropes and taking him down with a Steinerline.  Steiner takes Luger to the top rope and comes off with a big suplex, then goes up top for his top rope bulldog.  He gets a two count before Sting breaks it up.  Sting comes in and hits a Stinger Splash and then locks on the Scorpion Deathlock but it’s broken apart by a bit Scotty Steiner clothesline.  The Steiners tag and Scott sends Sting across the ring with a suplex, then takes him to the top for a top rope Frankensteiner!  He gets two before Lex breaks it up.  Luger takes Sting up for a vertical suplex (or maybe the Steiner Screwdriver) but Sting slips away and brings Steiner down with a reverse DDT.  Man, I love seeing Sting use that move now, knowing that he’ll really start using it a lot more in a few months.

Heenan is now freaking out about managing…ahem…COACHING…across the ring from Randy Savage.

Lex Luger gets Scott Steiner into the Torture Rack but it’s broken up by a kick to the gut from Rick.  They roll to the floor and Lex decides he’s going to try to vertical suplex Scott on the floor.  Rick breaks it up, much like Lex did last week, and the two teams start brawling in the ring after Rick hits a big Steinerline on Lex.  Sting and Rick brawl to the floor where Sting attempts to piledrive Rick on the floor!  This is a pretty big departure for Sting!  Steiner backdrops him but out comes The Giant, who chokeslams Steiner on the concrete floor.  Giant gets in the ring and attacks Luger, who fights him off, then in come Sting and Steiner, and all three men join forces against The Giant.  Steiner and Sting whip Lex into the Giant, who clotheslines him out of the ring.  The Giant hightails it after this.

We go to the broadcast booth and Heenan shows his All Madden award.  He says this means the world to him but Savage can have it if he just doesn’t show up.

Off to the side of the booth comes Scott Hall.  Heenan drops the headset and bolts.  Bischoff tries to stand up to Hall but Hall sits him back down forcefully.  Hall says he had such a good time last week that he came back for more.  Bischoff tries to stand again, is sat down again.  Hall is interrupted by Sting.  Bischoff gets up and tells Sting “not here, not now…don’t even dignify it, man.”  Sting says “you came here last week and said some real horrible things about WCW…about the Hulkster, about Macho Man, about the Stinger.  Somewhere along the way, you got lost.  You have any idea where you are?  You’re in the jungle, baby!  You’re in WCW!”  Sting says that Hall keeps asking for three of the best, but Sting doesn’t see two other men with Hall.  All he sees is Hall and Sting, so why not do it now.  Hall says no one tells him what to do or where to do it.  He says next week, he has a BIG surprise for Sting before flicking his toothpick at Sting.  Sting slowly moves Bischoff out of the way and slaps the taste out of Hall’s mouth.  Those few moments are some of my favorite moments in the whole invasion story line, actually.  Hall bucks up but security comes between the two of them, breaking it up as we go off the air.


Wow, this two hour stuff is going to make these posts super long.  I’m at almost 4400 words right now!  Volume 3 of the book is going to be a damn coffee table book, apparently!

The Steiners/Sting/Luger stuff was pretty cool.  I like babyface VS babyface matches where the start escalating the violence.  Seeing Sting almost piledrive his friend on the concrete…damn!  Looks like Lex is rubbing off on him.

I remember wondering what the “big surprise” thing was going to be after this episode aired.  This one, though, my whole family was pretty certain it would be Big Daddy Cool.  He had lost to Shawn Michaels at the April ‘In Your House’ and hadn’t been seen since.  Plus, if one WWF guy shows up, you’re pretty sure a “BIG” WWF guy is gonna be Diesel.

The stage is being set pretty nicely for Great American Bash.  You’ve got the Horsemen VS Mongo & Greene, Lex VS Giant, Sting VS Regal, Malenko VS Mysterio, Steiners VS Fire & Ice…some good stuff coming.  This might be the most I’ve anticipated a WCW PPV since I started this thing!

To finish us off, here’s Robbie with his thoughts on this week’s nWo implications:

“This week Scott Hall returns to confront Bischoff telling him he had a good time and came back for more. Hall repeats a bit of what he said last week about starting a war. Shortly, Sting confronts Scott over his comments about WCW, Hogan, Macho Man and himself. Sting comments about Hall being part of the three but only sees him there at the moment so he challenges him to a one on one match. “You want a fight you got one, only nobody tells me what to do or when to….” Another Hall segment ending with a signature toothpick to the face, this time to Sting. Sting answers with a slap to the side of the face. As Hall looks at Sting he promises a “big” surprise before walking off set.

Unlike last week this time Scott Hall interacted with an actual wrestler and storyline wise it seems like they had legit beef with each other. Again I’m sure during this time when the lines were still blurred fans were not 100% sure what they were seeing taking shape before them. They probably had no idea what this build would eventually lead to or the huge amount of success that WCW would garner from the beginning of the nWo era but one thing is for sure, people were taking notice.”

Until next time, fans!



Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 2.3

WCW Nitro Ratings – 3.0

(Raw – 16, Nitro – 17) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 5)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 6

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 4


Here we go!  Getting some Nitro victory up in this piece!  Say goodbye to your wins, WWF…gonna be a long time before you see them again.


WWF Raw results from this week

KOTR Qualifying Match: Steve Austin defeated Bob Holly via submission with the Million $ Dream.

Mankind defeated Barry Horowitz with the Mandible Claw.

Henry Godwinn & Phinneas Godwinn (w/ Hillbilly Jim) defeated Techno Team 2000 after Henry hit the Slop Drop.

KOTR Qualifying Match: Jake Roberts defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley with the DDT.


Raw definitely doesn’t sound too good this week, that’s for sure.  Jake Roberts and HHH sounds pretty good, but that’s about it.


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