WWE Extreme Rules (2015) PPV Predictions Results

Posted: April 27, 2015 by Kick Out At 2! in PPV Predictions, Special Features
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So that was interesting! The Kick Out at 2 PPV Predictions, not the PPV itself. So here’s the deal for those playing the home game. Recently Shane, Derick and myself where involved in a group chat which saw me “making fun” of Sting and other WCW related topics. As you should no doubt realize that is a dangerous game one should not play. I figured some form of “revenge” was heading my way but didn’t honestly think they would do what they did… I was wrong. Even with them throwing away their predictions and trolling me back on our main site, I was still only able to pull ahead by one point. Perhaps I should start paying more attention to RAW & Smackdown but after this finasco I’m more inclined to start WCW on the WWE Network.

Robbie – 14/29

Derick – 13/29

Shane – 12/29

Hopefully we will be back on track for Payback since the playing field is very leveled. Also you should head over to Amazon and buy Shane’s first Vol. of Kick Out at Nitro. Just click the picture below! From what I understand it holds the codex to deciphering our last post. 😉


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