Kick Out At Nitro! – 1/8/1996

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KoaNitro copyWelcome everyone to another edition of Kick Out at Nitro, the Internet’s only chronological journey through WCW Nitro history.  Tonight we’re coming to you from Charleston, SC, on January 8th, 1996.

Bischoff starts off telling us about tonight’s Main Event; Hogan and Savage vs Flair and Anderson.  Mongo says they’re giving us a huge show for free and he knows that the “other guys” aren’t giving us a show like this.

Match #1: “The Canadian Crippler” Chris Benoit w/ Brian Pillman VS “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright

Seeing Benoit and Pillman together makes me wish they had made these two a tag team.  They basically have the same gear and I think they would have been an amazing team.

Benoit jumps Alex Wright before he can even get his jacket off.  He kicks him a few times, quick snap suplex and then sends him into the ropes for a hard clothesline.

Benoit gets a nice Northern Lights suplex for a one count then sends Wright to the floor where Pillman chokes him with his shirt.  Back in the ring Wright starts firing off shots, but Benoit overpowers him, backing him into the corner with punches and chops.

Wright gets some offense when Benoit sends him to the corner but Wright jumps to the top rope and back flips over the charging Benoit.  He hits a back wheel kick and a nice crossbody block off the top before sending Benoit to the floor.  He nails Benoit with a dive from the top before Pillman distracts him, pulling Wright’s focus off of Benoit.

Bischoff says that due to WCW’s growth, they’re going to give the fans the most exciting wrestling they can for free this month in Clash of Champions.  This also comes in the same month as WWF raises their PPV rates, apparently.

The match continues with a bit more back and forth but with Wright controlling the ship right now.  Wright dives over the top to Pillman on the floor after Pillman attempts to trip him.  As Wright tries to get back into the ring, though, Benoit is waiting for him on the apron.  Wright goes for a Vader Bomb sort of move but Benoit gets the knees up and Wright takes them to the gut.  Benoit tries a full nelson but Wright reverses, and for the next twenty seconds the two trade suplex attempts and reversals.  Benoit finally hits the Dragon Suplex for the win.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Bischoff says that Pillman is walking on thin ice and for us not to be surprised to not see Pillman in WCW for much longer.  I wonder if they whole “give me my release” idea that Pillman eventually pitches has started to formulate based off of that comment.  We go to commercial with an “Up Next” graphic for Eddie Guerrero and Lord Steven Regal.

Match #2: Lord Steven Regal w/ Jeeves VS Eddie Guerrero

Regal just exudes “heel.”  The way he moves around the ring, the way he carries himself…you can tell at this point that people just do not want to like him.  He’s so damn good, though.  You can watch him take apart an opponent and just weave in and out of holds using that escapology British style.

Bischoff tells us that coming up in a few weeks we’re getting three hours of amazing action with Nitro on the 22nd and Clash of Champions on the 23rd.

This match is a really good back and forth match with a lot of holds and counter holds being traded.  This match really does a great job of establishing each man as better in one aspect than another.  Regal has Eddie’s number when it comes to holds but Eddie is the quicker of the two and really uses his speed to his advantage.  They also play Regal more as the veteran in this match.  Every time Eddie gets some offense, Regal is there to cut him off.

Regal finally makes a small mistake and Eddie gets the win with a quick backslide!

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

With that win we go to commercial break and come back with Mean Gene, Lex Luger and Sting standing at the entrance ramp.

Gene says that Sting has question for Luger and this is the best place to ask them and Luger starts wondering what’s going on and trying to derail everything.  Sting says he does have one question and that’s if Luger’s okay with this.  Luger says they’ve already talked about the Triangle match and Sting says no, we’re going to talk about what happened afterwards.  Sting mentions Luger pulling him down just as Sting was trying to get into the ring before getting counted out.  Luger says his knee was hurt and he was trying to flag down Sting for help.  Luger says to give him another chance and to give him a chance to team with him coming up at the Clash of Champions.  Sting says he’s never thought of them being a legit tag team, but sure, he’s cool with it.  They’ll wrestle the Blue Bloods at the Clash.  We get a Coming up graphic for Sting VS DDP and we go back to commercial break.

Back from commercial we get our WCW Saturday Night rundown.  Mike Ditka having an interview.  Apparently this is part 2 of the interview.  Ric Flair will also defend the title against Randy Savage.  Wow, a WCW Championship Match on Saturday night!

Match #3: Diamond Dallas Page vs Sting

Page still hasn’t started the whole angle where he is broke.  I wonder when that’s going to start.

As the referee checks Sting’s boots, DDP jumps him, grinding his cigar into Sting’s face.  With Sting down, DDP puts the boots to him.  Sting gets his momentum back though with a club to the back that sends DDP into the ropes, a dropkick that sends him through them to the floor and a dive from the ring to the floor that takes out DDP.

Back in the ring, though, Page takes over. Sting finally fights his way back, though, with some big right hands, a face buster and a reverse atomic drop followed by a drop kick.  Page falls into the corner so he eats a Stinger Splash.  Sting goes for the Scorpion Deathlock but DDP grabs the ropes to stop the move.  Page hangs Sting over the ropes with a drop down, putting him back on the offense.  Page goes for a side suplex that Sting reverses.  Page tries to kick Sting but Sting grabs the leg and pulls it into the Scorpion Deathlock.

Winner: Sting.

We go to commercial with the Up Next graphic giving us info on our Main Event.  We come back with an ad for Clash of Champions.

Match #4: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (WCW World Champion) & “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson vs Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage

It’s sad but I just realized that this is the last year of Arn Anderson’s career.  I don’t think he wrestles again after the loss to Luger at Halloween Havoc.  Double A is just so damn good…sucks that we won’t get much more out of him than we do.

Hogan and Savage come to the ring second despite Flair being World Champion.  That always makes me unhappy.

640px-Nitro_1-8-96_5Savage is dressed in full red and yellow just like Hulk.  I do always like it when teams dress alike…even if they’re not “real” tag teams.

Hogan and Flair start the match off despite the fact that it was originally going to be Savage & Flair.  Hogan gets the first moves in and then mocks the Horsemen hand sign, waving his fingers upside down, much to the dismay of Flair.  Flair reverses some moves and seems to get the upper hand until he tries to lock up in a test of strength, which Hogan clearly overpowers him.  Flair backs Hogan into the corner and unleashes a chop, because he hasn’t learned not to do so to Hogan and Sting yet.  Hogan no sells it and then proceeds to take out both Flair and Anderson, sending them to the floor.

Flair is finally wearing gear that makes sense, dressed in all purple.

Savage and Double A take over with Savage running the match.  In comes Flair, who tries to go up top and is sent to the mat hard by Savage.  Savage then slaps on a Figure 4 to Flair and Hogan puts on a Figure 4 to Double A.  The referee sends Hogan out to the apron and Anderson nails Savage with a DDT before being sent out himself.  Flair picks Savage up and Sends him outside to the floor where Anderson takes over the beat down before sending him back into the ring.  We go to a commercial break as Savage is getting hammered in the corner by Flair.

We come back from the commercial to Anderson with Savage in an abdominal stretch and Flair pulling Anderson’s arm for added leverage.  The Horsemen tag out with Savage in a full nelson and Flair getting a shot or two in before Anderson goes out.  Flair gets some hard chops to Savage, showing that as long as it’s not Sting or Hogan, the chops are effective.  Flair hits a side suplex for two before Hogan comes in.  As the referee attends to Hogan, the Horsemen tag out.  Savage gets Anderson in a sleeper hold but Anderson is able to back him into the corner where Flair goes to work and gets Savage to break it.

Flair goes for the Figure 4 but Savage pulls it into a small package for two.  Savage gets a good right hand in but a hard chop sends him back to the mat.  Flair goes down but is able to tag out, bringing in Anderson.  Anderson goes for a DDT but Savage holds the ropes.  Flair knees Savage in the back but sends him into Hogan who makes the tag and cleans house, ending with Hogan double clotheslining the Horsemen to the floor.  Savage rolls Anderson back in and Anderson hits Hogan with a nice Spinebuster.  Hogan gets the big boot and leg drop for the win.

Winners: Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage

During the three count, out come the remaining Horsemen.  Members of the Dungeon of Doom come out as well and Kevin Sullivan gets into it with Pillman.  Giant gets choke slams to both Hogan and Savage before Sullivan calls him off and we go off the air.


I like that we’re building up the DoD and Mega Powers and I like the in-fighting between the DoD and the Horsemen and the fact that it all depends on Pillman.  You can see that Sullivan will do business with Flair and Anderson, but Pillman is ruining that.  I like that dynamic.  I like Lex and Sting’s weird friendship continuing to grow and them really deciding to try it as a tag team now.  That’s cool.  Very interested to see how these things build to Clash.  I also really like how they’re going after Vince and WWF raising PPV prices by reiterating that they’re giving away a PPV for free, essentially, with Clash.  Really good business sense.

– Shane

Ratings Breakdown

WWF Raw Ratings – 3.0

WCW Nitro Ratings – 2.8

(Raw – 8, Nitro – 7 ) (Tie Weeks – 2)

(Unopposed weeks – 2)

WWF’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2

WCW’s longest Winning Streak (to this point) – 2


Another Raw win…boooooo!


WWF Raw results from this week

Jeff Jarrett defeated Hakushi

Ahmed Johnson defeated Jeff Brettler

Goldust defeated Aldo Montoya


Ugh…this show lost to this episode?  Jarrett and Hakushi may have been a good match, but an Ahmed squash, probably not.  Can’t wait for Nitro to start that 84 week streak!  Apparently this show did have the debut of “The Ringmaster,” though, so we’re now in an era of the Monday Night War that features Steve Austin.

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