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SlamboreeTonight is the Season Finale of Kick Out at Nitro!  Of course, you’re not going to have to wait long to get the next installment, because that’ll come within the next few days.  No, I’m speaking of how the blog posts are combined into the books we’re releasing.  Slamboree brings Volume 2 to a close.

We come from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and we’re joined by our announce team of Tony Schiavone, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan…and the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.

As I’m writing this, Dusty Rhodes just passed away yesterday.  Calling color commentary on Pay Per Views and WCW Saturday Night was my first introduction to Dusty.  His trademark lisp coupled with phrases like “going to the pay window” and “the Mothership” made me instantly like him.  It wasn’t until a while later that I discovered Dusty the wrestler.  I always enjoyed Dusty Rhodes and, through DVDs and the WWE Network, will continue to enjoy Dusty Rhodes.  Here’s a drink to the workin’ man, the son of a plumber!

We go to the first match of Round One of the Lethal Lottery!

Match #1: Lethal Lottery – 1st Round – Road Warrior Animal & Booker T VS Road Warrior Hawk & “Total Package” Lex Luger

I wish they had set this tournament up a bit more random.  We’ve got too many tag team partners having to face each other in the first round. They should have built it to where some of these things happen later down the line in the later rounds.  That would have made it a bit more organic.

Hawk and Booker T get riled up and start fighting each other before the bell rings.

Apparently this isn’t a normal tournament with brackets.  Tony tells us that after Round 1, Mean Gene will have another random drawing where the new matchups are made.  I wonder if this will just be matches or if partners will change.  I’m intrigued.

Luger and Animal start it off.  Luger gets a good power slam but fails to cover, simply letting Animal stand right back up.  Luger sends Animal to the ropes and ducks down, then tries to leap frog and Animal clotheslines Lex in the gut.  I don’t know if that was supposed to happen.  Animal hits a slam and a shoulder tackle before sending Lex to the ropes again and getting a double axe handle and a vertical suplex, which Animal no-sells and dropkicks Luger.  Animal tags out to Booker T, who takes control of the match.  Booker hits most of his key moves and goes for the cover but Hawk breaks it up.  This causes Hawk and Luger to start shoving each other, which brings in Booker and Animal.  Animal and Hawk start double teaming Luger, then everyone starts brawling out to the floor.  Nick Patrick calls for a double count out.

Winner: Double Count Out – Neither team advances

Match #2: Lethal Lottery – 1st Round – Public Enemy (Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge) VS “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan w/ Jimmy Hart & “Canadian Crippler” Chris Benoit

Looks like Public Enemy gets to wrestle as a team instead of being split up.  I remember liking Public Enemy as a teenager, but I’m honestly not a fan re-watching all of this.

Looks like despite the tension with Benoit and Sullivan at this point, they’re seemingly on the same page as they high five at the beginning of the match.  Benoit and Rocco Rock start off the match.  Benoit goes for a tilt-a-whirl slam out of a whip to the corner but Rock takes him over with a head scissors.  Thus far the pacing is off on this match and Rock and Benoit aren’t gelling.  Rock gets a hurracanrana on Benoit, goes for a stomp and falls the hell over, prompting Dusty to ask Bobby if he’s ever stomped a rock and fell over.  Rock goes for another hurracanrana but Benoit powerbombs him out of it.  He gets in some ground and pound and slaps Rock in the face before tagging out to Sullivan.  Sullivan takes Rock to the floor as Benoit gets into it with Johnny Grunge.  Sullivan starts beating Rocco with a chair but Rocco lays Sullivan on a table that’s conveniently placed at ringside.  Grunge holds down Sullivan and Rock goes for a dive but Benoit nails him with a clothesline.    Rock suplexes Benoit from the ring to the floor while Sullivan and Grunge are brawling.  Public Enemy stacks Benoit and Sullivan onto the table, with Sullivan on top.  As Public Enemy start getting ready for the “Big Poppa,” Sullivan is CLEARLY holding Benoit down on the table.  He moves when Public Enemy come crashing down, sending them into Benoit and through the table.  Sullivan starts saying his knee is messed up and gets Jimmy to help him hobble to the back.

Winners: Public Enemy – Advance to Round 2

So THIS is where the big feud really picks up steam.  Interesting.  I remember them hating each other, but never really remembered the reason why.

Match #3: Lethal Lottery – 1st Round – SGT. Craig “Pitbull” Pittman (w/ Teddy Long) & Scott Steiner VS The Booty Man (w/ The Booty Babe) & Rick Steiner

Of freaking course T’Lo is involved in a whole PPV built around impromptu tag team matches!  Lethal Lottery, playa!

Really, we couldn’t have left Booty Man wherever he’s been for the last few weeks?  Ugh.  Oh well, at least we get to see Kim!

“You’ve got four men that basically the fans respect and like and cheer for.” – Tony Schiavone.  Um, I’m not quite certain that’s true for two of the men in this match, Tony.

Booty Man and Pittman start the match off, making me yawn.  Let’s just get to the damn Steiners!  Booty Man and the Pitbull start off in a borefest involving some headlocks.  Pittman headbutts Booty Man in the stomach and tags out to Scott Steiner, who is quickly hiptossed and hit with the knee lift.  Steiner ain’t taking Booty Man’s shitty finish, though, and promptly Tiger Bombs him for his trouble before tagging back out to Pittman.  Booty Man tags out to Rick Steiner and he and Pittman start barking at each other.  Steiner hits a shoulder block and then that nasty looking catch suplex he does.  Pittman German Suplexes Rick, which is odd seeing a Steiner get suplexed.  Rick pays him back, though, with a nasty Steinerline that nearly decapitates Pittman.  Pittman falls back into his corner and tags Scott Steiner.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have Steiner VS Steiner on deck.

“You know what is going through Rick’s mind right now?  Who is this guy?” – Heenan

The Steiners lock up, Scott arm wrenches Rick and hits a nice fireman’s carry.  They lock up again and Rick gets a side headlock and a slam, taking Scott to the mat.  Rick Irish whips Scott and lays down but Scott doesn’t jump over him, he goes into a behind clutch and the two wrestle for a bit.  Scott back suplexes the living crap out of Rick, but Rick retaliates with a vicious Steinerline.  Rick is slow on the cover and Scott plays possum, rolling Rick up for a pin and 2.  Scott ties up for a full nelson, which Rick reverses and Dragon Suplexes Scott.  Rick goes up top for his bull dog but Scott runs up and side suplexes Rick to the mat.  Rick tags out to Booty Man, who charges Scott in the corner, but Scott moves and Booty Man hits the corner hard.  Scott tags out to Pittman, who is able to lock on the Code Red armbreaker.  Booty Man gets to Rick and Tags, though, and Rick gets a German Suplex onto Pittman for the win.

Winners: Rick Steiner & The Booty Man – Advance to Round 2

Match #4: Lethal Lottery – 1st Round – The Blue Bloods (Lord Steven Regal & Squire David Taylor) w/ Jeeves VS Hacksaw Jim Duggan & VK Wallstreet

Wow, I can’t care less about this match.  This was originally supposed to be Regal & the Belfast Bruiser teaming, which would have been interesting.  With it being the Blue Bloods now, though…there’s no reason to care about this match as it’s just a random tag team match.

Hacksaw tries to attack Regal with his 2×4 and Regal gives such a great reaction facially.  Regal’s facial features are so awesome and always have been.  I really wish Regal would have gotten a bigger shot through his career.

Random quick match stuff until Hacksaw tapes his fist and hits Dave Taylor for the win.

Winners: Hacksaw Jim Duggan & VK Wallstreet – Advance to Round 2

Match #5: Lethal Lotter – 1st Round – Dirty Dick Slater (w/ Col. Robert Parker) & Earl Robert Eaton (w/ Jeeves) VS “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright & Disco Inferno

Disco and Wright are a pretty ingenious tag team, not gonna lie.  Disco and Slater start the match off.  They wrestle around a bit until both men tag out.  Eaton and Wright is a much better match as we up the tempo.  Eaton allows Wright to fly around the ring and really lets the kid show off.  He tags out to Slater, though, who gets a punch to the gut and a swinging neckbreaker.  Man, I love the swinging neckbreaker.  One of my all time favorite moves.  Alex tags out to Disco who comes in cleaning house.

I just realized that Alex Wright is the only babyface in this whole match.  Odd.

While wright is occupied with Eaton, Slater nails Disco in the head with his cowboy boot behind the referee’s back for the win.

Winners: Dirty Dick Slater & Earl Robert Eaton

At the end of the matches, they play some generic music instead of the winner’s music.  It’s interesting.

Match #6: Lethal Lottery – 1st Round – Diamond Dallas Page & The Barbarian VS Hugh Morrus & Meng

DDP comes out to new music and with new gear.  Sadly, WWE Network must be more lawsuit conscious than WCW was as DDP’s ripoff version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” has been replaced.  Which sucks, as I LOVE DDP’s music.

Page & Morrus start off with DDP getting the upper hand with a side headlock.  Morrus sends Page to the ropes and hits a big shoulder tackle, sending Page to the floor.  Morrus dives over the top rope but Page moves and Morrus eats floor.  Page kicks, Morrus catches and spins him around but DDP catches him with a discus clothesline and tags to The Barbarian.  Morrus tags out to Meng and the Faces of Fear start going at it with each other with absolutely no hesitation.  Where we saw the Road Warriors join forces and the Steiners hesitate before locking up, the Faces of Fear just start beating the shit out of each other from the word go.  I like it.

Barbarian gets Meng down.  DDP enters the ring, Barbarian picks DDP up and slams him onto Meng.  It’s interesting to see those two have some teamwork AGAINST Barbarian’s normal partner.  Meng tags out to Morrus, who hits an elbow drop off the top.  He goes up for a second one but DDP crotches him on the top rope and Barbarian tosses him off the top rope to the mat for 2 before Meng breaks up the pin.  Meng slams Barbarian, setting him up for Morrus’s moonsault, the No Laughing Matter.  DDP breaks up the pin, keeping his team in the match.  Tony says this is one of the better tag team matches we’ve seen, which is right.  Meng hits a superkick to DDP, Barbarian takes out Morrus, and both men cover their opponents.  The referee counts 3, but he was counting Barbarian covering Hugh Morrus since DDP’s foot was under the ropes.

Winners: Diamond Dallas Page & The Barbarian – Advance to Round 2

Match #7 – Lethal Lottery – 1st Round – Big Bubba & Stevie Ray VS Fire and Ice (Scott Norton & Ice Train)

During Stevie Ray’s entrance, they cut to a white ginger dancing badly.  It was odd.

Big Bubba is now in the Dungeon of Doom for…some reason.  He’s dressed like a biker now.

Fire and Ice got paired as a normal team.  I figure it’s since they just debuted these guys and are wanting to get them over.  They always were over with me, especially after that match with the Steiners from a few weeks ago.

Norton and Stevie Ray start us off.  Norton gets a big clothesline and some big shoulders to the gut to Stevie Ray in the corner.  Stevie Ray tags to Bubba (or Big Bubber, according to Dusty), who controls Norton for a bit before tagging out to Ice Train.  Ice Train gets a slam and then jumps up and sits on Bubba’s chest.  Ice Train’s a big damn dude, so this looked painful.  Double clothesline and both men are down.

Ice Train tags out to Norton, who takes the match back over until Stevie Ray comes into the ring and starts beating on him.  Norton whips Bubba into Stevie Ray on the apron, then they double clothesline Bubba for the win.

Winners: Fire and Ice – Advance to Round 2

Match #8 – Lethal Lottery – 1st Round – Eddie Guerrero & “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson VS “Nature Boy” Ric Flair & “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Flair’s music plays, but no Flair.  Savage’s music plays and out comes Randy Savage.  After Savage’s entrance, they play Flair’s music again.  Anderson attacks Savage as Ric Flair comes running down the ramp.  Eddie pulls Anderson off of Randy but Flair is putting the boots to his partner.  Guerrero gets upset and goes after Flair.

Woman and Ms. Elizabeth begin to come down to ringside very sheepishly.


Eddie gets a few good moves in on Flair, but Flair gets the better of him.  Flair tags out to Randy but immediately starts beating on him.  He walks Eddie over to Anderson and makes him tag out and the two of them beat down on Savage.  Anderson takes the beating to Savage, hitting a great Spinebuster for a two count.  Savage tags out to Flair and Flair immediately chops Savage and starts kicking him.  Double A tags to Eddie, who gets Flair’s attention and puts a thumb in his eyes.  Eddie gets a tornado DDT and is cut off when Savage flies into the ring and attacks Flair.  Double A comes in and DDT’s Eddie, taking out HIS partner before he joins Flair in beating down Savage.  Flair crawls over and covers Guerrero for the win.

Winners: Ric Flair & Randy Savage – Advance to Round 2

After the match, they continue to beat down Savage.  Flair carries Liz over and she slaps Randy in the face before Arn DDT’s him onto the floor.  The Horsemen pose with the ladies and head to the back.

This match did a great job advancing this feud.  It was savage (no pun intended) in the way that the Horsemen dealt with Randy and I really liked the way it came off.

With that, we are finished the first round.  Tony tells us since the first match was thrown out, one team in the second round will get a bye.  Tony pitches a commercial for Great American Bash.  It’s a pretty funny commercial with the Steiners and Sting at a back yard barbeque.

We come back from that to Mean Gene and 3 Hooters girls.  They’re here to draw the second round.

“Believe me, sweetheart, I’m looking at your nametag.” – Mean Gene

Receiving the bye is Fire and Ice.  They will go directly to Battle Bowl.

Dick Slater and Robert Eaton will take on Hacksaw & VK Wallstreet.  Ugh.  Apparently Hacksaw is going to run a double header of matches I couldn’t care less about.

Match #9 – WCW Cruiserweight Championship – Brad Armstrong VS Dean Malenko (WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Damn, they got that belt off of Otani quickly, didn’t they!?

Malenko and Armstrong start off with a lot of cool mat wrestling.  Armstrong had a good look to him…he just has no personality other than being a decent wrestler.  I guess Road Dogg got all the charisma in that family.

A volley of attempted armdrags sends Dean Malenko out of the ring to the Lex Luger position.  Whereas Luger seems to be trolling or running away from the fight when he does it, though, you can tell that Dean is doing it deliberately to bring the match back down to his pace.  I like stuff like that; how you can see two wrestlers do the same thing and how their gimmick plays it off two different ways.

Unfortunatley the crowd just is not into this match.  It’s pretty much silent.  I think Mysterio shows up next month at the Great American Bash, so that will be when these Cruiserweight matches really start to get noticed.

Dean starts moving in on Armstrong’s knee, starting with a standing toe hold and then hanging Armstrong in the tree of woe and dropkicking the knee.  Armstrong gets a quick sunset flip for two, but Dean kicks out and immediately goes back to work on the knee.

Bobby asks Tony what time they go on the air tomorrow and Tony answers 7 PM and they go for 90 minutes.  I guess they’re going to get to two hours by increments.  An hour last week, 90 minutes this week, 2 hours next week.

Malenko goes for a Vader Bomb type of maneuver on to Armstrong’s knee but Armstrong gets his foot up and drives it into Malenko’s jaw.  The tide turns and Armstrong gets Dean locked in the Texas Cloverleaf, Dean’s finisher.  Dean gets out of it by getting to the ropes.  He comes back into the ring, takes Armstrong up top and hits the tossing gutbuster for the win.

Winner: Dean Malenko (still WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

Glacier commercial!

We come back to Mean Gene and the Hooters girls.  Gene says that they’ve been changing their nametags to troll him…not that he was looking, mind you.  Gene draws the final four teams for Battle Bowl.

Public Enemy will take on Randy Savage and Ric Flair.  When Gene drew the name, he opens the envelope and says “Oh my goodness!” before saying “Ladies and Gentlemen, Public Enemy will take part in the event!”  Um…yeah, Gene, we know.  They won their match, so they move on.  Apparently Gene can’t be bothered to watch the product.

DDP and the Barbarian will take on The Booty Man and Rick Steiner.

Gene asks the ladies where they’re going after the show.  Hooters, of course.  To do what?  Drink beer and eat chicken wings.  Gene finishes off saying he can’t wait for the event to be over.  Wow, way to crap all over the PPV, Gene.

Match #10: Lethal Lottery – Round 2 – Dirty Dick Slater (w/ Col. Parker) & Earl Robert Eaton VS Hacksaw Jim Duggan & VK Wallstreet

My journalistic integrity wants me to sit here and do a play by play on this match.  My wrestling fan side wants me to ignore the match and just tell you who won.  Ugh…

Interesting wrinkle, the match starts off and Duggan and Wallstreet start brawling.  The other team just watches, but eventually they start trying to beat on their opponents.  Duggan and Wallstreet clear the ring and seemingly are on the same page, but then as Duggan is exiting the ring, Wallstreet boots him.  Eaton and Slater take over on Wallstreet at that point, but Wallstreet is eventually able to get the upper hand, sending Eaton out to ringside to get beat on by Duggan for a bit.  Wallstreet puts Eaton in an abdominal stretch and reaches out for the tag but Duggan refuses it.  Slater comes in to break up the ab stretch and Duggan finally tags in.

Duggan hits a terrible looking clothesline to Slater and Tony freaks the hell out.  “What competition!”  Really, Tony?  This match is not good.

Duggan hits a diving tag that you would imagine would be reserved for a Ricky Morton hot tag, but Wallstreet gets taken out after only getting off one punch.  Wallstreet backs Eaton into the corner and goes to punch him but twice Eaton moves and Wallstreet nails Duggan.  Duggan shoves back, Eaton grabs him in a schoolboy for the win.

Winners: Dirty Dick Slater & Earl Robert Eaton – Advance to Battle Bowl

Duggan and Wallstreet brawl after the match.

Match # 11: Lethal Lottery – Round 2 – Public Enemy VS “Macho Man” Randy Savage & “Nature Boy” Ric Flair w/ Woman & Ms. Elizabeth

Savage’s music plays yet no Savage. Flair’s music plays and out comes Flair and the ladies.  Liz starts tossing Randy’s money out into the crowd and out comes Randy.  He jumps Flair and is then besieged on by Security, policemen, the American Males and Sgt. Pittman.  Eddie Guerrero comes out to help them as well.

Why are the American Males dressed for a match?  Was there a dark match?  My normal place for results doesn’t show that there was one.

In the ring, the referee rings the bell for a count out.

Winners: Public Enemy – Advance to Battle Bowl

So, two full tag teams are now in Battle Bowl, where it’s every man for himself.

Match # 12: Lethal Lottery – Round 2 – Diamond Dallas Page & The Barbarian VS The Booty Man (w/ The Booty Babe) & Rick Steiner

Let’s see how far back into their history they can remember since DDP and Booty Man are in the ring with each other for the first time in a few months.  DDP starts off jawing with Kimberly and Dusty does call them “the exes.”  DDP starts off with Booty Man and, yes, they do remember to say that Booty Man was the guy who took him out of WCW.

I really hate typing “Booty Man.”

Anyway, he tags out to Steiner who gets a nice power slam on DDP for two.  Bobby asks if he hit a fireman’s carry or a backdrop there.  Dusty and Tony don’t really have an answer for him, which makes me shake my head at this announce team…especially since two of them were wrestlers.

DDP tags out to Barbarian.  Steiner gives him a German suplex and a stiff Steinerline.  Barbarian follows it with a powerbomb and a pin for two.

Apparently there’s also going to be a US Championship match tonight.  So, we’ve still got the Battle Bowl, the World Title match, the US title match.  15 matches on this PPV!?

Booty Man hits a High Knee on Barbarian but DDP breaks it up.  Booty Man follows it with an O’ Connor roll and DDP breaks it up again.  Barbarian pins for the win.

Winners: Diamond Dallas Page & The Barbarian – Advance to Battle Bowl

So, that sets our 8 man Battle Bowl up to be DDP, Barbarian, Scott Norton, Ice Train, Rocco Rock, Johnny Grunge, Earl Robert Eaton and Dirty Dick Slater.  Not exactly a start studded event for a potential shot at the WCW World Championship, is it?

Match #13: WCW United States Championship Match – Jushin Thunder Liger (w/ Sonny Onoo) VS Konnan (WCW United States Champion)

Tony starts the match off by saying that the WCW United States Champion is considered the #1 contender to the WCW World Heavyweight Championship…which is true.  However, this very rarely gets used.

Konnan has two X’s and  K on his head in hair while the rest of his hair is shaved.  Bobby makes a joke, saying he sees Konnan got his hair cut at K-Mart again.  Mike Tenay responds with “There’s an interesting story behind that.” Heenan immediately cuts him off with “I don’t care to hear it.”  That got me to genuinely laugh out loud.

I’m not entirely certain that the little patches of hair above Konnan’s ears are X’s…they may be K’s.  That means Konnan has KKK on his head.  Odd.

This match has been way more mat wrestling than I would have imagined.

Yep…they’re K’s…stay classy, Konnan.

Liger locks on a camel clutch while Tenay tells us that Liger is a huge Ric Flair fan and has recently put together his own Four Horsemen in Japan.  Bobby says that unlike Flair, who travels in a stretch limo, Liger’s Horsemen travel in a stretch rickshaw!

Liger and Konnan trade flurries of palm thrusts before Liger gets a big impact with a diving splash.  He sends Konnan out to the floor and dives out onto him, but Konnan meets him with a dropkick to the knee.

Back in the ring, Liger hits a fisherman’s buster for two.  Konnan gets a quick pin that the announcers all think gets 3, but doesn’t.  Konnan sets Liger up for what Tenay calls his finisher, the Power Drop, but Liger slides out and pins him for two.  Liger gets a Ligerbomb for two.  Liger goes for another splash but Konnan gets his feet up and gets Liger in the chin.  Konnan hits his finisher, which is a Black Tiger Bomb, for the win.

Winner: Konnan (still WCW United States Champion)

Tony pitches us to Mean Gene who calls out Ric Flair, Woman, Liz, and Arn Anderson.

Flair says that Randy Savage has been locked up tonight.  He says to celebrate, he’s throwing a combination pajama / lingerie party.  He then calls out Mongo, saying that he’s a great athlete, but he made the mistake of calling out Flair.  Mongo comes out and gets in Flair’s face.  Flair says last week he didn’t have The Enforcer, who has knocked over more football players on the way to the bathroom than Mongo has on the football field.  Flair says to get one of Mongo’s old teammates and to come after Flair and Double A.  Mongo asked if Flair said “anyone I want?”  Mongo says he figured this might happen tonight, so he has his first round draft choice here tonight.  He calls out Kevin Greene.

Flair says “I said retired players!”  Greene gets fired up and goes after Flair, but the heels bounce.  Mongo says he and Greene will take on the Horsemen anytime, anywhere.

Match # 14: Lethal Lottery – Final Round – Battle Bowl – Scott Norton, Ice Train, Dirty Dick Slater (w/ Col. Parker), Earl Robert Eaton, Rocco Rock, Johnny Grunge, Diamond Dallas Page, The Barbarian

“Did you ever think it would be these eight men?”  No, Tony, I damn sure didn’t.  Especially in a tournament that involved Lex Luger, Randy Savage and Ric Flair.  You would think ONE big name would make it in, but no, 8 low to mid-carders.  Dusty does save some grace for this match, though, by saying this will give someone who normally may not get a title match a shot.

Recapping Battle Royals is hard, so forgive me if I fall apart on trying to figure this thing out.

Barbarian gives DDP a big boot that sends him over the top and he touches the floor with one foot, causing Tony to yell that DDP should be eliminated.  They never said that this was a “two foot” rule, like the Royal Rumble, so maybe he has a point.  Anyway, the referee (who is Nick Patrick) doesn’t see it (shock!), so DDP remains in the match.

I’ll give this match one thing…there’s no way to figure out who is going to win it.  Unfortunately, that’s because there’s no one in this match that the fans should be able to see challenging for the World Championship.

Rocco Rock is eliminated first.  Dick Slater pulls off his boot and hits Eaton with it, eliminating him.  Col. Parker starts bothering Eaton, causing Eaton to pop him in the mouth for good measure.

Scott Norton is eliminated.  Ice Train goes on a power slam frenzy, hitting about three of them.

Somehow we’re down to four…I didn’t even notice Slater getting eliminated.

DDP hits a trifecta of Diamond Cutters on Barbarian, Johnny Grunge and Ice Train.  He pins both Grunge and Ice Train, eliminating them.  He pins Barbarian, but Barbarian kicks out.  Page yells at the ref, who shoves him away.  Barbarian goes on the offensive for a moment, culminating with him hitting a nasty looking tombstone piledriver on Page for two.  Barbarian puts DDP in a sleeper hold but Page kicks his leg back and nails Barbarian between the legs, breaking up the sleeper.  Barbarian gets a nice powerbomb for two.  Barbarian goes up top for a dive but Page moves at the last minute.  Diamond Cutter and the pin.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page – Lord of the Ring

Page is given an actual ring and will now apparently get a shot at the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.  I’m very interested to see when this will actually happen.

Tony kicks us off to Mean Gene who is backstage with The Giant and Jimmy Hart.  Gene lets us know that Jimmy Hart will be at ringside, handcuffed to Lex Luger.  Jimmy says they don’t have to do this and looks pretty freaked out.  Giant cuts a promo on Sting and then on DDP.

Match # 15:  WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sting w/ Lex Luger VS The Giant (WCW World Heavyweight Champion) w/ Jimmy Hart

The graphic on the screen at the entry way announces this as the United States Championship Match.  Good to know.

Sting starts off fast and hard, going for a clothesline but he simply bounces off of The Giant.  Giant shoves Sting away, who comes back with a sleeper hold that brings the fans to life.  Giant crashes back into the turnbuckle, shaking Sting off, but Sting fires back with clotheslines.  Giant no-sells them for a bit and Sting heads to the floor.

Sting kicks Giant in the gut and hits an enziguri, getting fired up, and goes to slam Giant, who simply falls backwards and crushes Sting under his weight.  Giant covers for two, then steps across Sting, putting his weight on his chest and then dropping a big elbow.

Giant is totally running this match.  Giant takes Sting out to the floor and sends him down the entry way.  Giant drags Sting over to a table to chokeslam him through it, but Luger lays Jimmy Hart on the table so that Giant doesn’t send Sting through it.  Giant catches Sting as he starts to come into the ring and clubs him in the chest.  Giant goes for a dropkick but Luger grabs Sting and pulls him out of the way.  Referee Randy Anderson goes to check on Sting but Sting throws a back elbow and nails Anderson, taking him out of the ring.  Back in the ring, Giant goes for a splash in the corner but Sting moves, hanging Giant in the corner on the top ropes.  Sting hits a Stinger Splash.  Luger and Hart climb up to the ring apron and Giant grabs Luger by the throat.  Sting hits three Stinger Splashes to no effect, finally wedging himself between the turnbuckle and The Giant and shoving him away with his feet.  Sting looks to be going for the Scorpion Deathlock when Jimmy Hart climbs to the top rope.  Sting goes to Stinger Splash Hart but Luger pulls him and he falls off the top, leaving Sting to hit the turnbuckle.  Sting staggers out of the corner and falls, headbutting Giant in the crotch on the way down.  Sting gets up, hits a splash from the top, and goes for the Scorpion again.  Jimmy Hart has his megaphone and Luger starts to try to wrestle it away from him.  He does, but the momentum cause him to hit Sting in the head with it.  Giant gets the chokeslam for three.

Winner: The Giant (still WCW World Heavyweight Champion)

Our announcers bicker over whether Luger meant to hit Sting with the megaphone or not.  They say the unexpected happened with DDP winning the Lord of the Ring.  Tony reminds us to watch Nitro tomorrow and sends us off the air.


With the exception of the title matches, honestly, this PPV was a bust.  There just wasn’t enough going on in the Lethal Lottery to keep my interest.  The Steiners wrestling was pretty good and the Flair/Savage stuff was good, but that was over in the first round, leaving us a second round and a Battle Bowl with second and third tier stars and it just didn’t come off as awesome as it could have.  That battle royal needed more stars in it, it’s as simple as that.  I’m anxious to see DDP’s push from here, though.  This is the time when I became a fan of him, so I’m excited to relive that.

Sting and Luger continue their stormy relationship, at least for a few more weeks, so that’s interesting.  We got the major start of the Benoit/Sullivan angle that’s going to lead us through the next few months, so that’s pretty cool.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things coming from this PPV that will be cool to watch.  However, when your main deal is this gimmick tourney…and it takes up 12 matches on something you expected people to pay $30 for…that’s a little rough.  This was not a good show.  They call UnCensored the worst WCW shows of the year…well, Slamboree thus far has taken that prize in 1996.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that wraps up this volume of Kick Out at Nitro.  This will be the last entry in the Volume 2 book when it comes out later this summer.  I picked this one because in 8 days (in 1996 time), WCW changes in a major way.  I want the summer of 1996 to be Volume 3, essentially.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride thus far and I hope you’re excited to see it continue as we get into the next few months.

Until next time!



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