Greetings Kick Out at 2 readers and welcome back to this week’s edition of RAW IS XANATOS!  Fresh of the heels of SummerSlam everyone expected a new WWE Champion. Everyone wanted Daniel Bryan but here we are in another “Age of Orton”. I somewhat expected this but because it was almost too obvious I was hoping they wouldn’t go that way. I guess the “swerve” was supposed to be Triple H going heel but yet again the moment he was added as the referee it was pretty clear this would happen as well. With WWE’s “Biggest party of The Summer” now over let’s take a look at the fallout it had on this weeks RAW and PPV  with…RAW IS XANATOS!

My Top Moments of this RAW:

1) JOHN CENA ANNOUNCING HE IS LEAVING THE WWE FOR 4-6 MONTHS!!!  – Yes I typed that in all caps because it needed to be. For over a decade now we have seen Cena in the same routine over and over and over and over and over again…. It’s beyond time for this guy to step aside and let someone else bask in the limelight for awhile. When you announce you’re taking time off due to an injury and you get a resounding cheer because you’re leaving that should tell you something. This will be an awesome time for wrestling and a chance for others to show the company what they can do. If you are in the group that will miss Cena fear not. I’m sure he will still be able to see his segments on Total Divas.

2) Daniel Bryan- Sunday the top Babyface in the company did something that a lot of people didn’t think was possible. He pinned Cena clean and won the WWE Championship.  The WWE Fanbase and Internet literally blew up for those few minutes that Bryan was Champion. The fact that Randy Orton cashed in on him after Triple H’s betrayal did something else the WWE has been needing for awhile. Orton and Triple H are now no doubt the top heels in the company and this will do nothing but put Daniel Bryan over even more in a  major way. As much as it currently sucks for Bryan his big picture is going to manifest to something awesome. I’m calling it now that he headlines Wrestlemania.

3) Randy Orton and The McMahons – I was really hoping that Triple H would dub Randy Orton and The Shield the newest incarnation of Evolution but it looks like perhaps they are somewhat doing the return of The Corporation.  Randy Orton and Triple H were always meant to be Heels. Nothing about their personality ever really said they were a babyface so this is a good change going forward.

4) CM Punk I’m loving the fact that CM Punk is holding his own against the Paul Heyman Guys. I mean he’s out numbered but they are constantly making him look like a fighter. If RVD we’re to come into the story I would eventually love to see Punk team with RVD. RVD vs Punk would be simply awesome as well!

5) RVD – It looks like Christian is going to be an afterthought after he was unable to defeat Alberto Del Rio for The World Heavyweight Championship. Richardo returning to represent RVD pretty much guarantees that RVD will be the new No. 1 Contender for Alberto’s title.

6) Dolph Ziggler vs The Shield – How awesome was it to see Dolph compete in a match like that!? Anytime Doplh hits the ring he is going to pull out all the stops. The way that match played out with him almost getting the win was awesome! Seeing him get speared right in the middle of what looked like a stinger splash was enough to make me cringe. This man can sell any move there is!

Well there you have it folks, a quick rundown of some of my favorite thoughts and moments pertaining to this week’s episode of RAW. Be sure to check back next Tuesday for the next issue of… RAW IS XANATOS.

– Robbie C.


  1. BEF says:

    Come on Rob, you know deep down on the inside your really one of Cena’s biggest fans – ha ha ha!!!

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